RPC – Joel Martin : Blood City Series.

Name: Joel Martin.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 24 years.
Sexuality: Bi-sexual.


Personality: Reserved, discreet, aloof, curious; yet in a disarming way.
District: Orago.
Occupation: English Teacher at Acalo School.
Family: Sister – Beatrice Martin
Likes: Reading, Shakespeare, Comic books, coffee shops, smoking.
Dislikes: Loud people, bad service, liars, smelly cabs, students with late homework.


Appearance: Sandy coloured unkempt hair, Joel has silver grey eyes and wears light metal frame glasses. Approximately, 5’10” in height, he tends to prefer to dress in a smart casual fashion. Usually Joel is caught wearing a cotton shirt with vest and light coloured slacks. He also has a fascination for bow ties. He could pass for your average guy about town, but he has a certain air of mystery about him. Joel carries a brown leather satchel with him wherever he goes, but it is years old – well worn with a strange emblem on the flap.

Bio: Joel Martin lives with his only sister, Beatrice in a small two bedroom apartment in the Orago district that belonged to their parents. Joel makes the daily journey to Acalo to teach English classes to the upper grades. A man of simple means, he is something of a closed book – Joel associates with only a handful of people; preferring to spend his time either at the library or at one of the many coffee houses or cafes when not at the school. He is often seen seated alone in a booth, with his attention fixated on whatever it is that he is reading. Brooding grey eyes offer little to what lay behind them. He trusts few, and those he does have to earn it.


6 thoughts on “RPC – Joel Martin : Blood City Series.

  1. hey that is quirky. I once worked with a joel martin who was bisexual and had done a stint teaching history at a public high school. is it hot where you are? we are having another day of 37 c tmrw.

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