RPC – The Demon of Ambition, Lydia Dominatus.

Lydia Dominatus from the Seven Sins RP.


Alias: Demon of Ambition

Species: Demon

Gender: Female

Age: 222 short years

Quote : “Ah, Love! Could Thou and I with Fate conspire
To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire,
Would we not shatter it to bits—and then
Re-mold it nearer to the Heart’s Desire!”
—The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

Appearance: Voluptuous yet diminutive woman of about 5 foot 6 inches, with flowing black hair which is usually styled up with braids and curls that tumble down her back. Lydia has black eyes, alabaster coloured skin, when in a more human like state and loves to wear fine gowns that are Victorian in design. She loves dresses that set off her hourglass figure with plunging necklines.
Demon fit : Large black leathery wings, sharpened tail, red skin, red eyes and is usually nude in this guise.
Likes : Gambling, horse racing, card games, gossip, stealing, spying, girls, nice clothes, lace and jewels, sweets.
Dislikes : Boring conversation, idiots, snooty men.
Personality : Chatty, witty, diabolical, sweet, disarming, loyal to Mariela, cheeky, devious, wicked.
Abilities :Infernal beam: Lydia aims with one outstretched finger, and shoots a concentrated beam of bronze colored energy at the target.

Yoke of the damned: Lydia is able to lift one hand, palm up into the air and nearly immediately, green spectral hands shoot out of the ground, pulling the target into this mass of arms, holding them in place. Can be broken with effort, and hands cannot catch targets in the air.

Flight: Uses ki to fly as well as wings.

Telepathy: The ability to speak to somebody in their mind, and their ability to reply.
Mind Barrier he has a mind barrier or after-image technique that lets her avoid an attack if her pl is high enough.
Weapons : Currently in play she has found the book of Shadows, and intends to use it to help her summon demons and other spirits to do her dirty work.
Transport : Black carriage – horse drawn.
Allies : Currently Mariela and Suda, the Dwarf Blacksmith.
Resides : Greed Kingdom.

History : Lydia Dominatus was for as long as anyone could remember, the Demon of Ambition. The kind of girl that had fierce intentions and though while she acted as though she was supremely loyal to Mammon the Prince of Greed, she was actually plotting to have him get himself in such trouble that it may well cost him his life. She loves a game of chance, and favours gambling dens as a place to relax, or the local seamstress to have her latest gowns made. One that is not afraid to use her sexual prowess to get what she wants, Lydia is a formidable force and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Theme song : I want it all by Queen.

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