I can’t understand

nor comprehend

the horrors on the TV

the sadness, the grief.






Lives cut short

A generation lost

It’s so unfair

Yet there are no answers

Can you tell me why?

This is a time of joy

Of peace and good will to all

yet here we sit

watching madness take hold




4 thoughts on “Why?

  1. There is no answer to this question – or, the best that can be given is a statistical and psychological analysis that will benefit no one. The best answer anyone can give to the question you wonder is: So That We Can Together, As A People, Build Up Our Hope, so that even this tragedy will not overcome it. Our Spirit and Our Hope must prevail. It is a fight, daily, and the Light must win. Though we all entertain dark notions at times, and more often write of stories, fictions and not, that involve both good and evil, everyone at heart wants the good to win, for the overarching battle for society. The Why here is honestly just another battle between hope and despair, and the answer is this: So That We May Carry On The Stronger.

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