The Battle Begins – SS


Scene setting : Wrath Castle

This part of the story is co- written with five other writers. Fu, Moo, Zetta, Temp and Candle.


Candle:  Baal opened the Wrath kingdom’s doors with one hand, being one of the biggest princes in Hell was pretty entertaining. He stared at the red throne and walls, literally everything was red. “Well I wasn’t expecting this.” Baal said to himself as he walked towards Gabriel’s throne slowly.
With his massive axe in the other hand, Baal was ready for anything especially a surprise attack. It was pretty interesting on how much blood had been splattered everywhere. It almost made it seem like she’d murder a massive amount of people in such a small time. Detached limbs and decapitated heads were thrown around the room like some type of murderous party.
“I’m at a loss for words.” Saying once against while letting his grip from his body dismembering weapon loosen. He did grow curious of how poor old Belial would think of his former lover basically making a muck in his throne.


Moo:  Gabriel returned to an open door. She slid inside and closed it easily behind her. Slowly and silently until the thud and clang echoed in the hall. “Hm… What’s this?” she purred. “Another visitor so soon?” She practically skipped forward until she found herself looking at the one and only Baal. “Ooh,” she continued, pressing her finger lightly to her lips. “The great and mighty Baalzebub! Hell’s very own prince of gluttony! King of the Flies!” She spread her arms wide as if she were running a show.
Then lowered them, smiling wide. “Do you like the decorations? Some might argue it’s a little too…red.” She laughed and waved her hand as if dismissing something. “They’re all critics.” She looked him over as she turned to the side, her hands moving to clasp behind her. “What might you want with me?” Of course she’d noticed the ax right away, but she had no fear. There were…subjects…in which she related to this man with. Playing on one of them would surely earn herself some appraisal from the man.


Razorbackwriter: If one was inside the Kingdom of Wrath, the first sign that there was an approaching army would come from massive horn blasts that echoed throughout the land, followed by the massive footfall of battle elephants towing catapults and other weapons of mass destruction. Line upon line of troops that went back as far as the eye could see, was a clear indication that the Prince of Greed had only the very best when it came to his army. Scores of the un-dead, creatures that had died on the battlefields of Terra were now to serve the Prince of Greed in his greatest hour. When he left the Kingdom of Gluttony, he had high ambitions. One was to ensure his place in history as the leading Prince under Lucifer himself. Why, the two had served together against God. This…was merely a trumped up cock sucking floosy who killed her lover. Belial…was an idiot, as far as the Prince was concerned. Never…ever let a woman into your heart, for they would no sooner tear it out of your chest and eat it with relish the moment you turn your back. Truth be told, Mammon hated women, and he didn’t trust them. Lydia…he put up with due to her naked ambition. They were simply a good match.

But back to the war at hand. Gluttony. Oh the poor fool. Mammon was a crafty fellow, when he happened to mention on his way out that Leviathan would be present. I mean, he would hardly go far from Gabriel’s tit according to spy reports, and all knew he sucked her toes and bestowed words of praise at her feet. The slimy little git. Knowing how much Gluttony hated Leviathan, Mammon knew he would be on his fastest horse to go and kill the geizer. But the Prince…he was not such a fool to rush in. No…he was going to use a show of force that was unprecedented in Hell. Dare any other Prince to show weakness before the likes of a slut on the Throne of Wrath.

She might have been cunning, but Mammon was far more devious.

Astride his valiant steed – a hell horse that stood over thirty hands high, snorting red fumes with eyes of blood, the Prince looked forceful and intimidating. He was also wearing the beserker suit of armour, only he had jet to place on the skull helmet. Once the suit was worn in full, did the enchantment begin. At his side, the sword “Soul collector”. A diabolical weapon, that cried as it was unsheathed, and trapped the souls of it’s victims within. Mammon raised his fist, and this set off a massive chant from his warriors. Large shields being slammed into the ground, their hammers and swords beating the metal that was adorned with the crest of Greed.

“This will be a day…long remembered in …Hell. DEATH TO WRATH!” Mammon cried, his army moving forward.




Fu:  – Before the castle a large army had gathered under the name of one of the princes , a large force of demons and creatures from hell had stood by as if provoking the new Princess of Wrath out of her palace. It would have seemed the balance between Princes and the like won’t ever be able to stay stable at this rate , regardless of the steps taken someone would always get the wrong idea or overthink a event to the point of dangerous outcomes. The army in front of the Palace of Wrath being a obvious example . As the Army itself began to move forward towards the entrance a large shadow loomed over the mass of warriors under greed , the shadow having been formed from the castle itself which at this point began to grow abnormally darker to the point if made the door to the palace seemed as if it was erased entirely . A pair of beading red eyes could be seen from within this vast darkness , what may have been in there would eventually make itself known through a echoing and menacing tone . –

” Proceed , if you so wish .”

– A large amount of killing intent could be sensed from such a simple word and in the air itself . A Killing intent that was far greater then any single person would normally hold . The sensation which was given off rivalled princes and nearly but most likely could surpass them . A mystery laid within that darkness . But as this finished , the silence would eventually take over the battlefield once more. Their choice to move onwards or to back out would be up to them , but it was quite clear if they charged forwards something was bound to happen . Although it was quite clear they knew ahead of time they would suffer a loss or two. –


Candle:  Hearing a feminine voice, Baal turned around to see Gabriel. She wasn’t what he was expecting at all, her figure and form made him stare at her with fierce eyes. “I’m here to help you kill Mammon.” Baal said while smirking a little bit.
His demonic love side was for some reason beating profusely. She seemed to be the perfect woman too him, beautiful and murderous. Baal tried his best not too look like a love struck fool, but he hadn’t met a woman so right in every single way. Maybe that his murderous romantic side was coming out, if so then his definition of perfection was strange.
“You can kill Mammon and I’ll take out his men.” Stating without a backlash from her since he’d be able to destroy Mammon’s men with ease. And since she’d killed Belial then it was pretty obvious she’d be able to kill Mammon also. His political power side kicked In, making his realize that siding with Gabriel was a good idea. Most of it involved just with Gabriel in general, but no one would know that.


Moo:  Gabriel’s bravado halted as soon as she heard Baal’s answer. Her arms dropped to rest at her sides, expression lax. “Is that so?”
As if to answer her question, mass movement within the castle could be heard. Different orders were shouted such as, “Man the canons!” and “Ready your guns!” The marching of feet against the brick floors reinforced all of the commotion. It was made painfully apparent that Baal was not lying.

“I wonder what the pig would want with me,” she said disdainfully. Her eyes wandered over the prince’s body, taking in his muscled stature. Of course he could barrel his way through plenty of men. The question was how many. And if he really meant to aid her. Should he turn on her, she would simply put an end to him. Though as he stared her over, he seemed pretty intent with her curves. Odd that he would feel lustful, being the prince of gluttony. Though perhaps she had made a good impression with her art gallery. She smiled once more, turning on her heel to march toward the door.

The doors to the castle burst open, Gabriel stepping into view with her arms outstretched completely, a dazzling smile marking her face. While her kingdom was being intruded at its gate, she would simply watch as her army gathered together. Plenty of bodies at her disposal as they moved in formation, shields and weaponry in hand. Wrath had some of the best defenses surrounding the castle itself, though it would be likely that crossing the kingdom would come easily to the likes of Greed. It simply bought enough so that her men could prepare themselves. The outer walls were already guarded heavily, and they doubled their troops within minutes. She nodded, satisfied.
If that greedy pig wanted a war, he would have one. Honestly, she was honored to have an army gathered for her within a day of killing Belial and taking his throne.

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  1. The primary graphics you used for this post, I like it – War of Darksiders 😎
    You write so vividly. I could envision each scene as if they are unfolding before me. More power!

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