The World inside Scar’s Hat – Part One : SS.

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This is the side arc from the Maze of Greed – Seven Sins Series.

Co-written with Dessy.


The World inside Scar’s hat

Razorbackwriter:  The setting was like any typical suburban park with families out enjoying the delights of a summer’s day. Children were playing on swings, families were at picnic tables and lighting barbecues. Boys were playing football on the wide fields of green and the sounds of laughter and music came from all around – coupled of course with the everyday sounds of a modern world. Cars….trucks…the odd horn blast and of course planes that flew high overhead. So with all these ordinary people going about their ordinary lives, they would not even notice something extraordinary happening.

A swirling vortex of purple mist opened up high above the tree canopy of a nearby forest. Deep from within, the scream of a certain alp came down as his body plummeted to the earth below with a dull thud. Scores of leaves went up in a cloud of greens and browns as the Alp lay there, slightly winded. We all remember how Scar was dressed right before Raul zapped him into the hat. In this reality however, Scar looked nothing like his Hellish counterpart. In this world….in this age, he looked….human.

Laying there for a few moments, Scar blinked. What the hell had happened? His mind was a jumbled mess and all he could see above him was the steady movement of the trees, the sparkle of light from the sun’s rays. In a trice he sat up and could hear a couple of lads shouting out football numbers. Scar’s head snapped around – left to right and back.


He looked down to what he was wearing and he gasped loudly. His hands…they were big. Scar touched his face and started to cry. “I’m…..I’m…..human!” There was no mistaking it. Clamoring to his feet, Scar’s eyes were starting to go glassy, as unseen tears were threatening to fall. The reality hit him like a speeding train. His worst nightmare had come to fruition. He was lost inside the world of the hat. A world….that he believed had no magic.

“M..M..Mariela?’ A whimper came from his lips, that quivered ever slightly.

“MARIELA!!??” Desperation now evident in his cry. Where was she? Was she still in the maze with Raul and the human? What of Lydia? “MARIELA?!” Scar turned around and around. He started to see evidence of the truth of his surrounds. Happy families….strange objects that moved on wheels. A world of humans.





Dessy:  Over on a clear, green and grassy field was a large group of boys playing fotball. It was a Saturday – a weekend. There was a group of girls sitting on blankets over to the side that the group of boys had brought with them, talking and gossiping and stealing a few glances from the boys every now and then. Some of them went as far as to blow kisses. This was the modern world – the world of cars, social media and cell phones. This was Mariela’s world.

It had to have been pretty hard for a family of powerful witches to live in secret in the modern world – but the family kept the secret pretty well. Until they eventually found out about it, when Mariela’s life had ended. Even to this day, it was unknown how those people had found out. But after the incident, her parents took her brothers and they moved to a new state and town – starting a new life.

Mariela would have been twenty-three years old at this time – five years after her death. Life had went on with her family, and even now they still used their witch abilities in secret – being extra careful this time around. Laughing could be heard from the field of the teenage boys, which was close to the forest. “Nice tackle, Sam!”spoke one of the voices with a laugh afterwards. Football numbers were then being shouted, the boys getting ready to get back in position.


The shouting of the all too familiar name caused one of the boys to stop. He nudged his brother in the side with his elbow.”Sam, did you hear that?” the boy with light brown spoke, causing the other teenager to look at his brother in confusion.”Hear what?” the dark brown haired boy, known as Sam asked, but just got a “shh” by his twin brother.


There was that name again. “Is… is someone calling our sister’s name?” Sam asked, receiving a nod from his brother.”We need to go check it out.” he said, giving the other boys the timeout symbol. “Me and Sean need to go check something. Break for now!” Sam yelled, before motioning for his brother to follow as he began running off. “Come on, Sean.” he spoke, Sam running off and the one known as Sean following. Yes, these were Mariela’s little brothers – the twins Sam and Sean. After Mariela saved them from the burning house when they were fourteen, they continued on with their lives like their sister would’ve wanted. Both boys were now eighteen, and seniors in high school.

The brothers ran into the forest where the voice had came from. Why was this person screaming their dead sister’s name? Coincidence, maybe? Maybe this person happened to know someone who shared her name… but they weren’t sure. They both stopped when the voice was heard no longer. Then they heard it again.


“This way!” Sam said, running in the direction of the voice. “Why is he screaming for help? And using our sister’s name at that?” Sean questioned, following his brother. “That’s what we’re going find out.” Sam answered. They stopped when they came to the source of the yelling. Some male… they knew that much. But they didn’t recognize him, which meant he couldn’t have known their sister. They knew most people that Mariela had always hung around… so he couldn’t have known her.

“Hey, dude.” Sam spoke, looking at him with an eyebrow raise. “Why are you calling our sister’s name?” he asked. Sam had blue eyes, unlike his brother. Sean’s eyes were green – almost the same green as Mariela’s, just darker. They also shared similar facial features with her. The brothers exchanged glances, before looking back at the male.

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