Behind the beautiful smile – SS.

Scene setting – Greed castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Mariela continued following Lydia, and when she didn’t receive an answer, she raised an eyebrow. She looked out of the window at Mammon’s steed, and when Lydia picked up her speed, Mariela held her dress up so she could walk faster and followed her. She was obviously determined for something, but for what, Mariela didn’t know. When she got to the mark, Mariela stopped, dropping her gown and looking at the mark, then up at Lydia. Being a witch, she recognized the mark, but didn’t know Mariela’s intentions. She stared at it, then looked up at Warner when he spoke, and then turned back to Lydia.“You’re summoning who?” Mariela asked, sensing Warner’s panic as he stepped back. Mariela gasped when she saw the green hands reach out to grab Warner, and took a side step away. As the blade sliced Warner’s throat, Mariela let out a scream before covering her mouth with her hands. Mariela should’ve known Lydia wasn’t all good. She was being naive. She was in Hell, after all. She was probably the only good one here. Mariela looked up once Lydia started chanting, and watched the fire around Lydia. When Lydia’s head turned and spoke in an unnatural tone, she took a few steps back. Seeing the face form in the mist, she gave another loud gasp and stepped back more, not speaking a word, her hand over her mouth the entire time.



Mariela’s scream was hardly a surprise to Lydia who had failed to show the demonic side of herself before the witch. This was a complete turn of a events that could not had been anticipated, for Lydia did serve the Prince of Greed right up to the moment he rode off to face Gabriel of Wrath. But the signs were ominous that Mammon was fighting for his very existence, or had come to meet his doom at the hands of those within Wrath castle. No one knew of the betrayal of Baal, nor the amount of allies that Gabriel had come to engage during her rapid ascent to greatness and a crown. While Mariela fell back and clasped her own hand over her mouth to stifle her screams, Lydia merely turned her head towards the girl and lifted but a single digit to her crimson lips, as though to beckon her to continue silence while in the presence of the Devil himself.

An eerie sound crept over the room, as shadows flew from the pentagram and danced upon the walls of the main chamber. A low distant drum beat came as though from ones own heart. The form of Lucifer grew. A large beast man with horned hooves, sharp horns that formed out through his shock of black hair and spiraled out behind him. This increased his overall size, and all this without a stitch of clothing. Naked and glistening, he towered over Lydia who was now petite in his presence. Lucifer waved his hand before her as her image shimmered and then Mariela would be able to see her true form. Massive wings beat slowly behind a body that was so svelte that it looked to be created by the very Gods of creation. Perfectly formed bosom – and child bearing hips that led down to long slender legs. Her feet no more, but replaced by hooves like her Master. She had her head bowed, till Lucifer placed a claw under it and then brought it up so that she stared at him with eyes – dark as coal.

A sharp pointed tale of Lucifer whipped out and then slapped her backside, as though punishing her for the summons, but then he could only laugh at the way she jumped slightly and her bosom bounced.

“When the Beserker returns empty….you, Lydia shall be the new Princess of Greed. Though you are always to me, an Ambitious little bitch.” This was said with a loud laugh before he turned to notice Mariela. He could taste her fear as though it was a fine wine, and it did make him smile darkly. “Who….are you?” Lucifer asked, as he started to make his way towards her. Lydia’s smile fell away from her face. Worry now etched in her features as the Devil had asked the witch of her name. Lydia wanted to say, but knew it better than to interrupt.




Dessy:  Mariela started cursing herself in her mind for getting into this mess. She should have just decided to walk away, instead of standing outside of the castle. If she would have turned around and just continued on her way, she wouldn’t be involved in this mess. She shouldn’t even be here. She didn’t belong in Hell. She was to good natured for that. This was a curse. She was stuck in a place she didn’t belong. When Lydia put a finger over to her lips, Mariela just gave a nod as she removed her hands from her mouth. The form then grew – into a man with hooves, horns and a tail. He was also naked. This sight caused Mariela to jump, and she bit her tongue to stop herself from screaming once again. Her attention then turned towards Lydia, watching as Lydia changed to what, Mariela assumed, was her true form. She watched the Devil slap his tail on her bottom, and Mariela had took another step back. Hearing that Lydia would be the new princess, Mariela tilted her head, now understanding what Lydia was trying to do. She froze in her tracks when he turned to her, before asking her name. She stood up straight and looked at him. “I’m.. Mariela..” she spoke with a shaky breath, taking another step back when he walked towards her.


Razorbackwriter:  Lucifer repeated Mariela’s name three times as he trudged around her slowly. The great hooves stamping into the stone floor, his tail flicking from side to side. There was indeed a menacing, almost foreboding sense of tension in the air, but for some reason, he did not make a move on her. Perhaps it was because Lydia was already addressing him in his mind that Mariela was of use to her, and not only that she considered her a friend. Not that you should really trust a demon like Lydia, but she was good on her word.


Lucifer liked what he saw and shot a look over his shoulder as he dipped his wings slightly. “She’s perfect.” This comment was aimed at Lydia who gave her shoulders a little shrug, but inwardly was pleased. Would Mariela take this as something sinister?

The fires that raged from the Kingdom of Wrath however had Lucifer’s attention now, and he didn’t stop walking, instead he made for the exit, the loud pounding of his hooves echoing out till at last he had left the room, along with the shadow followers that had accompanied him. With Lucifer being the most formidable creature in all of Hell, he was able to breach her shield. With Lucifer on the war path it would be interesting to see how the other Princes of Hell would react. The shimmering image of the naked form of Lydia reverted back to that of her more formal look, with her horns missing and her tail curled up within her long skirt. She let out a sigh and then trotted over to Mariela offering to hug her.

“So sorry about that. It had to be done. I mean, Warner was a wonderful servant and just gave his life for me. Isn’t that sweet?” Lydia hoped that Mariela would not flee into the night after the horrors that she witnessed.




Dessy:  Mariela stood still as she let Lucifer walk around her, not moving a muscle. She had closed her eyes and held her breath, fearing for the worst. “She’s perfect.” was all she heard, and her heart was racing as she heard those words. Hearing the pounding of his hooves, she opened her eyes to see him gone, and she finally breath again and put one hand over her chest. She looked over at Lydia as she transformed back to her formal self, then walked over and offered to hug Mariela. For some reason, she felt she could trust Lydia – in a weird way. Lydia was a demon, yes, but she had swore to protect her, and Mariela felt that she would keep that promise. She ran over into Lydia’s arms, hugging her and still shaking a bit from everything she witnessed. “Nothing about what just happened seemed very ‘sweet’ to me.” she spoke, taking deep breaths after everything had calmed down. She then removed herself from Lydia’s arms and turned to look at her. “What did he mean when he said I was “perfect”?” she then questioned.


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia drew back slightly, and you could actually see the worried look on her face. Truth be told, she liked Mariela a lot and the last thing she ever wanted to do was hurt her or see her be upset. It was only natural that the young witch would be intimidated by the likes of Lucifer and his comment that she was perfect must have unsettled her. Lydia chewed her lip while bringing up one of her toes to a point and twisting her ankle back and forth. She gently swayed her shoulders from side to side as though she was truly feeling sad and nervous that Mariela might run off screaming into the night now that she had seen Lydia for what she was.

“Lucifer is…like the big cheese in Hell. He was saying you are perfect because….you are. Don’t be surprised if you get a Ducchy out of this.” By Ducchy, she meant a royal position. “Duchess of Greed. Has a nice ring to it. All the boys are going to just love you.” At this Lydia nodded profusely, before linking her arm in the witch’s again so they could walk along. Past the floating body of Warner, who looked pretty well dead. Lydia had forgotten to get the green mist hands to let him go and she whistled which made the hands vanish. The body then hit the floor with a sickly splat. Two servants came out from the shadows and dragged him off to the meat mincer room to chop the former staffer up into bite size chunks for the hell hounds. The castle had many hell hounds, due to the Prince of Greed being a keen dog enthusiast.

Lydia perked up a bit and then grinned. “You know, since there is probably going to be a new leader here…and I mean me. How about…we celebrate when this horrid war thing is over….and have a masked ball. Even invite all Greed’s enemies to make….Hell a more…happy place.” This was said in a cheery sing song voice as Lydia tried to improve Mariela’s mood.

“Are we…still besties?” Lydia asked hopefully. Batting her eyelashes and smiling ever sweetly.