Nothing serious – GS.

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Scene setting:  Elissa’s Apartment.

co-written with VunG.



The next morning

Elissa woke to the feeling of her painkillers wearing off. It wasn’t a great surprise, in fact she fully expected this to happen, though she was hoping she would just wake up beforehand instead. Wincing as she slowly rose from her bed, she actually had to pause to catch her breath before actually heading off. Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was seven o’clock in the morning. Ugh… she didn’t know what was worse, that she’d slept in or that she felt like she needed more sleep than that. Getting up with a grunt, she quietly went ahead and made the journey from her bedroom to the bathroom, stepping as softly as possible to avoid waking Tommy. She had woken up once before during the night, partially to get another painkiller in her, and partially to change into hernightgown, but she had basically been running on autopilot and hadn’t realized that he’d passed out, or even that the TV was on. It was kind of adorable actually, the TV still quietly doing its thing, news currently on while he silently snoozed on the couch. Smiling softly, she went ahead and grabbed a blanket from her room and brought it over to him, laying it on him as gently as possible to avoid waking him.

After that she promptly went ahead and take care of her morning requirements, especially those damn painkillers. Eventually she’d make her way over to the kitchen and begin making herself some cereal and start fixing both of them a pot of coffee.


Razorbackwriter:  The new morning had finally dawned and while Elissa had been up for sometime, Tommy had slept in. He had found the couch to be more comfortable than his own bed at home and kicked his feet up. The blanket that Elissa had draped on him during the night was now half hanging on the floor, but Tommy had one part gripped tightly within his hand. The sound of Elissa going through her morning routine caused Tommy to stir and he smacked his lips as he slowly opened his eyes. Naturally the surrounds at first were unfamiliar and this caused him to sit up with a bit of a fright. Only when he smelt the coffee that Elissa was making, did he rouse to the fact of where he was. Looking down at himself, he was disgusted to find that he was still wearing the same clothes, now for three days straight. Tommy grimaced and threw back the blanket, feeling like a bum. “Morning.” Tommy’s voice had an extra deepness to it as his throat was dry. First things first, he needed a shower…and a shave. Getting up off the couch, he dug into his pockets for his car keys. Thankfully Tommy kept a bag in his car with a change of clothes and a shaving kit. He was like a boy scout in that affect, that he liked to be prepared. Mumbling that he was going to go grab his bag of clothes from his car, Tommy ducked out of Elissa’s apartment and headed down to where his car was parked, to get his gear.

This might have confused Elissa if she had not heard what he had said.

No sooner had he gone, Tommy was back and instead of going into the kitchen, the reporter went straight into the bathroom and shut the door. A shower was a welcome relief, as Tommy cared a great deal about his appearance. Frank might have been able to go a few days without changing, but not Tommy. Soon Elissa would hear Tommy’s voice as he started singing in the shower. “Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand……” he wasn’t a bad singer, but his taste in music was totally old school.

Opening the door, Tommy came out in just his towel, and walked into the kitchen still dripping. He smiled warmly at Elissa as he looked about for a coffee cup.

“Now I don’t smell like garbage. Morning to you, Elissa.”

Was he going to have his coffee before he got dressed. With another towel he rubbed his wet hair. it was like having a large dog in her kitchen. He was dripping everywhere.



VunG:  Elissa looked up from her bowl as Tommy began the laborious process of waking up, though otherwise continued to eat, even beginning to gather up a newspaper as she started up her day. As he greeted her, she gave him a smile and nodded calmly, signing a ~Good morning~ of her own before continuing her breakfast. Of course, she was kind of oblivious to him being a bit rank, for whatever reason she’d gained a bit of a tolerance for smells, though perhaps that had to do with her being a bit of a bachelorette herself. She indeed caught his mumbling, and scoffed lightly as he went on out. Actually… she should probably look into taking a shower too; she was a little more diligent than him, but it had been a wee bit. Though… her stitches put a wrinkle in that plan. Suppose she could sponge herself off, even if that didn’t give the satisfaction of a shower it would get the job done. Shrugging it off, she supposed she could just put on some deodorant and take care of it when she didn’t have guests.

She would continue reading as Tommy went about showering, mouthing along with him as he sang, a wide smile on her face at just how silly this was. Truth be told, she was right with him on the older tastes in music, though she also enjoyed a lot of modern metal and some of whatever Hans Zimmer’s genre was. Once he came out, she gave him yet another repeated nod, initially not paying much attention and not reacting in the slightest to his effectively nude state. Though, once she did, she did a double-take and her eyes promptly locked on the model’s body, a blush immediately coming to her cheeks. Dayumn! Just… dayumn! He was quite the looker! Heck, she didn’t even notice he was dripping; it just threw her off so much to look up to suddenly behold smoking hot guy in a towel just standing in her kitchen getting coffee like they were common law or some shit. She made no effort to hide that she was looking at first, and even once she recovered she gave him a smug smirk and leaned forward from the little bar on the other side of the kitchen. ~I wasn’t aware I invited a stripper,~ she teased lightly, obviously not upset in the slightest. Hell, if she thought she’d have gotten to see someone like that, she’d have put on something a little more lacy, give him a bit of a show to make it a fair trade. Elissa wasn’t promiscuous or anything, but she kind of had the jock mentality of being more than willing to joke and banter about such things.



“A stripper?” Tommy couldn’t help but laugh about that random comment. He glanced down to see the small puddles of water on the floor, and then he looked up at Elissa with a crooked smirk. “If you wanted a show, all you had to do was ask.” With that he turned around and then dropped his towel on the wet spot, giving a little wiggle of his backside before strutting back to the bathroom to find his change of clothes. Would this have left her with a jaw dropper? Maybe. He had great buns. It was little wonder he was a part time underwear model.

More singing came from the bedroom as he changed into a smart shirt and trousers. His dirty clothes he put back in the bag he brought up from the car. He would need to drop that into Wong’s Dry Cleaners on the way home. Tommy rarely did his own laundry. You could probably pass him for a SNAG (sensitive new age guy), but he had some habits that were a bit strange to say the least – like parading before Elissa in just a towel. The poor girl, what was she thinking?

Re emerging, looking a lot more like the Tommy that Elissa knew, he came back into the kitchen and picked up the wet towel from the floor. Tommy was more of a morning person by all accounts. He had a cheeky way about him once he had had a cup of coffee. Noting that Elissa had cereal for breakfast, Tommy asked. “Got any fruit?” The reporter loved fruit for breakfast. He also liked bacon and eggs, but he didn’t want to put Elissa out.




VunG:  Elissa laughed in turn with Tommy’s response, fully intending for him to just move along or perhaps just tease her a bit about it. Not that she would’ve minded that, in fact she would’ve been more than capable of responding. Instead, though, she wound up with her mouth agape as Tommy dropped his towel and strutted away, her eyes glued firmly on his posterior. She… actually had no response, no witty comeback, all she could think to do was, just as he was about to enter the bathroom, do quick wolf whistle. Of course immediately she regretted that and smacked her face, beet red with embarrassment.

It wasn’t like there was anything wrong with looking at a good looking fellow, because Tommy was DEFINITELY fine, it just felt a little odd having someone parading around like that after only recently meeting them. Heh, at this rate if neither of them asked the other out on a date by the end of this whole mess she’d be shocked; because very honestly she liked his company even excluding the hot buns.

By the time he came out, she had finished and rinsed her cereal and was still beet red, though smiling so at the very least it was obvious she didn’t mind so much. She didn’t really classify as a morning person or a non-morning person, she was mostly just neutral about mornings and woke up at a steady curve. That said, this weirdness had gotten her moving farfaster than any coffee could. At his request for fruit, she looked up cheekily and signed with a wicked grin, ~I’m pretty sure I saw some berries hanging around,~ her eyes pointing low towards his waist before chuckling and shaking her head and walking over to her fridge. Reaching in, she pulled out a pair of braeburn apples and lobbed one over to him, biting into hers with a relaxed smile as she leaned calmly on the counter. She actually wasn’t entirely certain herself if she was really being flirty or just generally coy, but at this point she was just having a lot of fun with Tommy. Chuckling at a thought, she signed with her tongue briefly sticking out playfully, “I hope for our sake you don’t have a girlfriend, otherwise we are both dead.~


Razorbackwriter:  Tommy heard that wolf whistle. So, she did appreciate a nice butt. This made Tommy’s ego inflate slightly as he yelled out “I heard that’ When Tommy had come back into the kitchen, Elissa had already cleaned up her cereal bowl and was all too happy to tell him that she had seen some berries hanging about. “Oh ha ha.” Tommy picked up on the innuendo real quick, and the idea that she would call them berries made him step up to the plate. “More like kiwi fruit.” Yup, slightly rounded and hairy, but a lot larger than berries. This was said with a firm nod, like he knew his anatomy far better than she did.“Should have given you a frontal view, but that costs extra.” Elissa would be able to see the twinkle in his eyes as he was getting a good amount of amusement from their playful banter.

Catching the braeburn apply on the fly, Tommy took a big bite out of his apple – chewing noisily as he waited for a comeback that he was sure to be solid gold. The girl was as quick as they came and there was nothing he admired more than a girl with a sharp mind and sense of fun. A little bit of apple juice was running down his chin as he took another bite and mused over her comment about hoping he didn’t have a girlfriend. Their playing around, though not yet physical was bordering on getting sexual. Seeing the poking of her tongue following the signing, Tommy moved closer towards Elissa. He had a flirtatious look about his features, and being so close she was sure to smell the musk of his scent mixed with his after shave. “No one’s about to die. I don’t have a girlfriend, well nothing serious. One girl likes to cook for me.” He said with a shrug. So….he was available. Then he went for the kill. “You’re blushing.” His eyes focused directly on hers.“’s kinda sexy.”



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