The World inside Scar’s Hat – Part Two : SS.


The shocking realization was now hitting Scar as he found himself in what he thought was a world without magic.  The World inside his hat.

Scene setting – Inside Scar’s hat – Seven Sins series.

Co-written with Dessy.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar was spinning and then stopping in his tracks. Squinting his eyes tight together as though willfully trying to blink away the reality of what he faced. At a blink he can change forms. He could. In Hell. Here however, he would open his eyes to find that he was the same man, the same outfit. Everything stayed the same. Nothing worked. His magic….gone. Scar raised his hands up before him, as they quivered. His fingers as though clutching at some unseen being. Scar wanted to strangle the life out of Raul for what he had done. Sending him into his own hat. Sending him to a world without magic. The alp panted and looked up at the sky once more, only to just see a jet liner through the clouds – spiriting away to some unknown destinations. Flying…metal things! It was crazy. None of it made any sense to the creature. Hell might have been the last place you ever wanted to be, but that was where he belonged – not in this reality.

“Hey, dude.” A voice. Scar spun around to see two boys, though they were not children they were young men. One then asked the oddest question. One he would never expect to hear. “Why are you calling our sister’s name?” The young man had the bluest eyes. Radiant and matched in well with his colourings. The one beside him though, had green eyes. Like jade pools….with a frightening similarity to…Mariela’s. Both boys…had her features. They were younger of course, but…there was this eerie feeling that Scar was getting. “Why are you calling our sister’s name?”

What were the possibilities that the hat sent Scar to the one place that he knew Mariela would be safe from Lydia and Raul? The one place, she would call home. Scar’s eyes widened as the shocking truth was coming to fruition. There was no doubt in Scar’s love for her, that he would wish the hat to take her home. The only problem was, the hat….took him after Raul turned the game on it’s head.

“I don’t belong here.” Scar uttered, backing away from the two young men. He raised a hand, pointing at each of them in turn. “She…never told me…she had siblings.” He shook his head, then he reached up and started pulling at his hair.“This can’t be happening. She’s in that maze with Raul….and a…human. What if Lydia……..Oh fuck no.” Scar started walking around in a circle, then saw a tree. Marching over to it, he gripped it around the trunk and started to beat his head against it.



Dessy:  This guy looked like he was having a mental breakdown… or something. The boys didn’t know what was wrong with him. They didn’t move or take any steps further – for all they knew, this man could be some crazy who would attack them the minute they took a step toward him. Instead, they stayed in their position where they were, watching him and exchanging glances every now and then.

“I don’t belong here.”

He spoke, and Sean looked at his brother. “What do you mean “you don’t belong here”? Who are you?” Sean asked, deciding to take the risk and took one step further. What if he was one of the people after his family? The people who burned their house and killed their sister? What if they found out the rest of the family escaped? Their mother always feared that the people would find out and hunt for them. That they’d find out where they had ran off to and try to finish them off. What if this man was sent here to see if it was really them?

Then again, after Mariela’s death their mother had became really paranoid. After going through a depression state, she became over-protective and paranoid. Their father had to not only pull her out of that depression, but also convince her that everything would be fine and there was no reason for her to freak out. She had to be pulled out of a paranoia. It took a few years for her to finally be her normal self. Even now, mentioning Mariela’s name always ended up with their mother in tears again. This man pointed to each one of them, then stating that he never knew she had siblings.

The boys exchanged glances. Maybe he really did know their sister. But they had to be sure. “Are you sure we’re taking about the same girl here?” Sam spoke up next. “You have to be talking about a different person. If you knew our sister, we would’ve recognized you.”

“Who the hell is Raul? And Lydia?” Sean asked in confusion. “What are you talking about?” What was wrong with this guy? The brothers were just getting more and more confused as he rambled on about a maze. Then he walked in a circle. Then, he started beating his head against a tree.

“Woah! Hey! Calm down!” Sean spoke, taking a step back at this sight. Sam stayed in his spot, unsure if he should help hm or not. Was this guy crazy?


Razorbackwriter:  “Woah! Hey! Calm down!” Blurbs of questions were being asked as the Alp continued to smack his forehead against the tree trunk. Each time he hit the tree trunk, his eyes rolled about comically in his head. At last he staggered back, with a great red welt right in the center of his forehead. “Pain….such a rush.” If the boys thought that Scar was indeed crazy, it was because he was certainly acting like it. Now you’d think the boys would just wipe their hands of him and go back to their game of football. Leave the sad mad chap to his own devices, but they really wanted to know if it was their sister that Scar was crying out for.

“You have to be talking about a different person. If you knew our sister, we would’ve recognized you.” This might be true in their world, but Mariela was from a place after her death. A place that the brothers would not have even contemplated her being in. Scar finally stopped moving, though he was panting hard. In between taking in deep breaths, he tried to answer them, to the best of his ability. “My…Mariela…is trapped in a maze in Hell. She’s there, and I’m here.” He pointed to the ground and then slapped both his arms to his side, as though he felt totally lost.“A warlock….used my hat, to send me here as punishment.” He looked up at both boys, and then said something that may help them figure out what was really going on.

“She’s the most powerful witch I’ve ever met, but she doesn’t know her own strength. That is why Princess Lydia was going to use her for another war. To topple the Princess of Wrath. Then….I STUPIDLY…led her into the maze…thinking, she’d be safer there.” Scar was now feeling the stinging sensation of guilt. “This is all my fault.” His voice breaking into quiet sobs.

The Alp collapsed on the ground. Sitting in a crumpled heap. A sad laugh coming from his lips as he tried to wipe away a tear. “I kept telling her. Use my hat. She’s supposed to be here….not me.” Scar bowed his head, ashamed of himself. “I was trying to save her. Now I’ve signed her death warrant, and there is no way, I can go back. Not without my hat. There is no magic here.”

What would the two boys think of all this?


The Maze of Greed – Part Nine : SS


With Scar now lost in his own hat, Bandit and Mariela have found themselves a new ally.  Question is, how did he come to be in the maze?

Scene setting – The Maze of Greed, Seven Sins Series.

This arc is co-written with Phyln, Dessy and Artie.


Phyln:  Following the force that had drawn him there Solomons trek through the maze was made significantly easier. Taking atleast half the time if not less that it would have taken had he went through relying on basic senses. Rounding a final corner the click of his cane on the ground stopped as he stood silent. He watched over several people a little further in, he had heard screaming as he approached but could discern any of the actual words. whatever was going on drew him here so now he watched. Taking up a spot nearby to do just that the first site was that of a giant man appearing and striking at another, he could now clearly make out what they spoke about but it was not his business so he kept to himself. With everything that was going on around here he was deffinetly in the right place.


Dessy:  Mariela looked back down at the hat, then up at Raul. He had a look of triumph. Like he was the greatest thing in the world because he sent Scar off. This fact made Mariela angry. She looked behind her at Bandit, seeing her hold up her dagger, and simply gave her a nod. She then turned back to Raul and glared. He was mocking her. Why was he mocking her? Mariela clenched her hands together in fists, just getting more angry than she already was. Seeing him march toward Bandit, Mariela took a defensive position in front of her.

“He wasn’t my play boy. And if you call me little witch again, I swear…” she started, but was interrupted by… yodeling? Yodeling and Scottish. That’s all she heard, before she saw Raul get knocked down with the blunt end of an ax. She widened her eyes, watching him get thrown in the bush, then looking up at the tall and large… very large and tall… man. “Thank you.” she spoke softly, her gaze going back over to the bush. She then turned around, walking back over to Bandit and kneeling beside her. “We need to get out of this maze. Preferably before Raul wakes up.” she spoke to her. She was about to pick her up, before the giant spoke.

“Okeee…then. Can anyone tell me…where the bloody hell I am? Do either of you know a Quinn?”

This caused Mariela to look up at him with a raised eyebrow, standing up. “You’re in Hell…” she spoke slowly. Why didn’t he know where he was? And who was he? Why was he in this maze? “A Quinn? No, I don’t know of a Quinn.” she said, looking to Bandit with a confused expression. “But this is Bandit, and I’m Mariela.” she turned her gaze back to the giant. “Who are you? And may I ask, how did you get here in the maze?” she asked, crossing her arms. Maybe he knew how to get out of the maze… if so, maybe he could help them get out.


Artie:  Fear struck Bandit as Raul began to move towards her, breath pausing and her whole body tensing — but he would soon be staring at Douglas in surprise, right up dropping her dagger as she stared at the giant. What an interesting twist this had been.. Where did this guy even come from?! Bandit blinked a bit, letting her hands fall onto her lap and leaving them there. “Yes.. there’s a Quinn.. Hellhound, right? Basically Satan’s entire police force?” Oh, Bandit had run into Quinn, from the look on her face. Not that she didn’t particularly like the hellhound, but.. “She’s intense.. But no matter that. Who’re you? And how do you not know that you’re in Hell?” She blinked, confusion etched on her face. Bandit didn’t quite know the circumstances of Douglas’s arrival…

Her confusion was replaced with pain as she winced, pushing off the ground with her hands to adjust her body to the side a bit in an attempt to become comfortable. Her butt felt dead against the hard ground, and the lack of feeling in her legs still frightened her. She would attempt to wiggle her toes, only to have a shock of anxiety run through her when she realized that they weren’t, technically, there.


Razorbackwriter:  As much as it was a surprise for Mariela and Bandit to find that Raul had just been knocked out by a wily Scottish Giant named Douglas, so to the Giant was surprised to meet two lassies in the Maze. The witch was naturally thankful that Douglas had come along when he did. Scar of course had just disappeared into the hat, and Raul’s magic melded with his anger meant that the girls had been in real danger. For now at least the only sound coming from the hedge was the strange snores from the Warlock. Douglas hit him hard…really hard. And not just in the head. All that protruded from the hedge was his legs. His ass having been kicked into it as well. A strange thing occurred too. The hedge started to close around Raul, almost like it was trying to trap him inside it. Vines wound around his legs and feet and soon he was one with the hedge of the Maze. For how long though, remained a mystery. It would however allow the Giant and the two girls a chance to exchange pleasantries.

When Mariela said her thank you’s, Douglas pointed at where Raul had been and spoke.

“Ah don’t like seeing a lad hit a lassy. I don’t care what ya done. Leave the fisty cuffs to the menfolk.” Douglas leaned on the handle of his axe whilst staring downward at the two. “My name is Douglas McGee….warrior of the McGee clan…but mah friends call me Duggie. Quin…she be err…mah friend. I lost her before I came into the maze to work. Chopping things takes mah mind off mah troubles.”

For a giant he was very forthcoming and honest. He was surprised though to find that the maze somehow wound up in Hell of all places. The giant rubbed his bearded chin on this news. “Can’t be much worse than the Mansion. Filled with daft laddys and small doorways. Quinn and me were the only bigguns about. Aye….I miss that lassy. Misunderstood by many. Heart the size of the sun, if ya askin’ me.” It was clear from the emotion of his words that Quinn was a special friend. Hell hound or not.

The Giant looked down on the ground and then spotted Scar’s hat. It was tiny and rather cute. He reached down and picked it up, inspecting it by pinching his fingers. He was almost about to try it on, when a strange sound came from within….like an echo. it was faint…very faint. Douglas put it to his ear….and then heard what was called.

“Some git is calling for you, little witch.” Note…he didn’t say my.

He offered the hat to Mariela and then thundered over to Bandit, gently trying to help her to standing . He had immense power that was obvious, as he managed to hold her up with just two fingers. Like a child holding a moth. He didn’t mean no harm, but was clueless to her injuries. . “You know me Quinn?!” An incredulous look coming over his rough features. He grinned and showed off a few of his broken and gold teeth.

“Well then, let’s find a way out of this mad maze and find me Quinn!”






The Hell’s Kitchen crew start the party off with an innocent game of Twister.  That is till Roxanne puts her right foot green.

Scene setting – Hell’s Kitchen party room :  Seven Sins series.

Co-written with Temp and Moo.

Temp:  Roxanne had been happily noming away at the Pizza and drinks. There had been a fair bit of soda brought in with the pizza, but Roxanne had other plans. While the others were partying away she had busted out her private stash of booze. She sipped away at the various drinks that she made and giggled happily as Loc rested upon her bodacious breasts. Hell the guy could probably play with them at this point and she wouldn’t even notice. While the others danced she simply sat still eating and drinking away. She bobbed her head back and forth to the music without a care in the world. Any jealousy that she might have had towards Narcissa being the Doctors dancing partner was simply not present, but that was thanks to the booze.


Moo:  Narcissa had long since abandoned her shoes, grabbing a slice of pizza to chomp away at during the minutes of freedom she had left. There was nothing better than food! She took a huge bite while Wilhelm started up the music, bobbing her head while she chewed and swallowed. Her free hand was taken only moments later, being spun about the room while she giggled and laughed, somehow managing to hold onto the rest of her slice before tossing it on the table they swept past. Oh well.“Doctor is good on his feet!” she remarked lightheartedly. Narcissa was of course oblivious to the fact that Roxanne was drinking a special stash of her own booze. She was most likely oblivious to the fact that the nurse drank in the first place. She waved, looking genuinely happy to see the nurse in good spirits with Loc nearly fondling her breasts at this point.


Razorbackwriter:  Wilhelm’s cheeks shone with a rosy flare when Narcissa said that the Doctor was good on his feet. He had always been fond of dancing ever since he watched John Travolta strut his stuff on the big movie screen. Wilhelm was not that good, but for what he lacked in style, he made up for with enthusiasm in every step. He beamed at each of his crew as he passed them on the small checkered dance floor, only stopping when the song changed to something of a slower tempo. Igor at this point was flat on his face, since the poor sod kept getting knocked over by the Doctor’s wayward leg kicks.

“Not a time to be lying down on the job, Igor. Up….up up! It’s time to party.”

He snatched up Igor by the collar and gave him a light dusting off. Igor of course a little out of breath but more than happy not to still be on his face.

“Thank you, Doctor.” Gracious as ever. If it was one thing the crew had…it was manners. They were a unique bunch in Hell. They had a strong work ethic, but when it came to down time….they did it better than any other place. Not consumed by the Sins of the Creed. Let the Royals have at that all they liked.

The Doctor picked up the spin wheel chart, to start off the game of Twister, unaware that Roxanne was helping herself to her private stash. This game could get a little silly if the contestants were off their face.


“Okay, my lovelies….Let’s play!” The Doctor spun the needle and then pointed to Roxanne. “Enough pizza and pop. You’re first. Right hand green!” He waited with a smile to see Roxanne take her place on the mat. One thing was for sure, Loc was going to love this game. The creation got up from his comfy head rest and thundered over to the Doctor on the sidelines to watch his favorite nursey….bend over.




Temp:  Roxanne hadn’t been paying much attention to the things going on around her. Most of her thoughts were a jumbled mess at the moment due to her pounding down several drinks. Thankfully she wasn’t really needed for anything at this time, so her lack of comments and participation would go mostly unnoticed. Of course, that all changed when the Doctor decided to bust out the game of Twister. She tilted her head curiously as she watched the mat get set up, but didn’t react until the Doctor called for her. She was sure to comply immediately, and skipped over to the mat in a bit of a wobbly fashion. Once she was there she did as the game demanded of her, which consisted of her bending over completely. Though, she did it a bit slower than necessary and looked back at the others while she did so. For whatever reason, she felt like playing the tease at the moment. She was flexible, so toying with them while she played wouldn’t be any problem.


Moo:  Narcissa’s dancing was up to speed–with Wilhelm, anyway. She never once tripped or tumbled, even in her ball gown. She never really questioned the aspect of playing Twister while wearing such regal gowns and suits. Her mind was on the fun! Endless fun for the entire crew! Even Igor would have a hand in this, though he spent the first portion of the party on his face. The poor hunchback would have to be picked up by Wilhelm once the music stopped, leaving Narcissa to giggle and hold her head in place while her entire body wobbled and swayed. It was almost as if she was drunk, simply from the dizziness the dancing provided. Watching as the mat was finally finished with the set up, the good Doctor was sure to allow Roxanne the pleasure of being first to move. Narcissa gave a loud cheer, clapping her hands–as simple as this was in the beginning, it looked as though it was taking a bit of effort on Roxanne’s part.


Razorbackwriter:  Igor, Loc and the Doctor all tilted over at the same time as Roxanne bent over and flashed those gorgeous rounded jubless of hers. Even the Doctor had to admit, they were something, and we all know what Loc thought. He had proven his affection for those breasts more than once since his awakening. Narcissa, well she was bouncing and clapping – clearly loving every minute of the fun and games that they five were getting into.

Straightening up, the Doctor spun the wheel and it landed on left hand red. “Righto Loc. Slap one of your hands down on a red dot.” Loc looked dumbfounded at first and held up both his hands, staring at each one. The poor giant had no idea which was left and right. He started to whimper till Igor hobbled over and grabbed a sharpie, then writing LEFT on his left hand and then a big RIGHT on his other hand.

Holding up the left hand, he wiggled it. “This one…on the red dot.”


“Yes…red. Go on.”

Loc slammed down his left hand, bending over and then realizing he had a better view of Roxanne’s breasts. Oh…he liked this game. He started to dribble on the mat as he was transfixed by those lovely mounds. Yes, this was a game he now loved. The doctor chuckled as he spun the dial again and pointed at Narcissa. “Right foot yellow!” He wobbled his head as the tune on the jukebox played a classic that really said a lot about the crew.

“Hooked on a feeling.”

Next it was Igor’s turn.

“Left hand blue, Igor!”

The hunchback was walking around trying to see a way in and nearly walked right into Loc’s backside. He barely missed it and wiped away a few beads of sweat. Seeing an opening, he stuck down his hand and started to wiggle to the song.

Loc…burst into song.