A little witch called Mariela – SS


Scene setting – Greed Castle

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Mariela had to admit, the castle was gorgeous – this Prince seemed very wealthy from the way the castle was built. Mariela couldn’t help but gawk at it, looking at the castle before spotting the several gardens around the castle. Mariela could already spot and name a few plants – some of them being extremely rare. It made her wonder what kind of prince this was to have all of this. He had to have been extremely wealthy, for one. Mariela finally came back to reality after she heard a horse behind her, and she turned around and gasped as it came sprinting towards her. She backed away a few paces, scared the horse was going to run over her. After it came to a stop, Mariela saw a girl step out and start yelling at the driver – using a few choice words.

Mariela just watched and didn’t say anything until the girl noticed her. She was asked if she was summoned, and the girl could only shake her head, not having time to speak before the gate had opened on it’s own. This caused her to jump a bit, before her attention went back to the female as she threaded her arm with hers and began leading her inside. She then introduced herself as Lydia, in a whisper as they walked along the path. “Mariela. Or just simply, Marie.” she whispered back. She figured she might as well go inside and meet this Prince. If they were nice enough, maybe they’d help her find her way back.


Razorbackwriter:  The girl in the cloak was easy enough to follow Lydia’s lead into the Castle proper. Her quiet response of introduction to Lydia was met with “Such a pretty name. I shall call you Marie and we shall become the very best of friends.” Two guards stood at the front entrance and their faces were solemn and glum. Holding large spears with spiked ends, they were intimidating to say the least. Lydia went right into performance mode and wiggled her chest slightly to allow the guards to oogle her rounded bosom as she made her greeting.

“Lady Lydia to seek an audience with his highness on matters of great urgency.”The Demoness said in a sultry tone with a hint of sincerity. “Oh…and this is Marie. Isn’t she cute?” Lydia gave the girl a playful nudge as the two guards opened the front entrance oak doors and granted both entry without question. Lydia tightened her grip on Mariela as they passed through the doors.

“Now…leave everything to me, he can be a bit of a grump at times. One has to know how to get on his good….”

“Domi….you of all people know how to get on my good side. Whose that?” Mammon inquired, gesturing at the girl on Lydia’s arm. Lydia was a bit surprised that Mammon didn’t recognize her straight up and slowly unwound her arm from the girl.

“Found her at the gate, were you not expecting her?” Lydia asked, now concerned that she had gone and committed a faux pas. The Prince went to fold his arms, when he let out a loud roar of pain.

“GAH! It still hurts!” The Prince was speaking of his shoulder, that he had to pop back into place after coming back from his fight at the book store. Staring down at the girl, Mammon asked. “Well, what do you want, girl?” He was never one for staying tempered long. Lydia pipped up. “Her name is Mariela….or Marie…or…whatever you wish to call her, Your Highness.”




Dessy:  Mariela couldn’t help but smile as Lydia mentioned about her name being pretty and that they were gonna be friends. She seemed nice enough – that was a good thing. As they reached closer to the entrance, Mariela couldn’t help but tense up. The guards looked intimidating and – scary. Mariela quickly noticed how Lydia got there attention by wiggling her chest, and she seemed to have done this before. At the “cute” comment, Mariela couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. Not only was she nice, but she was a bit.. weird, to say the least. As they entered through the doors, Mariela relaxed a bit, but noticed the tightening of Lydia’s grip. Mariela just nodded her head, before the Prince spoke. Once Lydia had unwound her arm, Mariela folded her hands gently and rested them in front of her. “I just got lost, really. I didn’t have time to explain to Dom here what happened. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was gong, and ended up here. I don’t know how to get back.” she spoke. Her voice was gentle and kind – sounding of innocence. At the Prince’s roar of pain, Mariela jumped a bit before noticing he was hurt.“Are you injured? I can help. I’m a healer, and if I can’t heal you completely, I can at least stop the pain.. With your permission of your course.” she asked kindly, that same tone in her voice the entire time.


Razorbackwriter:  At the loud cry of the Prince of Greed, Warner his assistant and adviser came out from the counting room and noticed that the lovely Lady Lydia and another female were in attendance. Warner always had a soft spot for Lydia, but since she was so ambitious she would not simply settle for a coin counting adviser. “Lady Lydia, welcome. Forgive his Highness, he got into a scuffle at the bookstore.”


“The…bookstore?” Lydia asked with a raised brow. “What did he do, fight over the latest novel from the Fifty Shades series with some horny old bat?” At this, Warner sniggered loudly, and the Prince looked like he could set the room on fire.


It was clear the Prince was still in some pain, and the young girl – Marie had offered to help the Prince since he was still injured from his fight. Moving closer to Mariela, he lowered his voice for the sake of those present, while Lydia got the gossip about the book store, and she was fighting back the giggles, as Warner explained everything.

Yes…yes you have my permission, Marie…is it?” The Prince was not often good at remembering names. He sat down in the nearest chair and slowly took off his satin shirt to reveal the bruised shoulder. With a sad sack grumpy look he waited for Marie to work her magic, while Lydia was now in another room, laughing loudly about the Prince’s eventful night.

“Oh…wait till I tell him about Belial.” Lydia chortled, as the adviser handed her a tissue to wipe away her tears of laughter.“What about him?” Warner asked, now curious.

“He’s dead…AND a woman did it. Gabriel.” Lydia answered as the Demon Prince was about to go beserk.

“What is it with girls and fighting tonight…..seriously?”  Mammon really didn’t like being bested by a girl or a woman for that matter.



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