Every little thing she does is magic – SS.


Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Mariela watched a man run of the room, addressing Lydia immediately. At the mention of a bookstore, she tilted her head to the side out of curiosity. From the way the Prince yelled for him to shut up.. he obviously didn’t want to talk about it. Mariela watched the entire thing, a bit amused at the conversation and at how angry the Prince was getting. He moved closer to her while Lydia giggled in the background, and gave her his permission to heal him. “Yes. It’s Marie.” she answered, following him as he took off his shirt and the bruise was exposed. She could see he had popped it back in place, which he shouldn’t have done. “You would be in a lot less pain if you left it alone and didn’t try to pop it back in place..” she said, but had pulled out a bottle in the process and some cloth. The liquid was clear, like water, and it was – sort of. Mariela had took one of the herbs she had found, crushed it and put it into the water, making it more magical. Many benefits of being a witch is she could make potions other people couldn’t – as well as use some magic. She poured some on the cloth, and then placed the cloth on his bruised shoulder, but tried not to put too much pressure as to not cause him anymore pain. She could hear Lydia laughing, and wondered what they were talking about – but didn’t ask anymore questions. After a few minutes, she held her hand over the cloth and a white light appeared. She used healing magic to heal it faster. She kept her hand hovering over the bruised shoulder as she removed the cloth, and the light began healing the bruised shoulder.


Razorbackwriter:  The Prince quirked a brow at this girl, Marie. Fancy telling him that he should not have tried to pop it back into place. At the time it seemed to be the right thing to do, though it was extremely painful. “If I had left it alone, my arm would be hanging down around my buttocks.” The Prince replied, letting out a silent “Ow” as she pressed her hand with the cloth to his bruised shoulder. By all accounts, it did feel a bit better and he was grateful for the girl’s attentions. “So, you are…a healer are you?” Mammon gathered as much by the way she used the liquid that liked like water but had magical properties. “I could use someone like you on staff.” This was a fair call, especially with the types that were lurking around town and blasting people with aether. Mammon still didn’t know what to make of that pair at the bookstore. All he knew was he would get his revenge, one way or another.

Lydia’s laughter did manage to reach the Prince’s ears and he didn’t like it one bit.

“When you are quite finished with your little knitting circle, Lydia, I do believe you wanted to see me on a matter of importance.”

Lydia coughed and then straightened her dress, smoothing out the creases as she came back into the Main hall where Marie was administering her healing magic on the Prince. Lydia smiled brightly as she knew that this news was scandalous and a tad dangerous. She even started to wonder how the Prince of Greed would take it.

“I was travelling through the park when I picked up a young couple that looked like they could use some assistance.”Lydia pulled up a chair near the Prince and then leaned close so that he could hear her better. “Turns out they were witness to a battle.” The Prince started to sit upright, and wondered if the ones involved were the same ones he encountered. “Go on.”

“The Prince of Wrath…Belial, was fighting Gabriel.” Lydia said in a hushed tone, chewing her bottom lip as she watched the Prince of Greed carefully. The Prince rubbed his chin. “Always knew that lot loved blood sports. Anyways…who won?” He naturally assumed Belial, but how wrong he was.

“Gabriel…beheaded Belial and…she did it easily.”

Mammon’s jaw fell open. That couldn’t be right. Not Belial surely. He was the goddamn Prince of Wrath…he was all about killing. With what had happened at the bookstore, now this – there was a definite shift in the balance of power, and not only that she would have taken the Throne of Wrath as well. The Prince slowly rose to his feet, and handed Marie her cloth that she had been pressing to his shoulder, which was feeling much better.

“If she is taking on the Princes of Hell, she may seek to want to rule Hell herself. That sly bitch.” The Prince marched out of the hall shouting. “Get me my blacksmith. I am going to need the very best suit of armor and sword that has ever been made. I won’t sit around like a duck on a pond waiting to be attacked by the likes of Gabriel. Warner!…Get me the blacksmith!”

Lydia quickly rose to standing then went to put her arm around Marie. “That went well, Marie. See, now your part of the family. He just doesn’t say thank you often.”

As the two women were left behind in the Main hall, the Prince was on his way down to the black smith shop to see what magic the blacksmith could do for him. There was no way he was venturing out of his castle, unless he was prepared.




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