RPC – Tommy Xo from The Gantz Series.


Name: Tommy Xo

Age: 27

Race: Human

Job: New York Times Reporter

Office : New York

Personality: Inquisitive, curious, cunning, dedicated,

Relationship Status: Single

Orientation: Straight

Likes: Cold cases, detective novels, movies, cigarettes, drinking, classy women, a good story

Dislikes: Badly made suits.

Strengths/Powers: Martial arts

Weaknesses/Limitations: His mother’s cooking


Tommy Xo is one of New York’s leading investigative journalists that has been working his way up from the mail room to the top offices of the New York Times. Born to Japanese parents that immigrated to the US when he was five years old, Tommy took to the American way of life with gusto. A graduate from one of New York’s finest universities, Tommy aspired to become a name about Manhattan. Dreams of being a detective with the department soured after one failed affair with the Commander’s daughter. So instead he decided to put his talents to good use in journalism. Often working on cases that others are too afraid to touch, he has contacts in the underworld as well as an established network of grasses up and down the east side.

Rumors about of strange goings on in the city. Deaths that could not be explained, and talk on the street of vigilantes. Always one for a good mystery, Tommy is on the case.




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