Looking at the world a little differently.


With all the horror that fills our screens with news around the world of the terror being inflicted on average people, I want to remind you all that its what we don’t see – the good things people do that should be promoted.  There is more good in the world, if only we embraced it.  This ad by Coca cola pretty much sums up how I feel.  Shine a light on the good things in the world.  Unite against fear and extremism.


6 thoughts on “Looking at the world a little differently.

  1. I choose to believe that the reason the media tends to focus on the terrible,horrible things in this world is because it interests people. To me, this is a sign that there is more good in the world than bad. What I mean is, for the most part, people’s lives must be o.k. or mostly decent and relatively untouched by heinous crimes – if their lives were non-stop horror and awful things, then they certainly wouldn’t want to see or hear about such things in the media. The fact that people do want to see awful things in the media is because they aren’t experiencing it themselves, so it is interesting to them.

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    • I can agree with you, that bad things do interest others. News does let us know of unfortunate events, and in some cases its the only way to find out what happened in parts of the world that affect us. Its just so sad at the moment. I hate dwelling on the negative. I want to believe in the good of people..


  2. it certainly has been the sagittarius moon and saturn clashing… so sad for Paris… All the good people are always there regardless. Hail all the emergency services people, the firies,the paramedics, nurse, doctors without borders, the national guard, the SALVOS, RED CROSS ( and other like minded people) , the guy who has a food van in sydney out of his own $$$. you know who they are THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE .

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