The World inside Scar’s Hat – Part Three : SS.

Mariela’s brothers; Sean and Sam don’t know quite what to make of Scar and his tales of Hell.  Was he simply a mad man, or was he telling the truth?

This arc is co-written with Dessy, and is a spin off from the Maze of Greed stories.

Scene setting – Scar’s hat – Seven sins series.


Dessy:  “Considering you just beat your head against the tree, of course you’re gonna be in pain.” Sam commented sarcastically, crossing his across his chest. Honestly, the boys should have left by now. They should have just left this crazy man alone… but they didn’t. Why? Because they wanted to know why their sister’s name was being screamed from his mouth. They needed to know.

“My…Mariela…is trapped in a maze in Hell. She’s there, and I’m here.”

The man finally began speaking in between pants. The boys turned to look at each other, raising an eyebrow as they looked back to the man standing in front of them. Mainly the way he called her “his Mariela”. There confused looks ony got worse as Scar continued talking. He then mentioned a warlock using his hat to send him here as punishment. Sent him from Hell to Earth? As witches, they knew traveling between the worlds was possible, but they didn’t honestly believe this man came from Hell. Plus, why would their sister be in Hell? She was much too good-hearted for that.

The brothers let him finish talking before they said anything. He then went on to mention about how she was the most powerful witch he’s ever met, but she didn’t know her own strength. Maybe it really was their sister. They all came from a long line of powerful witches – although Mariela seemed to have gained more strength than they all did, for reasons unknown. She used her witch abilities more than anyone, and was better with them. She also learned new spells and such easily. She was passionate about her abilities and powers… about being a witch. She cherished being a witch. Their parents knew she was powerful, and the brothers knew it – but Mariela never knew how powerful she was. Mariela was a powerful being, but she never thought she was when it was brought up. And nothing had ever happened for her to need to use her power and strength to prove how powerful she was.

But this still didn’t mean it was her. Not yet. He began speaking about Lydia, and Lydia wanting to use Mariela’s power to cause war in Hell… over the Wrath kingdom. Sean widened his eyes, his green eyes looking at his brother. They all knew that someone would end up finding out about Mariela’s power and wanting to use her for it… they just didn’t expect it to be in Hell, of all places. They expected it to be here. He then talked about the maze, and the brothers noted the guilt in his voice… blaming it on himself.

He tried getting Mariela to take the hat so she could be here. This caused Sam to roll his eyes… their sister was always stubborn. It was certainly starting to sound more like Mariela. He then said that… there was no magic here? Was he nuts? He was standing… kneeling now… on the ground in front of two witches. Of course there was magic. From the way he talked about Mariela, it sounded like he was in love with her… which was weird. Mariela was never one for relationships or love. She certainly never had people fall in love with her – so she says, at least. She did, but she either never noticed or they hid it well.

“You called her “your” Mariela? From the way you talk about her, you make it sound like you’re in love with her or something.” Sam spoke up again. “The way you described her certainly sounds like our sister, down to her being powerful and not knowing it, to her stubborness. But, let me get this straight… You came from Hell? You were sent by a warlock? And Mariela is there in Hell?” he said, shaking his head. “Impossible. Mariela wouldn’t end up in Hell after death. She’s too good-natured. She’s never done anything to land her in hell.”

“Wrong.” Sean finally spoke up, looking at his brother when he gave a confused look. “Marie may have been good natured, but there is one thing she’s done that sent her to Hell.” “What is that?” Sam asked, dropping his arms at his side. “Murder. Remember? We were eleven, Marie was sixteen. We were coming home from a walk when a man attacked us in the alleyway, holding a gun to my head. He threatened to shoot me if Marie didn’t do what she was told. Marie knew he was lying and would kill us anyway, then her next, so she knocked the gun out of his hand and shot him with it.” Sean spoke.”She was sent to Hell for killing him.” he added afterwards.

“Oh… god.” Sam said with wide eyes, shaking his head. “Still doesn’t prove it’s her. Can you describe her to us?” Sam said, looking at Scar. Sean looked over at him as well, running a hand through his light brown hair. “You said there was no magic here?” he then asked. “You’re standing in front of two witches… in the same bloodline as Mariela. She was born and raised in this world. Magic is what got our sister killed.” he crossed his arms. “So what do you mean “magic does not exist”, when it does? You’re standing in front of it.”


Razorbackwriter:  “You called her “your” Mariela? From the way you talk about her, you make it sound like you’re in love with her or something.”

Scar rolled his eyes and looked exasperated. What was with the big hoo haa about him calling Mariela his. God, she did the same thing. It seemed so natural to say she was his, because he really didn’t know where he was, and they spoke of a Mariela…their Mariela and Scar…had his. Now with a terrible headache to contend to, he was going to have to explain himself to these…boys. “Yes….I love her. Throw the book at me. Woah, it is so wrong that an Alp should love a witch, but I do.” This of course was said with much arm flailing as though to emphasize the point. Bringing his fingers back to point at his chest he continued. “My Mariela, Your Mariela…Mariela is in hell. How she got there was a mystery to me. All I know is that I was summoned by Lydia and Mariela to the Kingdom of Greed to serve the Princess.”

Now the story was starting to be told. From the moment that Scar arrived in the palace of Greed, Lydia had plans for him. What she didn’t count on was the fact that by him spending so much time with the young witch, that he would find himself falling for her goodness and beauty. It had nothing to do with power. The Alp himself had power, but most of it lay in the hat that he wore. The hat that was back in the Maze in Hell.

“And yes, I came from hell, via…my own Hat. Which was used against me by a powerful warlock named Raul. Raul works for Lydia. You do the math.” Again, much hand waving as he spoke. To see Scar this upset and emotional was most unusual, but answering the boy’s questions meant a lot of explaining, that he felt he had already done time and time again.

“You must be her kin. You sure do ask as many questions. Hmmph.”

Scar pushed himself up off the ground at this point, ready to square off with the lads if they didn’t believe him. He listened to the tale of how she had murdered a man that had threatened to shoot one of them. Again, another roll of the eyes.“Murder….is a one way ticket to hell, fellas.” Of course it was. It was one of the ten commandments, and it had been broken. “No matter how good you are, one bad mistake can cost you dearly.” The Alp was getting tired of all this. He knew in the back of his mind that precious seconds were ticking away, and the longer he was here going on and on about Mariela and not doing anything was like he was wasting time.

Scar was about to facepalm now that they were asking him to prove that she was the one that they had lost years before. The alp fumbled and then he suddenly looked up. He pulled away at his scarf, and there…tightly fixed to his neck was Raul’s collar that had been removed by Mariela from Bandit.

“This…horrid thing. It was one one of the Warlock’s slaves….or something. Mariela broke the magical seal by damaging one of the jewels. It’s a tracker…thingymebob. Horrible thing. The Warlock fixed it onto me, because Mariela took it off Bandit. Another in the maze. Mariela’s magic might still be on it…I don’t know. I’m just an alp…this is all completely beyond me.”

The Alp did not believe magic existed in this world, because he was no longer an alp in form, but a human. He didn’t feel magical, or how he had. The brothers claimed that they were witches. Both of them.

“Male witches? Is there such a thing?’ He said with a raised brow.




Dessy:  “Does she love you?” Sam asked, and this caused a glare from his brother. “It doesn’t matter! Our sister is in Hell and it sounds like she’s in danger. That’s what matters.”Sean spoke, shaking his head at his brother then turning to Scar. “You’re an Alp? I’ve heard of that before, but I don’t remember. This… Raul… sounds like bad news. Just how in danger is Mariela?” Sean asked. Sean had the right idea – they needed to worry about their sister.

“You must be her kin. You sure do ask as many questions. Hmmph.”

Sean nodded. “We’re her younger brothers.” he then replied. “I’m Sean, and this my twin brother, Sam” he gestured to his brother, who nodded. “She was very protective over the both of us. That’s why she had sacrificed her life.” Then again, Mariela was always willing to risk her life to save others – every other time she had just gotten lucky. She wasn’t very lucky for the fire.

Scar began explaining the collar around his neck, explaining that Mariela had took it off and Raul snapped it on to him. “Let us take a look at it. While we’re not as… strong and advanced as our sister, chances are that if Marie’s magic is still on it, we might be able to break it off again.” Sam finally spoke up, receiving a nod from his brother. “There’s a lot of things Mariela can do that we can’t… not even her parents. While she taught us a few things, she couldn’t teach us everything before she died… and soem things were hard and impossible for us to learn. But we should be able to break it off.”

“Male witches? Is there such a thing?”

This caused both boys to laugh. “Yes, there’s such a thing. It’s uncommon to find a male witch, as most are born female. But when you’re born from a long bloodline of powerful witches… chances are both genders will be witchs.” Sean spoke.”You said the collar was some sort of tracker? Maybe it can be used to find Marie.” Sam spoke. “Possibly even find a way to send you back to Hell.” They both called her “Marie”, even after death… never her full name. It was the nickname she always went by, and to this day they still called her Marie.

Razorbackwriter:  “Does she love you?”

This question would stop the Alp in his tracks. Did she love him? She never showed it if she did, and it was not like they were any sort of romantic couple. It was very much one sided. He was an Alp. A demon of nightmares. The whole idea of love, was so foreign to him, and yet he was feeling this way for the young witch. Unrequited? Possibly. All he knew was that he was willing to die for her. More than once. If that was not love, then…what was? The two boys went on and on. Asking questions then dismissing it as they conferred on all that Scar had told them. Scar didn’t really think they even knew what an Alp was, but he was pretty much caught between the incessant banter. Back and forth he looked between the two lads as they started asking more questions as to whether Mariela was in a really dangerous situation. Would Scar be acting as he had if she wasn’t? Hadn’t he just explained that the warlock of the maze was a very powerful one.

The twins names were Sam and Sean. Younger brothers of Mariela. They claimed to be male witches, something Scar didn’t know existed. They were not as powerful as say, Mariela, but they had been taught a few things by her, and they were willing to do what they could to help. On learning about the jeweled collar that was fastened around Scar’s neck, again they were eager to see if they could break it off. The notion that it was a tracking device meant there was a slim hope of using it to create a portal to go back to Hell, where Mariela was. All Scar knew was that he had been sent via his own hat. This world, was inside the hat. To escape it would take a great deal of magical power. Was it something that the boys possessed?

Through all the talking and the questions, Scar was beginning to have doubts. As he had told Mariela from the outset of using the hat, there was a price to be paid. So far, the price was the loss of his magical power. His third eye would not even open. He was in human form. Scar watched on as the boys pondered using the collar to send him back.

“I don’t think it can. The only ones that have even a slim chance have to have magical power in this place.” Scar stared at them both as he loosened his scarf further. The horrible truth was he didn’t think he was ever going to see Mariela again.

“If you think you can break it off me… are welcome to try.”




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