Be careful what you wish for – SS.

Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Lydia would be new Princess of Greed, and Mariela would be Duchess of Greed. It was.. weird. She had originally only agreed to be a healer for Greed, but now things were changing completely. She wasn’t just a healer anymore. it was a big change, if you asked Mariela. Mariela was clueless if Lydia was hiding something from her – then again, she wouldn’t be surprised. Lydia was a demon, after all. Mariela gasped as she saw what would be her room, looking over when she heard Lydia squeal. “It’s wonderful.” she said, moving out of Lydia’s arms to run her hand across the fabric over the bed. “I’m not used to anything like this. Before I ended up here, I never had a bedroom as fancy and royal as this.” she spoke in awe, turning her head to look at the walls of the room. She turned to see Lydia motion to the walk in closet, before she walked over herself and opened it. “This is amazing!” she then said excitedly, shutting the closet to turn and look at Lydia.

She gave a nod when Lydia said she’d see her in the morning, gaining a kiss on her cheek. “Goodnight, Lydia.” she said, shutting the door behind her as she walked out. She then looked around the room again, giving a nod as if she was satisfied. She took a few minutes to change into some sleepwear, sitting on the edge of the bed and continuing to look around. Her cloak was laid out over a chair, and Mariela glanced at it, before climbing into the bed and laying down. She closed her eyes and gave a satisfied sigh, before she quickly drifted off to sleep. It was an interesting.. and terrifying day, and Mariela was exhausted. Sleep sounded really good right now.


Razorbackwriter:  The night was a long one. Lydia was simply too excited to sleep, and with Suda having left her to return to his black smith shop within the castle, the Demoness of Ambition was left to her own devices. Flanked by guards, just in case – she wandered back down the spiral stair case of the tower to head for the Library. Now, Lydia was not a book worm. In fact, the library was the last place you would probably find her. There was a reason for her sudden urge to read and that came in the form of a special book that Mammon kept. One that was normally under lock and key. With Mammon away however, Lydia decided it was time for a peek. Known simply as the book of Shadows, Mammon had bought it at an auction and paid a dear price for it. His reason for buying it was because it was one of a kind and worth far more to a great many people. Thus his greediness kicked in. Lydia had heard tales about the book. How it had within its pages how to summon and even destroy a great many demons and spirits. This was what Lydia almost giddy. To her, knowledge was power and also if she could summon whoever she felt like just by reading a spell or incantation, all the more kudos to her.

Lydia had passed Mariela’s chambers and for a split second she thought of knocking on the door and getting her to come along too, but she remembered the girl had been through enough for one day, and might not be too pleased about being dragged out of bed to look at a book.

The last corridor and she turned into the fantastic library once more. It really smelt like an old man’s den. Lydia wrinkled up her nose and tiptoed into the library, past the staff librarian who had fallen asleep at her desk. Snoring soundly, Lydia raised a finger to her own lips and went “Shhh.” causing the librarian to snort in protest. Taking the key off the ring on the librarian’s belt, Lydia then headed down to the VIP section, or the place where Mammon kept his porn and special books.

“Hentai…hentai…Hentai…..and…ah here we are.” Lydia whispered to herself as she came across a large covered stand that had under it the book of Shadows. There was a brass lock on the bottom of the glass cover, and Lydia looked around, before undoing the lock with a loud click. Far on the other side of the library, the librarian snorted and then started to snore again, as Lydia raised the glass cover. The book was resting on a bed of fine black velvet and Lydia carefully took it out from its resting place to head to a small corner of the library where she would be undisturbed.

Setting the book down on a reading podium, she flipped the book open and started to let her fingers do the walking.

“Now….who shall I summon?”




Dessy:  Mariela, for some reason, had woken up. Maybe some noise woke her up, as she was a light sleeper, but she wasn’t sure. Trying to fall back asleep, she found that she couldn’t, and so with a sigh she sat up, before throwing her legs across the bed and jumping off. She had slept for a good few hours before getting woken up – guess that was a good thing. She picked up her purple cloak, tying it around her and throwing the hood up. She then opened her bedroom door, closing it behind her to make it look like someone was still there. Walking around the castle barefoot, she stopped by the door of her lab debating if she should go in and work until she grew tired, but she decided not to. She walked down the hallways, in the direction of the library. Reading would be good to do until she grew tired again. She walked towards the library entrance, peeking her head in to see if anyone was there. The librarian was asleep, and she saw Lydia sitting in the corner. With a tilt of her head, she wondered why Lydia was still up and what she was doing in a library. Her curiosity got the best of her, so with a yawn, she walked in Lydia’s direction, making sure not to make much noise so she wouldn’t wake up the librarian. “Lydia? What are you doing in here? I never took you as the reading type.”


Razorbackwriter: Lydia was somewhat surprised that Mariela had actually wandered down from her room and come to find her in the library. One thing about Mariela she was always spot on with her instincts as her observation that the Demon of Ambition was not exactly a book worm being accurate. Lydia gestured for Mariela to pull up a chair beside her, whilst keeping her voice low so as not to wake up the Librarian. Lydia was not yet the Princess of Greed, so for her to be sneaking around and poking into Mammon’s prized books was a no no. But, you could never keep a wicked Demon like Lydia away from something as wonderful as the book of Shadows.

“I couldn’t sleep. What with the constant sounds of explosions and deathly screams coming from Wrath. So…thought I would do a spot of light reading.”

The book of Shadow was not exactly light reading. Mariela, being a witch might be tuned into the book that Lydia had on the podium and might even question why Lydia was reading it.

Lydia turned the pages slowly as each page contained the details of many a demon, dark spirit and ghoul. The more Lydia turned the pages, the more her fingers danced across the inscriptions. Each one being more deadly than the next. The Demoness of Ambition cocked her head to the side and then mused out loud. “How about we summon a sexy little man to play with? One that will do what we want, and seek out our enemies while they sleep.”

She had come to the page of a creature known as an Alp. A nasty little thing that wore the strangest looking hat, but had such a wicked smile that Lydia could hardly resist. “He looks so cute. Whatchya think?” Lydia said with a giggle, as she looked at the incantation that would summon the Alp known as Scar into being.



Dessy:  Mariela gave a nod as she took a seat next to Lydia, turning to look at the book. “Book of Shadow? I wouldn’t call that light reading..” she whispered, but didn’t question why Lydia had it. Her question was answered soon enough. Mariela’s eyes scanned over each page as she flipped through them, reading the name’s of each creature. She looked up when Lydia spoke about wanting a “sexy little man” to play with, raising an eyebrow, and then turning her attention back to the books. She sat up to look at the picture of the Alp, making a face. “‘Cute’ isn’t exactly how I’d describe him. More like creepy. But sure. Whatever works.” she said with a shrug of her shoulders. After seeing the sight from earlier, she was sure this couldn’t possibly be as bad as that. But then again, she wasn’t quite sure of anything.. But she didn’t think summoning this creature would be that bad.


Razorbackwriter:  Mariela seemed to have no issues with Lydia’s intent to summon a demon to her cause. The young witch pointed out that Scar appeared to be creepy, but not so foul that she would put up an argument against. Lydia squealed and then took out a small box of matches from her gown, and lit the nearest candle to her, as she took in a deep breath. Her eyes widened as she let her finger follow along the text in the book. The spell to bring Scar before the pair. It was actually nice to have a co conspirator to her wicked schemes – even if she hadn’t been totally upfront with Mariela on everything.

Hear these words, hear my cry,
Spirit from the other side.
Come to me, I summon thee,
Cross now the great divide.
Beloved demon spirit; Scar,
We seek your guidance
Commune with us
And move amongst us.”

The candle light flickered, as did all the other lights in the library. Lydia gripped Mariela’s hand and again let out an excited giggle, as the pages of the Book of Shadows fluttered and then with a loud pop sound there appeared in the center of the library, a cheeky looking chap in a tall black hat. He tugged on the lapel of his coat, as he surveyed his surrounds.


“Castle Greed? The hell?” Scar was somewhat surprised to see where he had been summoned too, but then when his eyes clapped on Lydia’s ripe bosom, he licked his lips and then ran at her with grabby hands.

“Mummy! Oh yes, I am home!”

Lydia’s eyebrows shot up as the smaller demon ran at her, his head just coming up to the top of her chest. In a blink, he was trying to nurse on her breast, pawing at her dress like a fiend. “Such BIG BOOBS!” He cried with a muffled voice as he had his face buried in her dress. At once, Lydia started swatting at his hat. “STOP THAT!…OI…I’M NOT YOUR MOTHER”

What would Mariela say?




Dessy:  Mariela wasn’t going to argue. If Lydia wanted to summon something to help her fight against the other kingdoms, then so be it. Mariela looked over at Lydia, quite amused with how excited she’d get over the littlest things. As she listened to Lydia recite the spell, she had to admit the demon was fun to be around. She may not agree to everything Lydia was doing, or all of her plans, but Lydia was a nice person – at least, to her she was – and entertaining to be around. Plus, being a witch, summoning and other things Lydia did, or wanted her to do, wasn’t much of an issue to her. So, she really just went along with whatever Lydia wanted to do. If Mariela felt it really wasn’t necessary, or too dangerous, or uncalled for or something like that, then she might say on it. But right now.. no.

Mariela squeezed Lydia’s hand when she grabbed it, watching the lights flicker and the pages of the book turn. She then turned her attention to the man who appeared, wearing a tall hat. When he spoke, Mariela opened her mouth to speak, before jumping and removing her hand from Lydia’s when he had run up to her and put his face in her chest. This is the demon you summoned to help us?” she asked with a very amused expression as she watched the demon try to, what looked like, nurse from Lydia’s breast. Watching Lydia try to swat him away, Mariela had to cover her mouth to stop from laughing so she wouldn’t wake the librarian up.




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