The Masquerade Ball – SS.

The Kingdom of Greed’s Masquerade Ball, hosted by the Princess of Greed – Princess Lydia Dominatus. Invitations have been sent out by ravens to all Kingdom royals, their partners, nobles and distinguished members of Hell’s Elite.



The Kingdom of Greed was simply a spectacular sight as the night of the Masquerade ball had arrived. Lydia had spent many hours going over the preparations from the catering to the cleaning of the monstrous chandelier that was situated in the grand ballroom. No expense had been spared in this lavish and decadent showcasing of Greed’s wealth and prominence. Up to two hundred staffers assured that all the guests needs were catered for and the glistening hall was a testimony to Princess Lydia’s dedication to creating a wonderful atmosphere. There was a large dining hall off to the right of the main ball room, and on the left a reception area where the guests could feast on the unusual and most delectable morsels. Top chefs had provided their services for a feast that was to go down in the history books.

The entertainment was to be a circus troupe who had everything from acrobats, to magicians, all there to engage the guests curiosity and minds. A full orchestra in back provided songs and music from the ages, and this only added to the magical fare. All of the Greed kingdom staff were dressed elegantly and were finishing last minute preparations, as their Mistress Lydia was making herself ready in one of the top towers. She had allowed herself enough time to get ready, away from Mariela and Scar. The Princess wanting to make a grand entrance at this…her coming out party. No doubt there would be many questions about the new Princess, not to mention a lot of unanswered questions about the former Prince – Mammon. Lydia planned to honor him of course, but for the most part she would be selling herself to her fellow Royals and trying to gain alliances where she could. Her belief that Greed had turned the corner in its desire to be taken seriously as a strong kingdom would be on show this eve.

Out in the grounds that were situated behind the main castle was a large garden labyrinth or maze that had been specially constructed for this night’s festivities. From Lyida’s window it looked simply intriguing and no doubt many couples would try their luck. The garden maze was illuminated by torch light and there was to be a prize at the center of it. Course, that would be announced later in the evening when the guests were enjoying their drinks.

For those that arrived, the Lord Chamberlain would be waiting at the front entrance, carrying a royal staff and dressed in a powdered wig and black suit that was of silk and crushed velvet. The guests arrival would be announced and then the guests invited into the reception area for drinks as the music played.




Dessy:  Mariela was already down in the ballroom dressed and ready. She had on the dress Tussa helped her pick out, with the gloves and the mask in hand. The ball hasn’t started yet, and she now waited at the entrance for Scar. Her blonde hair was in tight curls, framing her face, and the dress went well with her green eyes. She shifted the mask between hands as she waited by the entrance doors. “Where is that damn Alp?” she asked, giving a sigh and leaning against the wall. Lydia was still getting ready – she knew that. She didn’t want to disturb her, so instead she simply let her be. Mariela was a little calmer about the ball, but she was scared everything will go horribly wrong. She moved her eyes away from the door, looking around and scanning the decorated ballroom. It was beautiful. They did an excellent job decorating it, and the food looked delicious. She just hoped everything went easily – no fights or drama – and that everyone had a good time.


Razorbackwriter:  Little did the Duchess know but the damned Alp appeared right behind her sporting a black mask that was dotted with small diamonds. He wore his top hat of course, but it was a little bit more polished than usual. His suit was very well made, hand sewn to be exact and he had in his left hand a jeweled tipped cane. Taking a glass of champagne off the tray of a roving waiter, the Alp coughed before leaning to whisper in the Duchess’s ear.

“Right behind you, Mariela.”

If she turned around, she would be met by the sight of the alp in all his finery. Already the band had started to play as a procession of carriages was now circling the front entrance drive way. The show was about to start, and the stars of the night were yet to shine, though if truth be told, the blonde Duchess was defiantly one of the first to appear. There was no sign of Lydia as of yet, but she always was one that liked to make an entrance. The Alp half expected her to appear right at the last moment, as all the guests filled the ball room.

Drinking down the glass of champagne in one gulp, the Alp placed the empty glass on another passing tray and smacked his lips, as he made a sweeping step to then be in front of the Duchess. His eyes, black as night staring into hers as his head tilted just slightly. In this guise, the Alp could be regarded as handsome but Mariela knew the truth about the demon. Could she put that aside for one night? Taking the Duchess’s right hand, he brought it up to his lips to offer a small kiss that was as gentle as butterfly wings. His lips lingered for a moment, before he slowly let her hand go, and then offered his arm for her to take.

In a whisper, Scar says to Mariela;

“Whatever happens this eve….remember this. I am right behind you, watching……I have your back.”

~I’ve always played it safe nothing’s ever safe
Give me the courage to back my own convictions
Every decision I make I pay it back and more
Now turn the cards and let them fall to me
I don’t need to play on with the hand that they have given me
I’ll give it back cos it’s not the way it has to be

And you can easily gamble your life away
Second after second
And day by day
You play the game or you walk away
It’s a new turn on a blue day
And a cool deal of life for me
And it’s all good

I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier
I know that the clubs are weapons of war
I know that diamonds mean money for this art
But that’s not the shape of my heart~

What he meant by this would be unknown for now, but he simply gave that cheeky grin, followed by placing a gloved finger to his lips and led the Duchess into the grand ballroom. As they passed a gilded mirror, Scar turned his head to look at his own reflection. His eyes glowered red before returning to normal and proceeding forward. 


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