The World inside Scar’s Hat – Part One : SS.

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This is the side arc from the Maze of Greed – Seven Sins Series.

Co-written with Dessy.


The World inside Scar’s hat

Razorbackwriter:  The setting was like any typical suburban park with families out enjoying the delights of a summer’s day. Children were playing on swings, families were at picnic tables and lighting barbecues. Boys were playing football on the wide fields of green and the sounds of laughter and music came from all around – coupled of course with the everyday sounds of a modern world. Cars….trucks…the odd horn blast and of course planes that flew high overhead. So with all these ordinary people going about their ordinary lives, they would not even notice something extraordinary happening.

A swirling vortex of purple mist opened up high above the tree canopy of a nearby forest. Deep from within, the scream of a certain alp came down as his body plummeted to the earth below with a dull thud. Scores of leaves went up in a cloud of greens and browns as the Alp lay there, slightly winded. We all remember how Scar was dressed right before Raul zapped him into the hat. In this reality however, Scar looked nothing like his Hellish counterpart. In this world….in this age, he looked….human.

Laying there for a few moments, Scar blinked. What the hell had happened? His mind was a jumbled mess and all he could see above him was the steady movement of the trees, the sparkle of light from the sun’s rays. In a trice he sat up and could hear a couple of lads shouting out football numbers. Scar’s head snapped around – left to right and back.


He looked down to what he was wearing and he gasped loudly. His hands…they were big. Scar touched his face and started to cry. “I’m…..I’m…..human!” There was no mistaking it. Clamoring to his feet, Scar’s eyes were starting to go glassy, as unseen tears were threatening to fall. The reality hit him like a speeding train. His worst nightmare had come to fruition. He was lost inside the world of the hat. A world….that he believed had no magic.

“M..M..Mariela?’ A whimper came from his lips, that quivered ever slightly.

“MARIELA!!??” Desperation now evident in his cry. Where was she? Was she still in the maze with Raul and the human? What of Lydia? “MARIELA?!” Scar turned around and around. He started to see evidence of the truth of his surrounds. Happy families….strange objects that moved on wheels. A world of humans.





Dessy:  Over on a clear, green and grassy field was a large group of boys playing fotball. It was a Saturday – a weekend. There was a group of girls sitting on blankets over to the side that the group of boys had brought with them, talking and gossiping and stealing a few glances from the boys every now and then. Some of them went as far as to blow kisses. This was the modern world – the world of cars, social media and cell phones. This was Mariela’s world.

It had to have been pretty hard for a family of powerful witches to live in secret in the modern world – but the family kept the secret pretty well. Until they eventually found out about it, when Mariela’s life had ended. Even to this day, it was unknown how those people had found out. But after the incident, her parents took her brothers and they moved to a new state and town – starting a new life.

Mariela would have been twenty-three years old at this time – five years after her death. Life had went on with her family, and even now they still used their witch abilities in secret – being extra careful this time around. Laughing could be heard from the field of the teenage boys, which was close to the forest. “Nice tackle, Sam!”spoke one of the voices with a laugh afterwards. Football numbers were then being shouted, the boys getting ready to get back in position.


The shouting of the all too familiar name caused one of the boys to stop. He nudged his brother in the side with his elbow.”Sam, did you hear that?” the boy with light brown spoke, causing the other teenager to look at his brother in confusion.”Hear what?” the dark brown haired boy, known as Sam asked, but just got a “shh” by his twin brother.


There was that name again. “Is… is someone calling our sister’s name?” Sam asked, receiving a nod from his brother.”We need to go check it out.” he said, giving the other boys the timeout symbol. “Me and Sean need to go check something. Break for now!” Sam yelled, before motioning for his brother to follow as he began running off. “Come on, Sean.” he spoke, Sam running off and the one known as Sean following. Yes, these were Mariela’s little brothers – the twins Sam and Sean. After Mariela saved them from the burning house when they were fourteen, they continued on with their lives like their sister would’ve wanted. Both boys were now eighteen, and seniors in high school.

The brothers ran into the forest where the voice had came from. Why was this person screaming their dead sister’s name? Coincidence, maybe? Maybe this person happened to know someone who shared her name… but they weren’t sure. They both stopped when the voice was heard no longer. Then they heard it again.


“This way!” Sam said, running in the direction of the voice. “Why is he screaming for help? And using our sister’s name at that?” Sean questioned, following his brother. “That’s what we’re going find out.” Sam answered. They stopped when they came to the source of the yelling. Some male… they knew that much. But they didn’t recognize him, which meant he couldn’t have known their sister. They knew most people that Mariela had always hung around… so he couldn’t have known her.

“Hey, dude.” Sam spoke, looking at him with an eyebrow raise. “Why are you calling our sister’s name?” he asked. Sam had blue eyes, unlike his brother. Sean’s eyes were green – almost the same green as Mariela’s, just darker. They also shared similar facial features with her. The brothers exchanged glances, before looking back at the male.

Ota General Hospital – Tokyo Ghoul.

Ota General Hospital is the primary hospital within the 11th Ward. Due to the nature of the 11th ward the hospitals staff is double that of normal hospitals. The CCG is especially active within this general area.


Razorbackwriter:  A new day dawned on Ota General Hospital and we see our favorite bubbly little nurse, “Sunny” wearing her sunshine badge proudly and pushing a cart along filled with bedpans. The dinner ladies were also in the halls bringing breakfast trays to the many sick and elderly that had filled the wards to capacity. Such was life at the Hospital. A tight ship run by a head strong administrator and a team of crack doctors – some of the finest in all the city.

Turning her little trolley into a men’s ward filled with old timers that had little time left, Nurse Nancy White was a welcome sight to these men. At the sight of her voluptuous figure with a uniform that clung to each shapely curve, the men often forgot all about breakfast…and anything else as they sat up happily in their beds. Ready for some TLC, Sunny style.

“Morning Gentlemen!” Sunny chorused as she passed each bed with a wide smile and flashing green eyes. “Bed pan change time!” One thing about Sunny, was she wasn’t quiet. She tended to practically sing out, not that the patients minded any. It wasn’t the nicest job in the world to collect bedpans, but Sunny made it so. Her overseeing Matron found Nurse Nancy to be a little bit too cheerful and always assigned her the worst tasks. But no matter what she was asked to do, Sunny would take to it like a duck to water and do so with a smile – like today.

“Anyone need a pee bottle?”

All the hands in the ward rose sharply into the air.

“Tee Hee….so eager. I like that.”



Temp:  Kato and Nikita had made their way to Ota General Hospital, having just come from Mimi’s Cafe. Kato was the one driving as usual, and so far everything seemed to be rather normal outside. It wasn’t a long trip from the cafe to the hospital, so there really wasn’t all that much time to talk. Soon enough they arrived at the hospital, and Kato parked within the emergency vehicle zone, which was in the back part of the building.“We’re here.” He was short with her, but what more could you expect from someone so focused on serious work. The doors were unlocked and he stepped out of vehicle, quickly grabbing his suitcase as he did so. “Right, we should get inside quickly.” His plan was simple. Acquire hospital outfits as well as a gurney, which would be used to place their quinque’s on. The gurney would of course be covered, and Spider would likely assume that he had a three person meal on his plate.


Moo:  Nikita was relatively quiet during their time in the car, as she knew he was no longer in the mood for making conversation. Kato was very serious in his work, as was she. So this was a mutual thing, and she came to like it rather quickly after meeting her subordinate. Having finally reached their destination, the woman stepped out of the car as soon as the doors were heard unlocking. The two would make their way inside and proceed with the plan she had been told. “In we go, then,” Nikita said as the doors slid open. If they were questioned, it was as easy as flashing their badges, though Nikita was pretty famous on her own. With ease, the two would be dressed up in their attire rather quickly, Nikita sporting a rather form-fitting nurse’s outfit. “God, the sexism here,” she muttered to herself as she slapped her case down on the gurney. Once his was placed there too, she would situate them and toss a blanket over them. This was pretty easy so far. She just had to put back her hair and put on a pair of glasses and nurse’s cap. She felt she might be recognized too easily otherwise.“Location?” The woman gazed at Kato expectantly. It would be important which floor they would be on and how much clearance they would have for the fight, if one occurred.


Temp:  Kato and Nikita had successfully made their way into the hospital without issue, and quickly got their hands on the necessary items. The outfits were pretty form fitting, and were especially so for the females. He looked over at Nikita as she spoke of sexism, and chuckled lightly at it. “At least you look good in it.” Kato looked down at himself and just shook his head. The scrubs were very bland, and totally not within his sense of style, but it wasn’t a really big deal. “The top floor has the least amount of patients and staff, which makes it a prime hunting zone for Spider. That’s where we’re headed.”Now that he’d shared their destination with her, he started to push the gurney with her and they eventually went into the elevator. After a short ascension the doors opened and revealed your typical hospital hallway, but there was clearly something ‘off’. The lights were completely out. “Nikita…I think we should get out our quinque’s.” Was Spider waiting or expecting this? Maybe this was how he picked off easy targets. Within the confined space of this elevator there would be little room to use a quinque. Deciding not to wait for Nikita’s opinion he flung the sheet off of the gurney and immediately opened his suitcase. He was quick to pull out his quinque, which he often referred to as viper, and stepped out of the elevator and into the hallway.


Moo: Nikita couldn’t help but smirk while Kato gave her an indirect compliment. She nearly chuckled as she watched him look down at his outfit in obvious distaste. Though the moment passed rather quickly before he was business again. Nikita nodded as he explained the top floor would be the best bet, and mentally gave him an A+ for thinking ahead. This was why Kato was impressive, among other things.“On our way then,” she replied smoothly, grabbing the gurney as he did. Pushing it to the elevator was easy, and the wait until they reached the top floor was rather short. Though upon the doors sliding open with that familiar ding, they found themselves staring out into a dimmed hallway. It was at this point that Kato would hump ahead to grab his quinque. Silently, she watched him step out into the hallway and grabbed her own suitcase. Instead of opening it right away, she stepped out into the hallway with it simply, taking her glasses off. “And I was enjoying playing dress up,” she muttered lightly to herself, though there was no doubt he heard it as well. But now was a time for seriousness, so she was silent again while she set her suitcase down and walked a few feet ahead. Her subordinate was in charge here, and she had faith in him. He could guess she was going to act as the bait for a moment, just to test a theory. It would be unlikely that Spider had found out about their plans when they had just discussed them an hour or so ago. So this was his method of catching his prey.


Razorbackwriter:   With full bottles of pee, covered bed pans and relieved patients, Nurse Nancy washed her hands and said her farewell to the now happy male patients of ward 5B. She trundled the cart out into the main corridor which was packed with patients, Doctors and other nurses. Why was there such a rush? Sunny wondered. The pretty young nurse now had to take the bed pans and the bottles to be cleaned and then changed ready for the next nurse or orderly to take over in the shift rotation. As she passed by the nurses station, Matron Imma Evell was staring at her computer screen; transfixed by something. Sunny sung out happily. “Done ward 5B, Matron. Did you want me to do rounds of my patients in 4A before I go home?” Her voice was soft and light as she spoke, much to the Matron’s annoyance. The turtle horned glass wearing Matron grunted as she looked up from her screen.
“Done the bedpans, Nurse?”

“Yes, Matron.”

“That the trolley with them on, Nurse?”

“Yes, Matron.”


“Yes, Matron.”

Thankfully the Matron’s foul temper didn’t rub off on our Sunny. She just beamed her ninety watt smile and continued on her way, while the Matron growled under her breath and secretly shot the girl daggered looks. The other nurses in behind the counter giggled at how Sunny just let it wash over her like water off a duck’s back.

Nancy headed for the nearest service lift, to take her trolley down to the cleaning bay.




Temp:  Kato glanced back for a moment to see if Nikita brought out her quinque, and was pleased to see that she had done so. There was no telling when Spider might try and attack them. Now that they were here, and were as ready as they could be, he started to walk forward. He was sure to move his eyes actively and scan his environment for signs of movement. There was no telling when or how an attack would occur, but it was highly unlikely that one wouldn’t happen. Some movement was heard within the hall, but it wasn’t normal in any way. It sounded like gurgling and grunting, as if from something that was wounded. “Niki-“ He had turned to look back at her for just a second when a body flung into him at high speed, which knocked him through a door. There was just way too much force behind the blow for him to remain conscious, and as such he had passed out. The body that had hit him rested on the ground in front of the door, and it would be completely clear that it was a Ghoul, a dead Ghoul. The Ghouls kagune was out and was in the shape of several thin limbs. It was spider. Just what had happened here? If Nikita were to proceed further and take a look down the hall the body came from, she’d be able to make out a small figure sporting a white mask. The mask was in the shape of a wolf’s head.


Moo:  Nikita had just set down her case when something–or someone–came crashing through the place and hit Kato. He went flying and she immediately got her weapon out. He was usually much more graceful than this, so what was going on? She rushed to the door, staring after him as he laid unconscious. And Spider was dead on top of him. Now she understood someone else had come here to hunt the Ghoul. Rupture, as she liked to call her quinque, was out in a cinch. She allowed it to extend and cut through some of the small tendrils on Spider’s back just in case, allowing the edge of the last section of her sword to catch the body before she swung her arm, effectively smashing the body against a wall well away from Kato.

That being taken care of, the woman brought her sword back to its usual size and turned her attention to the corner where strange noises had been coming from. Not so carelessly, however– she set herself against the corner of the wall and peered out to find a small figure. Her eyes widened immediately at the sight. “…Wolf…” she murmured. It was nearly a whisper as her light brown eyes narrowed. Without jumping to the middle of the hallway, she simply turned and swung her arm around, Rupture breaking apart easily to attempt catching Wolf in a similar manner to Spider’s corpse. If successful, it would slam the infamous ghoul into the wall. Nikita’s goal was to neutralize this one, not kill her–and so she used the flat side of her quinque’s blade. It would hurt, but not sever.

Razorbackwriter:  The service elevator was nothing like the one that patients and staff used. It was like the inside of an old truck, with doodles and other pictures drawn on the inside walls. Graffiti of sorts and not the nice kind. This wasn’t exactly the nicest mode of transport, but with what Nurse Nancy was pushing in that trolley, you couldn’t expect her to use the normal elevators. The door finally slid open to the waste dispatch area and there were a few souls that were on this shift. One was Chapman, an old fellow in a grimy grey coat and matching boots. His mousy brown hair was unkempt and he could really use a shave. He happened to hear the trolley trundle out of the lift as the wheels bounced over the door grid. Seeing the bright and cheerful Sunny made him want to hurl. He, like Matron despised the girl, but more because she was so damn friendly, and Chapman hated people. He liked his little part of the hospital. A loner at the best of times and he wiped his nose with the back of his hand as Sunny passed him to start processing the trays. It was a nasty job. She snapped on a pair of rubber gloves and started singing to herself, but not before wishing Chapman a good day.

“What’s so damn good about it. girly? Ugh…must I have to put up with that infernal noise you call singing?” He really was a grouch. It didn’t bother Sunny at all, and she happily set about her task, as Chapman fumed in the background. He then got a really nasty idea. “You know, you’d make a nice meal for a Ghoul. Bet your bones would be ever so nice to suck on.” If Chapman was trying to unsettle Sunny….it wasn’t working.

“That’s nice.” She sung out before emptying another tray out and then putting the metal dish in the cleaning unit. Chapman pulled a face in behind her. “Women….bah.”

He turned on his heel and went back to his chemicals, as Sunny whistled and sung as she worked.



Temp:  Wolf had showed up at the hospital a bit before the two doves had, but she hadn’t expected them to be here at all. Spider was obviously on their to-kill list, and he was also on hers. Preying on sickly humans and kind human workers, how pathetic. When she learned of his existence she was quick to learn more about him. The Ghoul was an opportunist in every way. There was no real pattern to his attacks other than them taking place within the hospital. His attacks were sloppy and careless. He was a monster and nothing more. Wolf exterminated monsters, and as such she came to the hospital herself. When she did confront Spider he tried to attack her, most likely due to him wanting to cannibalize her. He proved to be a Ghoul fitting of his nickname. An insect. An insect that was quickly smashed beneath her boot.

The body of Spider was used as a soft projectile to immobilize one of the doves that showed up, but there was still another that she had to deal with. Her single kakugen showed itself as the woman muttered her name, and then followed it up with an attack. Her movements made it clear that she was experienced, but her attack was lacking in something. The intent to kill. Did this dove not desire to kill her even though she was a Ghoul? A Ghoul that had just attacked her partner? Interesting. Her weapon was interesting in that it could change shape and be used for utility instead of damage. She was very quick to react, and immediately bolted forward towards the woman. As the weapon approached her she dropped to the floor and slid against it, aiming her legs forward and at the woman’s shins. This was meant to disable the human, and nothing more.


Moo:  Immediately seeing as Wolf was intent on dodging her attack, Nikita began to retract her blade, sweeping it down toward the floor with the blunt end once again. “Stop resisting!” She was able to jump high enough to avoid her shins being hit, spreading her legs slightly while the force of Rupture hitting the ground helped push her upward. Hopefully the people on the floor below would have common sense to avoid coming up here, as the impact sent a rattle through the floor that no undoubtedly echoed below. And honestly, it was amazing that Nikita was lasting this long in a battle against Wolf; this ghoul was formidable and notorious for taking down investigators quite easily. Already, Nikita found herself panting with the amount of force she was applying to her blows, which weren’t making the contact with Wolf that she needed. Anyone else might have already been downed by this one.


Razorbackwriter:  With her work completed in the cleaning bay, Nurse Nancy again went to wash and scrub her hands clean before leaving. Chapman had more or less left her to her own devices, which wasn’t such a bad thing. He wasn’t exactly the most charming man to be around. Wiping her hands with a cleansing cloth, which she disposed of thoughtfully in the nearest bin, Sunny made her way back to the service lift. She now had two more wards to check on before signing off and heading home to the Nurses apartment block. Sunny shared a room with Gloria Foreman, a five year nurse who specialized in theater work. Their odd rosters often meant that when Sunny came off a shift that Gloria was on her way to work. So, they didn’t exactly work the same floors or the same times. Very much passing like ships in the night.

Getting back into the service lift, she pressed the button for one of the higher floors, and hummed happily to herself as the doors eased to closing and the lift shunted into movement.

It was while the lift was rising up through the building, that a sudden quake seemed to make the whole lift shake and grind against the side walls. The light at the top of the lift flickered on and off, as though something big had happened. An earth quake? An explosion? Sunny’s mouth fell open as all the lights on the panel display were lighting up and then blinking on and off.

“Oh myyy.” The nurse cried as it suddenly fell into darkness.





Ode To The Bouncer – Studio Killers


No one knows where they came from; one day they were just here staring back at us through our high definition flat screens. They are however an electronic audio-visual collective comprised of Cherry, Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink.


Nope, I haven’t had no dope
Lift up the velvet rope
Mr doorman stop teasing
I’m freezing out here

See, I’ve got friends inside
It’s my birthday tonight
And I’m not wearing trainers
Not to mention knickers

It’s futile to debate
With St Peter at the gate
Made of protein milkshake
And low carb intake

‘Cause all in all you’re just another prick at the door

Ooh, let me in or I’ll get physical with you
I just gotta dance right now, it’s critical to do

Bouncer, hey bouncer, bouncer bouncer bouncer bouncer

Bouncer, empowered and aroused
I see it in your trousers
And in the way your browse her
Look she’s in!

WHAT?! Her dress is up to waterline
That bitch is clearly borderline
Nose as white as Snow White’s, in moonlight

We stand in awe in front of another prick at the door

Ooh, let me in or I’ll get physical with you
I just gotta dance right now, it’s critical to do

Bouncer, hey bouncer, bouncer bouncer bouncer bouncer

Ooh, let me in or I’ll get physical
I just gotta dance right now, it’s critical

So you can play karate
You thick illiterati
I’m a black belt in life
So go home to your ugly wife

You forgot in your wisdom
The window to the ladies room
A whole new possibility for a cat like me

Ooh, let me in or I’ll get physical with you
I just gotta dance right now, it’s critical to do

Bouncer bouncer bouncer bouncer bouncer

The Maze of Greed – Part Eight : SS.

Breaking the curse brought about anger from beyond the Maze.  The trapped trio were not ready for this turn of events.

Scene setting : The Maze of Greed, Seven Sins.

Co-written with Dessy, Artie and Phyln.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar stood in behind Mariela, twisting his bottom lip with two fingers as he hoped that Mariela would find her true power deep within and be able to undo the Warlock’s magic. It was all about the jewels. Break the jewels, break the collar. The Alp truly believed in her greatness, and had seen it well before Lydia had even bothered to notice. When she did however, Lydia wanted Scar to keep tabs on her, in her every movements. This was an unknown blessing, since the more time he spent with her, the more he fell in love with the pretty and innocent young witch. The wait seemed to be ages, and Scar had to hold himself back from over reacting when finally there was a cracking sound. The smile grew on his face as the human let out a joyous sound and it was true. Mariela had done what was deemed impossible.

“Hey… Hey! You.. You did it! Shit! That’s awesome!”

The collar was thrown into a nearby hedge, and while Mariela was probably checking the girl’s neck out, Scar went over and picked it up off the ground. He was curious to see if the jewels had indeed cracked. One had a definite crack in it. The collar was now faulty. Scar twirled it around his finger and let out a laugh.

“Now this is what I call…a souvenir.” He pretended to chew on it to see if it was real gold. Sure enough it was. The Alp could no longer hold himself back, and ran to hug Mariela. So thrilled that she did something good. But as he went to embrace her, there was a swirling of black smoke that built up to form the image of a man. That man. Raul.

“So….you are the one that broke the collar. My….little witch.” His eyes glaring at Mariela with a sickening menace. He pulled on his gloves as he shot a look at Bandit on the ground, covered in cuts and bruises. ‘“I’ll deal with you…soon enough, my sweet Bandit.” He rounded on Scar and Mariela and then snarled. “But….no one…touches my things!!!” He raised a hand towards Scar and blasted him back with a powerful surge of energy. Scar hit one of the hedge walls, while the collar spun around and around in the air. It was being controlled by Raul, as he started to grin and bare his teeth.“You’re the Witch’s toy boy, hmm? Well, how about I collar you!”

Scar tried to stand up, but the collar whizzed at him at speed and then locked onto his neck. The Alp struggled and tried to prize it off as his eyes pleaded with Mariela. “Get the human away…..quickly!” He didn’t want the witch to suffer, and thought he could fight the Warlock on his own. Raul raised his hand and then drew back sharply, with the hat flying off Scar’s head. It landed on the ground and then started spinning. Scar looked on horrified as he started to levitate. Gasses going into his nostril from the collar. He was fighting with everything he had in him. “Not the hat……Not the hat!” he screamed. The Warlock was now feeling a rising sense of triumph as he knew much of magic and the best way to get rid of Scar. In the hat. Scar started spinning round into a purple vortex, much like a portal opening from the hat. He was screaming out Mariela’s name as he started to get smaller and smaller and then with a loud bang….Scar vanished into the hat.



Phyln:  Boots clicking against the ground as Solomon approached the entranceway of the maze, bringing himself to a halt a couple steps from entering the maze. he tilted his head back as he admired the design work, Reaching out he placed a hand on the stone. “Well this is the place.” then looking forward again his eyes began to take in what was visible of the interior. He let out a small sigh of displeasure as finding his way through a maze was not exactly on his list of things he enjoyed. Reluctantly he stepped forward into the maze running his hand along the wall hoping that he would continue to feel the force he was drawn too and it would aid his path through the maze.

He continued on to a point where the way he had entered from was no longer visible. The deeper in he got the more vivid the sounds from within became. The maze and its contents were new to him he didn’t know if there were others further in or if creatures inhabited this place. His concern growing he reached his free hand into his jacket and pulled his cane a quick flick and the segments popped out and snapped back together with a click. Continuing deeper into the maze one had on the wall following the draw the other continuing the monotone click of his cane on the floor of the maze.


Dessy:  Mariela kept her focus on the collar – nothing else. As she ran her hand over each jewel, she heard a cracking sound. The collar then broke open, and Mariela let out a shocked gasp as it did so, before hearing Bandit’s happy words. “I did it…” she spoke, a bit shocked with herself, standing up. “I actually did it.” she said, giving a smile to Bandit and a nod. “You’re welcome.” she said, before she turned to face Scar.

She laughed as Scar twirled the collar around his fingers, then chewing on the collar. But Mariela was a bit shocked when Scar ran up to embrace her, but was more than happy to return his hug. Unfortunately, the happiness didn’t last as she saw the swirling of black smoke then the formation of a man. She narrowed her eyes, automatically assuming the guy was Raul.

“I am. And you must the one that made the collar… Raul.” Mariela spoke back. When Raul spoke the words “my little witch”, Mariela narrowed her eyes. “I’m not “your little witch”. You don’t own me.” she snapped back. She turned her eyes to look down at Bandit when he spoke to her, moving her self to be standing in front of Bandit as she turned her gaze back to him.

“Scar!” Mariela shouted when Scar was shot back, the collar locking around his neck. Scar shouted for her to get the human away, and Mariela opened her mouth to speak… but then Scar’s hat flew off and the Alp was being sucked in. “No!!!” Mariela screamed, but saw nothing left but the hat as Scar vanished. “Bastard!” Mariela shouted in anger. She then looked down at Bandit, and back up at Raul. The question was: fight or flight? She needed to get Bandit out of here… but now Mariela was nothing but angry, and the guy deserved whatever was coming for him.


Artie:  Bandit’s eyes hadn’t looked at Scar, instead they were closed as she focused on finally getting the damn collar off of her neck.. Finally.. But she knew this relief would be short-lived, as a terrible noise of Raul’s voice was heard. “I’m not something to be dealt with, you son of a bit-..” But Mariela had already begun to talk, Bandit’s eyes widening as Scar screamed and suddenly was thrown into the hat, only to vanish. “Fuck!” The blonde haired girl would look up at Mariela, already feeling defeat as her gaze would then turn to meet Raul’s, hardening.. With the last amount of energy she had, she would pick up the dagger that had previously fallen and held it up, sharp point towards Raul.. though, it required an immense amount of effort, her hand shaking as she began to sweat, mixing with the dirt and blood on her body. Worse come to worse, Bandit would take the blade and run it through her own heart rather than go back with Raul.


Razorbackwriter:  The Alp’s hat spun around and around as the cries of Scar faded into nothingness. Scar was gone. The Warlock raised his head in triumph. The pair were foolish to even think that they would dare be a match for him. Women were weak, in his eyes. All of them, even Lydia. She had her weakness. That was ambition itself. The very thing that gave her great power, was also the one thing that could bring her down. Even if she was the Princess of Greed as well. The two fused together could only spell disaster….eventually.

Mariela’s cries for her little Alp were falling on deaf ears. The Warlock acted out of revenge. For breaking Bandit’s collar, the pair would pay the price. Now that the Alp was in the hat….he was no longer a threat. Grinning, the Warlock mocked Mariela with an imitation of her voice.

“Scar!…Scar!…Ahahaha. Cry all you want, little witch, but your play boy is now lost to Hell…Forever.”

He watched how the witch kept looking between Bandit and him, as though trying to decide to fight or flee. Oh, that was right, the Alp told her to run. It was almost comical to think that Bandit could run….considering. Thinking he had it all under control, he simply folded his arms, instead of raising them and attacking the pair at the same time. That was, until he saw Bandit reach for her dagger. Oh yes, her favorite weapon – beside her mouth.

Bandit’s hand quivered and shook as she pointed the dagger at her Master. Raul didn’t seem phased. Again brushing off any fears that she could do him in. Not thinking for a moment she would use it on herself.

“Right….time to end this.”

Just as Raul lowered his arms, and started to march for Bandit, there came a massive roar from behind him. A loud…yodel that…had a Scottish edge to it.

“I don’t think so ….LADDY!”


A massive axe was swung with the blunt end towards the Warlock’s head, knocking him clear off his feet and into the bushes, where the Giant then gave him a right hefty kick up the arse.

The ginger haired giant with the speckled beard then looked down at the two tiny women that were there.

“Okeee…then. Can anyone tell me…where the bloody hell I am? Do either of you know a Quinn?”

It was Douglas…the Giant.