Beserker – SS


Scene setting : Greed Castle – Blacksmith shop.

co-written with Dessy.


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia had left Mariela to enjoy her new surrounds in the potions lab, to go and check on Mammon and his quest for a good suit of armor and weaponry in case he had to face Gabriel. Down the long spiral stone stairs she went to the very bowels of the castle – past the dungeons and torture chambers till she could hear the striking of a mallet on an anvil. Voices were raising, and Lydia could tell by the distinct sound of the Prince’s voice that he was trying to get the Blacksmith to do his bidding.

“I want…the VERY BEST, Suda. I want a suit of armor that would make me legendary…more so than that fool Belial. Fancy being beheaded by a girl. A girl? It’s supposed to be the PRINCES of hell, not the My Little Princess Pony club of Hell.”Lydia came around the corner, and she could see the Prince pacing, back and forth. His hands were animated, while in the background Warner was taking notes. The sound of Lydia’s footsteps were heard and the Prince came to an abrupt stop and spun around to stare at her, with hands on hips. “I thought you were helping Marie settle in. This is MENS business.”

Lydia giggled and then pawed the air in front of her. “The witch is fine, she is just loving the potion room and all the funky herbs…but away from all that, I want to see you get fitted in your tin can.”

At the Forge, Suda let out a growl of indignation. He didn’t approve of Lydia messing about in the Prince’s affairs, and he certainly didn’t like her in his domain. Lydia grimace to hear the growl and then did a backflip. “Okay okay…armor. So…what is available?” The Prince was just about to ask the same thing, when the old dwarf shuffled over to a large object that was covered with a black cloth. “This…is one of a kind. Created by my pappy, and passed down to me. Not that I would ever use it. Meant for bigguns like the Prince.” This brought a smile to the Prince’s face as he strolled over and waved his hand at the Blacksmith. “Well go on…let’s see.”

Suda sighed, not really wanting to let the Prince have it, but when the Prince decided he wanted something, he usually got it. In one big pull, Suda removed the cloth only to show what was best described as the most elaborate suit of armor that they had ever seen. The Prince walked around it and then poked his head around the side. “What’s it called then?”Mammon figured it had a name.

“Beserker armor. It’s enchanted. Only problem is…if you wear it long enough…you go insane. Makes you go…beserk. Great in a battle..I guess, but too long and you turn into a vegetable.” When Lydia heard this, she thought it was a really bad idea. The Prince didn’t need any help to push him over the slippery slope into madness. But by the look on the Prince’s face…he either wasn’t listening, or he had fallen in love with the suit.

“I’ll take it. Right…I need a sword.”

Warner rolled his eyes and took note of the suit, which two other guards started to dismantle ready to take it upstairs to the Prince’s quarters for later fitting.

With the suit out of the way, the dwarf rubbed his silvery beard and then went over to the area in his workshop where he kept swords. There were many kinds to be had, from katanas to long swords. He went through the many racks till he came to one at the end, and stopped in front of it. He reached in and pulled out a gleaming sword, which when it was removed from its sheath made a horrible screaming sound, like many a soul crying out…weeping.

“A dark elf made this. Called the Soul collector, it captures souls within the metal at the death of your opponent. This one is said to have…about two hundred or so. Tis why it’s so noisy.” The blade gleamed as the dwarf held it up for the Prince’s inspection. With a leather bound handle that was engraved with the markings of it’s creator, it was truly a beautiful weapon. “What else does it do?” He knew there had to be more to it. “Oh…the crying of the souls…is said to make your opponent lose their self confidence and feel the sorrow of the many lost souls trapped in the blade.”

Mammon re-sheathed the sword and then fitted it to his belt. “I think that does it. Good lad, Sudo. I shall send down your payment for these items. Yes, now I feel ready to go pay Gabriel a little visit. What what!..Aha!”


The Prince of Greed strode out of the blacksmith shop and headed back up to the main hall, with Warner and Lydia in tow.

“He isn’t actually going to wear that suit over to see her? He’ll go beserk before he even gets there.” Lydia said with a sigh. This wasn’t going to be good.


Later that eve, Lydia would go to find Marie and fill her in on just what had gone on with the Prince. Well, tell her as much as she needed to know. Truth be told, Lydia didn’t want any harm to come to the girl, and made it her mission to protect her, come what may.

Finding Marie in the green house where she was looking at various plants, she crept up behind her and squealed;“BOO!…, shall we have a tour then?”



Dessy:  Being able to control Earth and nature made it easy for Mariela to work with the plants and herbs. She kneeled down to inspect them closer, touching them and identifying their name and the things they could be used for. As she touched each one, she could feel the life and felt them happy and healthy – which meant they were taken good care of before she had got here. She hadn’t even finished looking at all the plants when she heard squealing behind her, and it made her jump slightly. She turned around to see Lydia and gave a smile. “A tour sounds nice.” she said, looking at Lydia and waiting for her move first. “What happened with the Prince?” she then asked out of curiosity. She was a curious little thing – which often got her in trouble.