Cafe Discretions.

This is a collaborative piece and is classed as erotic fiction.  Reader discretion is advised as it contains adult content.   Cafe Discretions is a wonderful collaboration with a fantastic writing partner;  eleganceinwords (TA).


Cafe Discretions.


TA – She was that knockout you’re usually afraid of, at least I was when I first walked in. She stood waiting for her order, staring straight ahead, I knew she was aware of my drooling disposition. I sort of kept my eyes on the bakery goods rather than look right at her, but then I wondered – does she wish guys would just look through her rather than dancing around her elegance?
RB –  It was about the same time of day and she knew that he should be coming in the door at any given moment.  Already she was heady from the delicious scent of freshly ground coffee beans and the inviting smell of muffins and banana bread.  Wearing her usual wool suit with the trademark short skirt, Alana tilted her head slightly as she mused over the various choices of coffees.  The girl behind the counter waited dutifully for her to place her order, but she was holding back.  Waiting.  Waiting for him.  He didn’t disappoint.  Right on cue, the tell tale sound of his heels upon the tiles; along with the familiar scent of his cologne had her show a sly smile.  She didn’t have to turn her head.  Alana knew he was there.  She’s seen him before.  Those eyes that followed her every move.  The way he practically drooled.  God, get the man a bib.  Finally, she spoke.
“Short flat white, no sugar.”
Then, she did something unexpected.  “….and I’ll pay for his coffee.” 
She turned her head ever slightly, and then motioned to a booth down the back.
“Care to join me?”
TAHe was happy he could still speak,
“Why certainly,” he stammered, smiled, looked at the barrister to see if she was judging him. Yup she was, she looked at him as if to say,
“Why don’t you just tell her you want to fuck her right now,” but he looked past it and glanced at Alana’s eyes, a deep blue horizon he had wished to lose himself inside of for weeks, her sweet smile that told him she could tolerate him for fifteen minutes of chatter, but he better use his time wisely. 
He watched her walk away her legs gliding across the tile, and imagined she was enhancing her hips just for him. It worked. As he waited for his coffee, he noticed she put down her things and dashed off to the restroom while he was finishing his order. Without thinking about it, he dropped his change into the cup not even aware that Jenny the server was smiling at him, He walked over to the booth, a rather discreet one at the end of the aisle, high walls to protect conversations and other such matters. He sat down, and already felt the start of an erection. That alone told him to not really focus on trying to impress her with words. He loosened his tie and leaned back on the felt cushion of the bench and waited, each second trying to maintain the best ‘hot guy’ posture he could.
RB – Having walked into the rest room, Alana hurried into a cubicle and closed the door.  Her lips parted as she ran her tongue across her bottom lip and then reached for the edges of her skirt, her fingers sliding up beneath the woolen fabric till reaching the top of her silk panties.  Oh, they were coming off.  No need for them now with what she had planned.  A light wriggle of her hips and she shimmed so the black silk slid down her thighs and onto the floor, where she crouched down to snatch them up and then stuff them into her jacket pocket.
A little purr escaped her lips as she imagined that he was sitting at the booth – waiting for her.  Did he know what she had planned?  That she was far from a demure office secretary, but secretly had a few kinks in the closet.  Smoothing down her skirt, she could hear others in the restroom and to mask what she was doing, she pressed the button and then opened the door; walking out smartly to wash her hands.  Alana was immaculate.  From her hair to her make up.  A perfectionist you could say.  She turned slightly to adjust the run of the seam of her stockings and gave her belt a little pull, to snap it tight to her flesh.  The sensation sent a burning feeling racing through her.  One final look in the mirror and she was ready.
Walking out of the rest room, Alana spied that he had gone straight for the booth and was now sitting in a non chalant fashion – his tie slightly loosened, and leaning back at ease.  So…relaxed.  Her eyes widened slightly as the right corner of her mouth twitched and she strutted towards the booth.  
“Still not got your coffee?”
The service wasn’t exactly speedy, but that was how she liked it.  It gave time for her to introduce herself.  If the case need be.  But he already knew her.  He had seen her repeatedly day after day and now the time had come to get better acquainted.
With a graceful move she slid into the booth.  The movement meant that her skirt rose up high enough for the exposure of those garter straps.  A hint of bare flesh. Pink…ripe.  The fabric of the couch made a slight sound as she got comfortable. Her eyes flickering from his, and then tracing down where she happened to notice the growing bulge beneath his pant’s fabric.  Already?  My my…what was he thinking?
“I’m Alana.”  this was said with a husky tone, that was smooth yet subtle.  
As she got comfortable, her jacket opened slightly so that he might spy the black lace of her bodice beneath.  The rise of her breasts just enough to show she was more than a handful.  Alana didn’t adjust her clothing.  She wanted to make sure he got a good look.
“So aside from coffee, is there anything else you fancy?”
TA – He let out a bit of a gasp with a chuckle to feign how nervous or excited he was. He hadn’t a clue at this point. All he could think about were her legs. Just then he reached to the side of the couch and picked up his coffee cup, nonchalantly glanced at the motorists in their routine out the window. He was doing his best to set up a casual glance. he took a sip, and placed the cup back on the floor nearby, purposely leaning over so when he returned his eyes could blatantly glance inside her thighs. She was there and ready, and parted just a tad, so when he sat up he could readjust his tie, a subliminal suggestion of how he might want her to caress him in a short while. He turned to see her looking right at him, with a smile. He let his eyes fall to her shoulders on purpose, noticed the fabric of her blouse that appeared to have been given a bit of a toss in the restroom, let his hand drop to his right thigh while his legs pulled slightly towards her, allowing his erection to settle well in his slacks. He watched her eyes purposely glance, with just a flit of her tongue, a wet sliver of saliva resting on her bottom lip.
“I’m Alec, I am just delighted,’ he said, now bold, now wanting to favor her desires with a sharp return of confidence, something he was fully aware was coming from somewhere he didn’t know.
He held out his hand and she laid her along his fingers so he gently lifted her hand feeling her soft skin slide inside his palm, imagining well beyond that initial touch. There was a fire happening and he wanted to build upon that passion. 
“Well, actually, I’m thinking only about what might await me,” and glanced again at her legs, watching them part just slightly more than before he set down the coffee.
“I certainly do fancy you,” feeling completely comfortable with the energy she was sharing with him right now.
He had worked this moment in his head for days and was beside himself with how good everything felt up to this point, her picking the discreet couch, the reaction to his waiting cock, and even his fantasy of her removing her panties shortly before she sat down. He thought to himself when he watched her go whether that might be the case, and now, knowing her freedom with her body in his eyes, he was convinced …
“I think I would like you to tell me what you might want out of a spontaneous afternoon coffee, perhaps a fantasy of yours,” he threw the idea toward her with a soft caress of his inner thigh that was now dancing with a subtle rhythm of arousal.
RB –  So casual and acting as though he was more interested in the world passing by for a time.  His head turning as he took up his cup and sipped, watching the cars that passed the coffee shop.  Alana had to admit, she enjoyed this candor, the way he held himself.  Moving his legs in such a way to hide the tell tale sign of a bulge.  She could only imagine him without the pants on.  Exposed.  Throbbing.  She pushed her tongue to the inside of her cheek as she quietly mused and studied this man.  His name…was Alec.  It suited him, and reminded her of a famous screen star by the same name.  He was a confident gent, and as the moment progressed, Alec was showing signs that his self confidence was growing.  Alana had given off very subtle cues, and he instantly picked up on it.  It was like they were on the same wave length.  Often so very hard to find. 
When he took her hand, she felt the strength behind his grip.  Fingers that she could imagine plundering her insides.  The very thought sent a shiver through her, which she tried to contain.  Her smile only grew when he said he was thinking of what may await him.  Alana thought of a few things that were on offer – if the time was right.  Finally, he admitted his feelings.  That he fancied her.  Success.  She knew it all along.  The silent flirts with eyes and of course her hips had paid off.  Alana was never one to put herself out there, but to do it in such a way, that it would leave him craving and fighting those delectable fantasies, that she was now sure he had enjoyed.
At the question of what she might want out of a spontaneous afternoon coffee, or even a fantasy, Alana let out a very soft purr.  She reached into her jacket pocket and skillfully pulled out that same set of panties she had just removed in the rest room.  Casually, she reached for her briefcase and opened the flap – only to slide them deep inside.  This allowed him to see exactly what she did in the rest room.  Closing the flap, she drew back slightly and then glanced at him.
“I had wished for a sexual encounter with a stranger, but….as we are now on a first name basis, I guess we can try for something a bit…hotter.”
Her hand slid down her own thigh and then reached across to where his hand lay.  Gently she wound her fingers around it and drew it back so that she could place it just on the inside of her inner thigh.  Her thigh quivered at his touch as her eyes searched his the entire time.
“I want you to finger fuck me….right here…right now.”
TA – He didn’t flinch and only slid a little her way across the couch, still keeping enough distance for eyes that could see them both shoulders up to not quite realize their actions, well not completely anyway. He let his fingertips tease the hot sensation of her skin inside the silk caress of her garter, soft circles for a moment or two with a smile, eyes looking inside her passion, while he let his other hand brush aside her long brunette hair to reveal a naked shoulder. He danced his fingertips along the side of her neck, letting her roll her head a little bit to suggest he can continue.
“You are beyond words, and far more delicious than even my greatest fantasy could imagine,” he said, and slid his fingertips inside with little notice, danced the tips of two fingers around for a minute than slid them back out, letting her lip drop from her mouth at the shock of such a lovely start. He then caressed her inner thigh some more and spread his legs out a bit to allow his erection to signal her attention. 
She responded with her right hand, sliding it upon his thigh, and when her fingertips engaged the fabric of his slacks he rose to her touch …
“You know, I’m not going to kiss you yet, because that might give us away, but I think I’ll just play with you and demand that you cannot move for fear of our potential audience watching you writhe. We are in a public venue of course, and again he slid his fingertips inside of her, while his thumb collapsed on her clit – he watched her chest heave and jerk slightly to the touch, a sweet gasp emanating from her lips as her eyes closed just a bit to allow the moment…
He glanced behind the couch at the patrons throughout the bistro, and noticed their quiet ignorance, and with a smile began to rhythmically finger her sweet with pussy, feeling her hands tug on him each time he slid inside.
RB – Alec had laid down the rules of their encounter.  She was not to move, nor show outward signs that his pleasuring her was taking her to heaven.  She could not help the breathless gasp that escaped her parted lips when his fingers found purchase.  The delicate nature of his touch sending sensations through her.  It was enough to make her eyes roll back, but she had to remain composed.  Only when he looked into her eyes did he see the oncoming flames of her arousal.  Surely though the wetness that greeted his fingers was a stark indication.  Drawing back in a breath sharply, her breasts swell from beneath her jacket.  Now he would see the glorious curves as they move upward and are seen much easier than before. The dark nips tighten and grow taut beneath the silk of her bustier.  The sensitivity is off the charts, and it wouldn’t take much for her to cry out from the pleasures.  Instead her lips part, and you can see her tongue running along her top row of teeth – pushing her body back slightly into the couch for support.  
His whispers of how he had no plans to kiss her, stung her lips to fullness just at the very idea.  So instead, she uses the only part of her body that can move unseen.  Her fingers crawl up to his belt and slowly untie it.  Eyes lowering to see her progress and soon the zip is lowered and her hand slips beneath the fabric, in search of his engorged cock.  The first touch is the sweetest.  His skin so smooth, yet riddled with the tell tale veins that are furiously pumping blood into his member.  If she cannot touch his lips, she shall guide her fingers to curl around the shaft and then slowly slide up and down – applying pressure to the base.  Alana was very skilled, and started to pump slowly.  Again so as not to give away to their audience the nature of her endeavours.  
Soon, their actions flowed into a sweet rhythm; each pleasuring the other in the full gaze of a packed coffee house.
Alana’s legs parted a little further, wanting him to drive his fingers in as far as he could.  She imagined that he was on top of her – ramming her senseless as she screamed and pulled at his hair.  Instead, they would be silent.  She didn’t know what was more erotic.
It took all her strength to hold still, while her hand did what she wished her mouth could.
TA – Her fingertips were so smooth, a slow stroke that told him she would make him cum right there in his slacks – he sensed it and quickly pulled his hand out of her crotch, reached back and removed his suit jacket, and holding it by the collar draped it over his hard cock so her hands could freely stroke him in discretion…
He returned his fingertips inside, and let his left hand slide underneath her silk bustier, sliding over a nipple, two reaching fingertips clasping around and twirling. as she slowly rocked her shoulders, her eyes staring out into the street, wanting to roll back but staying firmly directed toward the traffic, just holding on, readying her release… her smile appeared as purposeful as the first moment he met her, but this time, it was at work, building a momentum with his every touch.
She felt his fingertips slide back inside, but this time they stayed inside, while he let his pinky dance around her ass, just enough to create a little bit more of a reaction. Her breathing directed him now, fingertips inside, not sliding just gyrating inside of her pussy, while his thumb drew circles directly on her clit. 
He looked at her now, and she at him, the two of them now just staring in each other’s pleading eyes as they both mercilessly caressed the other with the same degree of intensity, just enough to stay under the radar, but certainly working toward a simultaneous climax. He worked her wetness now, the juice of her center enveloping his hand, her thighs collapsing with strength upon his fingers as she readied herself to cum. With each movement inside her fingers gripped him and rocked his cock. There was no sliding on his cock today, just a firm grip of his shaft working the boiling cum inside.
Her nipples taught, her breath fast, she began to moan softly as he waited for her body to respond to his touch. 
Their eyes, played each other’s intensity with a fervor of unbridled abandon.
RB – If only she could scream, if only she could do to him what was now going through her mind.  This however was beyond words.  He ordered her to stay still, and yet his hand soon found its way deep under her bustier and clasped onto her waiting nipple.  The ache that came from his touch made her chew her bottom lip.  Her nip hardened even more at his touch – her bosom growing firm beneath.  Soft, yet firm and hot to touch.  For now it was just by touch.  Nothing could be seen.  It was the ultimate trip.  
Alec was clever to use his jacket in order to shield Alana’s hand from view and she used the opportunity well.  Showing her eagerness in the way her fingers gripped and pumped his cock hard as she could.  Every so often she glanced up at the crowd in the coffee house, and she could see that they were all too engrossed in their own cell phones and coffee to worry about a couple down in the back corner booth.  Perfect.  She turned her head towards his and their eyes burned for the other as they simultaneously used their hands to do what they could not.  Alana felt the thickening of his cock in her hand, and she chose this moment to reach down and cup his balls – teasing them as she licked her lip.  A growing hunger welling between her legs, as his fingers were now gyrating within her insides.  The feeling was building – like a volcano about to erupt.  
She knew the moment she heard his footsteps and smelt his cologne that she wanted him.  Alana timed everything beautifully, and he played his ace card on acceptance.  
A few sharp short breaths, and she clenched down tight as she could – her body now racked with a spasm as the shock wave from her orgasm hit her like a tsunami.  Drowning in the bliss of feeling and wonder.  The silent scream.  Her mouth opened and yet there was no sound.  He would know though.  Her fingers clenching his cock so tight – working …flexing as she came all over his fingers.  The dew of her opening flower, saturating his digits.
Her mind clouded for a few moments, as the dizzying high left her mute.  There was a beauty to her face as she glowed.  Her cheeks reddening.  Slowly, she started to descend – though her eyelids were heavy.  Almost bedroom eyes.
Now it was her turn.  To finish what she started.  Her eyes locking onto his, as her hand furiously pumped his cock.  Alana was panting, she couldn’t help it.  She licked her lips, as a bead of sweat ran down her cheek.  What she wouldn’t give to taste his seed.  Maybe she didn’t have to wait long at all.
TA – He held on as she prepared imagining the scenario. His fingertips inside of her felt wonderful with her climax all over them, having ridden her orgasm with his hand, being sure to stay inside to assure her of completion without any abandon. 
Now his smile turned to pursed lips as he kept his eyes on her while she stroked him faster, he was building and he knew he would be walking out with his sport coat on his arm, en route to the dry cleaner. She looked at him with purpose now, and with a feverish rhythm began to feel him let go. He actually grunted ever so slightly and quick glanced around to see if it had been too audible, but they were safe, and he now came inside of his jacket his cock exploding with her hand enveloping him, her palm sliding around his head as his cum continued to emanate from his orgasm. He felt her hand hold on until he was done, his breathing was beginning to settle and he felt her hand slide inside of his slack to wipe off most of the cum, but then he felt her fingertip and thumb just squeeze the head and a bit of semen fell inside of her hand, and she gradually pulled her hand out from underneath his jacket and while he watched her, she licked her fingertips with a smile, as if to say, thank you, and I hope you are satisfied.
She then deftly pulled her skirt down, rearranged her jacket, tossed her beautiful hair for a minute, and while looking out the window, stood up leaving him lounging on the couch. He quickly reached into his breast pocket and snared a card, and as she turned to walk away, he tugged on her naked elbow; she glanced around and snapped the card out of his hand, brought it to her lips, kissed it teasingly and looked at him with that delightful, no, delicious smile, and whispered, thank you, reached down, picked her briefcase and walked out of the cafe. 
He sat back, let out a deep sigh, and watched the traffic slide by knowing that he had experienced something that no one else would at least in this cafe, on this particular day. Perhaps another opportunity might arise, indeed, he smiled.


A Trio of Thieves – SS

Scene setting : Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy, Temp & Moo.


Dessy:  Mariela watched Lydia, giving a concerned look when she turned to look at her. She opened her mouth to question about the war being over, but then quickly closed it. She gave a nod and bowed her head in remembrance of Mammon, glancing up to see Lydia wiping her eyes. Her face then quickly went from a pout, to a wide grin, causing Mariela to just raise an eyebrow. She stared at Lydia as Lydia grabbed her hand, giving it a pat.“Right. And what are we going to explain to them when they come?” she asked. Mariela as officially a Duchess, the hand of the Princess of Greed. She would still continue to be a healer.. but now, she was much more than just a healer, and had other important things to do.

“Breakfast sounds nice.” Mariela then said after a few minutes of silence, giving a smile and a nod of her head. She could still hear the fighting coming from the Wrath kingdom, so she knew for a fact that the war was not over.


Razorbackwriter:  Being ever a woman with a business mind, Lydia had the perfect answer to Mariela’s question as to what they should say to explain how they were now the rulers of Greed after the fall of Mammon. The cogs in Lydia’s mind turned as she could only imagine the looks on the faces of the Princes of Hell, to welcome it’s second Princess in as many days. Walking Mariela down towards the dining room, she went straight into top gear with her plans.

“Considering how I just got the fire blessing, there is no need for a coronation….crowning, you know. So, we simply send out the invites to a weekend of celebration with the pinnacle being the masked ball. And of course, your debut as the Duchess of Greed.” You would think that in a past life that Lydia had been a wedding – slash – party planner, or even organizer. The castle was going to need to be cleaned from top to bottom and of course have nothing but the very best food and drink on offer, along with as much glitz as possible. Lydia would spare no expense in her endeavor to host the party to end them all.

Turning into the dining hall, Lydia then had a wonderful idea.

“Since I know you are keen on the whole…masked ball thing. Why don’t you borrow my coach and personally go and deliver invitations to each of the seven kingdoms. Think of it as a way of….getting known.”

Would Mariela take the bait?



Dessy:  Mariela followed Lydia, listening to her speak. Hearing Lydia talk, it reminded her of a party planner, or wedding planner. Maybe she was one in a past life. Mariela couldn’t know for sure, though. “My.. debut?” she then asked with a raise of her eyebrow, tilting her head over to the side. They walked into the dining hall, and Mariela took a look around. When Lydia asked her to deliver the invitations, Mariela turned to look at her.“Don’t you think that’s a little.. dangerous? With this Gabriel person and a war that is still currently going on, I don’t think it’s very safe.” she said with concern, shaking her head in response. Mariela didn’t like the thought of going out there to all of the kingdoms to give them invitations. Actually, she didn’t like the thought of stepping foot outside of the castle.


Razorbackwriter:  Mariela had a point. Things would be a touch dangerous outside the walls of Greed, especially with Greed having lost. Lydia was thinking that this was a good outing for her witch friend, but in hindsight, it was probably not the best idea. Lydia cocked her head to the side and then mused on how to get the invitations out.

“Ravens. We will use Ravens.” The new Princess of Greed said with a firm nod of the head. There was no way people would shoot them down since they were a main way of communicating between great distances. Now that that was settled, thoughts turned back to the ball, and of course Mariela’s debut.

“I was just saying that you could make your introduction to society. You know, as a Duchess. It’s a formal thing to do.” Lydia said, turning into the dining hall and heading for their favorite table. Taking a seat she sat herself down and hoped Mariela would do the same.

“After breakfast I think dress fittings are in order. I wonder what colour to wear. Red….or red?”

She broke a croissant in half and then smeared on some jam, while a servant brought her a cup of coffee. Having it place down in front of her, Lydia looked to be more relaxed, especially after the eventful night they had had. The explosions and sounds of war however had stopped. No doubt Mariela would have noticed.

“Told you it was over.” Lydia said with a smile, as she bit into her croissant.



Dessy:  Mariela looked over and gave Lydia a nod and a smile when she mentioned ravens.“Ravens sounds a lot better.” she said, strolling into the dining hall. She smoothed out her gown, before taking a seat in a chair next to Lydia. “So, I have to have some kind of ceremony to introduce me as being Duchess of Greed?” Lydia asked, moving a single strand of a blonde curl out of her face, giving a smile as she was handed coffee as well. She put the cup to her lips and took a sip, before looking at Lydia when she talked about dress fittings. “I think you should wear red.” she said jokingly, knowing that Lydia’s choice was obviously going to be red because of the fact she said it twice. She then set her cup on the table, hands still on it, pursing her lips as she thought.“Hmm.. What color do I want?” she asked out loud. “Well, now it’s over.” Mariela stated at the comment Lydia made about the war being over, moving her hands off of the cup to begin eating her food.


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia chewed her croissant thoughtfully, as she mused on Mariela’s question about the ceremony to be a Duchess. It was always a good way to enter society by having the title announced formally, and in front of the other royals. Another part of it also was that Mariela would make a good consort to one of Hell’s remaining Princes. A nice way to create alliances since things might be a little tense after the war. No doubt there would be questions raised about who was in charge of Greed. Lydia planned to take all that in her stride. The Princess had a very silver tongue and could talk her way out of just about anything. It was important to get as much background information on the other royals so as to make light conversation without offending.

“We will get the Lord Chamberlain to make the announcement when all are assembled at the ball.” Lydia said, holding her cup delicately before taking a sip and then letting out a sigh. So much planning to do, and she did wonder just who would accept an invitation. Lydia tried to be upbeat.

“Going to have to build up new ranks for the army. I suppose. That is going to bite into the budget.” Lydia started to think towards the future for both of them.

Together the two women sat and continued to eat their breakfast. Afterwards, they would head down to the seamstress, and start trying on dresses and working out if they need their outfits specially made.




Moo:  [Main Gate]

The trio came to an easy stop in front of some massive gates to the kingdom. Their bodies would be hidden from sight as they stood behind the solid pillars keeping the gates upright. “Okay, Nami…” Serin began. She was trying her best to maintain confidence in her friend. “Here’s the game plan…–”

“You go in, grab shit, and come out,” Oroan cut in, voice gruff.

Serin glared at the brute for a moment, though it was shrugged off. “If you’re in trouble…You have to teleport as close to me as possible. I will protect you.” She set the imp down on the ground, having to bend to do so. A small sigh escaped. She was hoping it would go smoothly. “Don’t get reckless,” she added sternly, lifting her index finger.

Oroan snorted. Reckless was what he called the previous night, when she’d decided to stay in the town square and fight. Nami had been doing this for years…and years… He was confident in the imp, even if it was uncharacteristic. “Just let the kid go.” He assumed she would remind him she was an adult. There were very few ways to get on Nami’s nerves, and he knew what they were naturally, as the two seemed to be opposites. The corner of his lips twitched upward.


Dessy:  Mariela ate a bit of her breakfast, as there was silence for a long time. Because of how silent it was, Mariela assumed that Lydia was thinking of something – she seemed to do that a lot. She looked up when Lydia finally spoke, pursing her lips and then giving a nod of head. “I think most of our army were off to war with Mammon. If they haven’t come back, that means that they are most likely dead.” she said with a nod of her head. They then continued eating their breakfast in silence, before both women had gotten up to head over to the seamstress. “I really hope no drama or fights start at this masked ball. I’d hate to have to break them up to stop from causing a mess.”she then spoke. “Being how all of these kingdoms are, I’m a little afraid of that.”


Temp:  Nami had been thinking about where she should steal from during the trip into the Kingdom of Greed. There were tons and tons of places to choose from, some better than others. The absolute best place was Royal Palace, at least in terms of value. It was also the most dangerous. This wasn’t the first time she had stolen from this Kingdom though, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.
As soon as she was placed on the ground by Serin she began to hop up and down, getting herself ready for her ‘mission’. Oroan had been pretty confident in her, while Serin was more worried than anything. She nodded her head at Serin’s instructions, knowing it was a bad idea to ignore them. Nami started walking forward towards her target, the Royal Palace, but stopped as soon as she heard Oroan speak. “Oye! I’m not a kid you jerk!” He knew how to get on her nerves, much like she knew how to get on his. She raised an arm and flipped him off, sticking her tongue out as she turned invisible. Now that she was out of sight she sprouted her wings and began to ascend towards the Palace. She was going to find something really good and impress Serin and Oroan, no matter what!


Razorbackwriter:  Little did Lydia and Mariela know that outside the main gates, they had company and not the friendly kind. The girls were finishing their breakfast and made light conversation about the fact they were low on a decent army, what with the losses at Wrath and they had a ball to plan. Mariela expressed how she was concerned of trouble starting over the fallout from the war. It wasn’t unreasonable to think this way, and Lydia tried to allay her fears the best she could.

“We can’t be held responsible for the Prince’s actions.” It was hard to believe that Lydia of all people would say such a thing, for the truth was far more diabolical. But Lydia being…Lydia she tried to remain upbeat. “Everything will be fine.”

Down in the main hall however, Scar was checking out the beserker armor, which had gone silent and was standing still, just like you would see a suit of armor in any castle. Scar sniffed at it, picking up the scent of death – especially Mammon’s. Peeking his head around, wearing that rather large comical hat, Scar beamed at the armor.

“So you’re Beserker. Hehe. Oh what it must have been like to have that poncy prince die within you. Lydia owns you too. How about that? She owns me too!” The Alp folded his arms and leaned on the armor, whose skull helm slowly turned and then a hollowed voice called out from within.

“HAee-see teae ah-fe, oh-fe-kuk EAY qeay-de-de zwahq ooahee qwoh-see EAY peoh-fe kukah, Z-peoh-lu.”

(translation: “Put me on, and I will show you what I can do, Scar.”)

The alp’s ears pricked and he then stepped back from the towering armored suit.

“Oh no no no no. I ain’t that stupid. I’m not Mister Greedy pants.”

The suit of armor shrugged and then chuckled long and loud, enough to make the alp step back further.

“I don’t think I like you.”


That said, the Alp shape shifted into a large Cheshire cat with the silly hat still on and went strolling up to the throne room. In the middle of the throne room, was the most grand chair you ever did see. It was finished with velvet cushions. Beautiful and ornate. The perfect place for a cat nap. Leaping up onto the throne, the cat pawed and poked at the seat, till turning around enough to then sit down and sleep.






The Evidence doesn’t lie – GS.


Scene setting – Fifth and Maple streets; Joey’s apartment.

co-written with Chor & VunG.


VunG:  If there was one thing that nobody could call Elissa, it was easy to discourage. Even as she was getting fixed up by the EMT’s she insisted on being allowed to stay until she knew for a fact that Frank and Tommy were in the clear. Normally she would’ve just gone ahead and joined them, but she knew that her injury was mild enough that she wasn’t exactly in mortal danger and with that goddamn commissioner around her level of confidence in the situation was somewhere around Satan’s wine cellar. While the room was investigated by the CSI’s, she was busy with the EMT’s getting the slug out of her shoulder with just a local anesthetic and getting her all bandaged up. It wasn’t her first time getting shot, and besides bleeding out it was pretty mild. When the slug was out, she asked the EMT’s to have it put into a CSI bag so that they could examine it themselves… though she had to do a lot of pantomime to get that out and was stuck holding the bag for the time being.

Once she was in the clear and her arm in a sling, she went ahead and asked one of the EMT’s to help her up to the crime scene, something that he was really reluctant to do. “Ma’am, we need to get that looked at proper. The immediate danger’s over, but you might have some contamination from the blood, or just lead poisoning.” But after an assurance that she’d go with them to the hospital afterwards he agreed. As it turned out, her hunch that things were bad would turn out to be dead on.

As she walked on, she noticed Tommy waiting outside, and she nodded to him, flashing him a weak smile as she leaned on the wall. Slowly she spelled out ~Thanks~ with her free hand, privately cursing her muteness for the hundredth time since getting shot. But… she really was grateful to him… he’d looked after her while she was downed and done his best to see to her wound, even though he wasn’t trained for it. And… for someone not trained to do this sort of thing to be so composed under fire… she had to admit that she was really impressed. Of course her smile faded as a bit of pain lanced across and she winced, shaking her head to clear it.

And then she heard the “you have motive” phrase… and suddenly her face was beet red with rage. The EMT tried to usher her out, but there was no stopping her. Still in her tank top with a bright white and deep red bandage on her shoulder, she strode in as Frank was protesting his innocence, a snarl of pure rage on her face. Tapping the commissioner on the shoulder, she promptly thrust the bag of lead shards into his chest. Once he had it, she immediately pointed to her shoulder, then pointed across the room to the window it had come from, then to the place where Joey was laying/his blood pool sat… all the while the EMT was urging her, “Ma’am, calm down! It can’t be good for the wound!” However, even as light-headed as she was feeling right now, she wasn’t about to back down.

Chor:  When Khalil practically leapt into the drivers’ seat of the vehicle, Isa took it that they were off to the scene. He started the Coroner’s van and they sped backward, all four eyes in the car trained intently on the rearview mirror. The scene of this homicide wasn’t too far from the precinct, but the police obviously had been alerted first and she only prayed they did not mud up her scene. What some might consider a front yard that was really a patch of wet dirt had a plethora of police issue boot marks tracked through it, leading to the apartment. An officer stopped her at the door, looking her up and down until she produced her keycard for his eyes to squint at for about a full minute. Apparently satisfied, the mustached hero of the yellow tape lifted his thin barrier and allowed the two passage underneath. She’s seen this cop at least a dozen times this month, yet he still does’t recognize her. It doesn’t bother her, much, though. It’s something Isa has become accustomed to.

Entering the building, Isa could barely hear herself think…or even breathe. The amount of people in the place was actually suffocating the air right out of it. It smelled terribly of not only drugs, but now cigarettes and a hint of aftershave. Eyes flew to her as she arrived. She wasn’t dressed very properly, wearing black pants, a normal tee, and her lab coat. This, accompanied by her dissheveled hair and lightly smudged eyeliner, may lead some to believe she’s in the wrong place. Isa, however, steps gently over to the body and uncovers it. She rolls her kit out and assembles her camera.

The CSI team is taking plenty of photos, as is evident by the flashes still bouncing across every surface. It’s a habit of hers to take her own shots, though, and uploading them to the database so if anything happens- like it often does in their chain of command- she has the hard copies. Much commotion was going on between a few cops and possibly civilians. There was much talk about motive and how it ‘could’ or ‘couldn’t’ be the officer. A laugh escaped her. A little snort thatwas loud enough to stop and turn quite a few heads. The body in front of her was not killed close range and any idiot with a forensics degree could see it. She turned, standing.

“No abrasion ring, no powder residue, the entrance wound is too small, and look at the spatter!” A hand pointed down at the body as she near shouted. Her words weren’t meant as an insult, but nevertheless she was incredulous.

“He couldn’t have killed this man…” Khalil tried to help, hoping maybe the few glares they received would calm. Isa didn’t care much for anyone’s opinion of her. She cared about the facts; about justice. This detective, whomever he was, was not the murderer. Whether he hired someone was a different story, one she didn’t need to worry about. They could argue for days about motive, but the science was factual and the science could prove it wasn’t him.


Feeling the sharp tapping on his shoulder, the Commander turned to see an infuriated Elissa thrust a bag of lead shards hard into his chest. It winded the Commander slightly as he released a loud oomph The Commander wrestled the bag from Elissa only to have her madly pointing out her shoulder, then over to the broken window. It was clear by her demonstrations that she was making him realize it was impossible for Frank to have been the gunman, if you calculated the angle of the shots, the splatter and the fact that Elissa had also been shot in the attack. With her SWAT training, the girl was a very credible witness as well as being a victim of the shootings. The Commander didn’t like being proven wrong, and you could see he was getting flustered and annoyed. Small purple veins were starting to stand out on his neck. He was about to gruffly reply to Elissa, when one of the team from the coroners office spoke clearly and concisely about what the evidence was telling her.

“No abrasion ring, no powder residue, the entrance wound is too small, and look at the splatter!”

“That all still needs to be tested.” The Commander argued, hating being in the wrong. But he was being outgunned here and the fact it was women doing it to him, made it all the more painful. In the background, Frank’s shoulders sagged. Seriously, the Commander was as corrupt as Joey had been. There had been a lot of talk around the station, that the Commander was getting kick backs and shady deals from some of the mob bosses. Also, the Mayor’s office was involved. Hushing up crimes against certain underworld leaders. You really had to wonder if there was any true fighters for justice in this town. Finally, Frank had had a gutful and brazenly said what was on his mind. “Why would I kill the only man who witnessed what I did the night Rory died, Sir?” Again he was talking about the creature in the photographs that adorned the dark room out back. At this, Tommy reentered the room. He was not part of any police investigations, but he was ready to go into bat for his best mate.

“When these pictures make it in the mornings paper, there are going to be more interest in the creature, than the death of a drug runner.”

The Commander stiffened, hearing the nosy reporter enter the crime scene. “Oh…the Press! You are not getting one of those pictures, Son. They are all evidence.” He said with a wave of his hand diagonally across his body. “Someone get that guy outta here!”

Isa continued to try and help the situation, by adding that Frank was not the killer. “He couldn’t have killed this man…” The Commander walked right up to her face and stared her down. “I want your report on my desk ASAP. Prove without reasonable doubt.” Having had enough of the argument, he turned to one of the uniformed officers. “I want all the evidence brought into the station. ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHS and equipment.” Commander Bracks yanked on his jacket and then in a huff, stormed out of the room. Tommy still hadn’t left the crime scene, and came up alongside Elissa.

“Now do you wanna go down to the ER?” Concern riddled on his face. He didn’t say anything to the Commander about the photographs, since he knew Frank had a few in his jacket.

With the Commander gone, Frank approached Isa. “Do you want my service revolver for testing?”