Getting to know you – SS.

Scene setting : Greed Castle

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Mariela didn’t say anything else at Mammon’s comment. Just stayed quiet and continued to heal him. She moved her hand afterwards, the bruise healing – not completely, but enough to not cause him pain. “Yes, a healer. Being a witch helps a lot with that.” she answered Mammon’s question. “So, you want to.. hire me? I wouldn’t mind that..” she spoke, giving a kind and gentle smile to Mammon before Lydia walked back out. She listened to their conversation, before Mammon stand up, handing her back the cloth before walking off, asking for a blacksmith. Mariela put everything back in the little satchel she had wrapped around her, looking at Lydia when she felt her arm around her. “It did go well. He was much more cooperative than I imagined he would be.” she said lightly. “I wouldn’t mind being apart of this.. “family”.”


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia became excited when she heard that Marie’s encounter with Mammon went well, before she had interrupted and given her report on what had become of the Prince of Wrath. Mammon had stormed out of the main hall, with Warner in tow to go and see the blacksmith about having a suit of Armour made that would help him when it was time to face the new Princess of Wrath – Gabriel. Lydia leaned over and watched till Mammon was gone from sight and then twirled Marie around to face another door that lead down a corridor.

“Then it is settled. This castle has over six hundred rooms. More than even I have been in. Mammon just can’t seem to have enough.”

If Marie allowed, Lydia would escort her from the main hall and down to the end of the Castle that had living quarters, and of course a very important room that Marie would find most useful. There was a green house with an attached lab, that was ideal for making potions and growing special herbs. The walls were made from a strange green glass that filtered the light and made growing conditions ideal.

“Would this suit your needs as a healer?” The Demon of Ambition asked, folding her arms and allowing Marie to wander on through. For any herbologist or witch, it may well be perfect. The adjoining room was filled with bright colored bottles, books and shelves brimming with many tomes on how to do spells and make all sorts of tonics and potions. 



Dessy:  Lydia was leading her through a door, and down a long corridor. As they walked, she examined the walls and the decor, admiring the beauty of the place. “Six hundred rooms?” Mariela widened her eyes. She couldn’t believe this place had so many rooms – it would take her forever to discover them all. Mariela let Lydia escort her down a hall, into what she guessed would be her living quarters. She then lead her into a room next to that, with a greenhouse and an attached lab, as well of rows and shelves with bottles and potions, as well as books and tomes. She gasped and gawked at it, moving away from Lydia to look around the room. It had every plant or herb imaginable, and had everything that she would need for her work. It was wonderful. “Yes. It’s perfect.”Mariela exclaimed, running a delicate hand over the titles of some of the books. “How does he get all of this?”


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia glided around the room, picking up the odd jar of coloured ointment and lifting the lid off to sniff before making a face and putting the jar back on the shelf. It was a beautifully set up room, ideal for Marie’s needs. Of course, Marie was curious with how the Prince came to have such a collection and room to begin with.

“He is the Prince of Greed. If he wants something bad enough, he gets it. So, I’d say he did a deal with some witch, or warlock and wah lah….he had this built. Course, he doesn’t use any of this himself. He’d just like to say that he has it and that’s that.”

Lydia was pleased that Marie would find this room useful to her needs. In fact, the Demoness of Ambition knew that it would only mean that the girl could service the Prince’s needs as they arose and in turn no harm would come to her. With rows and rows of different types of plants and flowers, there was more than enough stock on hand to make just about anything the witch desired. There was one other thing. “The Prince has this extensive library. Don’t be shy in checking that out. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a grand store of spell books and the like.”

It was somewhat unusual for Lydia to be so open about the Prince. She was after all his chief spy in the town, but Lydia had taken a shine to the girl and didn’t want to see her be used or abused, should the Prince turn on her. So long as Lydia was there, she would make sure the girl was protected…regardless of who the threat would be from. One thing about hell…you always watch your back.

Lydia then came to a stop. “I wonder how Mammon is doing with his armor. Just excuse me a moment, I better go and check.” At that, Lydia strolled out of the room, leaving Marie to her own devices.




Dessy:  Mariela had continued running her hand over the book titles, completely mesmerized by everything. She stopped to turn around and look at Lydia as she spoke, laughing at the face she made at the coloured ointment. “Prince of Greed. Somehow, that explains a lot..” she said, shaking her head. She turned back to the books and listened as Lydia spoke again about the library. “I’ll have to find where it’s located and check it out sometime.” she said. Lydia was being very open about the Prince. She wasn’t sure if that was a good thing, or a bad thing. But, Mariela thought she could be happy here – not as happy as if she wasn’t in Hell, but at least happy. When Lydia excused herself, Mariela nodded her head. Once she left, she turned around and walked over to a desk, untying her cloak and draping it over the chair next to it, now revealing her kind face, innocent light green eyes and her light blonde curls that went only a little bit past the shoulder. She turned around and headed into the greenhouse, beginning to look at the various plants and herbs.




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