RPC – Raul, the Master of Illusion for the Seven Sins series.

Raul, the Master of Illusion.


Name: Raul, the Master of Illusion.

Age: Over 2000 years

Race: Warlock.

Job: Noble. At one point Egyptian High Priest.

Dark, bold, egotistical, dominant, Head strong, determined, standoffish.
Quote : “May darkness take you, for when I’m done, the Light will not recognize you.”— Radak Doombringer


Relationship Status: Single.

Orientation: Straight

Likes: Dark magics, illusions, beautiful women, challenges, puzzles, fighting, sex, slaves, power.

Dislikes: Weakness, disloyalty.

Summon Imp : Summon Imp is a warlock ability used to summon a controllable Imp to be your minion.
Summon Void walker : Summon Voidwalker is a Warlock ability that allows the summoning of a Voidwalker minion.
Induce dreams of terror : Whilst the target is asleep, he can enter their dreams and mess with their minds. Their worst nightmare seems to be all too real.
Levitation : Floating or hovering off the floor.
Shape shifting : Can shift into another likeness, possibly someone that the target trusts, or animals, such as wolves, and cats.
Unending breath : Unending Breath is a spell that a warlocks can cast on themselves and their allies to help them breathe underwater for 10 minutes.
Mind manipulation : Tricks the target into thinking they are in a setting other than they really are.

Weapons: Staff of Rah. : A deadly weapon that has a crystal at the top. Standing six feet in height, can be used in combat as a weapon in a melee, but also harnesses power from its surrounds. When charged it sends out a beam of red light, that blinds and immobilizes its target into a frozen state that lasts for two turns.

Strengths: Physically strong and attractive, he is persuasive with both his words and his body language. Easily tempts women to fall prey to his desires.

Limitations/Weaknesses: Puzzles, while he loves them he can’t stop investigating at his own peril.

Background: A deal with the Devil for immortality after he had watched his beloved Princess Netifi marry his rival Prince Hajib, led him into hell. But he had another reason. Bandit had sacrificed herself to help the lovers and now with a taste for vengeance he has sought to find Bandit in Hell as she never really was a candidate for Heaven.

Theme song : I put a spell on you by Marilyn Manson


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