RPC – Vicomte de Valmont : for the Seven Sins series.



Name: Vicomte de Valmont

Age: 932

Race: Demon of Seduction & Perversion

Job: Ambassador, Advisor and sex therapist.

Personality: Unscrupulous, lecherous, highly intelligent, vulnerable, buoyant, haunting, childish.


Relationship Status: Single

Orientation: Straight.
Character is inspired by Valmont from Dangerous Liaisons.

Likes: Women, challenges, whores, mocking superiority, enlightenment, seduction (naturally), gossip.

Dislikes: Betrayal, frigid old maids, competition from others.

 Dream Walking
 Sleep Inducement
 Enhanced Condition or Supernatural Condition
 Enhanced Dexterity
 Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability
 Enhanced Strength
 Enslavement Kiss
 Invisibility
 Life-Force Absorption
 Kiss of Death
 Malleable Anatomy/Shapeshifting
 Mental Inducement/Mental Manipulation
 Desire Inducement
 Natural Weaponry
 Claw Retraction
 Enhanced Bite
 Prehensile Tail
 Pheromone Manipulation
 Sexual Inducement
 Subliminal Seduction/Seductive Magnetism
 Supernatural Beauty
 Wing Manifestation

Weapons: Charm, wit, silver tongue, swords, red rose.

Strengths: Hypnosis
 Illusion Manipulation

Some incubus cannot engage in sexual intercourse with other males (even if they desire to), for fear of fatality.
 May be overpowered by Angelic Physiology or other holy powers.

Background: A playboy of his age, Vicomte de Valmont was one of the most scandalous men that roamed French society. Loved by many and hated by the tight assed mothers of the debutant virgins. He was all about conquest, how to peel back the petals of any ripe virgin and teach her shocking ways in how to please the men in their lives. An Ambassador now in Hell, he moves between the Seven Kingdoms, and helps to settle disputes, give advice on how to deal with the Princes many women from Kingdom to town, and also is known to sell secrets for a price.

Theme song : Love me in black – Doro


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