Do you have a Muse?


I know when I am writing, I love to listen to music to help me get inspired with a scene or a character.  Be it a combat scene with something dark and ominous, or say a romantic ballad for one of my lovey dovey scenes.  In the movie Xanadu, the muses were the daughters of Zeus and this song in a way is inspiring.  One of my writer groups asked if anyone was alive (due to a few not posting.)  I posted up this song and announced proudly that I was definitely alive.


5 thoughts on “Do you have a Muse?

  1. I could watch this video. Not blocked. 🙂 A bit of wiggling here too.
    I have my earphones listening to music when I work on computer. Hate to disturb the rest of household.
    Usually I’m listening to my own creations. lol

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  2. Oh, _Xanadu_ is just wonderful. I mean, it’s not exactly good, I suppose, but it’s such a wonderful experiment in adapting an older form to a newer style and there’s something great about the effort. It’s inspirational in its way.

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