A friend in need – GS


Scene setting – Big Joe’s Pizzeria

co-written with VunG


VunG:  Elissa hadn’t been expecting that kind of reaction from Frank, it was heartbreaking to see him in a state that he could be so touched by something as simple (in her mind) as helping someone with their case. It was sad that he had reached that kind of point in his life, but at least it seemed that he had some people to hang onto throughout this madness. Even if he was ashamed to admit it. She cared about him and every honest law enforcer in the city, there were few enough of them around and they needed to stick together. The matter of pay was barely a factor here, and she’d shrug to his comment about that; she received compensation for her injury, it was enough to carry her through hard times, and right now he was having a harder time than she was.

After Frank went off to try and get out whatever emotions he had–or sorry, take a leak–she turned back to Tom and was surprised to see that he could actually do a bit of sign language. His reason made sense, and indeed she had a little bit of trouble understanding him in some minor degrees, but it was more like he was speaking with an accent than a whole new language all together. It was a bit tricky for her to keep up with that and his speed though; it was frustrating when you weren’t perfectly fluent in a language that you needed to function, and she definitely frowned briefly at the thought. However, her thoughts would be totally derailed when Tom began talking about his theory of what had killed Rory, and he would very quickly notice her scoff a little and sip at her beer while shaking her head. Still, she’d let him finish, and would be unsurprised to realize that indeed she recognized Tommy from somewhere, and it was just that he was one of the many reporters that she occasionally spotted in the crowd around this. Still, it was interesting that he was pulling a detective’s weight, and it told her that unlike some reporters who would go to any lengths to get their story, he at the very least had a heart.

Not that it made the supernatural thing any less silly (to her). After taking another sip of her beer, she’d set the half-emptied glass down and sigh, rubbing her neck briefly. ~I’m just a former SWAT sergeant. I’m no grand detective really, it’s just what was left available to me with the skill set I have left,~ she commented, looking perhaps a little sad as she considered the job she’d left before shaking it off with remarkable efficiency, ~I’m hesitant to jump to the supernatural. I’ve been with this from early on too, and I agree that there’s something seriously screwy happening, the one coming to mind being a solid steel statue getting launched fifty feet, but I don’t know about it being invisible people or ghosts. I’m not saying I don’t believe in them, but when you see bank robbers drop a fifteen foot tall ceramic pig onto a bank just to get into the vault one you know that there are some disturbingly creative people out there.~ And she actually didn’t believe in ghosts, at least not in the manner involved in what he was talking about. She was open to being religious, and she believed there were spirits of some sort out there, but this was definitely not the sort of thing she thought about in such regards.

Eventually Frank would come back and Tom would offer to give them both a ride, and initially she was going to decline and just walk home; it was something that she did on a regular basis and it wasn’t like she was unarmed. But then she considered the thought that perhaps they should look into sharing what they’d found on poor Frankie’s case, and she had to admit that it would be nice to finally have someone to split information on this. Downing what was left of her beer in one extended chug, she set it down and paid Big Joe with cash before nodding and signing back, ~If you’re willing. I’d hate to intrude on your guys’ romance,~ punctuating it with another thin smirk.



Razorbackwriter:  Regardless of how Elissa’s body language was as she explained in sign that she was just a former SWAT sergeant, Tommy knew in his heart that the woman must have loved her job. To say she was no grand detective or a mover and shaker as far as investigations go was more a sign of her insecurity if anything. Tommy was engrossed with her words, and could understand her reluctance to jump feet first into an investigation about supernatural. Perhaps in her eyes everything had a logical explanation but she admitted to the reporter that SOMETHING screwy was happening about town. Take the solid steel statue being launched about fifty feet in the air. There was never ever any recordings of supernatural beings having the ability to move objects of that magnitude. As Tommy eased back in his seat listening, he was going over in his own mind the events that had occurred in the last six months alone. He had even considered that perhaps this was all a government cover up operation for some new fandangled technology. Urban warfare but done with invisible suits. It was all a bit science fiction, but with the amount of secrecy surrounding the government of the day, anything was possible. Tommy agreed with Elissa that there were some very creative folk out there in New York city, that was for certain. But the truth of the matter was, it was the ordinary people, people like Rory….and Frank that had been affected by whatever it was that had taken hold of the city’s imagination.

With Frank having returned from the men’s room and the trio getting ready to leave as Big Joe closed up, Tommy had to laugh at what Elissa signed as they donned their coats.

~Intrude on a bromance? Is that what you think this is?”~ Tommy signed, with something of a laugh. Frank, watched Tommy’s hands moving in sign and then glanced between the pair. “What’s so funny?” He said naturally wondering if they were making fun of his state of being. Tommy was quick to alay his fears. “No…she just didn’t want to be a third wheel on the way home.” Frank spluttered, not sure about how to react to that. Sure, he liked Tommy as a friend, nothing more. Tommy, could see Frank was getting his grouchy persona back and was in a way relieved since this was the old Frank he knew and loved.

“She’s accepted a ride. Come on, my car is parked just down the block.”

Holding the door open for Frank and Elissa, Tommy waved at Big Joe, as the lights were being turned out in the Pizzeria. Stuffing his hands into his pockets, Tommy walked alongside Frank and Elissa as they set off for his car, which was a Silver BMW coupe. Tommy had a love for European sports cars, and this one he had picked up at a police yard auction. Apparently it was owned by some mob boss who went down after a major city drug bust. Reaching the car, he clicked the alarm button, and it flashed its headlights as the doors unlocked. He opened a door for Elissa first, then Frank so they could get in easily. Tommy was a gentleman if anything. Once all were in, he shut the doors and jogged around to the driver’s side, hopping in behind the wheel. Reaching over the front seating, he asked of Elissa. ~Is it okay if we drop Frank off first? I’m kinda worried about the interior of my car.~ He meant this, since he kept his car in pristine condition, and hated the thought of it smelling like a back alley dumpster, if Frank threw up. Frank kept quiet, since he really wasn’t feeling all that crash hot, and it showed. His head lolling about like a rag doll.

If Elissa agreed, they would head to Frank’s apartment building. It was one of those run down places for single men….or fathers without families. Frank used to live out in Queens, but all that changed. The car would pull out from the curb, and tear off down the street as cabs and other vehicles whizzed past them.




VunG:  Of course Elissa didn’t think that these two guys were sleeping together, that would be a silly assumption at this point. More than anything she was just trying to lighten the mood, considering just how somber the situation was that they had found themselves in. Still, she didn’t want to get Frank thinking that that was her real thoughts, and she made a sort of ‘settle down’ gesture trying to get across the point that she was just teasing, smiling lightly all the while. She would go ahead and join the group as they filed out of the pizzeria, nodding her thanks to Tommy as he opened the door; she wasn’t all that big on being treated like a lady, but she appreciated the gesture it was meant in. She would adjust her scarf as they walked, trying to make sure her scar was properly hidden as they went, more than anything just her being self-conscious about it; not that she expected them to judge her based on it.

The car was actually rather impressive looking; Elissa was much more about the older European and Japanese sports cars like her Triumph GT6, but she knew when something had a bit of money on it. Though, part of her wondered how much these newer BMW’s cost, that thing couldn’t have been cheap. Again, as she found her door held open, she’d roll her eyes and smile her thanks as she got in, knowing full well that he was just being polite. Sighing softly to herself, she’d settle into the fine seats and lean her head back as they got going. Of course, as the question of first-destination came up, she let out a strange coughing sound into her hand, the closest thing she came nowadays to a laugh, and nodded, eventually signing once her chuckling had passed, ~I’d be worried for your sanity if you didn’t do that first.~ And with that, they were off to Queens, a long quiet drive which she mostly spent staring off into space unless their driver decided to make conversation with her.

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