One drink too many – GS


Scene setting – Big Joe’s Pizzeria

co-written with VunG


VunG: God, it was rough seeing poor Frank in this state. He was a good man, and while she didn’t have feelings for him or anything, she definitely wasn’t without compassion and wished that things hadn’t gone the way they had for him. However, aside from looking towards him and making brief eye contact with him, she let it go and returned to her beer, just quietly sipping away at it, trying not to think about her own issues. Those still hurt something fierce.

However, she would be surprised that not only would the men give her direct attention, but they wound up joining her at her table. Of course it wasn’t completely unprecedented and she would gesture for the two of them to go ahead and have a seat even as Frank was asking the question. It was kind of strange to see how the man was walking though, poor fellow looked like a zombie; was probably occupying the same mental level as one at the very least. Oh, Frankie, how far you’ve fallen. You were once the pride of the whole NYPD, now he was drinking so much you could call him a fish.

She was surprised to hear Tommy’s comment about her beer, but she took it in stride, giving him a thin smile and a nod in return… and of course shaking his hand at the introduction. Of course, that left her without an introduction to him, and was just about to pull out her notepad to respond when poor Frank went to take some coffee, and wound up just making a mess, and making her jump like she’d been hit by a cattle prod. Her knee hit the table with a bang and she winced with pain but otherwise made no noise or movement to cradle herself. Sighing and shaking her head at herself, she went ahead and wrote her name down for Tom while Frank inquired about the late hour for her. She sighed and shrugged while she waited for Tom to finish reading, leaning back with her beer in her hand. Once she had the notepad she would write down calmly, “[Let’s just say it’s slow enough that I’m looking into matters for a friend in blue.]” and pass the notepad off to him with thin smile and wink.

What she hadn’t been expecting though was for Tommy to come up and outright state something that had been bothering her for some time. She too had been hearing the stories, and she even went out of her way to look at the locations cited in such manners. Aaaaand… well she didn’t know what to think. Wincing at that, she rubbed the back of her neck while she took a drink, waiting for her notepad to come back. When she did, it was obvious that she was hesitant about whatever she was saying… even if it didn’t come through specifically in her writing. “[Well, I don’t know about invisible forces, but I’d believe the being thrown part. Only things I know of that can do that are pneumatic pistons or animals from Africa. And I wasn’t seeing any thirty pound piles of shit around.]”

While that message was being read, she leaned back with her beer again, closing her eyes thoughtfully as she debated how to go about this. She wanted to offer help to them, but she didn’t know how much use a mute SWAT officer would be to them; heck she wasn’t even that great of a detective (in her mind). She wasn’t terrible, mind, but there were definitely better ones out there, Frank for example (prior to his fall). Wincing, she realized that she could probably have skipped the writing, and signed to them, ~Do either of you understand this?~


Razorbackwriter:  Tommy read Elissa’s introductory note that said her name and he mouthed “Oh”, while Frank was trying to take another sip of his black coffee with a slightly shaky hand. As he brought the cup to his lips, he took a small sip and then scanned down with his blood shot eyes at the next note that Elissa had written. Saying how she was looking into matters for a friend in blue. Now that, could mean only one thing and when you married that up with the way she offered Frank a smile followed by a wink he knew that her work was about him and his case. Frank didn’t mean to feel embarrassed by this. Why he did appreciate the fact that she believed in him when so many in his own department didn’t. Side ways glances and whispers followed him wherever he went. It took a lot not to let fly and meet their looks and accusations head on, but that would only see him given a further warning and possibly have him clean out his desk.

Frank’s cheeks darkened to match the color of his nose which was now a slight shade off cherry red. “You should be working paying cases…Elissa.” His voice having a slightly gravely tone to it as though he needed to cough. Truth was, he could feel a ball coming up his throat and his eyes were getting watery. Men don’t cry as a rule, right? Well, Frank was fighting all his being not too. Elissa obviously cared. A lot like Tommy too. The detective reached a point where he needed a moment, and set down his cup before pushing his chair out.

“Need… go …shake the weasel.” Frank uttered, before staggering off to the men’s room. Big Joe couldn’t help but watch him go and was about to go and get the mop and bucket ready. He hoped that Frank would be able to hold his stomach till at least by the time he got home, and didn’t take to re decorating one of the stalls. With Frank out of the room, it left Tommy alone with Elissa. Her facial reaction to the mention of flying cars said it all. She was thinking about the same things and this was where the pair would click. Tommy had figured that Elissa didn’t have the power of speech, but when she started to sign, Tommy was quick to come back at her and replied USING sign language. ~My grandmother is deaf and I learnt this at a young age. Mind you some of the ways I sign are a little different since my grandmother is Japanese.~ Tommy was fast with his hands and then paused a moment, now to look over at the men’s room and then back at Elissa. ~Frank is a good man. Whatever it was that killed Rory….was not human, and if you ask me not of this world. Be it a poltergeist or…..something that doesn’t leave twenty pounds of shit behind.~

Tommy continued to sign. ~ I’m a reporter with the New York times, but…I been investigating this case since it happened. I have some people down on the bad end of town seeing what they can come up with, but so far….just a lot of weird bursts of activity. Like where things are being blown up, but not leaving any residue. Whole walls. Gone.~

Big Joe brought over Frank’s tab and tapped Tommy on the shoulder. Taking the paper, he took out his wallet from his coat and then offered Big Joe his credit card. “I got this.” Big Joe was grateful, since Frank usually always paid his tab, but he must have been having a rough week. With the bill paid and the card returned, Tommy pocketed both, as Frank emerged from the men’s room. Thankfully, he didn’t have vomit on his clothes. Big Joe was getting ready to close the Pizza shop for the night, and Frank joined the pair at the table. “Guess this is last drinks?’ he asked uncertainly.

Tommy shook his head. “No…time for you to go home. Need a ride?” He asked, before signing to Elissa. ~ I can give you a lift if you like.~



Turkish delight – SS

Scene setting – Park

co-written with Krystal.


Krystal:  Maya nodded to the woman, taking note to call her as such, and when she winked at her, Maya smiled, though still feeling a little uncomfortable. “It is quite luxurious… It must be wonderful to be able to travel like this around the Kingdoms,” Maya said, clasping her hands together on her lap. Her nails were painted black, also, and were at a nice length. She raised a hand to touch the tassles on the window beside her. They felt very soft.

Seeing Domi move out of the corner of her eye, she saw the box and it’s contents. Maya took it in her hands, looking at all the different sweets. She bit her lips, and not wanting to be rude to someone who was so kind to offer them a ride, she took one and popped it inside her mouth, chewing with her mouth closed. It tasted wonderful.

Allister had stayed straightened up and sat properly after Maya corrected him. He was good like that, especially when he knew he was in trouble. After taking his eyes off of Domi’s bosom, he cleared his throat and moved some hair out of his face. He took the flask and smiled, his face still blazing from already being drunk. He flipped it open and took a swig before closing it and replying to her about her question. “Y-yeah, Lady Gabriel finally killed off that bastard Belial, finally… She’s the new Princess of Wraath,” he slurred.

Maya swallowed her Turkish delight after closing the box. “That’s right… Prince Belial is dead, and a new Princess has risen,” Maya repeated. “We saw the fight end. Princes Leviathan and Astaroth were also present.” Maya didn’t seem emotionally phased by this, but she did seem interested.


Razorbackwriter:  The carriage jostled along on the cobble stone path that weaved its way through the park with its occupants now enjoying themselves on the gifts of confectionery and alcohol that Lydia provided. These were more than just gifts, but a polite way of making Allister and Maya feel comfortable and relaxed in Lydia’s company. A demon with high ambitions always knows how to groom her targets or new friends to help get a leg up, so to speak.

Lydia’s gloved hand toyed with one of the nearest tassles, while she smiled at Maya’s comment that it was wonderful to be able to travel this way around the kingdom. “Beats walking any day. And nothing compares to the reception one gets at the castles of the Princes. You get treated like royalty by the staff. Not that I am royal mind you. I just love the way they live.” Lydia brought her hands together to be placed neatly in her lap – her eyes twinkling at the very thought of the juicy tales that this pair might know. Of course, when asked if there had been a death that eve; as Lydia had come to believe, she was rewarded with both offering information that one of the Princes had fallen to the blade of another. And not just any other. Lady Gabriel.

Lydia took out a black fan and snapped it open – flitting it furiously as she drew in a sharp breath feigning shock.

“Oh…my goodness! Belial lost his head….to a girl?” It was sensational as it was scandalous. Maya backed up her companion’s statement adding that they saw the fight and that two other princes were present. Prince Leviathan and Prince Astaroth. Lydia’s jaw dropped even further. Mammon was going to want to hear this…if he hadn’t already. Lydia could almost imagine the Prince’s reaction to such news. A Princess of Hell. What a treat.

“Such ambition the girl must have. I must say I am impressed.” Lydia added, forgetting herself for a moment, since she was of course the Demon of Ambition. Lydia didn’t normally have to resort to violence in order to get what she wanted, but this news shone a new light on just how a girl could rise to greatness in Hell.

“So how is it you both escaped the scene unscathed? Are you both blessed with good fortune, or was it just luck?”




A quiet ride through the park – SS.

Scene setting – The Park

co-written with Krystal


Razorbackwriter: The pleasant sound of bells ringing merged delightful clip clop of a pony’s hooves as a small horse and buggy came into sight. The driver was well dressed in a black top hat and flowing cape, who sat at the top of the driver’s seat, whilst in behind sat a well dressed young lady with a wide brimmed hat and her hands hidden within a small fur roll. One would think this young lass was simply enjoying a delightful ride in the park, as that is what appearances would suggest, however the young demon did not simply venture out on little rides like this without purpose behind it. Words and whispers had called in the wind that there was a change happening in Hell, and Lydia had already been listening into the minds of the weak to hear of the fall of a great one.

The driver cracked the whip and the pony brayed as it quickened its pace. The sharp clip clop of hooves getting closer to a target, but just who could it be. A gloved hand tugged on a small red ribbon which alerted the driver that the passenger had spotted her target.

“Right here will do, Jenkins.” A dark yet feminine voice called, as the buggy stopped just shy of Allister and Maya – who happened to be standing in amongst some dead trees and arguing by the looks of things. The driver stayed silent as Lydia opened the door to her buggy and gingerly stepped out. Dressed in a rather revealing red dress with a plunging neckline and long skirt, she gripped the edges of her dress and then trotted towards the pair. Noticing the male seemed to have trouble on his feet, Lydia asked.

“I just happened to be riding by and see you both. Poor chap looks unwell. Need a lift?” Lydia offered, gesturing for her buggy.



Krystal: Both Maya and Allister turned their eyes up to the woman who stopped. Maya looked at the woman, and then at the buggy. She pondered the ride for a moment, and then looked at Allister. “Do you need the ride?” she asked him. If he said yes, she’d go.

Allister was staring at the woman. He bit his lips and nodded quickly. “I think so, yyeah,” and with that, he hopped into the carriage. He wasn’t usually this fond of women; only when he’s drunk does he develop an eye for lovely curves. He sat down in the carriage, leaning back improperly, slouching. “So comfy, it’s pretty nice in heere,”he complimented the woman.

Maya wasn’t far after him. As she passed the woman, she nodded her head and quietly said “thank you for your kindness,” and sat down beside Allister, promptly straightening him up. She really, really hated taking him out drinking… He was always such a pain in the ass. She looked around the carriage, admiring it’s decoration and space. She adjusted her cloak to cover her legs, and took off her hood to reveal her face. She had short black hair, some of it falling in her face, and for once, her eyes were a soft shade of blue instead of a glowing red. One might almost mistake her for a human.


Razorbackwriter: Just like that, the couple happily accepted Lydia’s offer for a ride in her carriage. The demon of ambition wiggled her nose and did a little shoulder shake as she turned around to watch Allister enter the carriage first. Clear as day, Lydia could see that the poor chap was under the weather. Too much booze for one night. The carriage creaked and groaned slightly as Allister made himself at home inside the plush velvet surrounds – easing back ungraciously. Gosh, what a sight. Next was the female, who was quiet demure. Soft, perhaps. Or was that an act? All in good time everything would be revealed. Once the pair were safely inside and sitting together, Lydia climbed aboard and took her seat opposite the pair. She sat right smack bang in the middle of her seat and the door to the carriage snapped shut all of its own accord. Lydia reached back and rapped her knuckles on the wooden partition to alert the driver they were ready and with a crack of the whip, the carriage started off again.

Lydia preened at her skirt to let it fan out in full, then took a deep breath before saying in a saucy voice. “Now this, is how to travel. Ooh, how rude of me. Allow me to do introductions. I’m Lydia Dominatus, but you can call me Domi.” Lydia pressed her gloved hand to her rounded bosom that was practically busting out of her blood coloured dress. The Demoness noted that Maya had taken an interest in the interior of the spacious carriage and she winked at the girl as though trying to make her her new best friend. “Nice innit? It was a gift from a rather wealthy gentleman for my services.” The interior of the carriage was detailed with golden trim and blood red tassles on the curtains that were on the doors and back window. It was in stark contrast to the black exterior which was much more solemn.

Lydia’s attention in Maya grew when the girl let her hood fall back to reveal her short black hair and gorgeous blue eyes. So very attractive. The Demon now pulled out all the stops to make the pair comfortable. She reached into a basket that sat to her right and pulled out a small crushed velvet box and handed it to Maya.

“Turkish delight. Do try some. They are breath taking and so exotic.” If Maya opened the box, there would be twelve inside, all dusted with icing. Lydia didn’t forget Allister, she had something for him as well. A small silver flask of whiskey with the initial “M” on the side. She handed it to Allister with another wink. “I won’t tell if you won’t.” Lydia giggled.

Happy in herself, she then went for the kill.

“So…seen anything unusual this eve. A death perhaps?”


RPC – The Demon of Ambition, Lydia Dominatus.

Lydia Dominatus from the Seven Sins RP.


Alias: Demon of Ambition

Species: Demon

Gender: Female

Age: 222 short years

Quote : “Ah, Love! Could Thou and I with Fate conspire
To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire,
Would we not shatter it to bits—and then
Re-mold it nearer to the Heart’s Desire!”
—The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

Appearance: Voluptuous yet diminutive woman of about 5 foot 6 inches, with flowing black hair which is usually styled up with braids and curls that tumble down her back. Lydia has black eyes, alabaster coloured skin, when in a more human like state and loves to wear fine gowns that are Victorian in design. She loves dresses that set off her hourglass figure with plunging necklines.
Demon fit : Large black leathery wings, sharpened tail, red skin, red eyes and is usually nude in this guise.
Likes : Gambling, horse racing, card games, gossip, stealing, spying, girls, nice clothes, lace and jewels, sweets.
Dislikes : Boring conversation, idiots, snooty men.
Personality : Chatty, witty, diabolical, sweet, disarming, loyal to Mariela, cheeky, devious, wicked.
Abilities :Infernal beam: Lydia aims with one outstretched finger, and shoots a concentrated beam of bronze colored energy at the target.

Yoke of the damned: Lydia is able to lift one hand, palm up into the air and nearly immediately, green spectral hands shoot out of the ground, pulling the target into this mass of arms, holding them in place. Can be broken with effort, and hands cannot catch targets in the air.

Flight: Uses ki to fly as well as wings.

Telepathy: The ability to speak to somebody in their mind, and their ability to reply.
Mind Barrier he has a mind barrier or after-image technique that lets her avoid an attack if her pl is high enough.
Weapons : Currently in play she has found the book of Shadows, and intends to use it to help her summon demons and other spirits to do her dirty work.
Transport : Black carriage – horse drawn.
Allies : Currently Mariela and Suda, the Dwarf Blacksmith.
Resides : Greed Kingdom.

History : Lydia Dominatus was for as long as anyone could remember, the Demon of Ambition. The kind of girl that had fierce intentions and though while she acted as though she was supremely loyal to Mammon the Prince of Greed, she was actually plotting to have him get himself in such trouble that it may well cost him his life. She loves a game of chance, and favours gambling dens as a place to relax, or the local seamstress to have her latest gowns made. One that is not afraid to use her sexual prowess to get what she wants, Lydia is a formidable force and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Theme song : I want it all by Queen.

Three’s company – GS.


Scene setting : Big Joe’s Pizzeria

co-written with VunG.

VunG : Why in the world was she doing this? Elissa wasn’t getting paid for this, there were no suspects that she wanted to see convicted, and she’d barely known the victim. Well… it was a very slow month, only one job involving an idiot trying to figure out if his wife was sleeping with his boss; the answer to which was the same as the question about bears shitting in the woods. But that wasn’t enough, it wasn’t like she went out of her way to solve every little problem that crossed the police department’s path; in fact it was a rare day that they called her in simply because they needed an interpreter just to communicate. It wasn’t just that it was a police officer that had been killed; again it was something she helped with where possible, but she couldn’t be everywhere at once.

No… it was probably because she could tell without a shadow of a doubt that poor old Frank was as innocent as the day he was born. Or at least in this subject. Sighing as she sat on a bench just outside, she opened up her wallet and looked to see the picture of Elissa and her beloved Andrew together prominent in one of the screens. What a mess. Seemed like everyone’s life was falling apart these days. Looking back up, she looked at the two men talking, not really bothering to eavesdrop or watch them. Really, she’d just been passing through and decided to stick around when she noticed that Frank was on the verge of getting himself into trouble. She wanted to be there to bail him out if things went south; she may not be going through the same thing as him, but unbeknownst to most people she handled it about as well. It was just that she was better at keeping it all private. 

Eventually she decided that it would look bad if they noticed her just sitting there like some sort of creeper, or if they decided to think that she was investigating the matter of Rory’s death against them. Because that wasn’t the case, not by a long shot. And… Frank needed a friend.

Pulling her coat tighter (same one from the picture) and ensuring that her grey scarf covered her scar, she went on in, looking around the pizzeria thoughtfully, withstanding a welcome from Big Joe which she’d return with a thin smile and a wave. She went up to the counter and pulled out a small notepad, the click of her pen surprisingly loud even within the pizzeria, and she wrote down her order of an imported beer for herself. Once she had it, she turned around and sat down at a table not far from the guys, giving them a kind wave as she went about the process of slowly whittling away her drink, internally debating whether to come right out and ‘say’ what she was there for or to just wait for them to notice her.

Razorbackwriter : Big Joe was not only known for his pizzas. His hospitality and warmth knew no bounds. With the Italian decor, and solid brick pizza ovens – the Pizzeria was like a little bit of Italy in the middle of New York. A big man with large hairy arms, he would often greet his favorite patrons with a welcoming hug, or in the case of Elissa he would voice his welcome from the back, his voice carrying across the other patrons, so no one missed a new diner. After putting another pizza in the wood fired oven, Big Joe read the female detective’s note requesting an imported beer and went to get it for her. Big Joe personally went to place it on the table where she sat – which was not all that far from Tommy Xo and Frank Malone.

With Big Joe passing Frank and Tommy again, it was Tommy who first noticed Elissa enter the pizzeria. Though he had not had much of a repoire with Elissa, he knew that Frank did. At this point, Frank had his head in his hands. The overwhelming feeling of guilt was returning again. This was not uncommon, as he blamed himself for pretty much everything that had happened. The stinging barbs from his ex wife who took his beloved son with her to live in Connecticut, had totally destroyed his self esteem. It was why he drank so much. Tommy raised his hand to ask Big Joe for a pot of black coffee to be brought over, and then reached out to give Frank a nudge.

“We got company.” He said, gesturing with his head towards the direction of Elissa.

Frank grunted as he pulled his hands away from his face, and then turned his head just enough to see Elissa seated at one of the nearby tables. God, what would she think of him….seeing him like this. It could be worse though. If Tommy hadn’t shown up when he did, Frank would have definitely gone on a total bender and then ended up barfing up his stomach in one of the back alleys. No one should see that.

Big Joe brought over the coffee pot and poured Frank a cup of straight black – no sugar. Tommy took the cup and saucer as Frank tried to get to his feet unsteadily and make his way over to Elissa’s table. His worn leather shoes scuffed along the floor, as he wasn’t picking his feet up properly. Frank reached out and caught the top of the chair with his right hand and dragged it away from the table to take a seat.

“May I?” He asked if he could join her, but was already doing so – as Tommy followed and placed down the coffee cup and saucer in front of Frank. The cup clinked gently as it was placed on the table. Tommy pulled a chair from another table, but straddled it so that he could rest his arms on the back and face the pair. The reporter spotted the imported brand of beer, and gave a polite nod. “Good drop that one.” He said, before reaching out with his hand to shake Elissa’s.“Tommy Xo. I’m a friend of Frank’s.”

Frank mumbled something as he raised the coffee cup to his lips, then blew on the brew before taking a sip. it was a bit too hot and he set the cup down pretty quickly, spilling some of it’s contents into the saucer. “God dammit.” He hated being seen like this. “Bit late for you to be out and about, Elissa. Working…on.. on a new case?” Little did he know that she was chasing the same ghosts he was.

Tommy eased back slightly, his right eyebrow moving upward slightly as he was curious about this lady detective. The trio all had a lot in common. There had been a lot of strange goings on in the city, and he believed it was all linked. But not even the FBI would believe the stories he had heard. Tommy couldn’t help but interject.

“People talking about cars and industrial bins being thrown about….by invisible forces.” It sounded incredulous. “Can you believe that shit?”


“Bring me another beer, Joe” – GS

Setting – Big Joe’s Pizzeria.

Detective Moss pocketed his cell phone, after speaking to Tommy Xo. The latest partner of Detective Frank Malone was not at all into these after work drinking sessions, and he had a wife and kid waiting for him. Frank was already on his sixth beer, and had finished off one of Big Joe’s Meat lover’s pizzas. With the ballgame up on the big screen, Frank was on a roll, and letting off some much needed steam. This was all too much for John Moss. He tossed down a few ten dollar bills, and then grabbed his coat. Frank glanced up at him with a drunken sneer.

“The little woman waiting, Moss?” Typically, Frank always seemed to dig at the fact that John was a married man and had a life outside the force, unlike Frank. Moss simply shook his head and finished putting on his coat. He hates seeing his partner like this, but he knew it wasn’t a good idea to leave him on his own – hence him calling Tommy.

“Yeah, and she makes better company than you, Frank. Do me and the department a favor and get some help? Okay? Tommy is on his way over, I gotta get going.”

Frank laughed loudly. Great. Tommy was having to come down. No doubt that was going to cause dramas with whatever lady he had been with that night. “I don’t need some god dammed baby sitter, Moss. I’m…perfectly fine. Joe! Another beer!” he sung out, though his words were starting to slur. Big Joe, named for obvious reasons came out and shook his head at his good customer and long time friend. “I thinka…you have enough, Frank.” He wiggled a finger at Frank, which only brought about more laughter from the Detective. “Now…now Joe. I can walk a straight line…and find my nose….if I had to.” Frank then tried to touch his nose…unsuccessfully.

“Good night, Frank.” Detective Moss said, turning to walk away, just as Tommy entered the Pizzeria. Course Frank saw him and rolled his eyes. It was not that he didn’t enjoy Tommy’s company, he just hated to have him give him the riot act.

Tommy sighed and then patted Moss’s shoulder as he passed him in the entrance. “I got this.” Tommy said, as Frank got up unsteadily from his bar stool and opened his arms out like a long lost brother.

“Tommy!…..You shouldn’t have come down here. I ….I was about to call a cab. Pizza?” He slurred, then offering Tommy a slice, as the reporter sat on down next to him. Tommy shook his head. “Just barely finished dinner and an argument with Tamika.” Tommy had had to leave the dinner that Tamika made to come rescue his friend, and there were some pretty harsh words said, along with a few broken dinner plates. Hearing this made Frank cringe. “Ah shit. Tamika cooked again?” he asked, getting out his wallet and tossing some notes down on the bar top for Joe.

“Dinner was a disaster from the get go, Frank.” Tommy admitted, before looking at his friend with concern.

“Dude…you gotta clean up your act. Drinking every night. Come on, you’re better than this.” It was the truth and both men knew it. Though to Frank, this was his way of coping. Big Joe’s was his buddy’s favorite haunt back in the day. Why, there were even pictures of the two detectives on the walls. It was a second home to both men….now, just to Frank.

“If only that night never happened.” Frank said, recollecting the night that his partner died. The look on Frank’s face was one of sorrow and regret. “I lost everything….that night.”

Tommy’s face became stern as he watched his friend. How many years had it been? Frank’s marriage, and his job as well as his reputation ruined. Tommy was constantly searching for clues and leads. it was why he went to those dark alleys. It was why he made friends with the homeless…the bottom ladder of the people of New York. To find out….who killed Detective Rory Lismore….and why? It led both men on a quest, but one that Frank was having trouble keeping focused on.

“I know what I saw that night, Tommy. I know it like it’s tattooed inside my mind. But no one believes me. They think I’m crazy.”

“I don’t, Frank. And together, we are going to solve this – if it’s the last thing I do.”

The two men sat in silence, as outside a shadow hovered by the doorway till spiriting away into the night.


The way to a man’s heart – GS



Tommy’s Apartment

Tommy wasn’t the kind of guy to just give any girl the key to his apartment, but then again, there wasn’t another girl in town like Tamika. She had this sly way of always getting what she wanted, and somehow she had wrangled Tommy’s spare key, much to his annoyance. Tommy was usually a very private individual. He hated the idea of being committed to anyone or anything. His life was his work and that was the way it had always been. Tonight being a perfect example. Getting in with the homeless to be his eyes and ears on the streets. They were like rats that scoured the worst neighborhoods, and usually knew more about what was going on in the underworld than anyone. A good reporter needed such informants and spies if he was going to make the front page of the New York times. How many politicians had he caught out that solicited the girls of the night? Oh, he had a few in his pocket now. But they were not the big news stories in his eyes. No, he preferred the strange and the unbelievable. Hell, he’d make a fortune for one of those sleazy tabloids that lived off such headlines as “My wife is an alien and gave birth to a six headed worm”.

Arriving on the floor of his apartment, Tommy stepped out of the lift and he could already hear the thumping music of his neighbor and friend Jay Wilcox. The guy was one of your typical anime loving cos player/gamer who had a thing for Naruto. No sooner had Tommy walked past his apartment, when Jay’s door shot open and the beat of the music was practically thudding through Tommy’s chest. The guy was dressed in a pair of ripped jeans and a Naruto t shirt that was a bit small for his ample belly.

“TOMMY! Yo man. You up for some Call of Duty tonight?” The gamer asked with a beaming smile. “Got some Doritos….and beer.” Jay really liked Tommy’s company, in fact he liked ANYONE’S company, as he spent most of his days and nights in his apartment. Tommy checked his watch and grimaced. “Sorry Jay, I got Tamika cooking me dinner and…I’m late as it is. How about tomorrow night?” Tommy hated to burst the guy’s bubble, but he rather that than a tongue lashing from Tamika. Jay bobbed his head, since he had nothing planned for the next night….or the night after that.

“Sure man. I know I would hate to be late for Tamika. Girl gives me the evil eye when I show my face at your place.”Jay was right, Tamika hated anyone taking up Tommy’s time, when it could be her. Knowing that he was now even later than he promised, Tommy gave Jay a half wave before heading up the corridor to his own apartment, where he could hear Tamika already going off. The door flew open and she looked frazzled.

“You’re late.” Tamika said, with her hands on her hips, wearing his cooking apron. Tommy shrugged, then pushed past Tamika to gain entry to his own apartment. Jay could be heard from down the hall. “Cut him some slack, Tammy! The guy’s probably been held up at work.”

“More like chasing a ghost.” That said, she slammed the door, as Tommy was walking through his own apartment, and taking off his coat. “No need to be sarcastic Tamika. You know I do work late some nights.” Tamika’s eyes softened and she lowered her arms. How could she stay mad at him. He looked even more handsome when the had THAT face. She showed Tommy to the dining table and then went to get their meals. She’s cooked Fettuccine Mona lisa, which was a creamy pasta dish with chicken, bacon and tossed spinach with pine nuts. Tommy was already pouring himself a white wine when Tamika sat down at the table. She wasn’t his girlfriend, but she wished she was. Tommy offered her a glass of white wine, which she took graciously. Tamika worked in the Mayor’s office as assistant PA, to one of the Mayor’s leading staffers. In a way it was good for Tommy, cause he was able to get the inside scoop of the daily goings on in the top office of New York. That was, if Tamika felt like telling him. Tonight she was hoping for something more…romantic. She’d even gotten candles out and had them lit, with Enrique Iglesias playing on the ipod speakers. Talk about trying too hard. Tamika was dressed in a black silk off the shoulder dress, that was a little bit summery in Tommy’s mind, but he complimented her anyways.

“Food looks great, as do you, Tamika.” He raised a glass to her and the meal and she blushed fiercely. “Oh stop…you’re just saying that.” she fawned. Tommy shrugged and said in reply. “Okay…” Tamika sat bolt upright as though she took him at his word. “TOMMY!” The journo laughed and then took a bite from his meal. It was really good. Shaking her head, Tamika had to know why Tommy was late.

“Please tell me it was something at the office, and that you weren’t down THAT end of town again?” She was partially aware of what he got up to. Why it was hard not to when his office walls were lined with newspaper clippings, photographs of the unexplained and macabre.

“I can’t tell you.”


“Alright alright….I was stuck in traffic.” He lied, taking another sip of wine, before locking eyes on hers. “Scouts honor.”His cheeky smile always made her melt. She let out a sigh and then tried to reach for his hand, as his cell phone started to buzz.

“Xo….” he answered, pulling his hand away from Tamika’s.


Tommy’s street rats – GS

Back Streets of New York.

The shouting of the Chinese chefs grew as the night time trade was at their peak in the Golden Dragon restaurant. Tommy ‘s smile grew as he turned the corner. The dark alley stretching down till reaching fourth street. Here there were many vagrants and bums that the city had long since forgotten. But what people didn’t realize was that they were the eyes and the ears of the city. Carrying a small bag of Chinese dinners, Tommy approached two men that were standing at an upturned oil drum, which was being used as a fire bin. Each man having their hands held forward to warm by the fire. Tommy’s shadow soon overtook them, and both men turned with fright – only to be relived when they saw it was Tommy.

“Yo Man….you damn well scared us. Sneaking around like that. Hey, do I smell chicken and cashews?” The first man said, as Tommy pulled out one of the boxes and a pair of chopsticks, handing it over to the man who greeted him. Wearing an old brown coat, with a grey scarf tied around his neck, the bum greedily took the box of food and sat down on the ground, while his companion did the same. He was slightly wary of a well dressed man handing out free food.

“Wha’ chu wanting, bud?” The second man said, sitting down beside his friend and hastily opened the box of food, while Tommy lent on one of the industrial bins. Tommy was wearing a grey three piece suit with a black long over coat and matching scarf that helped keep his neck warm on these cold New York nights.

“Been a spate of murders in the area, gentlemen. I’m wanting to know if you have heard or seen…anything unusual. My money is on the fact that this is not mob related.”

The two men stopped eating, with their chop sticks held still. ~Murders?~ Sure, everyone knew that life on the streets was tough for anyone. You really had to know your way around, but it was so easy to fall foul of an angered and crazed drug user or a unpaid pimp. But with Tommy saying the murders were NOT mob related, that could mean only one thing.

“You thinkin’ it’s a serial killer?”

“Possibly….I’ve been working the case a few months. Trying to keep one step ahead of the cops, ya know?” Tommy answered as he took out a crumpled cigarette packet and tapped one end on the open palm of his hand – the cigarette sliding out, and he quickly flicked it up to his lips. He lit the cigarette with a zippo lighter, before snapping it shut and stuffing it in his coat pocket. The hot glow of the end of the cigarette was illuminating his face partially. Tommy was an attractive man. What he was doing down this end of town was considered out of character for his breed. Taking a long drag, he tipped his head back, and blew the smoke skywards, before returning his attention back to the bums.

“If you two see…or hear anything. Strangely dressed men…..odd gun sounding gun shots. You get in touch with me.” At this, Tommy gave the nearest bum his card, which had his contact details on it, along with the NY Times logo. He was one of the Times best investigative journalists, and it was easy to see why.

“There be more dinners like this, but in a better setting.” The journo promised as the two resumed eating their meals with gusto.

“You got it, Tommy.” the first bum said with a grin, as Tommy turned on his heel and started to walk out of the back alley. He was heading back to his apartment, since he had promised Tamika he’d show up for dinner.

As Tommy left the alley, the two bums looked at each other. Murders, and unusual ones. Only in New York.


RPC – Detective Frank Malone from The Gantz Series.


Name: Detective Frank Malone

Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: Detective Homicide branch – New York Police department

Personality: Somber, serious, thoughtful, intuitive, loyal, determined, hard working

Relationship Status: Divorced

Orientation: Straight

Likes: The job, working with a partner, guns, bars.

Dislikes: Creepers, ex wives.

Strengths/Powers: A crack shot, he is trained in hand to hand combat as well as being a bit of a sleuth in working out difficult cases, solving puzzles.

Weaknesses/Limitations: Big Joe’s Pizzas.


Frank Malone graduated with top honors from the NY Police academy and was landed his first desk job with fellow rookie Constable Rory Lismore. The pair were inseparable and worked their way up the ranks to that of Detectives in the Homicide squad. During this time, Frank was married with a small son to Missy Malone, who divorced Frank after his fall from grace. The shocking death and murder of his partner on a case in the Bronx had left Frank a shattered shell of a man, who drowned himself in booze rather than deal head on with his problems. After Missy took the baby and left him, his friend and reporter Tommy Xo, who Frank had known from grade school was his only true supporter, as many down at the precinct suspected that Frank played a part in the death of Rory. Truth be told, what killed his partner on that fateful evening…was not of this world. No one would believe him of course, and the case was made cold by the Commander’s office. To this day, Frank is fighting to clear his name and reputation, and while the Precinct keep giving Frank a new partner, he is unable to forge a bond, and they usually end up asking for a transfer.