Corrupt Intelligence – SS.


Corrupt Intelligence.

Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Being able to control Earth and nature made it easy for Mariela to work with the plants and herbs. She kneeled down to inspect them closer, touching them and identifying their name and the things they could be used for. As she touched each one, she could feel the life and felt them happy and healthy – which meant they were taken good care of before she had got here. She hadn’t even finished looking at all the plants when she heard squealing behind her, and it made her jump slightly. She turned around to see Lydia and gave a smile. “A tour sounds nice.” she said, looking at Lydia and waiting for her move first. “What happened with the Prince?” she then asked out of curiosity. She was a curious little thing – which often got her in trouble.


Razorbackwriter:  With his soul collector sword strapped to his waist, and dressed now resplendently in his princely garb, the Prince was ready to head out and see just for himself, what Gabriel was up to. He already had targets on his hit list, especially after the dramas at the bookstore. Mammon would deal with those two when the time came, but for now he was more worried about Gabriel and her plans for hell. As he strode along the main hall, he started to think if it was wise to go it alone. Taking Lydia was out of the question, since she was so ambitious that she might try to cosy up to the likes of Gabriel. No…Mammon needed an ally, one that he knew would stand shoulder to shoulder with him against those lesser Princes, in particular Leviathan whom everyone seemed to loathe.

“Baal. Yes…I shall go meet with him and discuss how to take on the others.” Mammon thought as he headed out of the hall and to the stables where his steed awaited.

Lydia danced around the room, happy with herself in that she had watched the Prince prepare to go and act on her intelligence. Few times was Lydia ever wrong about the intel she acquired, and knowing this may well start a war, she was sure to be rewarded handsomely when the time came. Course, Mammon hated his spies and ladies getting in the way when he chose to act, so it was safer for Lydia to remain behind and of course entertain Marie.

“Oh he is off to meet with the new Princess of Hell. Can you imagine how that is going to go?” Lydia said with a laugh before threading her arm with Marie’s to lead her on a tour.

“Right…first stop the library. Mammon must have well over two hundred thousand books, though I seriously doubt that he has ever read the page of one.” That was a very fair observation. Lydia ushered Marie out of the potions room and down the hall towards the library. As they walked along, Lydia asked. “So…how did you come to find your way into hell? Piss off a warlock?”




Dessy:  “Princess of Hell? Somehow, it doesn’t sound like it’ll go well.” Mariela mentioned, raising her eyebrows. She let Lydia thread her arm with hers, and followed her to the library. “He doesn’t look like the reading type.” Mariela then said with a shrug. After finding out he was the Prince of Greed, Mariela wasn’t surprised that he’d have so many books. She also wasn’t surprise that he hasn’t read any of them. When asked how she ended up in hell, Mariela gave a sigh. “I killed someone.” she said simply, looking at Lydia before she continued. “I had no choice. It was to save me and my younger brothers. The man said he wasn’t going to hurt them, but I saw through the lie. He was going to kill them first, and then me.” she spoke, looking away and down at the ground. “After that, a few years later, some village people found out my family were witches – we come from a long bloodline of witches. Despite how much we helped them, and only used our powers for good, they saw us a monsters. My parents were out shopping when they stormed the house, leaving me to watch my younger brothers. They threw torches and matches at the house, and it burned quickly. I couldn’t save all three of us.” she spoke, taking a deep breathe. “I helped them out of the upstairs window, and told them to run. Last thing I saw was them disappearing in the forest, the people below me screaming and yelling, then the house began collapsing and I woke up here.” she finished.


Razorbackwriter:  Everyone of us has a story. Some are good, as others are bad. Marie’s…was sad. As the pair entered the library with thousands upon thousands of books, Marie would mention that…she killed someone. This brought Lydia to a stop. Sweet innocent looking Marie was a murderer? Lydia led Marie to a table and then sat down on one of the reading chairs, as she listened to Marie’s tale. A family of witches, that were found out and betrayed by the humans of the village. Cast as monsters. Lydia shook her head and reached out to pat the girl’s hand – her eyes showing compassion. A rare thing from someone like Lydia. “And they call us monsters. Humans are the most destructive species on earth. They kill without question or reason, they are so self absorbed and use their beliefs to destroy others. If you ask me, we are the good guys. Least we are honest about being evil.”

Lydia pouted as the tale came to an end with the witch most likely dying and ending up in hell. She took out a large red kerchief and blew her nose loudly.

“That was so sad. -sniff- You know…we could be your family. Maybe not by blood…and maybe not by name, but we can be just as protective.”

Lydia continued to pat Marie’s hand gingerly.




Dessy:  They had sat down at one of the tables, Mariela gasping as she saw the large library. Mariela looked up at Lydia when she felt her hand on hers. “I agree with you. I’ve might a lot of non-humans and they ended up being the nicest people I’ve met. The humans – not so much. It’s weird, really.” Mariela said with a shrug. Mariela frowned when Lydia pulled out a red kerchief. She didn’t mean to make her cry. She then gave a bright smile. “I don’t need a blood family to be happy, or by name. This family is just what I need. I already feel protected.”

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