“Let’s play a game” – SS

Scene setting : Greed Castle

co-written with Moo, Temp & Dessy.


Temp:  Nami looked at the three people in front of her, clueless as to who they were. None of them seemed ordinary, that much was clear. The first one to talk to her quickly got on her nerves, due to her criticizing her methods. She was rather bold in her attempt, but she was still quite sneaky to be able to get where she was so easily. Nami was about the send a middle finger the woman’s way, until the cat creature went and patted her head. She grumbled at the action, wanting nothing more than to punch the guy in the face. Violence wasn’t going to get her anywhere though, so she stood still and chose not to make a damn move. “Serin…” The word was spoken very lightly, but she knew that it would be audible to one person in particular. She hadn’t wanted to cause any problems for Serin and Oroan, but it seemed she had no choice. For now she would stay still, refusing to say another word. Once Serin and Oroan showed up…she’d make a move.


Moo:  “She’s taking too long,” Serin muttered to herself. Currently, she had her back against the pillar, staring down at the cobblestone at the tips of her shoes while her thumb and index finger met her lips. She seemed to be biting her fingertip with anticipation and nervousness.

Oroan made low noise, though she hadn’t heard any word in particular being muttered. “Inconvenient little–”

The demon master suddenly stepped forward, spinning to face the castle. “She’s in trouble.”

“Get back,” Oroan hissed. “Guards are everywhere!” A grumble followed as he peered around the stones he leaned against.

“I heard her! She’s in trouble!” The contract made between demon and master allowed for a variety of little tricks and connections. Telepathy was included, or better known as mind-link. Something the pair shared during their battles. It explained how fluently they moved with one another, and how they seemed to come to the same conclusions while working in defensive modes. It happened that Nami also allowed the ability in her contract, though it was much, much more limited.
But how would the pair get to her? Running for the door certainly wasn’t going to be the answer, as guards marched in front of it every few minutes, and it was likely more were waiting on the other side. Serin pursed her lips, thinking as quickly as she could. Any forced entry would result in the trio being put in danger. So why not walk in as guests? She fingered a small buzzer that happened to be on the pillar she’d been leaning against. Oops.

“What are you-?” Oroan’s question was cut off with a sharp shh! and he growled under his breath. “Who knows how many of those shit-heads Nami has gathered. And we’re just going to waltz right in…” Another sound was made to silence him. This time she waved her hand in front of her quickly, as if zipping his lips for him. Then she would wait for a reply.
Either this would serve as a distraction for Nami, or the two would be escorted inside, only to be added to Mammon’s shit list.


Razorbackwriter:  “What did she say?” Lydia asked, when she barely could make out the name that the small thief had just given up. The Demoness of Ambition looked back at Mariela and asked. “Well?” Scar was still admiring the little thief, sniffing her like she was on the night’s menu. The alp had a thing for feisty little creatures such as this one. She may not have had the biggest tits he had ever seen, but she was gutsy in how she stood there before Lydia and Mariela. Lydia reached for the jeweled chalice and turned it around with a light spin of her wrist. It was one of Mammon’s favorite possessions and had been in the family for years. Even Lydia knew that this was the chalice he had drank from each and every night. That was until his untimely demise. She tapped the side of the chalice, then lowered her gaze to the creature before her.

“How bold you are, to think you can steal from the Castle Greed? I mean, it shows you know so little about how things work here.” Lydia said, now starting to pace back and forth as she considered just how to deal with the thief who had been caught red handed. Handing the chalice to Scar, Lydia then came up with a cunning way on how to deal with the thief.

“Tell you what. I propose a little game. If you win, you go free. if you lose….I cut off your hands, so that you will never steal again.”

Greed : Front entrance

The buzzing sound alerted the guards who had been patrolling the front gates since Castle Greed was still on high alert after the fall of Mammon. There was much that could be gained from a raiding party, if they chose to attack. Though Mammon did put measures in place to assure that if anyone tried to mount an offensive, that they were in for a really bad time. Hell hounds were known to be all over the castle ground. A treasured animal and servant of the Prince of Greed. But even with his passing, the power of Greed had been consumed by Lydia, and so the hell hounds would serve her just as faithfully.

Two large guards, in full suits or armor and carrying large battle axes approached the main gate and thick columns where Oroan and Serin were.

“What do you two want?” The first guard asked gruffly, while the other one simply drooled through the mouth grill of his helm.



Nami was getting annoyed with these people more and more as time went on. At the rate this was going she was going to have to do something drastic to escape. Serin and Oroan were not able to help her as quickly as she needed, which meant she would have to do something about this herself. Before she was able to try anything, she was presented with ‘a game’. “Fine.” What else could she really say? ‘Fine, you ugly old hag.’ That came to mind, but that probably wouldn’t have a positive effect.


Dessy:  Mariela watched Lydia, noticing how angry she was. Mariela knew this was the time she should keep her mouth shut. Mariela titled her head again at the small girl. “She is not a thing, Scar. She is a person. A very mischievous person, at that..” she said, putting her hands behind her. “She’s cute, yes, but the cute one’s are the one’s you always watch out for.” she said, looking at Scar and motioning for him to step away from her. “Leave her alone, Scar.” she then said. Mariela looked over at Lydia then and shrugged. “I couldn’t understand her, Lydia.” she said. She stayed silent as Lydia spoke and paced and forth. Mariela had to admit, she was a bit scared of Lydia when she was angry – which is why she stayed so quiet this entire time. But when Lydia mentioned a “game”, and cutting off her hands, then Mariela spoke. “Don’t you think that’s a little harsh, Lydia? I don’t think cutting off her hands will help anything. Can’t we just simply lock her away or give her a warning, instead of doing something extreme like cutting off her hands?” she stated her opinion. Poor Mariela, much too good-natured and nice to be in a place like Hell. That niceness would surely get her killed.


Moo:  Both bodies had straightened after Serin’s finger made contact with the buzzer. It lingered there only for a moment until two guards appeared. Serin ignored the drooling, keeping a steady gaze on the more intelligent of the two. “I have urgent news… I must report it to Mammon.” Hopefully this would be enough to get through the gates. She would stare intently at the first guard without so much as a bat of the eye.
Oroan simply stood there with his arms crossed, only a foot behind her. Just in case things turned ugly quickly. Because Nami was Serin’s first priority, it would most likely cause recklessness from his demon master. “It’s about Gluttony,” he added in a gruff voice. Because he had worked under the prince, he knew the relationship between Baal and Mammon. Sharing information with each other was natural, so the gates were expected to open in the next moment.


Razorbackwriter:  Lydia had her mind made up, or so she thought. To make the thief pay for her attempt to steal the prized jeweled chalice of Mammon. However, she wasn’t counting on Mariela’s protest. Saying that it was an extreme punishment to cut the girl’s hands off for her crime. Lydia was about to come up with the game, but on looking back at Mariela and seeing the look on her face – the disappointment, Lydia then pouted. It was like…Mariela’s goodness had an affect upon the Demon of Ambition.

“She is a thief. There are laws against such things, even in Hell.” This was Lydia’s argument for her case, but the more she spoke, the more upset Mariela looked. Scar was peering from behind the thief and wondering just why Lydia was having to defend her actions. It was odd to see her like this. Truth be told, Lydia already had a lot on her mind…and her plate. Dealing with the little thief was on the bottom of her list of priorities.

“Alright…alright. Maybe..the whole cutting off her hands thing was extreme. Fine. YOU deal with the thief. I have invitations to write out. Come on Scar.” At that, Lydia left the thief in the capable hands of Mariela, as she headed up to her chambers to start writing out the invitations to the masked ball she had planned. Scar looked back at Mariela and smirked, before sneering at the little thief.

Front Gate

“I have urgent news… I must report it to Mammon.” One of the pair said to the guard, only to have the guards look at each other and both shrug. They knew Mammon was dead, but it was obvious that this pair didn’t. “It’s about Gluttony,” At the word of Gluttony, the guards then thought this must be important news for the Princess, Lydia. They were probably going to regret this, but then decided to lead the pair into the main throne room, where they would only find Mariela and the little thief.

“People here about Gluttony.” The first guard said to Mariela, nudging Oroan forward.




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