The Misadventures of Scar – SS.



Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Razorbackwriter: Yes, this was the demon that Lydia summoned to help them, the only thing was Lydia had no idea that Scar was so fascinated with breasts – especially hers. Lydia wrestled with the alp, as he was making happy sucking sounds into her bodice. The odd thing was how he was so much shorter than Lydia, which only added to the calamity of the situation. “I thought he was taller!” Lydia cried out, again whacking the cheeky spirit, before reefing him away from her bosom and waggling her finger at him like a school ma’am. Naturally, he tried to bite her finger or nip at it.

“SCAR!…I am your Mistress! You do not touch me unless I tell you too!” Lydia shouted at the smaller demon, who looked distressed to be told off by Lydia. Truth be told, he REALLY liked her – and her chest. He was panting, almost like a dog on heat when he then turned his attentions to Mariela, and his ears pricked. “Can I touch hers?” Scar asked, licking his lips. This brought another back hander from Lydia.


“You so much as look in her direction, I will nail your bottom lip to the floor!” One thing was for certain,.you don’t ever want to piss off Lydia. With the alp starting to calm now, Lydia let out a sigh and looked back at the book of Shadows.

“That thing should come with a warning label.”



Dessy:  Mariela continued to stifle a laugh as she watched the small creature and Lydia. “I don’t think being taller is the issue here..” she said, finally letting out a laugh. The demon wasn’t quite as scary as she had thought. He was actually more – amusing, if anything. And cute – in a really really weird, creepy way. Her laughter had stopped when the demon turned to her direction, before Lydia back handed him and threatened him. Mariela turned to the librarian, but she was still sleeping – she must have been a really heavy sleeper to sleep through all of this.

“At least some kind of warning would have been nice..” Mariela responded to Lydia’s comment. “I don’t think either of us were prepared for this.” she gestured to the demon with her hand, before putting her hand back in her lap. No, Mariela certainly wasn’t expecting this. She was expecting a tall, creepy demon that was more terrifying than anything. Instead, this one was.. short, and humorous. She didn’t find it terrifying one bit.


Razorbackwriter:  The Librarian snorted and then let out a loud snore which interrupted the trio that were standing by the Book of Shadows. Scar snickered as he heard the sleeping old bat, and rubbed his hands together almost gleefully. He was after all a demon of nightmares, and a right little bastard that could torture his victims when given the chance. Giving his hat a small flick with his gloved finger, he then pointed at the sleeping librarian. “Fancy a demonstration, Mistress?” He asked of Lydia, who was a little unsure if she should set the summoned demon upon the aging librarian. Could it hurt? Lydia tapped her lip for a moment, as she then closed the book of Shadows and tucked it underneath her arm.

“Oh alright. But don’t kill her. Good staff are hard to find.” The Demoness of Ambition said with a warning. Her face was stern as she poked Scar on the chest with her slender digit. Scar let out a snicker, vanishing from sight. The magic of his hat acting like a veil that meant he could not longer be seen. Lydia waved her hand around where Scar had stood, then leaned over to Mariela and whispered. “If he fails, we just send him back, right?”Lydia pouted and then shrugged her shoulders, before turning her attention back towards the Librarian. You could see that Scar was making his way to the woman, for books were being knocked off shelves, and the index card holder spun wildly when he reached the desk.

Suddenly, the librarian’s chair started to tip back slowly as a force was pushing down upon her. The woman moved about, smacking her lips and letting out a light moan – almost like she experiencing something in her dream. Lydia wiggled her finger for Mariela to follow her, as the pair would get a better vantage point to watch just what Scar could do.

Deep within the librarian’s mind, she was having a wonderful dream. Young again and on a picnic with her lover by a slow flowing creek. Dressed in finery – a large floral hat and sweeping dress. The librarian was a beauty in her day and her lover looked to be a noble man. Together they sipped sparkling wine, whilst birds sang in the trees and the sun shone down on the couple. You could not hear what they were saying to each other but it was obvious they were very much in love. But just as they were enjoying their afternoon, dark clouds appeared as though out of nowhere, and the river now was a raging torrent. The first spits of rain set to ruin their lunch and the librarian tried to pack away their basket, as the thunder echoed throughout the scene. In the actual library, the librarian was now breathing fast. Her pupils moving quickly under her closed eyelids, her lip twitching as you could see she was no longer enjoying the dream.

In the dream, the man that was sharing her picnic went to stand, when all of a sudden he was attacked from behind by a beast, that reached around his throat and slashed it open. Blood spewed out as the man screamed in agony. Dying this way was the worst kind of death, as he was drowning in his own blood. The librarian screamed in both the dream and the reality as she started to feel a crushing force on her chest. It was Scar. He began to appear visible in the real and in the dream it was he as a large wolf like creature that was now feasting on the body of her lover. In both scenes…he was wearing the hat. The librarian started to go into cardiac arrest – her hands reaching out wildly, as she was also dying in her dream. The beast with its fangs dripping in blood was now growling and snarling at her. For the pair that watched on, it would have been harrowing to say the least. They could not see the librarian’s dream, but they could see the fiendish look on Scar’s face now, as blood started to run down his chin; an indication of his evil deeds in the dream.

“Oh….my.” Lydia said almost breathlessly.




Dessy:  Mariela shot her gaze towards the librarian, then back at Scar. As he rubbed his hands together, he seemed happy. She looked at Lydia, waiting for an answer when Scar asked if he could demonstrate. She stared at the place he once stood after he vanished, nodding to Lydia after she said they send him back if he fails. She got up, adjusting the gown she had slept in that she still wore as she followed Lydia over to Scar and the librarian. She clasped her hands behind her back, watching the scene unfold before them. The librarian was seeming to have a nightmare, her hands reaching out and the sound of her screaming.

Mariela was intrigued, to say the least. She cocked her head to the side, watching the fiendish look that was on Scar’s face. Her eyes went back and forth from Scar, and to the librarian. Seeing the blood drip down from Scar’s chin, she gave a gasp, turning her head towards Lydia as if she was waiting for her to answer. “A demon of nightmares. Kills people in their dreams while they’re asleep. I’ve never heard of anything like that before.” she said, nodding her head at Scar and then looking at Lydia. “Could be useful.” she said with a shrug.



This was Lydia’s reply when she saw just what Scar was capable of. To be able to enter someone’s dreams, to twist them and then bring them to the edge of death if he chose. Now that was something. But the dream was now spiraling out of control, with the man in the dream nothing but a headless corpse, and the beast which was Scar chasing down the poor Librarian. Her pained screams filled the library, which used to be such a quiet place. You could see the woman was now completely pale in real, as if something was draining her life force from her. Scar was going to kill her!

“Scar?….SCAR?! Enough!” Lydia roared, for she did not want to lose the librarian….just yet. Scar raised his head and grit his teeth fiercely at Lydia. Stained and dripping with blood it was clear he wasn’t finished. He wanted her to die. Lydia reached out and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, to reef him off the chest of the Librarian. And it was a good thing she did. The Librarian was now having a heart attack. The Demon of Ambition tossed Scar across the room, and immediately charged up her hand with an electrical current, before slamming her hand down on the librarian’s chest in order to restart her heart.

“CLEAR!” She screamed. The woman’s body jerked violently, before she started to waken and breath in loud gasps. Lydia stepped back, rubbing her hands together, while in the background, Scar was muttering angrily. He wiped the blood off his chin and pointed to the Librarian. “Almost had her. Haha!”

Lydia spun round and put her hands upon her hips. “A demonstration does not mean…..kill her!”

At this, Scar shrugged, then smiled a toothy smile at Mariela. “You enjoyed it, right?” He was hopeful to get someone’s approval for his trick. The Librarian sat bolt upright and then pointed to the silence sign. “Will you people keep it down!” It was like she had no memory of what had just happened. Lydia blinked and then zipped her lip. “Yes Doris.”

Rolling her eyes, she then motioned for Mariela and Scar to follow her out of the library.



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