Tea and Biscuits – BC.

Scene setting : The Peach Cafe – Blood City.

co-written with Temp and Gene.

Temp:  What in the world was this place? There had been a fair bit of knowledge given to Selina by her Grimoire about this time period, but none of it really clicked with her. Gigantic stone buildings littered the area around her, and large metal rectangles moved at high speeds down large paved roads. None of this was even possible in the time that she knew so well, but that time had long since passed. Centuries had gone by while she slept within her sealed crystal, and for some reason she was now awake and in this strange land. Her Grimoire, Tallulah, had explained that the crystal had opened due to her own powers leaking from within, but it still explained so little. Her purpose in life had completely changed, as had her very persona. There were now two very different sides of her, one which was extremely vile, and one that was very confused and timid. The latter was what she was experiencing right now, though earlier she had been her true self. In a way, her ‘dormant’ form had a personality and mind of its own, one which disliked the ‘awakened’ form and it’s methods. Unfortunately, the awakened form was her true self, while her dormant form was something that managed to form during her slumber. Her goals and life were conflicted and a mess, but she at least had the resolve to continue with this new chance at life. She only hoped she could keep her true self at bay as much as possible.

After exploring the city for a fair bit of time, Selina found herself to be rather worn out. Her belly ached, her throat was dry, and her legs ached from the extensive amount of walking. None of the wordings on buildings really made much sense to her, so trying to find some place to rest was proving difficult. Until she stumbled upon a place called ‘The Peach Cafe’. Cafe seemed familiar to her, and if she remembered correctly it was place that she could actually utilize. Her small body eventually stepped into the cafe, where she found herself to be the new center of everyone’s attention. Everyone seemed to be staring at her. Perhaps it was because of what she looked like? Nobody here was dressed even remotely similar to her. Her eyes drooped down towards Tallulah, who was being firmly held against her chest with both of her arms.“Tallulah, would thou be so kind as to dilate wherefore these people art staring at me?” The cat plushy in her arms didn’t make a sound, and due to her very odd wording combined with her speaking to an apparent toy, she drew in even more reactions. “Prithee, doth not look at me like I am some strange creature.” She spoke lightly as she shot a rather weak glare out at the people around her, but somehow managed to get them to look away. Once their stares were gone she let out a weak sigh, and walked over towards the nearest seat. There were two people behind her that were talking, but she payed them no mind, and instead raised her hand into the air. She held it there for a good minute, as if expecting some kind of reaction from someone. After getting no response whatsoever, she cleared her throat with a loud ‘AHEM’, and wiggled her hand while staring at one of the waitresses. “Colours me! I require thy services! I desire tea and biscuits!” Ordering what she wanted wasn’t even something she could get right. Tallulah would be facepalming over and over again if it weren’t for the curious eyes of the humans around her.



It came as as a delight when Ava was allowed to sit. When she brought up the matter that she went to the Acalo school, Ava saw no signs of any emotion letting her know whether she was welcomed for not. Joel had sighed before – it was unknown to Ava the real reason behind it – though she only took it as him not really wanting to talk. The proceeding moments were awkward. Her eyes shifted to the objects on the table and then the photographs on the wall, waiting for him to talk. When he did, Ava couldn’t help but smile in relief. More so, he knew who she was. The thought of excusing herself and leaving crossed her mind seconds before he spoke. As long as Joel gave the impression he didn’t mind her presence, Ava would stay.

“We have crossed paths on occasion at the school, but as yet you are in none of my classes.”

Ava nodded in agreement, “I’ve heard a few things about you,” Her glance moved to his muffin, then back again as she quickly added, “Good things,”

Her composure had been engulfed with formality. She sat, with her legs crossed, back straight, and hands clasped on her lap. A smile was plastered to her face, next to her soft features. Ava ran a hand through her hair, moving it away from her face. No matter how natural Ava appeared, her eyes revealed her current mannerisms to be nothing but fake; the practice of being formal and polite was something she was forced to do time and time again.

“I imagined a girl like you would travel in a pack.”

Ava blinked in an initial response to what he said. Was that the impression she gave to those who didn’t know her? Perhaps it was true; she ought to have a close friends with whom she’d do everything with. Reality was not like that. Since all the students knew one another since they were kids, everyone quickly knew one another. When puberty came, Ava wasn’t deemed ‘good enough’ to be integrated into a close group of friends or a pack.

Ava hesitated, before she finally managed to reply, “It isn’t really my sort of thing,” Her reply had been well thought out and it might have been obvious to anyone she wasn’t revealing the true reason.

All the while, Ava remained oblivious to Selina’s arrival. She was positioned so she had no view of the entrance and consequentially Selina’s arrival. Despite Ava noticing others looking at something, she decided not to be rude and seem as though she wasn’t interested in conversing with Joel. Though, Ava couldn’t deny she was curious. It took all of her willpower not to turn around. However, if Joel made any mention to the new arrival, Ava would proceed to look. If not, she’d hear Selina calling to a waitress.

Either way, her formality would trickle away from her face upon seeing Selina. What in the world was the girl wearing? Her attire looked old; not just old by a few years, but by centuries. And what was up with the way she was speaking? Ava stared, her mind replaying what the girl had said.

“Is she,” Ava paused, thinking of the word, “Cosplaying?” She continued when the term came to her mind, “Why in here?” Even though Ava was speaking aloud, she was speaking to herself instead of Joel; Ava usually found it helpful to think aloud.



Body language says a great deal about the person, and it was clear from the way that Ava presented herself before Joel that she had been raised by someone that taught her manners and etiquette – especially in her posture. Back straight, and with hands in her lap. Ava’s dress gave Joel cause to wonder about her family; the Blackbane. One of the more influential in the city. With money comes power and influence, and yet this girl’s nature was a tad off from what he had come to expect. It was why he had made the blunt observation about how he imagined this girl’s social habits to be. Joel’s eyes followed Ava’s as she stared at various objects in a way to pass the time through the uneasy silence. This gave Joel the time to study her like she was a museum piece. It was amazing what one learns if they are truly observant. We often say more without having said a word. What was surprising however, was when Ava commented that she had seen him about the school too, and had heard things. This intrigued Joel, till she mentioned that she had heard good things.

“Really? Are you certain about that?” Here he was questioning her about such rumors. Joel was something of an enigma – a lone wolf. Not one to dilly dally in the daily lives of his contemporaries, or his students. He only took on students to tutor who showed patience and a will to learn – something lacking in most of the students at the school. At this point Joel’s grey eyes turned to the shade of a oncoming summer storm – drilling the girl’s as he continued. “Don’t always believe what you hear, Miss Blackbane.” Would this come off as a kind of warning?

Another pause in the conversation, only to be broken when Ava managed to say that travelling in a pack was not her sort of thing. At this, Joel raised his right hand to his chin and stroked it idly as though contemplating her words. Was she truly different from the other girls of her age? He had not seen any other students from the school in the cafe, so perhaps she did prefer her own company. But why? Tapping his cheek twice, he was about to say something when suddenly there was a ruckus being created what could be be described as a girl that looked as though she had stepped off the set of Downtown Abby. But it was not just her clothes that caused Joel to suddenly take his eyes off Ava, but how the girl spoke – and who she spoke to. A cat plushy held tightly within her arms. The young teacher moved his left arm to be draped over the back of the booth, as he candidly turned his head towards the newest customer to the cafe. His grey eyes trailed up and down the girl, taking in the outfit and he could not help but smirk. The girl was quite petite, but her accent. She was not from the city. The girl looked lost.

“Prithee, doth not look at me like I am some strange creature.”

Now normally when a person speaks, it is only interesting if it is addressed to them, but Joel was fascinated – oddly enough by how the young girl addressed the crowd. Instructing them not to stare at her as though she was a circus attraction. But could she not see, that it was the mix of her voice and her wardrobe that brought such attention? Even Ava could not hold back, and wondered out loud if the girl was cosplaying. At first Joel shrugged his shoulders lightly, his head turning just long enough to say. “Well if she is, she has a very good tailor.” The period clothes looked authentic. But Joel’s head snapped back so he found himself staring at the girl when she sang out; “Colours me! I require thy services! I desire tea and biscuits!”

~Tea and biscuts? Colour me?~ These words were definitely not said by some juvenile cosplayer. Keeping an act up like this took either great dedication, or madness. “Why in here?” The whispering of Ava continued, though she was not addressing Joel. Again thinking out loud. Was Ava not used to company?

The waitresses all huddled together, as though they were frightened to even approach the girl. They whispered to each other, pointing fingers, and one girl shook her head as though to say she was not going to go serve the weirdly dressed girl. Seeing this reaction, Joel raised his arm slightly and snapped his fingers.

“The girl wishes to have tea and biscuits.” His facial expression became cold…almost glacial as he stared at the girls with a menace that could not be hidden. “Now.” That word….Now, sent the girls scurrying to make a pot of tea and find a nice size cookie. Joel frequented this Cafe often and he was known to the manager. The last thing the girls wanted to do was upset him. Quickly, one girl came to Selina’s table and placed down a small tray, that had the tea pot, cup and saucer along with a little milk jug. A couple of shortbread cookies were on another plate and by the smell of them you could tell they were freshly made. The girl waited to be paid, but this was when Joel took out his wallet and handed the girl a ten dollar bill. “Keep the tip.” The waitress bobbed her head and hurried away, giving Joel the opportunity to speak to the strange looking girl. “Enjoy.”

Now the girl had her tea and biscuits, maybe she would be quiet and Joel could go back to his studies. Only thing was he forgot about Ava – who was still sitting opposite him. He picked up his coffee cup gently and took a sip, only to say afterwards.

“You were saying?”


Dinner and a show – SS.

Scene setting: The House of Red Velvet – SS.

co-written with Artie, Moo, and Temp.


Artie:  Bandit had already begun to be doubtful of this whole ordeal, now worried for her health and well-being. Though – if anything involved putting a collar on her, how would it have been good to begin with? She only held onto the small sliver of hope that it was loose enough to take off, though tight enough to not notice.. Though as they came to the table, Bandit’s eyes met that of her old master’s. Fear did not come to her, instead she felt anger and disgust. “Hope is all you have, after all.” This was a slight jab at his hope of getting his princess love that she had stolen from him.. this gave her pride, as it showed in her straightened posture and straight face. “I should have expected this. Seems you can’t get away from old loves, hmm?” The female would then sneer right back, before looking at him and spitting at his feet. She held no honor for this man – to her, he was the scum of the Earth. Anyone who claimed rights over another was absolute trash.. and thus, he was.

The ring did help her hangover, her head much clearer now.. perhaps it prevented drunkness as well? “Alright, let me go, I’ll be on my way out, soon. Clearly, this buffoon doesn’t know what he’s doing.” And so, Bandit would roll her eyes at Raul, turning to Eva and shaking herself from the other blonde’s grip. The thief would merely scoff again, displeased as she turned away from the warlock. Was he really worth her eyes’ time?


Temp:  Roxanne had a feeling that Narcissa would also agree to the ‘request’ from Pride, and was soon proven right. It seemed that the Lab would now have a steady supply of corpses and funds, which could only be considered a good thing. Now that this situation was settled she could get back to eating. She went ahead and continued to enjoy her meal, not really paying much attention to anything going on around her. Her eyes wandered up and away from her food, now focused on the Doctor. It seemed that he wanted to dance with her, something which she hadn’t expected…but was actually excited about. Instead of speaking her thoughts, she bounced up and down in her seat and nodded excessively. She wanted to make it clear to him that she was happy about this.

Eva had a feeling that her presence would be made clear in good time, and sure enough it was. It took very little time for Raul to approach her and Bandit. “Swapped out the gift wrap for a quick and personal delivery.” There was actually a bow tie that she was going to put on Bandits head, but she looked crappy enough as it is. Walking around like someones precious pet wasn’t going to do her or Eva any good, so she decided against it. The words that the two were sharing meant nothing to her, but she kept her eyes on them both regardless. Obviously they had some sort of history, though she did not wish to know it. Her job was done. She nudged Bandit towards Raul when she turned to face her, keeping her Makarov pointed at her while she did so. “Job’s done then, me and my men will come by some other time…something important just came up.” The rest of the money that she was owed would likely be delivered to her in time. Raul didn’t seem like a fool, so crossing her would likely not happen. With her work done and her statement made, she holstered her weapon and turned to walk away. The crowd blocking her path was rather irritating, but she wouldn’t make a scene. Unless she was needed for something else she would now leave the building.


Moo:  Narcissa jumped from her seat quickly, nodding excitedly at the Doctor. Not a moment was wasted while she turned on her heels to the buffet table, where she would pile her plate with a variety of food. None of it would be wasted, so long as it tasted good! Employees stood about the table, describing the different delicacies. The monster didn’t care. She stepped around them and grabbed a handful of whatever, ignoring the tongs and looks that were shot her way. She was smiling happily, completely oblivious. “Food, food, food~!” she chanted while she practically skipped back to the table.
Narcissa’s plate was set on the table and she sat down, immediately picking up a particular meat to bite into. “..YUM!” She hummed merrily to herself while she chewed, pausing to swallow and take another bite. The plate would certainly be cleaned in no time.


Razorbackwriter:  “Job’s done then, me and my men will come by some other time…something important just came up.” The leader of the Anarchy Division announced, after giving Bandit a good little nudge not to try anything stupid. Raul seemed to be amused by Bandit’s crass spirit, and her spitting only left a slight smear on the floor at his feet. His luminous green eyes did catch sight of the collar around Bandit’s neck and this only made his smile widen. “Indeed it is. By all means, do return at your leisure when you are able to. I look forward to ensuring the entertainment and comfort to you and your men.”The Warlock bowed politely before Eva, then turned his attentions back to the wicked Bandit, who was causing the diamond dogs to snicker and point at her from their places at the table. Already they could see that the night was going to be even more lively than it had been before. The Warlock snapped his fingers sharply, which caused the collar around Bandit’s neck to tighten to a point where she would not be able to get her fingers between her flesh and the leather. That done, the Warlock then approached the girl, his masculine scent mixed with that of the cigar smoke and cologne worn.


“I see you are sober, my little Bandit. How amusing. When I found you you were…how shall we say; well and truly wasted. You barely struggled as I took you. Sexual pursuits in a dark alley has a certain hedonistic charm to it, don’t you think?”

The Warlock walked around her slowly, then using his index finger he used it to press to her flesh and make her turn to view another table in the House of Red lust. A gentleman was seated opposite another red headed beauty and he was feeding her chocolate covered strawberries. She slowly licked away at the chocolate, teasing it with her tongue as the skirt of the table moved with the obvious signs that they were doing more than playing footsies. The man…looked familiar. Very familiar. In fact….he was the man of her dreams.

“What I liked was when you let me drink your nectar in the brothel. Though…you called me a different name. What was it? He tapped his lip as it would become clear that the man at the table looked a lot like Riley. Raul had probed Bandit’s mind enough to know what he looked like…and the collar squirted a small spray of mist towards Bandit’s face to help her see…..what the Warlock did. A mist that helped to trick the mind of the unwilling. The couple at the table were now leaning towards each other, kissing and petting whilst the music swirled and became more decadent in the foreground.

“Oh that’s right. Riley…Riley was his name. You remember…don’t you, my little bandit.”

The Warlock leaned into where Bandit stood, as the couple went to stand, and the courtesan was leading “Riley” off to one of the more private rooms. Riley looked back at Bandit and then he tossed down something on the table, before following the beauty off to the seclusion of a suite.

Watching this and Bandit’s reaction if it was how he would have suspected, the Warlock chuckled and said. “What are you waiting for? Are you going to flee the club….or see your long…lost…love?” The Warlock crossed his arms and waited for her answer.

House of Red Velvet : The Hell’s Kitchen lab table.

Never before had Wilhelm seen Narcissa enjoy herself as much as she appeared to over helping herself to a large serving of different foods from the buffet. It brought a smile to his face, and as he reached for his glass of wine, he raised it to toast his team. “To many nights like this one.”

At this the band struck up a fine tune. Violins playing sharply, and Wilhelm recognized the tune. The Masochism Tango. Grinning, he rose from his seat and walked around it, slipping off his dinner jacket and setting it over the back of the chair. The Good doctor reached for Roxanne’s hand and went to lead her onto the floor, which parted to allow the couple to dance.

https://i0.wp.com/33.media.tumblr.com/d015386150fde6b1645007b1531a5be5/tumblr_ndiufsTyma1tjydheo1_400.gifMeanwhile Igor had finished his hot pocket, and then felt a light tap on his hump. It was Trisha Von Ticka….one of the doctor’s rivals. She sneered at the small hunchback, and in a voice that sounded rather manly, she said.


“WE DANCE!” Igor squeaked as he was ripped out of his chair and led to another part of the floor, where he was practically smothered by Trisha’s hairy bosom as she enveloped him in her arms and began to do her own version of the tango. All one could see was the flailing of Igor’s arm and the prominence of his hump sticking out behind him.





Dedicated to the Writers and Artists of Charlie Hebdo.

We have the chance to turn the pages over
We can write what we want to write
We gotta make ends meet, before we get much older

We’re all someone’s daughter
We’re all someone’s son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?

You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make the noise and make it clear, oh, woah
We’re not gonna sit in silence
We’re not gonna live with fear, oh, woah

This time, we know we all can stand together
With the power to be powerful
Believing we can make it better

Ooh, we’re all someone’s daughter
We’re all someone’s son, oh
Give a look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun

You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make the noise and make it clear, oh, woah
We’re not gonna sit in silence
We’re not gonna live with fear, oh, woah

Ooh, we’re all someone’s daughter
We’re all someone’s son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun?

You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make the noise and make it clear, oh, woah
We’re not gonna sit in silence
We’re not gonna live with fear, oh, woah

You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make the noise and make it clear, oh, woah
We’re not gonna sit in silence
We’re not gonna live with fear, oh, woah

You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make the noise and make it clear, oh, woah
We’re not gonna sit in silence
We’re not gonna live with fear, oh, woah

You’re the voice, try and understand it
Make the noise and make it clear, oh, woah
We’re not gonna sit in silence
We’re not gonna live with fear, oh, woah

Suspicious – SS.


Scene setting: Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy.


Dessy:  Mariela admired the little cottage they passed by, before entering the doors. There, she saw a gorgeous white haired witch brushing her hair. When she turned around, Mariela gave Tussa a warm smile, before glancing over at Scar at his reaction. “No, I think it’s just you, Scar.” she said with a little grin. Tussa seemed to be looking her over, causing Mariela to purse her lips. Mariela’s blonde hair was in it’s naturally curly state, and her light green eyes were as bright as ever. When Tussa motioned for her to walk over, she walked towards her, looking at Scar when she told the Alp to wait in the waiting room, who seemed really disappointed at not being able to enter the room with them. At the mention of “Hell’s Angels and She Devils”, Scar immediately ran out of the room, causing Mariela to shake her head. “That Alp is something, I swear..”

She then turned to look at Tussa when she spoke. “Well, I’m more of a.. sophisticated person, myself. That’s how I was raised.” she spoke, brushing away a blonde curl. “But Scar seems to want me in something that will make “all the boys jealous”. Or so he says.” she said, giving a shrug. She asked about the “pumpkin carriage deal”, causing her to narrow her eyes in confusion. “No, thank you.” she then said kindly.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar’s reputation preceded him as the white witch knew of his fetishes. In fact, she was kind of surprised that he took the bait of the magazines so easily and managed to keep himself under control. Mariela’s mention that Scar was something, had the white witch simply nod in agreement. “Still trying to figure out what that something is.” Her voice having a richness to it, as she showed Mariela through to the fitting room. In the middle of the room was a small round standing spot, so that the white witch could work around Mariela with ease. The Duchess had knocked back Tussa’s offer about the Cinderella package. In a way, the white witch was kinda happy about that.

“No one knows the end to that fairy tale. Cinders ends up a drunk, who is addicted to online shopping whilst her handsome prince had a shoe fetish. I also think he was a touch gay. Anyways, enough about fractured fairy tales. Let’s make yours a reality.” Tussa said with a firm nod of the head. She spun around and threw open two doors, that revealed an entire warehouse styled chamber of a thousand dresses. There was also an elf sweat shop in back. Not everything Tussa made by the flick of her wrist. She borrowed the idea from Santa. Walking through a few racks, she poked her head out from behind one, and said.“So…sophisticated…and one to make the boys jealous? What are we? The Kingdom of Envy? Eww. Heard about that crowd. “ Turns out Tussa was up on Hell kingdoms gossip. She let out a little tut of the tongue before letting her fingers do the walking between gowns. She needed something that would match Mariela’s golden curls and….light green eyes.

Snapping her fingers, an off the shoulder gown of a delightful shade of jade appeared on a model, who happened to be the same height and colourings as Mariela.

“How’s this?” The white witch asked.




Dessy:  Mariela followed the witch into the fitting room, turning to look at the rows and rows of dresses she had. When she rambled about the Cinderella fairytale, it caused Mariela to look at her and shake her head. Everyone in this kingdom were interesting. “I haven’t actually heard much about the kingdom of Envy, or seen them, for that matter. And I really don’t want to.” she said with a shrug. She watched a model appear, wearing a beautiful off the shoulder, jade colored gown. Mariela walked towards the model to take a look at the dress, giving a light smile. “It’s gorgeous.” she said, continuing to look at the gown. “But, do you think it’s… me?” she then asked out of curiosity.


Razorbackwriter:  The Dress maker sized up the gown that showed an awful lot of leg and then glanced back at Mariela. The young witch questioned if Tussa really thought it suited the girl.“It’s sophisticated…but I don’t think it’s really you. Perhaps I am thinking inside the box. You’re a Duchess, so you should be more regal I suppose.” Tapping her lip, the white haired witch delved further into the racks. You could hear her talking to herself as she moved from rack to rack – picking a dress than disregarding it till finally she found one that she thought was definitely a winner. The white witch then brought out a full gown that had great black feathers that came from one shoulder and also from the waist, with a garland of flowers that made up beautiful design running down one side of the gown. it was simply exquisite and then she spoke a quick incantation that made the dress magically appear on Mariela.


The white witch walked around the small stand that Mariela would have been standing on, and she helped to level out the dress so there were no creases. Tussa then asked Mariela to look in the mirror, to see what she thought.

“Well….is this more you?” She asked.




Dessy:  Mariela watched Tussa look over the dress, glancing over at her every once in a while. “It’s sophisticated…but I don’t think it’s really you. Perhaps I am thinking inside the box. You’re a Duchess, so you should be more regal I suppose.” Tussa spoke, disappearing further into the racks. Yes, a Duchess. Mariela had to remember that that’s what she was now. Not just a simple witch, or a healer – no, she was greater than that. And she needed to remember that. She could hear Tussa talking to herself, and picking up racks then putting them down. While she did this, Mariela took time to look around, messing with a few objects here and there.

Tussa eventually walked back out, holding a gorgeous gown that had feathers on the shoulder and the waist. It also had flowers going down the side, and it was truly a grand dress. Suddenly, the dress magically appeared on her, causing Mariela to give a gasp in shock. She walked onto the small standing, helping Tussa level the dress out. She then turned to the mirror, turning from side to side to get a look. “It’s gorgeous.” she started, before looking at Tussa and giving a nod. “I love it.”


“And so do I.” It was Scar, who was standing in the doorway of the fitting room. He was leaning against the door frame and admiring Mariela in her stunning jade green ball gown. How fitting it was for her, as though the gown was made especially for her diminutive frame. The white witch let out a small laugh at Scar’s boldness. “I thought I told you to stay out.” Tussa said with a small shake of her head. The magazines obviously weren’t enough to keep him occupied. At this, the alp wandered in and gave the white witch a sly wink. “Least I didn’t spy on her while she changed.” Truth was the dressmaker made sure that the younger witch was at no stage in a state of undress.

As Mariela admired herself in the stunning gown, the white witch started to make a list of all the other things that Mariela would need. “Mask….gloves…shoes…purse.” This was written by a floating quill onto a white sheet of parchment as the white witch walked around the girl. “I will make sure that you have all the accessories you need and will have them delivered along with the gown the day of the ball.”

That said, the dress would vanish from Mariela and appear once again on a rack. A couple of Tussa’s staff then wheeled the rack away leaving the trio alone. If Mariela wondered who was paying for this, she never would have imagined. The alp handed Tussa a small bag of coins, which the white witch shook and then pocketed. “I believe we have concluded business today.” Madame Tussa then vanished from the room, leaving Scar alone with Mariela. He turned to her and offered his arm. Again…very out of character.

“Would you allow me to escort you back to your room, Duchess?”



Dessy:  Mariela was startled when she heard Scar’s voice, turning around to see him standing at the doorway. She then shook her head and gave an eye roll. Of course Scar would find a way to enter the room to see her… that was just Scar. She didn’t expect the Alp to stay out when Tussa told him to. Actually, Mariela would been shocked if he had actually stayed out. Hearing that he didn’t spy on her while she was changing caused Mariela to laugh. “I’m glad you like it, Scar.” she then finally said, shaking her head as she turned to look back in the mirror. The dress really was gorgeous. It looked great on Mariela, too. Maybe this masked ball wouldn’t be as bad as Mariela thought. Maybe she was worrying for nothing. She was eventually pulled out of her thoughts by Tussa making a list of the other things she’d need. She gave her a nod, before the dress vanished away from Mariela, Mariela stepping down and turning.

Mariela wondered who was paying for everything. Lydia? No, she didn’t think Lydia even knew she was here with Scar. Herself? That would be more probable than Lydia doing it. Mariela would have never guessed it was Scar. She was going through, naming each person she could think of, until Scar handed Tussa a bag of gold. This caused Mariela to raise her eyebrows in surprise. The Alp sure was being very generous today. Not to mention very kind and gentlemanly… so very out of character, as Mariela gently took his arm. She then began wondering what the Alp could be planning to be so out of character. “You’re being very generous and gentlemanly today, Scar. What are you planning?” she then asked, suspicion clear in her voice as they walked out of the small cottage.


Razorbackwriter:  “Planning? Me? Who do you think I am, Duchess? Lydia?” This was the startled reply that Scar offered, he even put his hand to his chest as though offended. Truth was, he wasn’t really. The Alp gave a little shoulder shrug before blurting. “Not all demons are evil 24/7.” Scar said, continuing to walk along with Mariela. “Half of Hell would kill for a chance to take someone as GORGEOUS as you to the ball. Me? I was the lucky dog that you said yes too. So…I’m kinda happy about that.” So there it was. Scar was being a flattering gentleman……for once.

He had to admit, he did enjoy taking Mariela to the dressmakers and seeing her all frocked up for the ball. Tussa did amazing work when it came to gowns of that nature, her skill being second to none. Now however it was time to escort the young witch back to her chambers so that she could get some decent rest before the ball. There was so much to do and prepare for, but at least her gown and accessories were all taken care of. One thing did run past Scar’s mind, and that was what Lydia was up to. He’s also thought that the Princess would have taken personal care of Mariela, but the woman must have had something big come up.

Running a kingdom was nothing like going about the different parts of hell in her carriage and getting interesting tit bits from strangers and the like. Lydia was now a Princess….and there may well be a high price for that in the end. Karma…had a funny way of dealing with the underhanded. But this was not Scar’s problem. He planned to stick close to Mariela. There was something in the air. A sense of foreboding…Danger. The Alp wouldn’t let on of course, but it made the back of his neck’s hair stand on end. As they reached the Duchess’s apartment, the alp stopped and then bade the girl a good night.

“We should go for walks more often, Mariela. But I bid you…a good night.”

With that he spun on his heel and took off down the hallway to his own place of rest……



Dessy:  Mariela watched Scar as he seemed offended and asked if she thought he was Lydia. This caused her to laugh. “I know not all of them are evil, this just seems very unlike you.” she said, continuing to watch him as they walked to her room. She couldn’t help but give a smile when he mentioned about ‘half of hell would kill to go with someone as gorgeous as her”, and that he was the lucky one she said yes too. “I’m glad you’re happy, then.” she said, facing forward again as they walked. Lydia must be really busy to not have taken Mariela to the dressmaker like she said. Then again, she was the Princess now. So she will probably be pretty busy a lot.

They got to her room, and Mariela turned around to face Scar. “Goodnight, Scar.” she said lightly, watching him walk away before entering her own room. She shut the door behind her, and then proceeded to get ready for bed. She then climbed into the large bed, shutting off the light and then laying down. She needed rest for tomorrow. She wasn’t sure what else to expect, but she needed to be prepared either way. She quickly drifted off to sleep.