RPC : Douglas “Webby” Webster – Paradise series.


Name : Douglas Webster.
Age : 25 years.
Eyes : Blue.
Nickname : “Webby”
Occupation : Wild life Officer & Vet.
Nationality : Australian.
Home town : Caloundra, Sunshine Coast – Queensland.
Orientation : Straight/ Heterosexual.


A knock about bleach blonde young Australian, Douglas was on his way back to Australia with some very precious cargo in the hold, when disaster struck. Son of a well known Australian Wild life park owner, Douglas often toured the world to help promote conservation and also his favorite charity WWF. Though on camera, Douglas is a jovial and easy going guy, behind the scenes he is quite shy and one could say introverted, preferring the company of animals to humans any day.

Douglas had planned to change planes at Sydney International, and head back to his father’s Wild life park, after his three month stint overseas. His girlfriend Becky had been texting him daily, hoping he would be coming back sooner, as she had something important to tell him. What was her news? Will he ever make it home?

Series : Paradise – 

“What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?”

In the aftermath of a plan crash, a group of survirors come together on a deserted tropical island. How will a group of strangers learn to survive together without technology or resources?

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