RPC – Shamus Gold aka The Dark One.

Name: Shamus Gold – The Dark One.


Quote : “Let’s make a deal, shall we?”

Age: 1307 years

Race: Demonic wizard

Alliance: Only makes deals with who he chooses.

Status/Job: Collector of antiquities and deal broker.

Personality: Wicked, evil, scheming, manipulative, conniving, dangerous,

Relationship Status: Happily single

Orientation: Straight

Likes: Deals, fools, Sins, Knowledge, Power, Trinkets and Anarchy

Dislikes: Contemptuous idiots

Powers: Ability to grant wishes with powers once a deal has been signed. Forged upon a special parchment – that cannot be destroyed once it is signed. The Dark one uses his magical powers though they always come at a price to those that seek his services. He is also able to use powers such as shifting, spell casting, summoning, teleportation, realms walking, and weapon crafting. Can spin gold from straw when stressed – it helps relieve his ills.

Weapons: He is the Weapon.

Strengths: Ability to see opportunity and moves to strike when his target is in their greatest hour of need. Sensing emotional turbulence and then addressing it with a deal that is hard to refuse. Though he might explain the dangers in his deals, he works on the fact that when a person wants something bad enough, they will do anything to get it.

Limitations/Weaknesses: A dagger that bears his name, said to be hidden in the dark glade in an unmarked plot. Only the bearer of the dagger can control the Dark one from using his powers against others. The Dark one can be killed, but only with that same dagger. The name of the killer is then etched into the blade and thus they become the dark one as the powers are then transferred.

Background: ~Sitting on a tree stump, the creature known as the Dark One notices that he is being watched.

”Ah, there you are, children. Well, I’ve been waiting for you all to gather, and now that you have it is time to tell a story. In a land far far away, there were seven Princes of Hell. Each of them were ruled by their creed, being the Seven sins. Course, each had their fair share of problems. War..lost love…loss of a cock…loss of a face, and would you believe the loss of a hand. But in their strife’s and misfortunes, there comes a time when fate needs a little push. They don’t all know it yet, but I have been watching since the very beginning. Oh yes…comical as it has been up till now. But, my children, the gloves are off. I’ve been to see the Doctor, and before you ask why….I have my reasons. He has something that soon, many will want.”


”Are you ready to make a deal?”


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