Santa’s Fire truck.


Kids in pyjamas line the street

Wearing cotton to beat the heat

We hear the sound of the fire truck’s blast

Expectant families all wait on the grass

Every year just around five,

that is when Santa Claus will arrive.

It’s tradition in many an Outback town

and kids with dogs chase the fire truck down.

The truck is decorated with tinsel and foil,

flashing it’s lights, flags fluttering.

There is Santa, way up on top

Waving to the crowds

tossing lollies down to all the kids;

while Mum and Dad watch on from the front porch.







One thought on “Santa’s Fire truck.

  1. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    Love this post. I have a lot of fabulous Aussie friends and it always tickle me we live so opposite. It is really funny to me to think of Christmas as a beach holiday. It reminds me of our Fourth of July celebrations.


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