The World inside Scar’s Hat – Part Two : SS.


The shocking realization was now hitting Scar as he found himself in what he thought was a world without magic.  The World inside his hat.

Scene setting – Inside Scar’s hat – Seven Sins series.

Co-written with Dessy.


Razorbackwriter:  Scar was spinning and then stopping in his tracks. Squinting his eyes tight together as though willfully trying to blink away the reality of what he faced. At a blink he can change forms. He could. In Hell. Here however, he would open his eyes to find that he was the same man, the same outfit. Everything stayed the same. Nothing worked. His magic….gone. Scar raised his hands up before him, as they quivered. His fingers as though clutching at some unseen being. Scar wanted to strangle the life out of Raul for what he had done. Sending him into his own hat. Sending him to a world without magic. The alp panted and looked up at the sky once more, only to just see a jet liner through the clouds – spiriting away to some unknown destinations. Flying…metal things! It was crazy. None of it made any sense to the creature. Hell might have been the last place you ever wanted to be, but that was where he belonged – not in this reality.

“Hey, dude.” A voice. Scar spun around to see two boys, though they were not children they were young men. One then asked the oddest question. One he would never expect to hear. “Why are you calling our sister’s name?” The young man had the bluest eyes. Radiant and matched in well with his colourings. The one beside him though, had green eyes. Like jade pools….with a frightening similarity to…Mariela’s. Both boys…had her features. They were younger of course, but…there was this eerie feeling that Scar was getting. “Why are you calling our sister’s name?”

What were the possibilities that the hat sent Scar to the one place that he knew Mariela would be safe from Lydia and Raul? The one place, she would call home. Scar’s eyes widened as the shocking truth was coming to fruition. There was no doubt in Scar’s love for her, that he would wish the hat to take her home. The only problem was, the hat….took him after Raul turned the game on it’s head.

“I don’t belong here.” Scar uttered, backing away from the two young men. He raised a hand, pointing at each of them in turn. “She…never told me…she had siblings.” He shook his head, then he reached up and started pulling at his hair.“This can’t be happening. She’s in that maze with Raul….and a…human. What if Lydia……..Oh fuck no.” Scar started walking around in a circle, then saw a tree. Marching over to it, he gripped it around the trunk and started to beat his head against it.



Dessy:  This guy looked like he was having a mental breakdown… or something. The boys didn’t know what was wrong with him. They didn’t move or take any steps further – for all they knew, this man could be some crazy who would attack them the minute they took a step toward him. Instead, they stayed in their position where they were, watching him and exchanging glances every now and then.

“I don’t belong here.”

He spoke, and Sean looked at his brother. “What do you mean “you don’t belong here”? Who are you?” Sean asked, deciding to take the risk and took one step further. What if he was one of the people after his family? The people who burned their house and killed their sister? What if they found out the rest of the family escaped? Their mother always feared that the people would find out and hunt for them. That they’d find out where they had ran off to and try to finish them off. What if this man was sent here to see if it was really them?

Then again, after Mariela’s death their mother had became really paranoid. After going through a depression state, she became over-protective and paranoid. Their father had to not only pull her out of that depression, but also convince her that everything would be fine and there was no reason for her to freak out. She had to be pulled out of a paranoia. It took a few years for her to finally be her normal self. Even now, mentioning Mariela’s name always ended up with their mother in tears again. This man pointed to each one of them, then stating that he never knew she had siblings.

The boys exchanged glances. Maybe he really did know their sister. But they had to be sure. “Are you sure we’re taking about the same girl here?” Sam spoke up next. “You have to be talking about a different person. If you knew our sister, we would’ve recognized you.”

“Who the hell is Raul? And Lydia?” Sean asked in confusion. “What are you talking about?” What was wrong with this guy? The brothers were just getting more and more confused as he rambled on about a maze. Then he walked in a circle. Then, he started beating his head against a tree.

“Woah! Hey! Calm down!” Sean spoke, taking a step back at this sight. Sam stayed in his spot, unsure if he should help hm or not. Was this guy crazy?


Razorbackwriter:  “Woah! Hey! Calm down!” Blurbs of questions were being asked as the Alp continued to smack his forehead against the tree trunk. Each time he hit the tree trunk, his eyes rolled about comically in his head. At last he staggered back, with a great red welt right in the center of his forehead. “Pain….such a rush.” If the boys thought that Scar was indeed crazy, it was because he was certainly acting like it. Now you’d think the boys would just wipe their hands of him and go back to their game of football. Leave the sad mad chap to his own devices, but they really wanted to know if it was their sister that Scar was crying out for.

“You have to be talking about a different person. If you knew our sister, we would’ve recognized you.” This might be true in their world, but Mariela was from a place after her death. A place that the brothers would not have even contemplated her being in. Scar finally stopped moving, though he was panting hard. In between taking in deep breaths, he tried to answer them, to the best of his ability. “My…Mariela…is trapped in a maze in Hell. She’s there, and I’m here.” He pointed to the ground and then slapped both his arms to his side, as though he felt totally lost.“A warlock….used my hat, to send me here as punishment.” He looked up at both boys, and then said something that may help them figure out what was really going on.

“She’s the most powerful witch I’ve ever met, but she doesn’t know her own strength. That is why Princess Lydia was going to use her for another war. To topple the Princess of Wrath. Then….I STUPIDLY…led her into the maze…thinking, she’d be safer there.” Scar was now feeling the stinging sensation of guilt. “This is all my fault.” His voice breaking into quiet sobs.

The Alp collapsed on the ground. Sitting in a crumpled heap. A sad laugh coming from his lips as he tried to wipe away a tear. “I kept telling her. Use my hat. She’s supposed to be here….not me.” Scar bowed his head, ashamed of himself. “I was trying to save her. Now I’ve signed her death warrant, and there is no way, I can go back. Not without my hat. There is no magic here.”

What would the two boys think of all this?


2 thoughts on “The World inside Scar’s Hat – Part Two : SS.

  1. Hi, I wanted to thank you so much for following me! I am new here in blogland and there are many things I don’t know. Many unfamiliar buttons and such. I enjoyed your post but I feel as if I have walked into an ongoing story. Have I? Interesting characters. : ) I will follow you in hopes of catching up. P.S. How did you even find my blog: This Remedial Life? Was it on Freshly Pressed? I’m having a hard time finding blogs outside of those they recommend for me. Thanks much!!

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    • Your blog was on the reader feed, which I tend to go through daily and you are welcome for the follow. This is part of an ongoing series, that is written with a number of writers. There is so much more to come and I will be posting up some new scenes soon.


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