Frank takes the heat – GS.

Scene setting : Fifth and Maple Street; Joey’s apartment.

co-written with Chor and VunG.


VunG:  Elissa’s face remained stuck in an expression of intense pain and concentration as she tried to keep herself aware, and even as Tom and Frank came to her aid she tried to reach out for her gun again. No, she wasn’t about to try and pull some last stand maneuver, but she damn sure wanted to be armed. Every one of the extra shots made her blood boil, and even with her wound she wanted to fire back. Of course, she realized pretty quickly what a bad idea that was, and would promptly put her hand back into place while Tommy perched over her, stating the obvious. (No fucking shit,) she mouthed, not really caring if he actually saw or understood her words. They didn’t have time for the obvious to come down. But… she had to give up the fight, and nodded and remained in place while he found something to help bandage her.

She was aware of Frank returning fire, but beyond that Elissa was unable to really contribute much here. Still… apparently everything calmed down… which gave her enough time to bring her hand away and punch the floor furiously, slamming her head against the couch she was leaning against as she kicked herself for not noticing that damn sniper. She’d made longer shots than that, much less seen them, how the hell had she missed that?! Was she really slipping that much?! Was she really that much of a has-been?

Of course, just to make matters worse, Joey’s significant other came in at about that moment to see the carnage. Frank was quick on it, of course, and was able to get things under control. Grunting softly, she reached up to the buttons of her coat and undid them as quickly as she could manage, ignoring the pain of moving the arm involved. The moment the thing was off to allow for a little better access to her injury, her right hand returned to its place while the left went limp, tears of pain streaming down her face as she bit her lip. Under her jacket she was wearing what amounted to a grey tank top. Tommy would be able to see the wound clearly if he could get her hand away, and if he was paying attention he’d notice scars similar to her neck’s along both her arms and a single mark on the edge of her right shoulder where she’d been grazed by another bullet.

She was absolutely oblivious to the calls being made… except for Frank’s mention of an 11-41. Immediately shame overwhelmed her and she looked down, biting her lip as more tears streamed down her cheeks. Damn it all… was that all she was now? A freaking ambulance call?!


Chor:  Now Isa wouldn’t have called herself busy, but drinking her shitty coffee from the conference/break room down the hall just past the morgue was the one thing that she preferred to be uninterrupted in her morning routine. She guessed, though, that in the city that never, ever sleeps, ten in the morning was not too early for a homicide. Truthfully, she had been on overnight duty and just slept in her office. The lounge served comfortble enough for at most six hours of light, non-murder-interrupted sleep. The crackling of the heat coming on in the room caused her to wake about thirty-seven minutes earlier and her hair was still a raggedy, sad mess.
This, of course, homicidal maniacs did not take into consideration when they started killing for the day. One sip into the sludge shite in the cracked “Best Mom Ever” mug and the radio exploded with sound, turning her quiet world upside down and causing her to drop her liquid breakfast onto the counter. The mug bounced off the edge of the granite and tumbled to the floor, creating a scene more annoying than she wished to handle at the moment. Listening closely to the radio, she stood unblinking. 10-71. Not for her. 11-41. Still not her. Her fingers twitched. Now that she was alert, ready for it, she eyed the device hungrily. So quickly her emotions could change. When nothing else spewed from the muffled speakers and the sound quit its reverberation in the accoustic room, she bent and retrieved her cup. The handle was broken and where the piece sepearated was seen layers upon layers of all sorts of glue of different consistencies and colors. This cup is old, a piece of fine china in their little kitchinette, and she would put it back together again. Just like she always does.
A towel is procured from a bland gray cabinet and used to mop up the black mess. The coffee was actually so thick, it nearly reminded her of coagulated blood. A small smile tugged at her lips as she threw the towel in the ‘to-be-washed’ bin, where it woud sit for about a week and a half until she washed it at home. Her second in command for this shift, Khalil, opened the door gently, holding fresh scrubs she only imagined he planned to change into.
“I got word from the buses it’s homicide. Keep an ear out, I’m headed to change, you’re on dead guy duty, I’ll drive,” He said. Khalil didn’t have an office, mostly because he was new and not because he didn’t deserve one. He worked just as hard as any of the others, just Isa worked harder; and she was more qualified. She nodded, though, and followed him as he left the entrance. There was a pretty good chance they’d be seeing hearing someone call in a body within the next ten minutes. She pulled her coat on and plucked her clip board and pen off the shelf, waiting patiently in the corpse-mobile.


Razorbackwriter:  The street below Joey’s apartment, was now filled with brass and the blazing lights of squad cars and of course the ambulance. Tommy sat outside in the hall, his jacket now a disheveled mess, covered in blood and bits of broken glass. After having answered questions to one of the other officers, he was ordered outside while Frank was getting a dressing down from his superior.

“No warrant? Jesus, Frank. What were you thinking? You are just damn lucky this joint is full of drugs.” The Commander scowled, as he was handed a bag from one of the CSI teams. “More in the bedroom, Sir.” The rookie announced, as others were searching throughout the apartment for more. Frank had been consoling Patty, who was now being taken away by a special officer for the bereaved. Joey was laying on the floor under a sheet, while another cop was dusting for prints. There had been no word yet on the dark room, and this had Frank on tender hooks.

“Sir, I’m not going to lie. Joey Patone sent me some photographs and that is the reason I came here. I dragged Elissa and Tommy Xo in with me. So if you are going to throw the book at anyone, throw it at me.”

The Commander raised a brow, and then asked. “What photographs?” At this point, Frank directed the Commander to the dark room. The two gentlemen walked in and this was when the Commander’s face became quite stern. “So he liked a little photography. What has that got to do with anything?” The Commander not being able to see a connection. He could see the p*rn pictures, but then he saw the ones of the beast.

“What the devil?” He pulled one down and stared at it. “He was into Sci fi photography?”

Frank came up behind him and said. “Sir…look at the date.” It was the same date as the day Rory died. The image taken from the alley below. “Sir…that is the thing that took Rory. Joey…saw it too.”

“AHAHAHAHA. What a load of crock. He was fitting you up, Frank. This is ludicrous.” The commander wasn’t about to believe Frank. Who would? He spun on his heel and got in Frank’s face. “You got a dead man out there, and you have motive.”

“What?” It was incredulous to think that Frank would kill Joey, if he was the only other witness to the death of Rory. “Sir, you’ve got this all wrong. A sniper shot Joey through the window. Ask Elissa…..or Tommy.”



The Misadventures of Scar – SS.



Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Razorbackwriter: Yes, this was the demon that Lydia summoned to help them, the only thing was Lydia had no idea that Scar was so fascinated with breasts – especially hers. Lydia wrestled with the alp, as he was making happy sucking sounds into her bodice. The odd thing was how he was so much shorter than Lydia, which only added to the calamity of the situation. “I thought he was taller!” Lydia cried out, again whacking the cheeky spirit, before reefing him away from her bosom and waggling her finger at him like a school ma’am. Naturally, he tried to bite her finger or nip at it.

“SCAR!…I am your Mistress! You do not touch me unless I tell you too!” Lydia shouted at the smaller demon, who looked distressed to be told off by Lydia. Truth be told, he REALLY liked her – and her chest. He was panting, almost like a dog on heat when he then turned his attentions to Mariela, and his ears pricked. “Can I touch hers?” Scar asked, licking his lips. This brought another back hander from Lydia.


“You so much as look in her direction, I will nail your bottom lip to the floor!” One thing was for certain,.you don’t ever want to piss off Lydia. With the alp starting to calm now, Lydia let out a sigh and looked back at the book of Shadows.

“That thing should come with a warning label.”



Dessy:  Mariela continued to stifle a laugh as she watched the small creature and Lydia. “I don’t think being taller is the issue here..” she said, finally letting out a laugh. The demon wasn’t quite as scary as she had thought. He was actually more – amusing, if anything. And cute – in a really really weird, creepy way. Her laughter had stopped when the demon turned to her direction, before Lydia back handed him and threatened him. Mariela turned to the librarian, but she was still sleeping – she must have been a really heavy sleeper to sleep through all of this.

“At least some kind of warning would have been nice..” Mariela responded to Lydia’s comment. “I don’t think either of us were prepared for this.” she gestured to the demon with her hand, before putting her hand back in her lap. No, Mariela certainly wasn’t expecting this. She was expecting a tall, creepy demon that was more terrifying than anything. Instead, this one was.. short, and humorous. She didn’t find it terrifying one bit.


Razorbackwriter:  The Librarian snorted and then let out a loud snore which interrupted the trio that were standing by the Book of Shadows. Scar snickered as he heard the sleeping old bat, and rubbed his hands together almost gleefully. He was after all a demon of nightmares, and a right little bastard that could torture his victims when given the chance. Giving his hat a small flick with his gloved finger, he then pointed at the sleeping librarian. “Fancy a demonstration, Mistress?” He asked of Lydia, who was a little unsure if she should set the summoned demon upon the aging librarian. Could it hurt? Lydia tapped her lip for a moment, as she then closed the book of Shadows and tucked it underneath her arm.

“Oh alright. But don’t kill her. Good staff are hard to find.” The Demoness of Ambition said with a warning. Her face was stern as she poked Scar on the chest with her slender digit. Scar let out a snicker, vanishing from sight. The magic of his hat acting like a veil that meant he could not longer be seen. Lydia waved her hand around where Scar had stood, then leaned over to Mariela and whispered. “If he fails, we just send him back, right?”Lydia pouted and then shrugged her shoulders, before turning her attention back towards the Librarian. You could see that Scar was making his way to the woman, for books were being knocked off shelves, and the index card holder spun wildly when he reached the desk.

Suddenly, the librarian’s chair started to tip back slowly as a force was pushing down upon her. The woman moved about, smacking her lips and letting out a light moan – almost like she experiencing something in her dream. Lydia wiggled her finger for Mariela to follow her, as the pair would get a better vantage point to watch just what Scar could do.

Deep within the librarian’s mind, she was having a wonderful dream. Young again and on a picnic with her lover by a slow flowing creek. Dressed in finery – a large floral hat and sweeping dress. The librarian was a beauty in her day and her lover looked to be a noble man. Together they sipped sparkling wine, whilst birds sang in the trees and the sun shone down on the couple. You could not hear what they were saying to each other but it was obvious they were very much in love. But just as they were enjoying their afternoon, dark clouds appeared as though out of nowhere, and the river now was a raging torrent. The first spits of rain set to ruin their lunch and the librarian tried to pack away their basket, as the thunder echoed throughout the scene. In the actual library, the librarian was now breathing fast. Her pupils moving quickly under her closed eyelids, her lip twitching as you could see she was no longer enjoying the dream.

In the dream, the man that was sharing her picnic went to stand, when all of a sudden he was attacked from behind by a beast, that reached around his throat and slashed it open. Blood spewed out as the man screamed in agony. Dying this way was the worst kind of death, as he was drowning in his own blood. The librarian screamed in both the dream and the reality as she started to feel a crushing force on her chest. It was Scar. He began to appear visible in the real and in the dream it was he as a large wolf like creature that was now feasting on the body of her lover. In both scenes…he was wearing the hat. The librarian started to go into cardiac arrest – her hands reaching out wildly, as she was also dying in her dream. The beast with its fangs dripping in blood was now growling and snarling at her. For the pair that watched on, it would have been harrowing to say the least. They could not see the librarian’s dream, but they could see the fiendish look on Scar’s face now, as blood started to run down his chin; an indication of his evil deeds in the dream.

“Oh….my.” Lydia said almost breathlessly.




Dessy:  Mariela shot her gaze towards the librarian, then back at Scar. As he rubbed his hands together, he seemed happy. She looked at Lydia, waiting for an answer when Scar asked if he could demonstrate. She stared at the place he once stood after he vanished, nodding to Lydia after she said they send him back if he fails. She got up, adjusting the gown she had slept in that she still wore as she followed Lydia over to Scar and the librarian. She clasped her hands behind her back, watching the scene unfold before them. The librarian was seeming to have a nightmare, her hands reaching out and the sound of her screaming.

Mariela was intrigued, to say the least. She cocked her head to the side, watching the fiendish look that was on Scar’s face. Her eyes went back and forth from Scar, and to the librarian. Seeing the blood drip down from Scar’s chin, she gave a gasp, turning her head towards Lydia as if she was waiting for her to answer. “A demon of nightmares. Kills people in their dreams while they’re asleep. I’ve never heard of anything like that before.” she said, nodding her head at Scar and then looking at Lydia. “Could be useful.” she said with a shrug.



This was Lydia’s reply when she saw just what Scar was capable of. To be able to enter someone’s dreams, to twist them and then bring them to the edge of death if he chose. Now that was something. But the dream was now spiraling out of control, with the man in the dream nothing but a headless corpse, and the beast which was Scar chasing down the poor Librarian. Her pained screams filled the library, which used to be such a quiet place. You could see the woman was now completely pale in real, as if something was draining her life force from her. Scar was going to kill her!

“Scar?….SCAR?! Enough!” Lydia roared, for she did not want to lose the librarian….just yet. Scar raised his head and grit his teeth fiercely at Lydia. Stained and dripping with blood it was clear he wasn’t finished. He wanted her to die. Lydia reached out and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, to reef him off the chest of the Librarian. And it was a good thing she did. The Librarian was now having a heart attack. The Demon of Ambition tossed Scar across the room, and immediately charged up her hand with an electrical current, before slamming her hand down on the librarian’s chest in order to restart her heart.

“CLEAR!” She screamed. The woman’s body jerked violently, before she started to waken and breath in loud gasps. Lydia stepped back, rubbing her hands together, while in the background, Scar was muttering angrily. He wiped the blood off his chin and pointed to the Librarian. “Almost had her. Haha!”

Lydia spun round and put her hands upon her hips. “A demonstration does not mean…..kill her!”

At this, Scar shrugged, then smiled a toothy smile at Mariela. “You enjoyed it, right?” He was hopeful to get someone’s approval for his trick. The Librarian sat bolt upright and then pointed to the silence sign. “Will you people keep it down!” It was like she had no memory of what had just happened. Lydia blinked and then zipped her lip. “Yes Doris.”

Rolling her eyes, she then motioned for Mariela and Scar to follow her out of the library.



RPC – Scar for the Seven Sins series.

Name : Scar
Quote : “Your nightmares follow you like a shadow, forever. ”
Gender : Male
Race : Alp
Age : 1290 years
Height : 6’9”
Weight : 79 kilos
Eyes : Red
Hair : Black
Personality : Brooding, calculating, deceitful, intelligent, evasive, devious.
Likes : Heavy sleepers, babies, young women, cows, milk, bed time stories.
Dislikes : Loud noises, fools, men, hard beds.

Theme song : “Sweet dreams (are made of this.)” – Marilyn Manson.

Abilities : The alp is best known for its shape shifting abilities, similar to the creatures from werewolf lore. It may change into a cat, pig, dog, snake or a small white butterfly. It has also been said that it can fly like a bird and ride a horse. The alp always wears a hat, giving it an almost comical appearance. The hat is known as a Tarnkappe (the literal translation being “camouflage cap” or “cap of concealment”) which is simply a hat (or less commonly a veil) that gives the alp magic powers and the ability to turn invisible while worn (see also cloak of invisibility). The hat is visible no matter what shape the alp takes. An alp who has lost this hat will offer a great reward for its safe return. The alp also possesses an “evil eye” whose gaze will inflict illness and misfortune. Removing or damaging this eye also removes the alp’s malicious intentions. An alp is a spirit summoned by a witch or an evil person wishing harm on another, and sent to torment them. Tricking an alp may lead a person to its master.

How to protect yourself against one.

Protections against an alp include laying a broomstick under a pillow, iron horseshoes hung from the bedpost, placing shoes against the bed with the toes pointing toward the door, or placing a mirror on the chest. Steel and crosses are also used. If awoken by the alp and finding him still there, one can address him by asking him to return in the morning to borrow something or have coffee. The alp will dash away at once, arriving in the morning either in his “true” form, or else in the form of a human with eyebrows that meet to receive his gifts. The creature can be convinced to leave the victim alone at this time, but the alp will beg pitifully and at length not to be turned away. Plugging up any holes, specifically keyholes, before a visitation will keep the alp out. Plugging them during a visitation will invariably seal it inside the room, as they can leave only through their original entrance. A light kept constantly on during the night will also effectively ward off an alp. A sentry may also be employed to wait and watch for the alp to attack the helpless sleeper, the alp may be driven away if caught by someone not under the alp’s influence. Similar to the German Neuntoter, alps are weakened or immobilized by shoving a lemon in its mouth should it be caught resting during the day. The alp appears all but impossible to kill, and sometimes even after being turned away it may reappear years later in a worse mood

Creed : Alp

An alp is a nightmare creature originating from Teutonic or German folklore. The alp is sometimes likened to a vampire, but its behaviour is more like that of the incubus. An alp is typically male, its victims are often female, and it usually attacks during the night time, controlling dreams and creating horrible nightmares. An alp attack is referred to as an alpdrücken, as “pressing” is a favourite night torment of the alp. The alp “sits upon” a sleeper’s chest and becomes heavier until the crushing weight awakens the terrified (and breathless) dreamer. They may awake terrified and unable to move under the alp’s weight. An alp will repeat these sessions until it is repelled sufficiently, for it is quite persistent and determined once it selects its victim, and have been known to travel great distances to and from their favourite haunt.
An alp is typically male, while the mara and mart appear to be more feminine versions of the same creature. Its victims are often females, whom it attacks during the night, controlling their dreams and creating horrible nightmares (hence the German word Alptraum [“elf dream”], meaning a nightmare). An alp attack is called an Alpdruck, or often Alpdrücke, which means “elf pressure”. Alpdruck is when an alp sits astride a sleeper’s chest and becomes heavier until the crushing weight awakens the terrified and breathless dreamer. The victim awakes unable to move under the alp’s weight. This may have been an early explanation for sleep apnea and sleep paralysis, as well as night terrors. It may also include lucid dreams.
Sexual attacks by the alp are rare.

The alp is often associated with vampires because it will drink blood from the nipples of men and young children, though women are the preferred victim of the invariably male alp, for it favors the taste of breast milk.

Alps also exhibit a tendency for mischief similar to elves, like souring milk and re-diapering a baby; a maid must sign a cross on the diaper or the alp will put the soiled diaper back on her child. They also enjoy tangling hair into “elfknots” or chewing and twisting horse’s tails. They will ride a horse to exhaustion during the night and may sometimes crush smaller farm animals such as geese to death during a pressing attack. Alps are also similarly blamed for minor illnesses and milking cows dry, for they enjoy the taste of cow’s milk as well.

History: Scar is going to be summoned by Lydia to Greed eventually, as part of her evil plans to do nasty things to the other leaders of Hell. (TBA)



The Bush Post – When it rains….it pours!


As my title suggests, I am once again talking about that magical thing – rain.  After getting a few welcome inches last week, temperatures skyrocketed here.  So you would think I am praying for more rain.  Well, one thing that comes with soaring temperatures is the storms.  And I am not talking about your odd thunderstorm.  We are talking super cells, and wind gusts that are so  frightening, you hope you remembered to pull in everything that was loose outside.  When you are living in the outback and one of these storms hits the amount of rain that falls in a short space of time is staggering.  So we go from being in drought to experiencing floods.  From one extreme to the other.  The scary part is that many towns get cut off from the highways, and that means delays in much needed food stocks as most is brought in by trucks.  Social media such as Facebook, which has become very important in the lives of people out here; is where everyone passes on information about road closures, storm damage, lost animals (due to the lightning and thunder), and contacting emergency services.


Right now, the storms have passed.  Talk is however there is more on the way tomorrow, and this is a worry if flash flooding occurs.  I love rain, and I know how much we need it.  The extremes though can make it scary at times.




Be careful what you wish for – SS.

Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Lydia would be new Princess of Greed, and Mariela would be Duchess of Greed. It was.. weird. She had originally only agreed to be a healer for Greed, but now things were changing completely. She wasn’t just a healer anymore. it was a big change, if you asked Mariela. Mariela was clueless if Lydia was hiding something from her – then again, she wouldn’t be surprised. Lydia was a demon, after all. Mariela gasped as she saw what would be her room, looking over when she heard Lydia squeal. “It’s wonderful.” she said, moving out of Lydia’s arms to run her hand across the fabric over the bed. “I’m not used to anything like this. Before I ended up here, I never had a bedroom as fancy and royal as this.” she spoke in awe, turning her head to look at the walls of the room. She turned to see Lydia motion to the walk in closet, before she walked over herself and opened it. “This is amazing!” she then said excitedly, shutting the closet to turn and look at Lydia.

She gave a nod when Lydia said she’d see her in the morning, gaining a kiss on her cheek. “Goodnight, Lydia.” she said, shutting the door behind her as she walked out. She then looked around the room again, giving a nod as if she was satisfied. She took a few minutes to change into some sleepwear, sitting on the edge of the bed and continuing to look around. Her cloak was laid out over a chair, and Mariela glanced at it, before climbing into the bed and laying down. She closed her eyes and gave a satisfied sigh, before she quickly drifted off to sleep. It was an interesting.. and terrifying day, and Mariela was exhausted. Sleep sounded really good right now.


Razorbackwriter:  The night was a long one. Lydia was simply too excited to sleep, and with Suda having left her to return to his black smith shop within the castle, the Demoness of Ambition was left to her own devices. Flanked by guards, just in case – she wandered back down the spiral stair case of the tower to head for the Library. Now, Lydia was not a book worm. In fact, the library was the last place you would probably find her. There was a reason for her sudden urge to read and that came in the form of a special book that Mammon kept. One that was normally under lock and key. With Mammon away however, Lydia decided it was time for a peek. Known simply as the book of Shadows, Mammon had bought it at an auction and paid a dear price for it. His reason for buying it was because it was one of a kind and worth far more to a great many people. Thus his greediness kicked in. Lydia had heard tales about the book. How it had within its pages how to summon and even destroy a great many demons and spirits. This was what Lydia almost giddy. To her, knowledge was power and also if she could summon whoever she felt like just by reading a spell or incantation, all the more kudos to her.

Lydia had passed Mariela’s chambers and for a split second she thought of knocking on the door and getting her to come along too, but she remembered the girl had been through enough for one day, and might not be too pleased about being dragged out of bed to look at a book.

The last corridor and she turned into the fantastic library once more. It really smelt like an old man’s den. Lydia wrinkled up her nose and tiptoed into the library, past the staff librarian who had fallen asleep at her desk. Snoring soundly, Lydia raised a finger to her own lips and went “Shhh.” causing the librarian to snort in protest. Taking the key off the ring on the librarian’s belt, Lydia then headed down to the VIP section, or the place where Mammon kept his porn and special books.

“Hentai…hentai…Hentai…..and…ah here we are.” Lydia whispered to herself as she came across a large covered stand that had under it the book of Shadows. There was a brass lock on the bottom of the glass cover, and Lydia looked around, before undoing the lock with a loud click. Far on the other side of the library, the librarian snorted and then started to snore again, as Lydia raised the glass cover. The book was resting on a bed of fine black velvet and Lydia carefully took it out from its resting place to head to a small corner of the library where she would be undisturbed.

Setting the book down on a reading podium, she flipped the book open and started to let her fingers do the walking.

“Now….who shall I summon?”




Dessy:  Mariela, for some reason, had woken up. Maybe some noise woke her up, as she was a light sleeper, but she wasn’t sure. Trying to fall back asleep, she found that she couldn’t, and so with a sigh she sat up, before throwing her legs across the bed and jumping off. She had slept for a good few hours before getting woken up – guess that was a good thing. She picked up her purple cloak, tying it around her and throwing the hood up. She then opened her bedroom door, closing it behind her to make it look like someone was still there. Walking around the castle barefoot, she stopped by the door of her lab debating if she should go in and work until she grew tired, but she decided not to. She walked down the hallways, in the direction of the library. Reading would be good to do until she grew tired again. She walked towards the library entrance, peeking her head in to see if anyone was there. The librarian was asleep, and she saw Lydia sitting in the corner. With a tilt of her head, she wondered why Lydia was still up and what she was doing in a library. Her curiosity got the best of her, so with a yawn, she walked in Lydia’s direction, making sure not to make much noise so she wouldn’t wake up the librarian. “Lydia? What are you doing in here? I never took you as the reading type.”


Razorbackwriter: Lydia was somewhat surprised that Mariela had actually wandered down from her room and come to find her in the library. One thing about Mariela she was always spot on with her instincts as her observation that the Demon of Ambition was not exactly a book worm being accurate. Lydia gestured for Mariela to pull up a chair beside her, whilst keeping her voice low so as not to wake up the Librarian. Lydia was not yet the Princess of Greed, so for her to be sneaking around and poking into Mammon’s prized books was a no no. But, you could never keep a wicked Demon like Lydia away from something as wonderful as the book of Shadows.

“I couldn’t sleep. What with the constant sounds of explosions and deathly screams coming from Wrath. So…thought I would do a spot of light reading.”

The book of Shadow was not exactly light reading. Mariela, being a witch might be tuned into the book that Lydia had on the podium and might even question why Lydia was reading it.

Lydia turned the pages slowly as each page contained the details of many a demon, dark spirit and ghoul. The more Lydia turned the pages, the more her fingers danced across the inscriptions. Each one being more deadly than the next. The Demoness of Ambition cocked her head to the side and then mused out loud. “How about we summon a sexy little man to play with? One that will do what we want, and seek out our enemies while they sleep.”

She had come to the page of a creature known as an Alp. A nasty little thing that wore the strangest looking hat, but had such a wicked smile that Lydia could hardly resist. “He looks so cute. Whatchya think?” Lydia said with a giggle, as she looked at the incantation that would summon the Alp known as Scar into being.



Dessy:  Mariela gave a nod as she took a seat next to Lydia, turning to look at the book. “Book of Shadow? I wouldn’t call that light reading..” she whispered, but didn’t question why Lydia had it. Her question was answered soon enough. Mariela’s eyes scanned over each page as she flipped through them, reading the name’s of each creature. She looked up when Lydia spoke about wanting a “sexy little man” to play with, raising an eyebrow, and then turning her attention back to the books. She sat up to look at the picture of the Alp, making a face. “‘Cute’ isn’t exactly how I’d describe him. More like creepy. But sure. Whatever works.” she said with a shrug of her shoulders. After seeing the sight from earlier, she was sure this couldn’t possibly be as bad as that. But then again, she wasn’t quite sure of anything.. But she didn’t think summoning this creature would be that bad.


Razorbackwriter:  Mariela seemed to have no issues with Lydia’s intent to summon a demon to her cause. The young witch pointed out that Scar appeared to be creepy, but not so foul that she would put up an argument against. Lydia squealed and then took out a small box of matches from her gown, and lit the nearest candle to her, as she took in a deep breath. Her eyes widened as she let her finger follow along the text in the book. The spell to bring Scar before the pair. It was actually nice to have a co conspirator to her wicked schemes – even if she hadn’t been totally upfront with Mariela on everything.

Hear these words, hear my cry,
Spirit from the other side.
Come to me, I summon thee,
Cross now the great divide.
Beloved demon spirit; Scar,
We seek your guidance
Commune with us
And move amongst us.”

The candle light flickered, as did all the other lights in the library. Lydia gripped Mariela’s hand and again let out an excited giggle, as the pages of the Book of Shadows fluttered and then with a loud pop sound there appeared in the center of the library, a cheeky looking chap in a tall black hat. He tugged on the lapel of his coat, as he surveyed his surrounds.


“Castle Greed? The hell?” Scar was somewhat surprised to see where he had been summoned too, but then when his eyes clapped on Lydia’s ripe bosom, he licked his lips and then ran at her with grabby hands.

“Mummy! Oh yes, I am home!”

Lydia’s eyebrows shot up as the smaller demon ran at her, his head just coming up to the top of her chest. In a blink, he was trying to nurse on her breast, pawing at her dress like a fiend. “Such BIG BOOBS!” He cried with a muffled voice as he had his face buried in her dress. At once, Lydia started swatting at his hat. “STOP THAT!…OI…I’M NOT YOUR MOTHER”

What would Mariela say?




Dessy:  Mariela wasn’t going to argue. If Lydia wanted to summon something to help her fight against the other kingdoms, then so be it. Mariela looked over at Lydia, quite amused with how excited she’d get over the littlest things. As she listened to Lydia recite the spell, she had to admit the demon was fun to be around. She may not agree to everything Lydia was doing, or all of her plans, but Lydia was a nice person – at least, to her she was – and entertaining to be around. Plus, being a witch, summoning and other things Lydia did, or wanted her to do, wasn’t much of an issue to her. So, she really just went along with whatever Lydia wanted to do. If Mariela felt it really wasn’t necessary, or too dangerous, or uncalled for or something like that, then she might say on it. But right now.. no.

Mariela squeezed Lydia’s hand when she grabbed it, watching the lights flicker and the pages of the book turn. She then turned her attention to the man who appeared, wearing a tall hat. When he spoke, Mariela opened her mouth to speak, before jumping and removing her hand from Lydia’s when he had run up to her and put his face in her chest. This is the demon you summoned to help us?” she asked with a very amused expression as she watched the demon try to, what looked like, nurse from Lydia’s breast. Watching Lydia try to swat him away, Mariela had to cover her mouth to stop from laughing so she wouldn’t wake the librarian up.




Foul Play – GS.

Scene setting : Fifth and Maple Street.

co-written with VunG.


VunG:  Elissa couldn’t help but grimace with contempt as she overheard Joey’s pleading. This sort of man was an utter worthless waste of food and even in her cursory examination she could smell the drugs here, much less see them. Still, they were here for a particular purpose, and even if they decided to bring this guy down for the drugs, they needed his dark room far more.

As she gladly took up her place to keep Joey under control, her finger actually resting on the trigger rather than resting alongside; unlike Frank who perhaps wanted him as a witness, she had no worries about killing a mobster. She’d done it more than her fair share of times in the past. She wasn’t really taking into account Frank’s treatment of Tommy; this was an act, and he was playing it to a T. But then Joey turned to look at her, and while she made absolutely zero reaction other than to tighten her grip on the gun, she could tell that he was scared about something, and it wasn’t her or Frank. Then…

BLAM BLAM BLAM. Blood splattered across her face her ears were ringing from the shots. Tommy’s words were unnecessary, by the time he said them she was already prone on the floor. As quickly as she could manage, she crawled for cover, pausing to wipe the blood from her face. Eventually she found a place behind a chair, and quickly got herself into a position to fire back, briefly peeking over in the hopes of spotting the shooter so she could return fire. However, even if she normally would’ve been able to, she was distracted by a slight fuzzy feeling, particularly in her upper arm. Frowning, she looked at herself… and would see red blooming on her shoulder. It was only then that she felt the pain explode as she realized that Joey hadn’t been the only one hit by the assassin.

Immediately she was on her ass and leaning up against the couch, a pained hiss escaping her as she dropped her gun, and reached up to put some pressure on it. She was completely oblivious to whether or not she was visible to the others, right now she was just trying to focus on staying alert and keep herself from suffering from blood loss until one of her brothers could get to her. Damn it… why did she wear such heavy clothing?! (Of course, she’d completely forgotten about her scarf, which had fallen off once she slumped over) This stuff couldn’t be easily torn! She tried to shout to them, to let them know of her status, but all that came out was a sound like a cat’s hiss.


Razorbackwriter:  The sudden sound of gunfire, followed by the loud thud and shouts from Tommy brought Frank running from the other room. Had Elissa suddenly opened fire on Joey? Had he tried to disarm her? All these things were buzzing in his mind, but the moment he turned the corner, the full scale of what had happened hit him damn quick. Another few shots suddenly were fired and whistled past Frank’s head as he too dropped to the floor. Seeing the slouched body of Joey, with his blood covering the floor and parts of the wall made him swear.

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” He exclaimed as glass showered Tommy and Elissa on the floor. The window was now riddled with bullet holes, the glass having shattered and even a few holes in the curtains. The shooter had to have been across the street, watching the entire time. Crawling across the floor, Frank saw that Elissa had been hit. Frank’s eyes widened and then the horror sunk in. He had led his friends into a trap of sorts. When Joey said, he couldn’t go to jail again, and was afraid of something he wasn’t kidding. Now, their only witness to the creature that took Rory….was dead. They were now in the middle of a crime scene, and this was going to have to be explained.

Tommy crawled over to Elissa and started to tear fragments from the table cloth on the table above him. “We need to get you to a hospital.”

As he tried to help Elissa, Frank brazenly jumped to his feet and began firing at what he thought was the opposite window to Joey’s apartment. A light there flickered then went out. Whoever had shot Joey, had now fled. Frank collapsed onto a nearby couch and started to smack his own forehead with his left hand.

“DAMN DAMN…FUCKING A!” He had no other words to describe how he felt.

Suddenly, the key turned in the lock. It was Joey’s partner, Patty. She had raced home cause she forgot her purse and the sight that greeted her made her scream. “JOEY!!!” She saw the damage in the apartment and then the trio who were there, sitting in various parts of the room. “WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY JOEY?!” Tommy groaned, as having this girl turn up now, was not going to help matters. Frank then held up his badge.

“Police. I’m Detective Frank Malone….Homicide.”

Tommy pulled out his phone and called 911. He explained the incident in minor details, and then sung out to Frank. “You are going to have to call this in.” There was no escaping it now. Frank reluctantly pulled out his own phone and rang head quarters on a 10-71…..and an 11-41. Slowly Frank got to his feet, as a sobbing Patty fell into his arms.