Budgie Smugglers? – GS


Scene setting – Jax’s Coffee House.

co-written with VunG & Moo.


VunG:  The look on Tommy’s face made Elissa feel actually kind of bad, and while she actually trying to drive a wedge in between the friends, she felt like that was what she was doing. It was never her intent, it was never her desire, and right now she hoped that she could fix it. However, social encounters weren’t exactly her cup of tea, and as she looked between the two she felt utterly helpless, her muteness once again proving a hindrance to everything that she needed to do. She didn’t care what happened between Frank and the girl, and to some extent she didn’t actually care about solving Rory’s murder. That sounded like a horrible thing in her head, but what she cared about was the fate of the living right now; she needed to see to it that Frank was taken care of. She wanted Rory’s murder solved, definitely, but the dead could wait.

Thankfully, her blunder would be solved, in a manner of speaking as Sophia came over and went on to gush over the detective’s work, giving Frank just the right sort of attention. Granted, she was still a little annoyed with Tommy, but not enough to want him out of the picture; it was a lapse in judgment, nothing more. Despite feeling utterly humiliated by her mistake, she couldn’t help but feel a little smile slip onto her face as she watched the heartwarming reaction between the three of them, particularly how sweet it was to see Frank and the girl go about trading numbers. Even if it didn’t turn into anything, she kind of hoped that he found someone in his life; nobody deserved to deal with what he went through.

While the two went about reconciling, she quickly pulled out her own notepad and wrote a simple note for Sophia: *Thank you.* With that, she went over to the two of them, assuming neither of them had a coffee in their hands, went over and pushed the boys together, a slight smirk on her face as she silently declared this ‘group hug time.’

Sasha laughed and waved off her apology, chuckling at his own jumpiness, “It’s fine, no problem.” As Sophia went about taking his order, he had to admit that there was something cute about the way she seemed so cheerful, and it was alway nice when someone else was equally excited. Even if it was as simple as learning where a potential friend works so you can maybe do something to brighten their day when they’re feeling down. And, as usual, he was more than happy to have someone to talk to who wasn’t weirded out by his energy; even if it was just circumstances bringing them together. Still, business came first, and almost as soon as it happened she was off, and promptly dealing with that trio of other customers… actually did he recognize them? He felt like he recognized the blonde fellow… news maybe? That was an interesting thing, it was kind of funny to see celebrities out in normal locations. His work was forgotten now, all he could think to do was just watch what was going on with innocent curiosity.


Moo:  Much to her relief, neither of the men had taken her request in the wrong way. Had they been anyone else, perhaps she would have been teased relentlessly. So, Sophia smiled while the two men seemed to soften, having re-assured them. Of course she realized this could potentially put her in a tight situation… She had dropped the act in order to bring them back together again. Lying really never did suit Sophia; it was the hardest thing to pull off, as she herself had a good sense of justice. Little would these investigators know, she had her own interests in the subject, her major being Forensic Science. Naturally, it wasn’t the same as what the three of them did…but more or less, it took a similar mindset to get into. Though, if they hadn’t really thought about it in depth, she could remain the innocent barista. She nodded and took Tommy’s card, then Frank’s napkin, and put them into her pocket. “Thank you.” Would she really use them? Was it a good idea to associate herself with people like this? She pushed the debate from her head, deciding that now wasn’t the time for it. This certainly wasn’t the time to be serious…the men were clearly cracking jokes after Tommy had addressed her ‘first page’ comment.

Sophia found herself laughing with Tommy’s wit. The more the men conversed, the more entertaining the situation had become. She was able to smile while she mellowed out, clearly feeling much better that the two had made up. It had been apparent these two men were close, so for them to fight must have been normal. Especially with how quickly they were able to make up. It seemed Elissa felt the same way, as she quickly wrote on her notepad. Sophia stepped closer with a dash of curiosity and read two simple words: thank you. To this, her smile brightened, reaching her eyes. “You’re welcome,” she replied. “Take care of them, will you?” She laughed lightly. Clearly, they would need someone to keep them out of trouble. And with a peace offering between the two, and having fixed the situation, she was able to turn back to her business. The waitress decided to make that mocha, as to not keep her friend waiting while he worked on his project. Then she would be able to go clean up their area.


Razorbackwriter:  Funny how one minute the guys could be at each other’s throats ,and then they are all good again. Course when Elissa suggested a group hug, the two glanced at each other and mouthed “Gay” Instead, each hugged her separately, before giving each other a fist bump. With phone numbers exchanged and the mood having lifted, Frank would take up Tommy’s offer of a free shirt from his boot. Who else but Tommy would keep spare clothes in the boot of his car. Come to think of it, Tommy wasn’t home much as his work often took him out on the field – much to Tamika’s annoyance. Leaving an extra tip for Sophia, the guys would head for the door, Tommy remembering his lap top and the envelope of photos. The hard evidence in this case. Course, they had to find the person who took the images, and Frank already had a hunch. First things first….his shirt. Frank this time held the door, much to Tommy’s surprise. Was the rough edged cop going a bit soft? Not really, he just wanted to be the last one out to wave to Sophia. The girl had caught his eye, but he was too shy to make any fancy moves. Once all were out, he would give the waitress a friendly wave, before joining the others out on the street. Tommy went straight to the boot of his car and popped it, reaching in for his second sports bag, where he kept a change of clothes. He pulled out a silk shirt. The kind from those top end of town men’s stores. It was probably worth about two hundred dollars. Frank was taking off his jacket, and then saw what Tommy was offering.“Damn…are you loaded or something?” He didn’t think the reporter’s job paid that well. Tommy shrugged off the comment as he took Frank’s dirty shirt. “I do some….part time modeling on the side.” He said without faltering. This was news. Tommy……a model? “Yeah? What kind?” The detective knew there were all kinds of models and so was intrigued to hear what his pal had to say. Sheepishly, he mumbled. “Underwear.”

“Ahahahahaha. You model budgie smugglers?”

Frank couldn’t stop laughing, while Tommy went bright red.

“Shut up.”

“Hey Elissa. Bet you would love to see a shot of him in his y fronts.” Frank wiggled his brow, as he finished putting on the crisp shirt, which just fitted….just. Placing the coat on over it, Frank closed the boot and kept chuckling, before sobering up to remember just what they had next on the cards. To go back to the place where Rory was murdered.

“Okay, I’m ready. We need to go down to Fifth and Maple Street. That is where…..yeah.” Soon as he said, that, he got into Tommy’s car. The search for clues and a witness was on.




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