RPC : Nurse Nancy White “Sunny” – Tokyo Ghoul Series.

RPC : Nurse Nancy White “Sunny”


Appearance: Petite Blonde girl with big green eyes, and a sun kissed skin, Nancy is a very pretty and appealing looking girl, who has a personality to match her golden looks. She is a typical hour glass shaped girl due to her height, with ample bosom and large hips. She often has trouble fitting into her nurse’s outfit.


Name: Nancy White.

Nickname: “Sunny”

Age: 23

Occupation: Nurse

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Height: 145cm

Weight: 52kgs

Personality: Bubbly, friendly, outgoing, spontaneous, warm, genuine, down to earth

Strengths: Amazing at bandaging a patient in under five minutes, inserts IV’s without pain inflicted, great at telling bedtime stories to sick kiddies, a wonderful listener.

Weaknesses: Chocolate, Doctors, long shifts, cold weather, expensive shoes.

Background: Nurse Nancy White, or Sunny to her friends and colleagues, works at Ota General Hospital, which is known to be double the size of that in other areas, with more staff due to the 11th Ward. Well aware of the CCG, Nurse Nancy cares about all her patients; ghoul or human. Known for her wonderful bedside manner, she is a bright and cheery girl that is well liked for her sunny disposition – hence her nickname. Nurse Nancy is a frequent sight at the Ota General Hospital, either working in the ER or the children’s wards.

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