The Council HQ – BC

Near the border of the Vestro District and the Inner City is where the Council HQ is located. This is essentially the heart of the town. Many of the halls are restricted to public access, whilst others aren’t, such as the Hall of Public Records, historical objects, etc.


Joel, Ava and the cat carrying Selina now make their way to the Hall of records at the Council HQ of the Inner City.  

Scene setting : Council HQ – Blood city.

Co-written with Gene and Temp.



The bus pulled up just shy of the entrance to the the Council Head Quarters – an ancient structure that lay near the border of the Vestro District and the inner city. While this might not be a place where you see youth hanging out, or the usual cafe latte set, it was a place of importance amongst the leaders and business people of the city. Two large stone lions guarded the entrance to the outer stairs. Silently stalking those that entered, though frozen within their marble shells. It was here that Joel alighted from the bus with his companions, Ava and the child priestess Selina. Having come from the city library with only a book on the myths of the supernatural of the city and districts, it was here that they had more chance of finding clues to Selina’s birthright and also just where her descendants were in a modern world.

Joel was already considering what he may have to do, if they had no luck in the Hall of records. The poor girl couldn’t simply be left on the streets, and he was pretty sure that Ava’s parents would throw a fit if she was taken home to their fine estate. A girl dressed from the fifteenth century and speaking the lingo of that day. They may well call for the men in white shirts…or worse. Adults were often the worst skeptics, especially those that were not young at heart.

Standing on the second step from the bottom, Joel looked down at Selina and then at Ava.

“This is the place. Ominous looking building, isn’t it?” It was not exactly the kind of building that charmed you when you first saw it. “Shall we go inside, and continue our quest?” Joel now ready to continue the hunt for clues to their little child Priestess.




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Whilst on the bus, Ava kept her bags close by, as if she feared anyone would steal them. This was not the case. The bus was crammed with people heading home and that in itself was a flaw. Their eyes would linger over Selina; Ava had to sit elsewhere from the two, luckily, so she went unscathed by the attention. That was until the bus came to a stop, outside the Council Headquarters. Rather uncomfortably, Ava stood and shuffled out of her place, cradling her bags, following Joel and Selina out the bus.

The fresh air came to a relief to Ava. She stretched; after being crammed for so long, one could not blame her for doing so. The headquarters towered over her. It was odd looking at the place her father worked at. Perhaps, he was in there now. If so, she’d have to tread carefully. Ava had no business here, even her father knew that. Only from afar Ava had ever gazed upon the building. Now, with it so up close, it felt daunting.

Moving to the lion statues, she reached up and placed a hand on them; the cold served to calm Ava after such a warm day. After stroking the statues – and admiring the intricate designs – she returned to Joel and Selina.
“Yeah. If someone asks, we should say Selina is a cosplayer.”

Most of the youth might have come to that conclusion. However, it didn’t mean they wouldn’t view her as peculiar. Ava moved her bags from her left hand to her right; she tensed her left arm, now aching from holding the bags. If she had foreseen how her day would have turned out, she wouldn’t have purchased anything. It was frustrating having to carry bags around all day. Ava made it clear she wouldn’t climb the stairs first; she’d wait for Joel to lead the way and Selina to follow, then proceed to trail behind them, keeping a look out for her father.


Temp:  Selina hadn’t been all that fond of the bus ride they took over to this place, but she refrained from voicing her opinion. She found the metal contraption to be very noisy and bumpy. What made it really bad though was the people that accompanied them on the bus. They had all been staring at her, and she found it to be very uncomfortable. At least now she understood why they were giving her such odd looks. As soon as they reached their destination Selina let out a sigh of relief, and then followed Joel rather closely. He seemed to be much more fond of her than Ava was, but she really wasn’t sure why. So long as she wasn’t in danger there was no need to make it a concern, so she decided to simply let it be. In an attempt to get looked at a little less Selina decided not to speak and instead remained silent. She unconsciously snuck one of her small hands into one of Joel’s as she moved closer to him, finding this place to be a little bit intimidating. Hopefully he wouldn’t mind.



The teacher had been well aware of how the public were reacting to Selina. The bus being another example of their curiosity, though the stares went from their cell phones to Selina and then back down again. There was really only so much that Joel could do, like he had done in the Peach Cafe, but in a moving bus, that was a different story. Now on the stairs, with Ava following along behind, the trio were ready to hit the hall of records. What did surprise Joel however, was when Selina silently reached for his hand and moved closer to him. At first he raised a brow – instinctively curious to this sudden need to be close. However, it became more clear as people that were coming in and out of the building were now looking at them. Joel felt this sudden urge to be protective once more and offered Selina a smile, before giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. He wasn’t going to let her down.

Entering the building finally, there was a large reception desk. Guards were on several chamber doors. The real heavy weights of the city conducted their day to day business activities here, and the teacher assumed that the need for the guards was warranted. Not all that were in power were that popular in some of the outer districts. Politics was a grubby game at best. The teacher had never really taken much of an interest, but just knew that there were shady things going on in the name of progress.

Walking up to the reception desk, they were met by a woman in a long grey cardigan and she had her silvery locks tied up in a tight bun, that pulled on her face, like it was a mask. Beady eyes looked up from her book as she saw the three approach.

“Can I help you?” The woman spoke with a dry voice, no hint of emotion. She must have been in this same job for years. There was no passion to her. She was as dull and grey as her cardigan.

“Ah…yes we are seeking any records you would have on the Shamandalie family. Circa….uhm..Fifteenth century. Say a census form, or…birth certificates?”

Would the woman notice Selina, and the fact that she was dressed from that era.

“One moment. You will need to fill out these forms in triplicate and all wear these gloves.” She slapped down a pile of paperwork for Joel, and then three sets of special gloves, that were used for aging documents. “It’s our normal procedure. Oh…and there is a fifty dollar fee for the lodgement of the papers.”

Joel had not expected there to be a cost involved, but…considering the ornate surrounds, it should be no surprise that they would charge a fee where they could. The teacher took out his wallet and handed over his last fifty dollar bill. His lips thinned as he knew his sister was not going to be happy. They were going to have to have ramen for a few nights.

The receptionist took the bill with a smirk before staring down at Selina and then cocking a brow. “Why is she….” The woman started, and Joel cut her off very fast. “Cos player. Convention on at the Powerhouse.”


That was close.

Joel handed over the completed forms and the receptionist went to go and start tapping in what the trio were after. She trotted away for a good half hour, that left Joel having to try and entertain the girls the best he could. Once the woman returned, she had a large box, and then motioned for them to follow her to an observing room. The room had four chairs, and a table in the middle. The box was placed in the center and then she left the three to go through it.







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