Afterglow – GS.


Tommy and Elissa have just enjoyed their second tryst in a matter of hours.  Now, they reflect in the afterglow.

Scene setting : Elissa’s apartment.

Co-written with VunG.


VunG:  There was one certainty: Elissa was going to have to buy new sheets, a new bedframe, and possibly a new mattress after this mad escapade. Every part of her was quivering with the tension of the approaching climax, both eager for it to come and at the same time not wanting it to stop. She held on as long as she could, and all the while his wonderful grip and siren-like voice entranced her into perfect rhythm with him, his twitching member making practically controlling her.

Then, on the last of those three thrusts she felt him slam into and hold on her spot, she immediately cried out as her entire body seemed to respond by reversing onto him. Her breath caught as her lower area clamped possessively onto him, her fluids cascading out of her while she quietly screamed at the ceiling and arched her back as far as she could manage. With this wonderful release every inch of her body seemed to be struck with lightning, and she felt as if she would be paralyzed in this mad moment. She had no idea how long her own climax lasted, but it seemed to go on forever, all the while she seemed to be holding her breath, only gasping once it finally finished.

By the time she was done, her mouth and throat were dry as a desert, her body was slick with sweat alongside a good portion of her hair, and she didn’t look forward to what she’d need to do to her sheets. And it was oh so worth it. The moment that she was let back down on to the bed and Tommy flopped over by her, she promptly laid down on top of him, nuzzling her head into his neck and closing her eyes as she snuggled up to him, soaking in this wonderful feeling. Her hands rested limply on him, and if she weren’t still occasionally moving one would be forgiven to think she’d passed out… and while she wasn’t sleepy, boy did she feel exhausted. This… this was the best night… morning… encounter she’d had with anyone, bar none, and she was very quickly reconsidering her thought of ‘maybe it’s not love’ after this… Gosh, she was still tingling from head to toe.



Razorbackwriter:  Tommy was exhausted. Euphoric, but completely spent. The bed gave one last groan as the two collapsed from exhaustion and relief. What started as a playful romp in the kitchen, turned into a frantic and wild few hours of rough and tumble love making. From whispered words, to outright screams of passion – well, silent ones from Elissa. Tommy’s throat was dry and he noisily tried to take in breath – gasping as Elissa laid herself on top of him. She was completely spent – soaked in sweat and her own release. Funnily enough, Tommy had this goofy smile on his face. It was like his mind had gone blank and he couldn’t even string a sentence together. Drugged by the feelings that were now felt not just by him, but by Elissa as well. Lazily, he draped an arm across Elissa’s back and tilted his head forward enough to plant a kiss on her wet forehead.

“Well that was unexpected.” No shit.

Tommy then let out a small laugh, which grew louder as he cuddled Elissa close to his chest. There was no way he could go a third round. He was only human after all. It was going to take a while to come down from the high that Tommy was feeling, his body tingling and aching all at the same time.

“I know this is going to sound corny, but….THAT WAS THE BEST EVER!” His enthusiasm would probably scare her as his voice became raised at the end of the sentence. Tommy then let his head fall back on the pillow and conceded one small thing. “I don’t want to get up.” He knew he should, but for now, he wanted to savor the moment.



VunG:  There was no way that Elissa would be able to do a whole heck of a lot for the time being, she was absolutely beaten. When she had let Tommy into her home, she wouldn’t have even imagined that this was how they would wind up, but damn she felt so completely purged. She was so utterly exhausted, so soaked with sweat, and she felt struck dumb with what had just happened. It was just as well she couldn’t speak, she probably would’ve been unable to say anything coherent anyways. As his hands wrapped around her, she settled lightly into it, her fingers resting lightly on his shoulders as they cuddled in the afterglow. His unexpected comment got a chuckle out of her, and she nodded agreeably while he continued to laugh at this amazing feeling. Like him, she still felt like she was somewhere on cloud nine, and she had no intention of willingly coming down any time soon.

To his strangely energetic compliment, she winced a little at the volume but found her smile widening and she looked at him with a cheerful (if not slightly tired) grin, going over and giving him a kiss on the cheek and looking to his eyes with a cheery expression. She agreed one hundred and ten percent, this was just downright awesome, and she felt awesome, and he should feel awesome. As he flopped back to his pillow and stated his desire to remain in place, she chuckled and let out a content sigh, reaching up and putting her hands in front of his eyes and stated plainly, ~Then don’t,~ at which point she let herself flop down against him and closed her eyes. Ah… she felt like she could sleep right now, just pass out in this warm feeling. Ah… this was just what they both needed.


Razorbackwriter:  It was lights out. Well, it was Elissa’s hands coming to rest upon Tommy’s eyes with the very soft voice. Barely above a whisper, but Tommy heard it. ~Then don’t~ giving him the okay that he didn’t have to get up. The sweet and sweaty lass then lay herself down against him, so he couldn’t get up even if he wanted to. Now, it was his turn to surrender when she pulled away her hands. The wonderfully warm feelings were not just his. She made herself quite comfortable upon him and that was when she closed her eyes. Tommy’s right hand moved to the middle of her back, and started to stroke her lightly, until it would finally come to rest. Slowly his hand slipped from her back and landed upon the torn cotton sheet – his head lolling slowly to rest on the pillow and his eyes closing.

Nothing, but the gentle sound of breathing was all that was heard. Exhaustion had claimed them both and they fell into a deep sleep.

When they woke later, would things change for the pair?

Out on the coffee table in the lounge room was the evidence that showed the Commander in a few compromising and disgusting positions. Perfect material for blackmail, should Tommy decide to use it. Course, they had still not heard back from Frank. No doubt, Elissa was going to give him a piece of her mind.

Back in the bedroom however, all that was forgotten for now. Tommy’s mind was filled with one person….and that was the woman he held in his arms.



VunG:  As Tommy’s hands came to rest on her back, Elissa felt utterly safe, his arms were all that she needed in this moment, and he seemed to be more than happy to provide. She felt herself slowly nestling into their sweat-slicked embrace, and as he stroked her back she snuggled up to him… and eventually all of her attempts to remain awake would fade away into the land of dreams, his shoulder making her pillow and his chest her mattress.

Gradually she fell into what was likely the deepest sleep she ever had, one free from thoughts of work of tomorrow or the horrors of yesteryear. Her mind was cleansed of the strange and horrifying pictures from Joey, from the gossip-inducing blackmail-quality works involving the Commander, from being wounded yet again. No, the fire in Elissa’s heart was tempered for once, instead her dreams simply being pleasant, soft things with only one other person to share them with: the man that now cradled her in his arms.

Perhaps Franks should hope that she forgets about his drastic abandonment and apparent suicidal intent; because right now she was at peace and if he kept his head down she’d probably just let it go. As it was, whenever Tommy awoke she would still be out like a light, quietly snoozing against her lover. Regardless what the future brought, she was pretty damn certain that their relationship wouldn’t be the same. Love or not, Elissa had every intent of staying around Tommy long enough to find out.


Razorbackwriter:  Such a serene face captivated Tommy as he slowly opened his eyes to find Elissa snuggled close up against his chest. A wry smile crept upon his face as he eased himself up slightly, hoping not to wake this sleeping beauty. Her breath was warm yet light against his bare skin and this sent a tingle through his body like an electrical current. Memories of the wonderful mornings activities replayed themselves over and over in a loop. Tommy couldn’t help but chuckle softly at just how incredible Elissa was. One who was unable to speak, was able to let her body do the talking and what a tale it told. Elissa was at times soft and gentle, like now in his arms and yet when the fires of passion were ignited, she was a virtual hell cat in the sack. Demanding, and wild. Tommy came to discover that she liked it rough and it was something he was more than willing to offer her. It wasn’t till he noticed the bandages from the night before that he suddenly cursed himself. Damn, she must have been hurt more by their play – but she hadn’t complained once. Tommy moved his hand to stroke her back softly, all the while just staring at her face. He could gaze at her day in and day out and never be bored. Tommy would hold a candle to Elissa till such a time where she tired of him. It was clear she wasn’t after anything serious, though Tommy had never felt this way about a woman before. Could it be a sign that he was changing his ways? Had the Tommy Tiger been tamed?

Right now, all he cared about was savoring the moment, the magic that the two shared.

Tipping his head forward slightly, he ran his nose through Elissa’s hair, raining small kisses as he went. Even in the afterglow of their wild lovemaking, she still smelt incredible. If only he could bottle it.

Tommy hoped that his actions might stir Elissa from her slumber. Not cause he was eager to go again, but more cause he wanted to see that smile once more.



VunG:  Eventually Tommy’s actions would get Elissa to start waking, though it was slow definitely. Initially just his hand’s movements along her back would get her to stir a little in her sleep, a sound like a tiger’s chuff peeking through as she snuggled a little bit up against him. His kisses along her hair would take a little while, but she would finally let out a light squeak-like groan and start looking up towards him, an amused smile on her face at his antics. As tired as she probably looked, she was perfectly fine with Tommy waking her. In fact, while she hadn’t really thought about it, seeing him smiling at her was oddly… soothing. She wasn’t really looking for a serious relationship, but that didn’t mean that she wouldn’t take one if it became clear that there was a connection, and truth be told she was feeling really safe around Tommy. She felt like she didn’t need to be on-guard at all times. She felt… content. There was a word that she hadn’t felt in some time. Could this really be happening to her again? Had someone actually penetrated her jaded heart?

Well, if nothing else, he’d certainly penetrated something and piqued her interest. Smiling back at him, she leaned up and gave him a peck on the lips before mouthing sleepily, *Morning* and giving a big cat-like yawn before crossing her arms on his chest and laying her head on them, still looking up at his wonderful face. Hrmm… he really did have an interesting smell… she really didn’t know what to think about it, but she was pretty certain, she liked it. There was a really enticing look in his eye too, it was really sweet and it made her wonder what he was thinking about.


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