“Are you lost?” – SS


Scene setting – Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy, Moo & Temp.


Temp:  Nami was just about to start pulling up the Chalice, but completely froze when she heard voices nearby. She had no idea who the voices belonged to, but they definitely weren’t friendly. One thing that really didn’t make sense was a woman talking about the Throne, claiming it as her own. Last she checked Mammon was the ruler of this Kingdom, and he was no woman. Whoever this woman was seemed frustrated with the cat, who turned out to be anything but ordinary…her instincts had probably saved her. Now she was in quite a pickle. There were multiple people in the room and she had a hook on the chalice. There was a temptation to pull it up, snatch it, and poof out of the room…but would that even work? With the cat now shaken up and the woman seemingly distracted, she let go of the ceiling and dropped down onto the ground behind the throne. Her little body made no sound upon hitting the ground. Nami decided to do something rather bold and quickly snatched the chalice. She was heavily relying on the fact that everyone seemed distracted, and hoped nobody would notice it float away or even notice it was missing.


Dessy:  Mariela shook her head when Lydia asked if she’s never been, seeming a bit shocked. “Horses? That seems like it could be fun.” she said, giving a nod of her head. “I don’t think I would be betting anything though.” she said, pursing her lips and giving a shrug. Once they passed the throne room, Lydia started screaming at Scar. Mariela flinched and simply stayed back, watching Lydia shake Scar violently and throw him. Lydia wasn’t one to make angry – that was for a fact. It was definitely better to stay on her good side, which Mariela was positive to do.

Mariela had turned her head just in time to see the chalice all of a sudden disappear. She gave a tilt of her head, before looking back over at Lydia. “Lydia..” she said simply, and once Lydia turned to look, she simply pointed at the spot where the chalice used to be standing. “I looked over just in time to see it disappear.” she said, putting her hand back down to her side.


Razorbackwriter:  “Lydia..” Mariela was trying to get the Princess’s reaction when she had spotted the jeweled chalice floating off all by itself. An odd thing to happen, right after Lydia had been giving Scar a good tongue lashing. Lydia glanced back at Mariela, who then said.“I looked over just in time to see it disappear.” This had the Princess confused.

“See what dissapear?” Her automatic response, until she turned to look too and saw the jeweled chalice of Mammon floating off into the background. Scar had been straightening his hat, and Lydia knew that it was not the Alp that was doing it – he was as plain as day. With her eyes narrowing she circled the throne and started to follow the floating chalice.

“Now I’ve heard of souvenir hunters after someone famous dies….but to do it right in front of me like that.” Lydia said to the floating chalice. Another couple of paces and Lydia snarled “Drop it. It’s not worth your life when I catch you.”

Scar peeked around the throne and raised a brow, before quickly changing back to his human like form. He actually found the floating chalice to be comical. “Mammon came back for a quick drink before going into purgatory?” This was a fanciful notion. Lydia simply rolled her eyes, at the idea of Mammon’s ghost coming to collect a cup.

“No…it’s someone being very sneaky.” Lydia said, as she started to whisper an enchantment to summon her mist grabby hands. “Two can play at this game.”



Temp:  Nami wasn’t sure if anyone had seen the chalice float away, until she heard someone point it out of course. “Shit..” She mumbled as she held the chalice tightly against her. This situation had taken a turn for the worst. There were still all sorts of things she could do to try and get out of this, but was it worth it? The more trouble she got herself into the worse the punishment. Then again, she was pretty sure they would just execute her right then and there. With a deep sigh she walked out from behind the throne, placing the Chalice on the table near it. Nami’s invisibility then faded away, making her tiny form visible to the people in the room. There wasn’t anything that she could say to get her out of this, so she would wait to hear what they had to say. If things got ugly she would call for Serin and Oroan.


Dessy:  The person had to have been stupid to try and take the chalice in front of Lydia. Maybe if they weren’t in the room, the person could have gotten away with it. Mariela walked behind Lydia, but stayed a few steps back as Lydia looked behind the throne. “Quite reckless, if you ask me.” Mariela spoke. “Not very sneaky. They could have at least waited until we left the room.” she spoke with a shrug. She watched a small body then appear, and Mariela gave a tilt of her head and narrowed her eyes. She was so young and innocent looking. Surely, she couldn’t be a thief… could she? “Who are you?” Mariela asked, more out of curiosity, not anger.


Razorbackwriter:  When Lydia’s feathers get ruffled, and she makes an order, it is usually a good idea to comply. Though by her appearance she seems to be gentle and loving, but if you had just witnessed her handling of Scar, you knew that there was a dark side to the Princess of Greed. The green mist hands had already begun to arise from the ground and make their way towards where the chalice was levitating in the air. Lydia was gritting her teeth, and you could see she was about to go “postal”, but like was on the bandit’s side as Mariela happened to speak her mind.

“Quite reckless, if you ask me.” Mariela spoke. “Not very sneaky. They could have at least waited until we left the room.”

“You’d think so, wouldn’t you. I mean Scar was right here and yet the little bugger tried it on anyways.”

The chalice was put back by a small female that started to show her form. All those around were much larger, except for Scar who was more the thief’s size. Scar made an awe sound and then went to pat the creature’s head for putting the chalice back.

“It’s a little…thing. Must like shiny things.” Scar added, like this little creature was someone’s pet. “Are you lost?” Scar asked, to which Lydia rolled her eyes. “If that creature is lost, I’m Lady Gaga.”

“Who are you?” Mariela asked.

Lydia folded her arms, waiting for what the creature had to say.


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