Things I love – Peanut butter Tim Tams.


Any die hard Australian knows the joy of eating a Tim Tam biscuit.  One of the few pleasures in life, if you ask me.  But of late, Arnotts has come out with some new flavours to our old favorite, and I can’t tell you how much I love the Peanut butter flavored ones.  I happened to be buying petrol at Caltex, when I was going up to pay for my fuel, and saw this packet of Peanut butter Tim tams for only 50 cents.  Normally they are up to $4.00 a packet.  I’d not tried them before, but as a fan of PB, I thought I could spend the 50 cents and find out.


YUM!  That fine layer of peanut butter sauce mixed with filling in the middle made them sweet and reminded me of my mother’s chocolate peanut spider clusters.  (Something I miss terribly.)   I’ve since bought more with my weekly shopping – on special of course, and enjoyed them with my coffee.  One thing that we Aussies love to do is the Tim tam bomb.  To give you a good idea of how we eat them for extra oomph, check out the video below.


19 thoughts on “Things I love – Peanut butter Tim Tams.

  1. I have never heard of Tim Tams. This may also sound stupid but I love how you call it getting petrol instead of gas, which leads me to believe that you would also consider the place selling petrol as a petrol station rather than calling it a gas station?

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  2. Tim tam bombs are the best but they are aussie not kiwi… or is it like all good things…If it’s good it has to be aussie. Btw the daily newspaper here is the telly… short for telegraph. But we also call television the telly. We only do it to confuse Americans though. Lol. Just joking.

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