The Captain and Xzilia – Part Three.


This is the third part in “The Captain and Xzilia” story, written with dreamcircle125 of WordPress.

(Please be advised, this part contains adult content and reader discretion is advised.)

DC:   Shut down, face red, the question made her want to squirm and squirm she did. She opened her mouth to say something, it should have been obvious from most of her actions. They only way she was able to be this romantic was time travel, able to meet the infamous Romeo and Juliet. Looking up at him she tried a steady answer without stutter, but it was almost too hard.
“W-why ask me such a silly question?”  She maneuvered herself to sit on her knees so she look at him a little better. She was nervous that he would do something, but still trusted him enough to stay in the tub.
RB-  But it wasn’t a silly question and she knew it.  Her stammering showed more nerves, though she was trying to play this off as a trivial matter.  Louis couldn’t be more serious.  Watching her change her position, so she was now facing him – she could watch for his reaction, and he let out a sigh. Simply leaning back he regarded her with what could be described as a fond look.
“Because I want to know the answer.”
Louis rested his arms on the sides of the tub and just stared at her.  He was not about to make any rash movements unless he was sure about this.  If he had any intent to take her right then and there, it all depended on what she said.
“I already have a pretty good idea.”
DC:   “I am a virgin, I have been for 5 billion years.” She felt so embarrassed telling a secret that has been hidden for years. But for some reason she felt he would understand, aside from some teasing along the way, she felt she could open up to him privately. Her brown eyes looked at him now, what was he going to do.
“Oh wait! Are you a virgin too?” If he was going to know she wanted to too. She expected either a yes I am or a no, therefore she would probably be collided with that little thing called curious jealousy.
RB-  Louis’s eyebrows practically shot up into his scalp.  It was not the fact that she was a virgin, but the fact she had been one for such a long…long time.  How does a man respond to that?  Her question though had him burst out laughing in surprise.  Did she just ask what he thought she did?  The water in the bath rocked and sloshed out the sides as he slapped the side of the tub.  
“No…no I am not one.  Lost mine so long ago, that I can’t even remember how it happened.”  And that was the truth.  A few more chuckles came as his body shook from it.  He wiped a tear away at the comical side of the whole thing.  Here she was, naked as they came – opening up to him, and he had the gaul to laugh about it.  They say that comedy is always good in a tense situation.  Did it matter really if he wasn’t?  He was a man of the sea, and a vampire to boot.  Sex was completely natural for him.  
“You’re not going to go storming off now, are you?”  He did wonder if she would take offense at his behavior, but seriously, could you blame him for not being amused.
DC:   Oh, what was funny about an honest question? She expected him to say no, but laughing about it made the question seem foolish to ask. And storming off would be pointless, he would be able to find her easily now that they were connected. She looked down to think, she wouldn’t feel special to him like he would to her. That was lost a long time ago. But there were other ways of making that occasion special for them both, luckily it wont happen anytime soon. She looked back at him and giggled along before kissing him sweetly.
“The water is chilly and we look like prunes, why don’t we get out?” She said, pulling her zombified fingers from the water and wiggling them some. She giggled at the thought of zombies before she climbed her rump outta the tub.
RB-  Xzilia appeared not to take offense to his laughter, but if she had, the girl had a good way of hiding it.  Watching on, Louis remained in the tub, as Xzilia went to hop out.  Water tumbling off her backside as she stepped out, one leg at a time.  “There is a towel to the right.” Louis gestured towards a rack that had a couple of large bath sheets on it.  He gave her a minute, before he too rose up out of the water.  If she bothered to turn around, Xzilia might notice the many battle scars that lined his body.  Like a weird road map of red lines and sweeping curves.  He’d been in many sword fights, and a few gun battles – but that was a story or two for another time.
Louis walked up beside Xzilia, dripping on the floor as he reached for a towel of his own.  The Captain wrapped it around his hips and tied it off, as he watched Xzilia dry herself off.  He had some very dark and tempting thoughts on what he could do to her, but she was giving off signals that she was not at all ready.  He knew though that when she was….she would be begging for it.  This thought alone gave him reason to smile.  She had admitted her love for him, but was not ready to give herself over to him in body just yet.
DC: She felt him behind her and smiled, wrapping the towel around her slim body. Turning around she looked up at him and tilted her head. This is what she was ready for and when her hand reached for his face the city alarms went off, bursting her unaware eardrums.
“Looks like your needed on the sea, would you like me to dress and teleport you?” She asked as she grabbed her wet clothes that still lay upon the ground. She then turned around and kissed his cheek for a small ‘Come home safe’ gift. 
RB- It was unexpected that the moment would be interrupted by the blasting of the city alarms.  Seriously, they had just beaten a french vessel that was outside the harbor, and now something else was causing panic within the city.  Was this to be a common theme in this realm of hers?  He wasn’t exactly dressed and ready for battle, since he had just stepped out of the bath.  Xzilia offered to dress him, which made him smile widely, till he realized that she meant to zap dry clothes on his and then teleport him right off to the scene of the action taking place.
Louis simply let the towel fall from around his hips and said proudly.
“Be my guest, love.”
DC:   She walked over and had some clothes appear on a near stool. Grabbing his underwear and pants she turned to him, steeling her nerves for something romantic.
“You will need to work with me so we can do this efficiently.” She said holding up undergarments with a giggle as she peeked around him. She wasn’t blushing this time, but seemed to enjoy the thought of dressing her lover.
She bent down and helped him put on underwear and pulling them up, pants went on the same way yet they clung more to his damp skin. Getting those troublesome things on made her laugh and she grabbed his shirt. Pulling it over his head she had him pull his arms through and she pulled it over his scarred body. She had always noticed the scars, but in his line of work as long as he didn’t come back with new ones she was happy. Hefting up his heavy coat she helped him put it on before walking in front.
“I never seen you so handsome dressing as a pirate.”
RB-  The Captain held himself at the ready, a sly smirk on his face since Xzilia was actually going to dress him…physically.  Not by using some sort of magical trick.  Being hands on gave him the opportunity to allow her to touch him in a very sensual way.  The girl was not blushing, though he could hear that she was enjoying this through the tone of her voice.  Louis stepped into the underwear and then the pants as he allowed her to drag them up his legs, till he used his own hands to tie them up.  The shirt was funny, since his torso was still damp from the bath.  She could have at least patted him down with the towel, but she was a bit rushed to get him covered.  Once he had threaded the coat on his arms, he rolled his shoulders so that the coat sat correctly, and he was once again looking very much like his pirate self.
“Shh….don’t go saying that.  All the wenches won’t be able to keep their grubby mits off me.”  He winked at her after saying this, so she knew it was totally in jest.  Picking up his sword belt, he threaded it on while the city alarms continued to rage.
“I’ll get there under my own steam, love.  You just…go do what you have to do.”  He wasn’t sure if she had to attend to a town council over the latest danger to befall them, but he was pretty sure that she wasn’t going to be fighting alongside him. 
Grabbing his hat, he slapped it on his head, before marching out the door, and off to the scene of chaos.
DC:   She smirked; those other women would have to face a wraith unmatched by any other. She wouldn’t allow another woman to touch him like she touches him, the thoughts of their destruction raced as she held his hat for him. Then he told her to do what she had to do, well she may only be dressed in a towel but she planned on going with him. This wasn’t just some normal siren it was the black alarm, meaning there was a massive fleet on the horizon.
When he left she swirled her clothes into a feisty outfit of her own, she may not be fighting on the sea but with a fleet of men coming the port is not the only area they will attack. As Louis went to the port the city was in chaos, not at all panicking but preparing for a battle. Women took up battle gear and bows while most the men rushed to the port to man their ships. Louis was not going to be the only man on the sea, he was going to command the entire city this time.
Having the women follow, Xzilia lead them up the winding mountains and commanded groups to get into position. She went to her lone outpost and watched the hundreds of ships nearing the city. In one motion of her arms lifting a storm of shadows rose above as of to manipulate her as a giant. She shouted loudly, a battle cry and warning to the incoming boats.
“You will die again today! Let our wraith impale your souls!” And she laughed her giant self, unable to attack but making a impressive defense.


RB- Scores of men, women and even children dressed in clothes from armor to rags came out from each and every house and building in the town.  Louis was surprised to learn that this was not some one off incident, but that the town had had to fight for its independence more than once.  A fighting spirit that roared to the fore, with Xzilia leading many out in front.  This was not just to be a war of the water, but of the land, and also the sky.  Looking back, Louis was proud to see that Xzilia was now dressed for war.  Her clothing was tight fitting but you could see she moved in it freely.  A swelling of pride for this woman rose in his chest, and it made him all the more determined to fight off those invaders that set to conquer the land. 
Bowmen and women lined the hills, while closer to the docks, great catapults were brought in to range, being dragged in by massive beasts of burden.  Their roars met with the sounds of squawks from the sky.  Giant eagles ridden by riders that had leather saddles on their backs formed attack squadrons.  The sight being an ominous one, as the array of supernatural beings was simply staggering.  Louis should have known that this town was special for a reason, aside from just Xzilia herself.  
Up on the ridge, Louis took out his eye glass and surveyed the oncoming of hundreds of ships.  The French vessel had to have been a scout, and with the fire of that ship still smoldering on the horizon, this was the response – a full on invasion force.
Hearing the roar of what sounded like a giant, Louis turned and tilted his head back to see what was a giant clone of Xzilia.  A sheer mountain of a woman, and her voice carried out far beyond the waves.  The Vampire pirate had to admit it, she was impressive when most fierce.  The Pirate drew his sword, and hollered.
“Defeat the enemy…in Xzilia’s name!”
DC:   Upon Louis’s ship is his trusted crew and Louana, still wrapped in bandages but not getting a day off because she was injured. In fact even the crewmates that were injured were there too prepping the boat. Louana gripped the wheel as the captain boarded and the men dropped the sails for them to burst from the port first. They were the captains boat after all, they needed to be ahead of all the others.
Out the port hole they went, followed by boats of all sizes, 60 boats to the enemies 100+. Looking at the whole fleet coming at them they noticed they had six massive war boats and they could only get one. Scales felt tipped but nothing they never went against before.  The cities people were all behind Louis and all awaited orders as they neared the ships. Louana looked at her captain steadily. 
“Congratulations sir, this will be your first battle. You are Captain of the Seven Sea City!” She raised her fist and the songs roared long and far behind them. Everyone cheered a sailors song ready for battle.
RB- The crew of the Devil’s Mistress had barely had the time to get their injuries seen too, and this included Louana, who was at the Captain’s side once more.  The hair on the back of his neck bristled, when he heard her voice.  Not at what she was saying, but the fact that he knew of Xzilia’s jealousy of the woman – her actions when they had landed earlier, earning Louis a right problem with the woman he truly loved.  But that all had to be put behind them, or swept under the rug for now, since they had a great enemy to face.  Though the city had come out in full support of Louis and his fleet, they were still outnumbered.  It didn’t take much to see, that they were going to need their land forces to help win this battle – not just rely on the ships alone.
Louana’s cry to get the crews all to roar in unison in a showing of support drew only a slight upward head tilt from the Captain.  No, this was not the time for moving speeches, it was a time for action.
“Full sail….all ships.  Full sail!”  Louis roared, as the sails of the Devil’s Mistress and all other ships released their sails to capture the wind being blown down from the mountains.  As though the God’s themselves wished to blow the ships out into the face of the battle.  The crews of each ship ran up and down, tying off ropes and securing the cannons, for when they came to the thick of the fight.
Standing with Louana at the helm, the Captain had his sword pointed at the floor, watching the oncoming armada as the two sides raced to fight each other across the blue of the sea.  If the humans thought they could wipe the supernaturals off the map, with this form of attack, they were gravely mistaken.
The Devil’s Mistress spirited to the front of the pack, since she was the largest ship in the fleet.  Colours raised in a declaration of war…and it was to be fought to the bitter end.
DC:   The next thing that happened was a roar of cannon fire from miles away; they were sending heavy shots to rain down. At first there was nothing in the sky then tiny black dots appeared and Louana calculated the impact points and steered away. Large splashes sprayed the crew and the ship rocked and creaked. She weaved through the area while a few other ships may have gotten nicked by the fire, they were untouched.
Flipping up her eye patch she scanned the ships and turned to her captain with a report. 
“The whole front line are rammers, they put smaller and faster flanking ships behind them while the heavy hitters range further behind. Most of the men are being picked off by the marksmen on the ridge but we will still have a handful.” She speculated they would only get so far by being this far ahead but eventually they would have to fall back into the crowd of boat behind them. 
Another round of heavy shots as they grew closer and she once again weaved through without a scratch. Eyeing the interlocking rammers she awaited captain’s orders.
RB-  The ship turned suddenly as the whistling sound of incoming cannonball fire alerted all to ready the guns in retaliation.  The battle had truly begun, and with the large splashes of the first few cannonballs hitting the water and not the ship, it wouldn’t be long before they began to hit their targets.  The Captain held steady in light of the fast turning ship.  Louana’s skill at the wheel was now more important than ever before.  
Joining her, in looking to see what the front offensive was made up of with his eye glass raised, he frowned to see they were rammers.  On the opposing fleets, the arrows being fired from land were picking off the odd few, but not enough were being felled to make any real dent in their defenses.  Louis closed his eyeglass with one swift movement of his hand and rammed it back into his hip holster. 
More heavy cannon fire again missed their mark, but they couldn’t outrun it forever.  
“Forward guns….aim!”
The order coming from the Captain as he took off down from the helm, leaving Louana to continue to steer the ship on its set course to take on the rammers.  If it was a full on confrontation they wanted, then that is what they would get.
With the gunners poised and ready, the Captain sliced his sword through the air to give the signal.
Loud explosions rang out from the Devil and other forward baring ships, as they rained down multiple shots against the approaching rammers.  Fighting fire with fire was the best option given to them.  The Captain’s hat blew off his head as he ran to the front of the ship, seeing a few of their cannonballs smash through the masts of the lead ships.  Sail was already collapsing on two, and this was a good start, if they could blind them from seeing where they were going.
DC:   From the wheel Louana felt the jolt of cannons fire. It rumbled her chest as every ship followed suit. The righteous sounds of battle had begun. Then the next cannon fire didn’t come from the front but to the right of the Mistress as the ridge began to get blasted to pieces by two massive War ships.
Xzilia’s shadow giant was able to slim the possibilities of death but there were many injured. A roar broke out as the guardian swarmed the boats with balls of shadow souls. Now blindly firing at the ridge caused for more havoc, but the marksmen clearly saw their targets.
Louana only gave a brief glance in their direction before she made a sharp turn away from some new kind of shot. They began firing cannonballs tied with massive chain nets, only the war boats could handle these. She had a much harder time maneuvering around these, the wheel spinning wildly as they looked like a deadly sea serpent.
And then they were hit, the back of the boat was clipped and tore a great chunk out. What a shot that was as Louana rose from covering her head and whipped her head angrily towards the hole. 
“You son of a bitch!” She stamped her foot and stared on towards the rammers as the rammers were being bombarded with repeated cannon fire.
RB – The sheer number of cannonballs being fired, and from the different directions meant that the Devil’s Mistress was at the risk of succumbing to the attack, which now included massive chain nets attached to the cannon balls.  This alone was unexpected, and as the Devil was getting pummelled, it was clear that if relief from other ships did not come fast, that the ship may well find itself sinking to the bottom of the ocean.
All around there was chaos and carnage.  Dying men screaming out in terror and pain, while the Captain narrowly missed being speared by a large piece of timber that had sheered off one of the other ships.  
Then it happened, a large chunk of the back of the ship was clipped and it tore a massive hole into the back end that was enough to have it start to take on vast amounts of sea water.  Cabin after cabin was becoming flooded, and it was all happening so fast that it gave the crew little time to react.  No matter what Louana did at the wheel, it was clear that the ship was lost.
“ABANDON SHIP!”  The Captain roared at his crew.  The law of the sea was that the Captain went down with his ship, but he couldn’t see his crew, or what was left of them suffer the same fate as he.
Louis raised his head to where Louana was standing and bellowed.  “That goes for you too!”  He made a run up towards the helm when a cannon ball ripped out of nowhere, and blew him right off the boat.
DC:  “LOUIS!!” Louana screamed, releasing the wheel and looking over the edge of the sinking ship. She watched the crew abandon their positions and this made her extremely angry. “What cowards!!” She shouted going back to the wheel as her eyes grew as blue as the deep sea.
“I am Louana, Siren of the Sea. Creatures below listen to me. Rise to the surface with teeth bared, don’t let those ships pass even if they dared!” She sang her song and slowly the sea grew oddly still. For the first few moments nothing happened and then from the center of the battalion rose a Kraken. It roared its loyalty as massive tentacles smashed the war boats.
The enemies screamed in terror and the city folk cheered, Louana had gotten pissed. The Devils Mistress, although torn to bits, now rose up as a safety boat for the crew to sit on. She would not be sailing into battle anymore as the other ships raced passed into the battle.
Walking to the where Louis had fallen in Louana had a decision to make, assume her Captain was dead or jump in and look for him. She decided to go look for him and over the edge she dived.
On the ridge Xzilia witnessed everything and fear grew in her. She wanted to go to him but was distracted by the incoming troops climbing their way up the sides. Most of them made it passed the defense and went to attack her with swords and guns; she only raised her scythe from the ground and cut off their heads, feeding on their blood. This is what they get for sinking her lovers ship, not a survivor was allowed to pass into the city nor run in terror back to their homeland. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she thought of the impossible, could he really have died?
RB- Hell hath no fury like a woman, and the sea being hers to command, it raised up the mightiest of its creatures to go into battle as the Captain of the Devil’s Mistress was slowly sinking below the waves.  Was this the way it was meant to end?  His black, silver hair was floating about him as his face showed a youth and serenity that it had not featured in years.  Above the waves, the glow of fire and shadows of passing ships, only caused to blanket the Captain from easy view.  That and the many creatures that had come to Louana’s call had swum and swirled past the drowning Captain.
While the Devil’s Mistress was now bobbing back on the surface, and the remaining crew were scurrying to board it for safety’s sake, this would leave Louana wondering if the sea had taken the Captain as its price for this battle.
Bubbles were the only trace that he was slowly sinking further, and as Louana swam to find him, it would be a daunting task.  The medallion that he wore around his neck then glimmered and shone, as though reacting to it’s owner’s predicament.  A large pulse like tremor was sent out from the Captain, that would be felt far across the sea, and even cause the wind to stir through the hair of Xzilla on the shore.  
If she didn’t know better, it was like Louis’s fingers were running through her hair one last time.  A whisper…..very faint….and final.
DC:   Some force slammed into Louana and using her sight she noticed a glimmer about a half mile down. He was not about to escape her now and like a knife through butter she swam down deeper into the depths of the water. He slowly came to view to Louana and she reached out towards his form. No bubbles came from his body as she grabbed his wrist and brought him closer. He wasn’t dead yet though she felt small and feint life in him as she speedily swam upwards.
Xzilia cut down the last man when the wind blew through her hair. She felt his touch right as the sea and land rumbled. His hand running through her hair and then cupping her cheek. She leaned into nothing as she heard him whisper her name, was this meaning he was leaving her? Was the man she ever so loved about to die?
When she felt that the forces on the ridge now could hold their own she ran down the mountain and to the shore. Spotting Louana dragging him out of the water and then trying to bring him back made her even more frantic. She ran to his side and grabbed one of his hands into hers.
“So help me Louis, if you kill over now I will hunt you down and cram your soul into a jar.” She could think of harsher ways of punishing him, but all she wanted was her simple joke to bring him back. As Louana worked her stuff Xzilia raised his hand to her lips and kissed it. “Please don’t leave me…I will never forgive you for just giving up like this.”
RB-  The sea was set to make Louis hers.  That was until his collar was caught by the swift swimming Louana.  Had it not been for her efforts, the Captain would surely drown.  Dragged from the sea’s clutches, the Captain’s body was brought to shore only to have Xzilia run down from the hills to see if her lover was dead or alive.  He looked grey in colour, with no redness at all.  Louis’s eyes were closed and the medallion that had sent out the pulse was changing color.  Turning black right before Louana and Xzilia’s eyes.  Was his power truly fading away?  Had his whisper in the wind been his final goodbye?
Picking up his hand, it would have felt lifeless and cold to touch.  His fingers didn’t twitch or move at all, and to see him this way would easily bring tears to the eyes of even the hardest of hearts.  
So many years had passed in Louis’s life both at a man and a vampire.  In all this time, no one had cared for him in the same way that Xzilia had.  The very short time that they had known each other, the blackness that had concealed his heart was breaking away and a fine light had managed to make it through.  
Why is it that our greatest joy comes at the very end…..
As she cried at him to not leave her, his head tipped to the side, and his eyes opened ever slightly.  The beauty of the silver orbs shone with tears as he gasped one final breath…
DC:   “Louis!” She called as she gripped his hand, warm tears dripping. She seen his eyes open but the gasp of breath was raspy. When Louana pulled away she glared at her. “What are you doing?! He – he just gasped its working!!” She looked back at the man and trembled as Louana crushed her dreams.
“I’m so sorry Xzilia, but he just died.” She trailed off in a whisper and looked away as Xzilia burst into tears. 
She wasn’t having this as she raised her wrist to her lips and slit it open. If Louana couldn’t bring him back maybe Xzilia’s blood could, and she dripped it upon his lips. With nothing happening she went to the next best thing and filled her mouth with some blood, giving him a frantic and loving bloody kiss. In the back of her mind she pleaded to any that could hear her, let this man live on. She continued to kiss him, this time because it felt like her last as she cupped his cold face. What did she do to deserve this?
RB- Once in a while, the Gods like to play games and tease our sensibilities.  What right did Louis have to live, after all that he had done?  When was the last time he had shown compassion or love for another…aside from the very woman who was now shedding tears that pitter pattered against his cold skin.  Once the hand of fate is dealt, then surely that is the end.  Or is it?  With Louana crying in the background and only the wind howling – the distant sound of the sea creatures taking many ships and crews to davy’s locker, the setting was one all of death.  
But Xzilia’s love was more powerful than the seas that battered the coastal shore.  She couldn’t simply let him slip away from her.  Not now, after she had found something she had searched a billion years for.  Xzilia dripped her own blood onto his cold and blue lips, but nothing happened.  For the blood to truly enter him, it needed to be done orally.  And that is exactly what she did.  Her own mouth filling with her blood, she kissed him with all the passion and life she could muster.  The kiss…went on and on, as he lay there beneath her.  There was no response. Nothing…..
On the ground, Louis’s hand was laying still.  Blood covered and cut, a small insect was crawling across it.  The bug stopped suddenly, as the ground beneath Louis started to tremble.  In fact it was not the ground doing it, but it was Louis.  Xzilia’s blood was feeding its way through his system and deep within his body was a blackened heart.  For the first time in what was few hundred years, the heart started to beat.  Loud…Proud.  Louis’s body was in shock, as he spasmed beneath her, his eyes rolling back, for her gift was one of great power.  Louis’s eyes flew open and they were the same colour as hers.
DC:   It was a miracle! Louis had come back to her and as he gasped she took him in her arms and ceased time itself. She cried heavy and hard, happy that he had survived what she thought was the end. All her emotions poured into his shoulder and her grip tightened even more. 
Louana was frozen with the rest of the world, but her face showed shock as if a ghost had scared her. The battles off in the distance showed victory and not defeat. The city had one, Louis had been saved by her bloody kiss, and time began to move again as Xzilia pulled back. Brown eyes puffy and red she smiled softly before slapping him across the face. She didn’t make it hard, just enough to get his attention for the next few words she spoke.
“You don’t ever scare me like that again! I thought for sure I was going to loose you!! I was so hysterical Louis…I wouldn’t have been able accept it.” As she spoke she slowly clung to his shirt, resting her head on his chest, hearing the life beating inside him. That was new.
RB-  Being pulled from the very brink of death took its toll on Louis, as he tried to regain sense of where he was, who he was…and most of all, why he was alive?  As his eyes darted back and forth, he witnessed a spectacle that only Xzilia could ever accomplish.  She somehow stopped the earth turning.  Time…everything stopped, except for Louis and Xzilia, the only two people that were living through the moment.  The poor girl.  Her face was blotchy, eyes red and puffy, yet it was the most beautiful face he had ever seen.  He was about to smile up at her when…
Xzilia smacked him across the face so hard it was enough to make his teeth chatter.  
“What was that for…?!”  It was unexpected.  
Course, she let fly.  How she never ever wanted to be that scared every again.  Xzilia was terrified of losing him.  Louis rubbed his reddening cheek and then before he could say anything, she was clinging to his shirt with her head resting to his chest.  The sound of his heart pounding within would have been new for her, as it was for him.
“You brought me back.  I can’t believe you did that.”  
Louis pushed himself up enough so that Xzilia was laying across him, and he kissed the top of her head.  His powerful arms curling around her and holding her tight to him.  She loved him, it was proven without the shadow of a doubt.  Now he felt her through his own body.  A connection that solidified their union.  They may not have shared each other yet in a romantic way, but he was very much hers now.  
The war was won….but the next battle would be…in the bedroom.
DC:   She giggled, weakly. Although she wasn’t much of a sleeper, all the stresses made her fall asleep. Curled into Louis’s arms; listening to his strong heart and feeling the smallest hints of warmth from his skin. He may have still been a vampire but he was now something more.
Louana chuckled when she seen Xzilia snored ever so cutely. Looking at Louis she patted his shoulder and gave it a tight squeeze.
“Captain, I am grateful you are alive and well. Never once have I seen her so determined to let a man live.” She stood and tried to brush the sand off her soaking clothes. Looking back down at the pair she sighed lightly. “She owns a house that she never uses; follow the main road up the hill and you should see a large house. In fat it is larger than any house here. The city folk built it for her, but she don’t like the flash things.”
Giving a nod of her head she ran down to the port. The Kraken sank into the deep waters as it dragged a few other ships with it. Boats started to return to shore with cheers of victory.
RB-  For all her efforts, Xzilia had now worn herself out completely.  Her soft snores could be heard as Louana chuckled on seeing such a sight.  It was even more beautiful for Louis, who had a feeling inside of him that he could not even begin to explain.  Xzilia had given him more than just her blood.  Very carefully, Louis went to stand, but at the same time, he held Xzilia close to him.  He was still wet and bloody from the battle, but he didn’t care.
“I need to thank you as well, Louana.  Had you not called the beasts of the sea, and come down to pluck me from the ocean, then I would be gone.”  Hearing that Xzilia owned a house that ws not far away, Louis looked to the direction of the path, before watching the siren head back to the port.  There would be many questions no doubt of the fate of the Captain and what happened to Xzilia.  She was sure to let them all know.
Adjusting his grip upon Xzilia, he made his way along the said path, till he came upon a house that looked to be deserted.  Was this the right one?  It was well made and the gardens were maintained, but as for signs of life, there were none.  Carefully, he carried her up the stairs and kicked the door open with his wet boot.  
No one came to the sound of the door opening.  No servants, or dogs.  It was safe to enter, so he thought.  Taking Xzilia up the stairwell, he found a large suite that was off to the right.  Tastefully decorated, with a large king sized bed in the center of the room.  Gently he lowered her down onto the bed, and started to disrobe her, peeling off her shirt, then her skirt and boots.  Each boot falling to the floor with a dull thud.  Drawing back the covers, he placed her neatly in the bed and drew the covers back across her sleeping form.  She looked so peaceful, he didn’t have the heart to wake her.  As much as he wanted so much more, he instead pulled up a chair and sat himself down in it…exhausted.
The events of the day had taken their toll on him as well, and as the sun set….he too fell asleep.  He was right where he wanted to be….by her side.
DC:   A long night slugged by filled with celebration and joy. Obviously the city mourned the dead, but there were less dead than there were injured. And for that they were happy. 
In the city square a feast was held, heavy drinking and eating progressed. Mid way through people hear Louanas voice as she told the tale of the might battle, including what happened to the Captain and his unexpected lover. People cheered, some cried, and others listened as if in a trance. The details she spun were magnificent, everything was perfect.
But a night of parties eventually comes to an end and at dawn the square was cleaned and the city folk were all nestled into their homes. Louana sat on the fountain and washed some clothes, it was tedious but better than having other people touch her delicate clothes.
When she looked up she stared at Xzilia’s home. Neither one, particularly Louis, came to the celebration. Were they asleep already? She stood and decided to go check on them, mainly just to see Louis. Wait, what was she thinking?! Louis had Xzilia, why did she suddenly have the urge to see him? She was so deep in thought she didn’t realize that she had already knocked on Xzilia’s door and was now waiting on her doorstep.
RB-  The town may have celebrated long through the night, but up at Xzilia’s house there was no celebration. Only the sound of slumber coming from the tired girl in the bed.  Louis had slept, but only briefly.  He remained in that same chair all through the evening.  He could hear the sounds of the people – joyous in the success of the battle, and the musicians played songs that were in marked tribute to those that fought and died, and those that survived to see another day’s dawn.  
Rising before the dawn, which was unusual for Louis as he was pretty much a creature of the night, something had happened to him when Xzilia gave him her gift of life.  He had yet to understand it, and as Xzilia slept there was no way he could bring himself to wake her and ask.  What was she exactly?  He still didn’t know.  All he did know was that she had caused a serious change in him.  Xzilia had the power to bring him back from the final death and that was no mean feat.  He had so much he wanted to ask her, but that would have to wait.
Louis was standing just shy of a velvet curtain that draped over one of the glass pane windows, when he heard a knock at the door.  Furrowing his brow, as he wasn’t sure who it could be, he strode out of Xzilia’s bedroom and headed down the stairs to the front landing.   Opening the door, he was surprised to see Louana standing there.
“I thought you would be tired from the celebrations, Louana.”  
He stepped back, as though wishing her to enter.
“Xzilia is still asleep.”
DC:   Looking up at his face she couldn’t help but stare until he stepped aside to let her in. She smiled softly and entered, tired as she might be it was too late for her busy body to sleep now. When she was fully into the foyer she was in awe, the place was spacious and Xzilia didn’t like living here? What a ungrateful woman. Looking at Louis she smiled kingly, and somewhat sweetly, as she threaded her voice with the ‘song’ of love.
“Actually Louis, I came here to see you. I know Xzilia can hold her own but I was actually worried to see how you were.” Short, sweet and hypnotic. She wanted to see just how strong her voice was, could it render a vampire like him helpless?
Putting her hands behind her back she added even more appeal to herself, a cute and sexy look. No man could resist it; even if her voice didn’t work the pheromones she put off would drive him crazy. 
RB- Watching the pink haired siren enter, Louis moved to close the door behind her.  The sound of the door locking echoed throughout the vast foyer.  There was no other sound, but the tap of her heels upon the tiles, and of course, her voice which in itself could be classed as a weapon of choice.  The smile that was now painted upon her lips was one that brought out a curious expression from Louis.  In a way, it was more than just a smile.  Her whole body started to act out being coy, and demure.  Was she seriously doing, what he thought she was?  Weaving her way with words and actions to present herself as a desirable woman for his fancy?
“You were worried about me?”  His head cocked ever slightly, as though not totally buying it.  His eyes darted towards the stairs, and then back down at the pink haired minx.  “I’ve pretty much treated you like a piece of shit on my shoe….and you are concerned about my well being?”  He reached up to strum his fingers upon his chin and closed one eye as he pointed at her.
“This is some sort of trick, right?”
DC:   With his words she narrowed her eyes, no she didn’t change what she was doing only changed the way she went about them. Her voice was still laced as she spoke words of truth to him.
“If I wasn’t worried about you, your sorry ass would be at the bottom of the ocean right? Its not how you treated me that I care, but the fact that you are my captain.” She placed her hands on her hips and glared at this man. If he wanted tricks she would give them to him, she would be able to ruin his entire life with the tricks she could pull.
But she wasn’t like that, then again unless he provoked such a reason for that. Either way she quit her glaring and settled down as she moved to her next subject.
“Another reason why I am here is because of the crew, they sent their regards last night but no one answered the door. So I am here to deliver them personally.”
RB-  That sudden change in expression did amuse the Pirate captain. It was not what she said, but how she said it. A change in demeanor meant that she had been trying it on.  Cheeky wench.  She did have a point though, that if she hadn’t cared she wouldn’t have gone to the effort to fetch him from the ocean’s belly.  He was sure that he thanked her for that back at the shore line, though his recollection was a little fuzzy.  Mentioning that she didn’t care about how she was treated, but that she respected him as Captain was a little shot of pride for the vampire, since Captains were in his book, not meant to be sweet darling souls, but real hard arsed bastards.  They were the ones that had to make the hard decisions, and often it was for the sake of all on the ship, not just one simple soul.
Like the clouds changing from grey to white, the pink haired siren went on to explain the real reason for her visit.  The fact that the crew wanted to send their wishes, since no one had answered the door earlier that night.
“Right.  Well, as you can see I am fine, though I am still not sure as to why that is.”  He was now admitting that he was feeling better than fine.  Better than he had felt in hundreds of years.  Xzilia had done something to him and that was starting to eat away at him.  Louis fell silent for a moment, his face marked with concern and a slight amount of confusion.  He then remembered that Louana was standing right there.  
“Hmm…alright, since you have acted on behalf of the crew, then I shall make you first mate of the ship.  Reward for your service to…me.”  There was a pause, and she was bound to have picked that up.  It was not what you say, but how you say it.
DC:   She tilted her head then began playing with her lip. Her services weren’t finished, but she would accept that. She grinned wide and clung onto him, breasts the perfect size to fill any man’s hand pressed tightly on his chest as she hugged him. First mate was an honor to her since all she ever did was be a navigator. When she pulled away she left behind another kiss to his cheek before stepping back.
“Thank you, sir! I will promise to serve you well for any and EVERY need you ever so wish.” She politely bowed, the tops of her breasts becoming very visible. When she snapped back up they bounced. 
She giggled again, excitement boiling up inside her being as she bit her lip. Other intentions were ‘washed away’, she just wanted to shower her Captain with all the happiness she had. And that she did with one passionate kiss. 
RB-  The girl practically had a meltdown of gush and pink bouncing exuberance.  So much so that the Captain was starting to regret having been so generous.  If a girl could fall out of her dress easily, it was Louana.  That wide grin was disarming, and he didn’t know if he should be happy or run.  Before he could move, she was all over him.  Breasts smacked up against his chest so hard it made him cough in surprise.  SHE kissed his cheek and he let out a sigh of relief that it was not like the one that she had done on the ship.
Such enthusiasm.  He tried to smile at her, but again his eyes lowered to see those magoomba mommas bouncing about beneath her dress….till they came close to being fully exposed. 
“Gah.”  Those girls were enough to cause a dead man to rise out of his coffin and try to impale the nearest female it could get it’s hands on.
The girl was going into overdrive and then she kissed him.  One long…passionate kiss that took his breath away.
DC:   The kiss lasted awhile, her hands trailing up his chest to cup his face. Her plump soft lips embracing his, and dare she do it, her tongue played lightly with his. Body almost fully pressed against his she pulled away ever so slightly and smiled softly, catching her breath. The captain was such a marvelous kisser that she almost went overboard. 
She looked up at him with bright pink eyes and licked her lips as hands trailed back down his chest and to his belt buckle. Would he allow her to please him? Would he please her too? She began toying with the belt teasingly feeling the start of a bulge. 
She could see he was fighting it, but his body was begging for it as his shaft grew. And grow it did as she slipped a few fingers in the top of his pants.
“Captain? Are you excited?” Seductress words as she played with him more.
RB-  The legends that had been said about sirens were true.  Very true.  As much as the Captain started to fight this feeling that was now building up inside him, the state of his arousal was such that you didn’t need glasses to see it.  His pants were getting very tight and uncomfortable, due to the way that Louana kissed him.  Her tongue was like a slippery eel, that had delved into his mouth and tussled with his tongue – in a dance that would have the great poets weep.  When she broke the kiss, the Captain was panting hard, and he then got the shock of seeing her startling to fiddle with his belt buckle.  Trying to release him to the air…and her hands.
“Louana…don’t.”  Yes, he was telling her not to, but his body was wanting it…very much.  As her fingers slipped into his pants, and started to caress his shaft, the Captain shot a look at the stairs.  Xzilia was just up there.  She could wake at any time.  He knew she’d freak if she saw him with Louana in this position.  Louis was pushed to a wall, and he stared down at her, almost dumbfounded.  Her fingers were working their magic, and he now had a raging hard on. The very top of it was quite both of them
Louis let out a growl that was half of anger, the other half of an aching need.  He didn’t like the position she had now put him in and he wanted so badly to push her away.  But those lips…those full plump lips – he started to imagine them wrapped around his cock.
“You bitch.”  He snarled, forcing her to kneel before him, and thrusting his hips so that he was now inches from her face.
DC:   She smiled and slowly ran her tongue from bottom to top. The taste was divine as she encircled the head of his cock with her tongue. Lips as soft as silk brushed against it and slowly her hand moved up and down as she began to suck.
Every now and then she noticed him either enjoying it or looking at the stairs, he was terrified of Xzilia finding out. Well she wanted to test those boundaries as her mouth went further back. And her warm, wet tongue and mouth sucked harder. In moments she was moving in a fluent rhythm, hearing him hold back the moans of pleasure. She wanted to hear him shout! 
Faster and deeper she went until he was filling even her throat. Sucking hard she felt him throbbing as the trickles of the sweet white nectar began to accumulate. Now she was getting excited, her own pussy dripping with natural fluids. Hot and bothered she peeled off her shirt skillfully and sucked harder.
Plump breasts now bounced freely as the bra was removed. She rubbed them together and looked up at him as she continued on. Moans of excitement and gags of pleasure faintly echoed in the foyer and as her captain gripped her hair tight to thrust himself in she inwardly smiled. He filled her throat and mouth to the brim, covered the tops of her breasts, and even had some still dripping out as she swallowed all she could.
“My Captain, please take my innocence.” She commented as she laid back for him. It was true; she too was sexually a virgin. And he would be the one to experience taking not one but two virginities.
RB- The Captain was practically rigid, from head to foot.  He was a mixture of emotions, but the one that was rising to the fore was his lust.  It had been dormant for so long, and this vixen was doing her utmost to see him unravel.  The last thing he wanted to do, was hurt Xzilia, but the way that Louana took to his engorged cock, with a fervor that was insatiable, he found himself falling victim to her ministrations.  Louis stared down at her, his eyes blazing like cold steel and his lips curled downward distastefully.  He didn’t want her to enjoy it, but it was clear by the way she let out sweet sounds and suckled him with all her might, that she was getting far more out of this than he had anticipated.  His jaw practically locked as he let out another growl, but this had the edge of a moan to it.  She was bending his will to hers, even as he grabbed the back of her head, to seize up a good handful of hair.  Pushing and pulling on it severely.  Louis could feel the tension within his sack and his lips parted as he let out a cry.
Louana had just peeled off her shirt, and now those ripe breasts of hers were on full display.  Being forced together and shown off.  The Pirate jerked as he tried to force her take the steaming jets of white that spewed into her mouth, only to fall and splatter on those glorious mounds.  Louis was gasping for breath at what he had just done.  But it was clearly not over yet, not for Louana, who was now laying down on the floor, splayed out for him to see her in all her glory.  
The Pirate vampire didn’t want to take her on the floor.  Now that she had tasted his seed, all his sensibilities were lost to him.  He reached down and grabbed her arms to pull her up to standing.  Her breasts heaving back and forth as he did so.  She’d begged him to take his innocence, but was she truly all that innocent after what she had just done. Louis had seen the small puddle of her own juices on the floor, and like a flower she had opened her petals and released the scent of her pheromones to drive him wild.  His hands slid down to her hips and in one grunt of exertion he lifted her so that she was going to have to wrap her legs around him as he supported her.  There would be no gentleness in his ways, as she wanted a ship’s Captain, that was exactly what she was going to get.
He didn’t love her, but he lusted for her with everything in his being. Louis buried his face to her neck, and started to suck down hard, while his hands drew her buttocks apart, and he began his assault on her.  Without warning, his cock slammed its way upward, breaking her hymen apart in one swift movement, filling her with his hardness till she would find herself screaming in pain and pleasure. His lips moved from her neck, down to her right breast, where he latched on and sucked it with gusto – his body moving and forcing her up and down upon his girth.
DC:   He hoisted her up to her feet, she wasn’t expecting that. Licking her lips she found herself straddling his hips as he gripped her ass. And them the pain came, oh the screams she echoed through the foyer echoed like thunder. She gripped his shoulders, screaming and moaning as he slid her ass up and down the massive shaft she just sucked. 
Her own liquids may have may the entry less painful, but it didn’t make it feel better either. Then having his lips suck on her breasts caused her to drop her head back and moan as loud as she could. She was in heaven as her eyes rolled back and her ass throbbed and tightened.
Her body was in spasms and her own self began to move with his harsh thrusts. She was beginning to feel him grow larger, was he about to come? She was about to let out another pleasurable moan when there was a feint whimpering. Looking at the stairs there stood Xzilia, eyes ablaze but face streaked with tears. She was dressed in nothing, body completely nude as blood flowed down the stairs.
“Louis, what are you doing?” Her voice was eerily calm, just for the fact that blood was pooling around his ankles and filling the house. She attempted a smile filled with hurt, as a weapon formed from the ruby red liquid. “Please reassure me that this isnt reality.”
Taking slow steps down the blood covered stairs she stared at him, tears still flowing. Hair was pitch black and the scythe fully completed, eyes the color of deep space and something new formed. A halo of shadows was in solid form as she stood a mere 3 yards away.
RB-  What met Xzilia’s gaze would be the horrible red eyes of her lover, staring at her as he continued to pump Louana’s ass vigorously.  Was he not going to stop what he was doing, now that his true love had caught them in the act?  Louana had pushed him beyond sensibility and now he was acting as cold and harsh as he did upon the sea.  The words that came from his lips sounded hollow and without love.
“Teaching her a lesson, my love.”
If he had wanted to take her virginity, he would have.  The fact was he was drilling into her other little hole, that was now tearing as they spoke.  Blood would be dripping down on the floor as he sneered past Louana’s head at Xzilia.  He forced her down…again and again, as his beloved watched.  Oh, Louana might have been enjoying herself, but Louis was being brutal.  The hard skin smacking rang out across the room, and would fill Xzilia’s ears.  
“She wanted me to tear her flower….instead I tore her arse.”  
Louis pulled the girl off him and then flung her to the floor at Xzilia’s feet.  A blooded trail set to follow her.  Almost like he was in a trance, he looked at Xzilia and saw her tears.  “Why are you crying?”  Maybe he didn’t understand that she may have witnessed this as betrayal.  He kicked off his pants, and ripped off his blooded shirt – tossing them to the side.
“There is only one virgin I want….Xzilia.”  The vampire stared her down, standing naked before her.  What was she going to do?  Kill them both?  It was pretty clear that someone was going to die, but who?
DC:   With each thrust that he made was each time her heart came unraveled, was he really just toying with her? Lesson as he put it but she seen something else as she ripped away the vampire side of him, stuffing it into a marble size orb. He was now a human, gasping in pain on his knees. Xzilia showed no love for him right now as she turned to orb into a necklace for herself. 
“Let us see, just how much you like being taught a lesson…” She snapped her fingers as the shadowy form of a bulky bouncer appeared. Stark necked he grabbed Louis’s arm and forced him to bend over a table. Xzilia turned away, not able to watch the figure tear into Louis’s ass. 
Instead she glared down at a twitching Louana and glared, She was begging for forgiveness but what came to her was the bottom of the scythes handle to pierce through her skull. It was a sickening and delightful sound until she heard Louis scream in agony. 
“Oh shut up…” She snapped her fingers again and another jammed its cock into his mouth. She strolled over with a dark expression of hurt and stared at him, he still had her heart but she seemed so neutral about this whole thing as she brushed sweat plastered hair from his face. “I’ll have them stop after I finish breakfast, when you’re ready we can talk about the lesson you have learned.” With that she left to the kitchen,
RB-  The last thing that Louis ever expected was for Xzilia to turn on him the way that she did.  Ripping his very nature from him – the vampire side of his being now trapped inside a small marble sized orb.  Louis fell to the ground, crumpled as though in great pain, but the worst was not over.  She had decided to use the same bouncers that had been at the club the night that they met, and he would have to learn a very painful lesson in cruelty himself.  Subjecting him to being ass raped by a virtual gorilla of a man.  Thank god he had a small dick.  If that was not enough, Xzilia killed the pink haired minx, who had just been made first mate to the Devil’s Mistress.  Louis would have been shocked, except at that moment, his mouth was stuffed full with the cock of yet another bouncer.  His cries and protests were stifled by the manner in which he was now being taken.
Fucked this way and that, the punishment that she dished out suited the crime to a T.  The two men pummeling Louis endlessly, as Xzilia would be enjoying her breakfast in another room.  Blood was now all over the floor, not just Xzilia’s, but also Louis.  If this kept up much longer, he himself would be as dead as Louana was.  Her pink hair now stained with a crimson hue.
What was the worst part of all this?
Louis lost the woman he loved…right then and there.
DC:   Ten minutes later she returned with a tray of food. The men had filled Louis with their fluids, both front and back repeatedly. Setting the tray on a different coffee table she ordered the men quit and so they did. With another snap of her fingers she had them vanish and healed Louis enough so he wouldn’t bleed out. Going to his side she helped him to the couch and paused to look at him.
“Do you want to sit or lay down?” She asked, supporting his body on his. When he answered she followed what he wanted before sitting in an armchair across the table. She crossed her bare legs and sighed shakily, trying hard not to tremble in anger and bring those men back for round two.
Snapping her eyes back to Louis she leaned forward to speak to him softly. “How did it feel? To be violated like that?” Words were venom but somehow still carried love. She sat back and awaited an answer, but not before telling him the food on the tray was his.
RB- Louis’s eyes fell as he lay on the couch.  He felt humiliated in every sense of the word.  He wanted not for food, though he could smell it on the tray.  He was angry.  Angry at himself more than anything.  That he had not been man enough to stop Louana’s advances.  Instead he used sex as an act to punish her, and that was exactly what Xzilia had just done, but on a harder scale.  At this moment, Xzilia had all the power, and she also wore his very essence of being around her neck like a bauble.  His eyes flickered upward, but soon fell again.  He knew that if he spoke that it would turn into something that would be like a screaming tirade of abuse and vulgarity.  His lips were still sore and swollen, much like his pride.
“If it was my punishment, then so be it.  But if you think I am going to tell you how it felt….you can go to hell.”  
His eyes finally looking up at her.  Louis’s face hardened as he stared her down.  Taking a man’s pride like that….hurt like fuck.
“You should have let me die, when you had the chance.”
DC:   She chuckled and looked down fiddling with her fingers as she debated how to answer and go about this. Eventually she looked back at him and resolved her problems.
“I’m already in hell Louis. Suffering, choking, and dying on the acidic smoke around me. The flames burning my skin away and organs torn out. I am already living through hell and back.” She stood and calmly opened a time portal back to Louis’s time. 
“And if you desire to be dead…die somewhere where I can’t see you.” She then healed him completely as the wind whipped up her hair. Eyes cold as ice she left the room and headed out the door and into the city, fully dressed and dragging a now groaning Louana behind her. That Siren wasn’t dead just severely injured.
RB-  Louis may have been healed, but he was no longer himself.  Did he mean half of what he had just said?  Fighting words bred from the anger of humiliation.  To Xzilia, she was already in hell, and now she wished nothing more than to be rid of the sight of him.  Opening up a portal to the very world that he had come from.  He pushed himself off the couch slowly, as his beautiful, yet cold Xzilia dragged Louana out the door of her house and off to god knows where.  She had around her neck, his being….who he really was.  Without it, he would be nothing more than a simple human, to die a human’s death.  Those eyes of hers….would leave an imprint upon his soul.  Did he turn and run after her, now that he was healed enough to do so?  
He’d hurt her enough for many lifetimes.  Sure enough mostly this one. Resigned to a life without her, he ambled through the portal and wound up outside the very club where the adventures had begun.
DC:   5 years later and summer has hit. The sun has no mercy on the outside souls unless you are swimming in a pool of ice water. Birds chirped and neighborhood children played in water fountain, most of the city was either at the shore or staying indoors. Xzilia had cleaned up her house and filled it with maids and butlers as she became more of a steel fisted mayor over the city. Louana had suffered life at sea for three years and was demoted as measly crew member, never to step foot in a tavern. 
A messenger came walking into her room and she looked up blankly as she listened to him. Taking the pale yellow parchment she dismissed him and opened the letter. It was another ‘mission’ for her to partake in. Her time era back then had somehow become the safe haven of all supernatural and human beings in time. So over time, and using most of her life, she created a whole different dimension as to not screw up the time loop on earth. 
“Parker! Ready my clothes I am heading to the Modern Era!!” She called out to a butler who did as told. Flinging the paper on the desk she began to stand, feeling he round orb thump between her breasts. She calmed the necklace by placing her hand over it before heading to the teleportation room. What being would she be bringing with her today?
RB – Five years ago, a man stepped out of a portal into a world that he knew, but that as a human he was not quite ready for.  Stripped of his powers, of what made him Louis – he was a man with nothing but the knowledge of hundreds of years of existence.  His taste for blood and cruelty it seemed was nothing but a memory.  The cruel twist of fate, that Xzilia had sent him to a world where she no longer was.  This was by far a fate worse than death.  To have found the woman of his dreams, and lose her all so easily due to the wicked ways of the pink haired minx.  Was she dead?  God, he hoped she was.
The current time – Louis had been on the road a long time.  Turns out that his fists still held a lot of power, and he had been on the boxing circuit.  Moving from town to town and cage fighting as he went.  He may have been only a man, but he fought like a demon.  Perhaps a sceric of his true self still remained, locked in the darkest part of his heart.
In a town that was off any map, Louis was drinking at the bar.  Barmaids practically falling over themselves to serve him.  He had just beaten three of the town’s best, and was strapping up his blooded fingers, as those around him sat in silence.  In awe of the man known simply as the Crow.  A nickname that he had earnt, as he dressed in all black, and whenever he left a town….death followed him.
A beer sat in front of him untouched, while a football game was on the TV over the bar.  He payed no attention to it.  Not interested in the pastimes of other humans.  In his heart…he wasn’t one, and never would be.  Sure, his number would come up eventually, but for now he lived a private hell.  One that he chose….
DC:   As quickly as the football was snapped it cut off as a news station blared. People whined and complained, but on the tele is a man in front of fire.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing here in Salver City where a crazed maniac is destroying the city. Officials have tried to contain the beast but have only failed to, and as – wait a minute everybody! Is that a giant hold opening up near this beast?!” The camera zooms into the chaos and a large fox spirit growls and stares at the whole. Stepping from the depths is Xzilia, she has a new look, long white flowing hair and a more mature body as she reaches for the beast.
“Wait, there is a woman trying to approach the beast?! What does she think she’s doing?!” The animal lunges and snaps, but Xzilia smacks it nose and sends its head into the road. She is mouthing something angrily as the Spiritual fox begins to change and plead. “I cant believe my eyes, this woman just calmed that beast!”
RB-  Louis and the rest of the bar all glanced up at the news report being filed in Salver city.  What shocked Louis was not the beast that was causing all the damage to the city streets, but the woman that had appeared out of nowhere and was now going head to head with it.
“Xzilia?”  It looked like her, but the hair was totally different, and she appeared to have aged.  Could it really be her?  The camera zoomed in and sure enough Louis recognized the bauble around her neck. It was his life force.  It really was her!  The crowd in the bar were all ooing and aahing at the show that the TV was playing.  It was like something out of a Japanese film or anime.  It couldn’t possibly be real.  That is what many of the patrons were saying.  Maybe a hoax by some studio company to get advertising for an upcoming film.  Louis however knew that it was no hoax.  What she fought was real…Xzilia was real, and in this time period.  Had she come to fight a new breed of monsters that were going to terrorize the humans? 
Grabbing his cigarettes, zippo lighter and jacket, Louis made his way for the door.  Outside his bike was parked, the same one that he had brought back the size of a key chain.  Miraculously, it had gone back to its true size.  Straddling his bike, he flipped back the kick stand, then flicked the ignition, and the bike roared to life.  He pressed his foot down on the accelerator and took off like a madman, smoke trailing behind him as he spirited towards Salver city.
DC:   She growled lowly and listened to this beast speak. It was a male in search for his sister who had been taken. He went into fox form out of anger and as Xzilia hoisted him up she huffed heavily.
“Ill find your sister, what I want you do to is walk through there and wait.” She looked at him to see if he understood and he nodded entering the portal as it closed. Glaring at the cameras she flipped them off and walked away, eventually disappearing in the shadows and reappearing in a who different part of town. She sighed heavily and rested herself on a wall for support. Breathing heavily she leaned over to vomit up her lunch, this wasn’t a good time to be losing her composure. 
Wiping her mouth she pushed off the wall and began to study her surroundings. Humans littered this city, and traces of any other creature like the fox spirit were not here. But right as she was about to shadow port to the next city something caught her attention, something familiar was near.
RB- The roar of the motorcycle grew louder as it came over the last hill.  The city of Salver was still a fair way off, or at least from the direction he was coming from.  With his visor down, the biker could have been anyone.  An ache in Louis’s chest grew and he went full throttle.  Xzilia was here somewhere, and she had something that was very dear to him.  He had not forgotten that night when she had given out her punishment, and the fact it practically cost him everything he held dear.  Now, he had a chance…a chance to say what had been unsaid.  Would he find her before she entered another time portal and left the human realm once more?
Coming around the next turn, Louis could make out a lady that was close to a building near the side of the road.  The one thing that seized his attention was the dress…and the colour of her hair.  The bike skidded along the road as he pulled hard on the brakes.  It was a miracle that the bike didn’t topple over.
The burning smell of his tires filled the air, and he reached up to remove his bike helmet.  His hair was shorter than the days when he was a ship’s captain, but it was unmistakable who he was.
Flipping the kick stand up, he brought his leg over the bike so he was free standing along side it.  The helmet still in his hands.  He was wearing a trench coat like jacket – style seemed to stick with him even after five years.
“You are the last person I ever expected to see.”
DC:   She blinked her eyes as this biker stopped. Was this the familiar thing she felt? As the helm was removed she fought the urge to face palm, she didn’t need this right now. And as Louis spoke she turned on her heel and made her way down the street. She had to first finish this mission before her attention went to him, even though she kinda guessed what he was after.
Stepping over rubble she made her way out of the city, having been too late for her to travel by shadow. This would take longer to get there than the gods themselves.
“Why does it always have to be here that I deal with trouble…” She mumbled to herself making her way along the roads.
RB-  Louis watched her turn on her heel and start to walk away from him.  Ther was no way that he was going to have that.  He broke into a run and even as a human, he was able to catch her up.  Seizing her arm, he spun her around and the look on his face was one that could kill.
“Trouble?  Is that all I ever was to you?”
Though his eyes were not the same, due to the change of being human, it was unmistakable that the fire was still there.  He glanced down to see the orb around her neck.  It was so close, he could reach out and take it, but that would be too easy.
“Is your life still Hell?  Do you only taste ash in your mouth when you eat and drink?”  He shook her wrist before letting it go.  
DC: She stared at him, head bobbing from when he spun her. Like a doll she was, just strung up by invisible strings as she spoke.
“I wasn’t expecting to run into both a killer fox spirit and you. Meeting you on better conditions would have been a little more ideal.” She commented, just standing there. She noted his eyes tracking the orb and flinched when he shook her wrist. Looking at it there was a bruise already forming and she shrugged and went to remove the orb necklace.
“Here, I know you have missed it for quite some time. I’m done torturing you with the burdens of humanity.” She held it out to him without a fight and grabbed his hand. Placing it delicately in his palm the orb emptied into his being, giving him his powers back. “All you had to do was touch it, or at least touch me when I walked away. But you left instead.”
RB-  The wave of power that was released by the orb, and flooded his being; had Louis let out a howl of protest and at the same time pleasure.  How he had longed to be whole again, though he didn’t know that he could have had that, if he had touched her before she had left him with the portal five years before.  Louis blinked as his eyes changed back to the blazing steel grey, and his hair once again grew long and back to how it was originally.  He licked his lips as the elongated dog teeth were now on display and though he fell back slightly, he soon righted himself to full height.
As she had said, Xzilia was finished with the torture that she had put Louis through.  
“I left because your punishment drove me too.”
She had managed to strip him in a sense of his manhood with what she had put him through, and it took a long time for him to get over it.  In fact, he had not touched another since that time.  Female or male.  He only did when he fought, and that was usually a sickening thing to watch.
The orb now empty, there was nothing left to say.  She was free to go back to her time, and be who she wished to be.  Louis could continue on in the human realm, but live as he had always done.  A lone wolf…
DC:   “As harsh as it was you were out of control. My rage boiled so high that even a broken heart didn’t sever it. I couldn’t bring myself to kill you nor have actual flesh and blood men defile you. I used puppets to put you through what Louana felt and your heart through what I have to life with.” She felt tired after handing him that orb, why was that?
Building up strength she cupped his cheek and kissed his forehead, giving him more power than what he already had. Patting hi head she dismissed herself and turned on her heel to carry out her mission, but not without calling to him.
“Good luck on your fights, you’re spectacular Louis my love!” And she was gone with the shadows for now.
(to be continued)


Domi’s Slave Market and Spa – Fable of Swords.

This is the introduction of my latest character, Lady Dominique De Shay into the Fable of Swords Series.

A pleasure dome for the nobles and royals. Where they may be washed, or buy a slave to care for them.


The Slave market and Spa

The outer courtyard was bustling with new arrivals from the ports. A group of blonde haired women with blue eyes from the far north were being herded into a covered area by tall slave drivers – all dressed in  leather tunics. Their cries and sobs brought the attention of Tim, the servant of Lady Dominique, who had been speaking to a city official in the nearby garden. His lips drew into a thin line as he asked to be excused from the conversation, and headed over to see why there was so much noise and fuss. One of the slave drivers was about to raise his whip to silence one of the terrified girls, when Tim caught his arm and then pulled on it harshly.

“The Lady pays top money so that these girls are without marks or cuts. For each one you spoil, you can expect to lose two gold pieces.” There was a definite growl in his hushed words, but it was reinforced by the steel like grip of his hand around the slave driver’s arm. The driver wrestled his arm free, and spoke in a different dialect to the Eunuch. His tone was one of disgust that Tim would dare challenge him or try to insult him with the thought that the Lady of the Markets would dare not to pay the right price. But just as Tim was about to answer in the strange language, a red headed beauty emerged from one of the main buildings, chuckling whilst on the arm of one of the higher nobles. He had been a guest of the spa and was just telling Lady Dominique of the love he had for her special services.

“Lord Byron, you know that I am fully booked up. Besides, you can’t afford me.” Indeed, she saved herself for someone rather special. Dressed in a long silken robe, that only had straps of light jade fabric covering her breasts, and wearing a large pendant around her neck that rested just shy of her ample cleavage, she quirked a brow to see that Tim was in a heated discussion with one of her slave drivers. Patting the Lord’s arm, she bid him a farewell, and then strolled over with a smug expression towards the Driver and her man servant.

“Problem, Tim?”

Tim straightened as he watched his lady approached, then snarled at the slave driver to show the proper respect. The Slave driver bowed and lowered his whip.

“Lady De Shay. We have returned from the north with eight new slaves for your perusal.”

Dominique gave the girls the once over, pleased to see that they had made the trip in one piece. Most appeared to be unharmed or marked, but they were dirty and needed washing and cleaning before they would be brought for further appraisal. The Mistress of the slave house walked up and down the line of the frightened girls, who did not understand common language. Dominique had a coolness about her, she had to show little emotion in front of these girls. They were regarded more like cattle, then people. One thing Dominique knew was that blondes fetched a higher price, and this would mean that she was in for a good return, if the girls were not spoilt.

“Hmm. Yes, they will do just fine.” The red head glanced back over her shoulder at the slave driver and his men. “Go get yourselves cleaned up, there is food awaiting you in the food hall, and your needs shall be tended to by some of my girls. These ones need to be processed.” Dominique nodded towards Tim, who then called for one of the red house heads to lead the girls away to begin their cleaning. The group of girls all hushed as they passed by Lady Dominique, who was now left behind with her man servant, as all moved on at her orders.

Tim watched as Lord Byron lingered and then bowed before taking his leave. He had his eye on Lady Dominique, but knew when it was time to go. Once he was gone, Tim shook his head and tutted at the wicked Red head who was now smirking like a Cheshire cat.

“You tease.”

“Aha…I could whip you for such insolence. So what? He gives me pretty baubles…got a lovely string of pearls from the Asian sea.” she withdrew a black box from one of her pockets hidden beneath her silks. “It’s nice though….you want it?”Dominique tossed it over her shoulder to the man servant, who caught it on the fly. Tim pulled the strand out of the box, holding it up for closer inspection. “Gorgeous….”

“Yes, well….his gifts are one thing. His cock is another.” She rolled her eyes and held up her pinky – wiggling it. “I swear that when he tried to enter me once, I didn’t know if he had started or not.”

Tim spluttered and then could not help but nearly choke with laughter. Lydia threaded her arm through Tim’s and they strolled along the garden together.

“I know what I want, Tim”

“Yes…and sadly, he does not visit anymore.” Naturally, Tim spoke of the King, who was now quite ill. For once, Lady Domi looked sad. “He would if he could, but you’re quite right and I dare not go to him. Not with my cousins hovering about over his death bed.”

There would be a time when she would be called…..and she feared that would be sooner then later.

“This depresses me. Come, let us wander the gardens some more. It will take my mind off Him.”

Tim nodded politely and patted her hand gently, as the two continued to stroll along together.