Ambition is not a dirty word – SS.

Scene setting : Greed Castle

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Mariela tilted her head as Lydia stepped back and seemed genuinely nervous. She wasn’t going to run off and leave. Or, at least not right now. She can’t promise that she won’t run away later. But for right now, she was staying. “I kind of figured that part out. He’s like, the ruler or something.” she said, folding her hands in front of her. She then gave a smile at the mention of being Duchess. “Duchess? That sounds.. wonderful.”she gave a nod, giving a light blush and shaking her head at the boy comment. She allowed Lydia to link their arms once more, and when they walked past the body of Warner, she looked away and tried not to look at it. It was a horrible sight. She looked at Lydia when she mentioned about a masked ball, pursing her lips. “A masked ball would be really fun.” she gave a nod of approval. She then laughed at making Hell a happy place. “This is Hell, Lydia.. It’s never going to be a happy place.” she spoke, getting kind of used to the idea of being in Hell. Of course, she still didn’t think she belonged here, but she’d get used to it overtime. “Yes. We’re still besties.” Mariela said with a small giggle afterwards.


Razorbackwriter:  It was like watching two young girls recommit to their friendship with the excitement of the coming events that would bring new life to the Castle Greed at was sure to be a dark time following the War of Wrath. Lucifer had almost made certain on Lydia’s assumption that Mammon, the Prince of Greed would fall. The armor; Beserker was a true double edged sword. While one wore it, they had the most amazing powers of strength, and resilience in battle. However the down side was that the armor slowly drives the wearer to insanity. Even the greatest minds become putty, just as they believe the battle is won.

With Lydia guiding Mariela throughout the Main hall, she could only smile and giggle at Mariela’s excitement at the prospect of not only becoming a Duchess of Greed in the coming days, but also the thought of a masked ball being held. One that welcomed all players in the current war at Wrath – even the one that had started all this. Gabriel. As Lydia bat her eyelashes and was comical in her witty statements, there was something hidden. Something going on, that she was not allowing Mariela privy to. The last thing she wanted to do, was upset the poor girl further after what had been a terrible murder in the Main hall. Now that Warner’s body had been whisked away and the blood from the summons cleaned, there would be plans set in place to ready the Main hall for the coming change of leadership.

With a quickness in her step, Lydia took Mariela up to what would be her room. A grand room that had the most exotic and rich furnishings a girl could ever hope or dream for. It was grand and fitting to a noble. One that Mariela was to become if Lydia had any say in the matter. With Lucifer’s approval of course. A servant opened the door and Lydia let out a squeal as she led the girl inside.

“Now this….is you.” Lydia gushed, as she extended her arms and welcomed Mariela into the room. It was fit for a Queen, no less. Satin bed covers and all so delicately stitched with patterns that were of swirls and fantastic creatures, along with flowers and pretty birds. “I would expect no less from the Castle of Greed, but to have the very best for it’s guests.”Lydia waited a moment to gauge Mariela’s reaction, while wiggling her eyebrows as she pointed at the walk in closet. It in itself was like a room of its own. Racks of gowns, shoes, accessories, hats…everything a girl could want.

“I’ll let you get used to your new surrounds. I know the time is late, and you must also wish some rest. I promise to return first thing in the morning. Just one thing I need to do before bed myself.” That said, she would kiss Mariela on the cheek, before swanning out of the room, her skirts making a light hush sound as they crossed the carpeted floor.

With Mariela safe in her own room, Lydia took the moment to go and see the continuing war that was raging across the lands at Wrath. She could see it easily from the rooftops. Smell the scent of death that was constantly on the winds. Change was coming to Hell. Standing proudly upon the high wall, with guards in behind her, Lydia raised her head. For her, this was her greatest moment. Without having to even lift a weapon, or raise a blade, she was a certain for the crown of Greed. And all because a woman in Wrath decided to end her lover’s life. Lydia’s scandalous report to Mammon, about what she had heard from two strangers in the park had set the ball rolling. Far from the lands of Greed, few would know apart from Lucifer himself, that all this….madness and mayhem had been orchestrated by the most devious of Demons in Hell.


“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” 

“Enjoying the battle, Lydia?” The voice came from behind her, and it was the Blacksmith – Suda. The same old dwarf that had shown Mammon the suit of armor called Beserker. The same suit that Lydia had called a tin can. Lydia wobbled her head from side to side, then took out a bag of sweets from her pocket and popped one in her mouth, before then shaking the bag and offering it to Suda. “Sweety?” Lydia said with a chuckle as she then sucked the sweet goodness of the boiled lolly. Suda looked at the bag and then turned up his nose. “My mammy always taught me, never accept lollies from bigguns.” Lydia nearly choked on her lolly as she tried to hold back a laugh. “Cute.”

The Dwarf folded his arms as he stared over at the raging battlefields, where the cries and roars of those fighting was still going on. “So…the castle is buzzing. Warner is dead. Lucifer came to visit…..and now…you are playing your ace.” The Dwarf let out a sigh, and shook his head. “If only Mammon knew it was YOU that had me put that armor on display. How long were you going to wait for an opportunity to see him want to go to war with someone?”

So that was it. Lydia had plotted behind Mammon’s back, and with the right slice of gossip about Wrath had caused him to want to suit up.

“Turns out….I didn’t have to wait long at all.” Lydia tossed the Blacksmith a bag of gold which he caught with a startled expression. Without even looking at him, Lydia said. “Ambition is not a dirty word. Piss on compromise. Go for the throat.”

Her grin now was starting to show, and it was simply devious. Yes, she was a beauty, there was no mistaking it. But beneath the lace and finery…..she was a complete bitch.




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