It’s a brand new day – SS.

Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Mariela noticed the woman grow pale, but she didn’t have to say anything. Lydia already knew. She moved out of the way as Lydia grabbed Scar and tossed him across the room, watching Scar’s body fly before she turned to Lydia as she helped the librarian, a hand going up to her chest in a panic. “Lydia specifically mentioned that you could demonstrate as long as you did not kill her.. That were her words.” Mariela spoke, clasping her hands in front of her. “That was a good demonstration.. But try to follow Lydia’s orders next time.” she said with a nod of her head. She seemed to be a good person to be at the hand of the new Princess. Stern enough to get the point across, very loyal to where she obeyed orders or rules even if she disagreed, but nice enough to not want to harm anyone, and also willing to put in her opinion if she feels it’s necessary or needed.

She followed Lydia out of the library, before turning to Scar. “I was.. intrigued. Meaning I wanted to see what you were going to do. But I didn’t enjoy it… at least not once you almost killed her.” she then answered. “If there’s one thing I don’t enjoy doing or watching.. it’s almost killing someone. I’ve only killed one person.. ever. I don’t plan on doing it again.” she spoke, turning to look at Lydia. “What now?” she asked, waiting to see what plans Lydia had next. Mariela was definitely a keeper, that’s for sure.


Razorbackwriter:  “Mariela…trust me when I say this. I…hate killing people. I do…I really do.” This is what she said as she swanned out of the library, with Scar scurrying after them. He was sniffing the air like a blood hound as though he could smell something out of the ordinary….but what? Lydia’s skirt swayed gently as she walked, and she drummed her gloved fingers in front of her like she was ….plotting. Oh butter would not melt in her mouth to look at her. Ever pleasant and gentle. Mariela asked…“What now?” That was a good question. The war was still raging over in Wrath, for it was quite clear to still hear the loud rumble of explosions and feel the earth tremors.

“Wait for a sign, I guess.”

The trio walked into the main hall, and that was when….it happened. A large crack of lightning and then from the ceiling dropped….Mammon’s soul collector blade. It whistled and cried as it fell only to be caught by the handle by a startled Lydia.

“Er…..okay. I think….this is the sign.” Lydia twirled the sword around, the blade crying and weeping as it did so. Enough to make you want to cover your ears with your hands to block out the sound. “This was Mammon’s!” Lydia squealed, and then with a renewed bounce in her step, she spun around to Mariela and to see the look on her face, it was one of shock and surprise. Her chest was rising and falling fast as she became more and more excited. If Mammon lost his sword then….then….

The doors to the Main hall burst open, and in strode the Beserker armor. The dull clank of its foot falls would cause all to look in it’s direction. It was covered in blood, guts and it looked like it had been in a fire. But the further it got into the Greed hall, the nasty goo started to evaporate as though the armor was eating it from the inside. When it reached a spot before Lydia, it then bent down on one knee. Lydia held her hand back to protect Mariela, unsure if the Prince was inside the armor or not. She took two steps forward, and then she heard the dark harrowing sound of the armor speaking.

DEah-fe-ra deeay-jaeae seewae HA-lueay-fe-peaezz ah-bae RA-luaeae-kuk!”

(translation : “Long live the Princess of Greed!”)

Slowly Lydia raised her head as she felt the swell of power reach her and from above the rooftop opened as a sudden blast of power rocketed down and engulfed the Princess of Ambition. A fire blessing that came as her former Lord, Mammon had passed on into the next life. Lydia was the new Princess of Greed. Her arms were outstretched as she accepted the powerful change in her being, her voice ringing out from the orange and red glow around her body.

“It’s a brand new day!
I’ve got no remorse
Now the water’s rising but I know the course
I’m gonna shock the world
Gonna Show Bad Horse
It’s a Brand New Day!”




Dessy:  Mariela gave a nod of her head when Lydia said she hated killing people as well. Mariela could hear the explosions and sound from battle, clearly from the war still going on at Wrath. “A sign. Okay.” she said, taking a deep breath. Mariela had jumped backwards as the sword fell into Lydia’s hands, her hood falling back, and squinting her eyes to try and get a closer look. Once Lydia turned around, Mariela could see the shock on Lydia’s face as she announced that it was Mammon’s sword. “Does that mean-“she started with wide eyes, before hearing what sounded like armor come through the door. She looked up to see the Berserker armor walk in and towards them, kneeling down in front of Lydia. She was pushed back as Lydia held a hand in front of her, in what Mariela guessed was to protect her. When Lydia became engulfed by the power, Mariela stepped back and held a hand over her eyes, covering them from the bright light of the power. She looked around to make sure Scar was close by and not to close to Lydia and what was happening to her. She then watched Lydia, continuing to shield her eyes from the light.


Razorbackwriter:  As the power was absorbed into the former Demoness of Ambition, she let out a giggle, then a laugh before turning around to Mariela. A wide smile on her face. “It’s over. The war. Well, for us anyways.” Yes, you could still hear the rumbling of the war at Wrath but it was safe to say it was in its death throes. Mammon had fallen. Just….as Lydia had planned. Of course, she didn’t seem to be to worried about Mammon till she remembered herself.

“We should take a moment. To reflect on the great Demon of Greed. A minute should do.” she said with a slight wave of her hand. As the castle fell into silence, Lydia looked all pouty, and even took a kercheif and dabbed her eyes as though she was genuinely upset. But no sooner had the minute finished, she was beaming once more.

“He died the way he would have wanted too. Horribly.” Lydia said softly, before then reaching for Mariela’s hand. She stared into the girl’s eyes and then gave her hand a pat. “Everything is going to be okay. You’ll see. Why I am sure there are going to be messengers and such from the other realms wanting to know what is happening here at Greed.”

That was something Lydia was sure about.

“How does breakfast sound?”






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