RPC – Detective Frank Malone from The Gantz Series.


Name: Detective Frank Malone

Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: Detective Homicide branch – New York Police department

Personality: Somber, serious, thoughtful, intuitive, loyal, determined, hard working

Relationship Status: Divorced

Orientation: Straight

Likes: The job, working with a partner, guns, bars.

Dislikes: Creepers, ex wives.

Strengths/Powers: A crack shot, he is trained in hand to hand combat as well as being a bit of a sleuth in working out difficult cases, solving puzzles.

Weaknesses/Limitations: Big Joe’s Pizzas.


Frank Malone graduated with top honors from the NY Police academy and was landed his first desk job with fellow rookie Constable Rory Lismore. The pair were inseparable and worked their way up the ranks to that of Detectives in the Homicide squad. During this time, Frank was married with a small son to Missy Malone, who divorced Frank after his fall from grace. The shocking death and murder of his partner on a case in the Bronx had left Frank a shattered shell of a man, who drowned himself in booze rather than deal head on with his problems. After Missy took the baby and left him, his friend and reporter Tommy Xo, who Frank had known from grade school was his only true supporter, as many down at the precinct suspected that Frank played a part in the death of Rory. Truth be told, what killed his partner on that fateful evening…was not of this world. No one would believe him of course, and the case was made cold by the Commander’s office. To this day, Frank is fighting to clear his name and reputation, and while the Precinct keep giving Frank a new partner, he is unable to forge a bond, and they usually end up asking for a transfer.


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