The Bush Post – Celebrating Australian Wildlife.

So Australia made the international news sites for all the wrong reasons today, and while it is upsetting as well as a worry about Sydney; our leaders have told us to go about life as normal.  In other words, celebrate all the good things about this wide brown land of ours.  SO with that in mind, I am posting a nice little ditty about the joys of our cute and cuddly wildlife.



Redback, Funnel-Web, Blue-ringed octopus
Taipan, Tigersnake and a Box jellyfish
Stonefish and the poison thing that lives in a shell
That spikes you when you pick it up

Come to Australia
You might accidentally get killed

Your life’s constantly under threat
Have you been bitten yet?
You’ve only got three minutes left
Before a massive coronary breakdown

Redback, Funnel-Web, Blue-ringed octopus
Tiapan, Tigersnake and a Box jellyfish
Big shark just waiting for you to go swimming
At Bondi Beach

Come to Australia
You might accidentally get killed
Your blood is bound to be spilled
With fear your pants will be filled
Because you might accidentally get killed



19 thoughts on “The Bush Post – Celebrating Australian Wildlife.

  1. Despite the obvious risks a trip to the outback is still on my list of somedays. I’ve always wanted to go but as a poor boy from Ohio U.S.A. It will probably remain simply that. Another dream for tomorrow. Cool post.


  2. that was a great song lol …which fairly accurately depicts my reasons for not travelling , I tend to avoid places where you could get killed and or eaten by the wild life lol especially by spiders… I really dislike spiders. lol


  3. Suddenly this reminds me of John Marsden’s Tomorrow novel series. This post just confirmed my thinking that the novel series has one big flaw: the invasion itself and the resistance.

    Invading Australia is the biggest mistake any nation could do, with legions of NOPES waiting to greet them with murderous hospitality. So, if any foreign force did make the mistake of invading Australia, no resistance would be even necessary. All the Australians should do is relaxing on the porch while waiting for the invading force to get killed by the legions of NOPES to the last man.


  4. My wife and I spent a couple of weeks in Palm Cove, Queensland. It’s beautiful spot. Blue water, green palms, brown sand – neon lights in the bars… Heaven. So…… on our way to the beach on day, we cut through the green strip separating the hotels from the beach and there we found a sign tucked into the greenery and hidden from view. It read: WARNING!! THIS IS A TROPICAL BEACH. Under that, it enumerated at least 20 things that want to kill you. The least scary of all were the sharks..

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