Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire •- The Enchanted Wars.

Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire •- The Enchanted Wars.
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Inferno Kingdom | Element: Fire •

Twas spring time. A time for new life, budding wild flowers and of course spring time festivities. All the things that the other realms might find pleasant and enjoyable. All…except….the King of Inferno. He hated spring time, and in particular he wasn’t too fussed with the weather pattern. Rain pitter pattered on the window sills and panes as he marched back and forth in front of the colossal windows. Most were well aware of Dracus’s moods during this time of year and were smart enough to steer well clear. The onset of rain had caused much of the air around the castle to be heavy with fog cover – so thick it was hard to see the nose in front of your face. Being that his kingdom was surrounded by lava flows and hot rocks, any water falling caused steam to rise up.

All this just added to Dracus’s terrible temper. It was dawn and there was no chance of going out to hunt in weather like this. Visibility was poor which meant flying was not an option. The fiery Lord’s hand swiped at a vase that was on one of the dressers and it went flying off as he displayed his impatience with being cooped up. Boredom for someone such as Dracus was a very bad thing.

“Mails in, Sire.” A haughty voice sung out as Dracus marched right over the broken fragments of the vase. His royal adviser, who happened to be a red headed vixen always checked the incoming ravens at dawn and as per usual there were a few letters and some invitations for the King. Mora bore a gracious smile when she noted that her King was in one of his moods. “I thought you liked that vase. I got it for your birthday.” She showed a pout, then brightened again as she offered the handful of mail. “Oh well, was probably a knock off. So…shall I leave you to read the mail in private, or would you like me to organize some entertainment?’ The King snatched the mail off her with a snort.

“Trust you to be cheap.” He started tearing open seals, as he dumped the rest of the letters and scrolls on the nearest desk. Rarely did the King have a nice word to say about anything. Not to mention, he was not a morning dragon.“Eh….usual social events. I hate Spring. Someone should blow it up.” He took the other letters and held them in his hand as the whole lot burst into flame. Dracus blew on the burning papers, and they then fluttered about the room, the ash slowly covering his adviser, who pouted whilst putting her hands on her hips. She flicked her hair and the ash fell to the ground at her feet. It was barely six am and he was already making a mess. “Really? Must you do that.” If it was one thing, Mora was not intimidated by the King. Many would have soiled themselves the moment he snarled at them, but this girl had seen it all before and probably would again before lunch. “Maybe if you had brought me the list of people that are to be hung, beaten, tortured or…dropped into a lava pit, I’d be a bit more cheery.” The Lord of Inferno loved violence. He had a strong distaste for humans, and took great pleasures in killing them. Either fast or slow, he didn’t care. Their dying screams were a delight to his ears. It was why he often called his dungeon, his Red room of pain. For him it was his happy place. The only good human was a dead one.

Picking the last bits of ash out of her hair, the girl brightened.

“It just so happens my Lord that I organized a new indoor game for you. What with this weather being so bad.”

“A game? If it’s indoor bowls, I am going to pull your small intestine out via your nostrils…THEN shove them up your ass.” The Dragon Lord leered down at her as he waited to hear what she had to say about that.

“You’re not a senior citizen yet. No…I got something that would appeal to your sense of fun. Come on, I’ll get a maid to clean up in here.”

Not entirely convinced, Dracus followed the diminutive red head as she lead him through the castle to a large new room that she was having fitted out for him. It was sort of done like an old English pub. A bar on one side, and few tables to enjoy a meal or an ale. On the other was a large spinning wheel. Like the kind you would find on a game show. The thing with this spinning wheel was that it had a human strapped to it. A terrified one. He was marked, like a dart board and the royal adviser brought over a wooden box, which she presented to her King.

Dracus stared at the box, and then glared at Mora. “I don’t get it. What the hell is this?”

“Darts, my King……with daggers.” When the King opened the box, he would find a brand new set of throwing knives, really sharp ones. He took one out of the box, as one of the servants started to spin the human on the wheel. Around and around he went. The back of the board marked with bright colors, which made the whole thing quite bizarre. The human who was not only getting dizzy was begging for mercy. It didn’t take the King long to realize the fun he could have with this game.

“Ahahahahaha!” He roared with laughter as he threw the first knife with deadly accuracy and it pierced the spinning man’s right thigh. The man screamed in pain, and the royal adviser clapped, like a spectator would at a golf tournament. “Ten points for that shot, my Lord.”

Dracus beamed as he snatched up the second dagger and bent down to say to Mora. “Fifty points if I hit his head?’ Mora giggled and then whispered back. “Bet you ten gold pieces you can’t.” Oh now it was a betting game, and the King loved the odds. Either way, it was a win win for him. No matter where the dagger landed, it was going to do damage. Blood was already dripping on the floor. Much more was to be split, while Mora was handed a tankard of beer. This was probably the best idea she ever had to keep the King entertained. She just hoped the human didn’t die quickly. So good that with the wheel spinning, it would take a while.

Dracus poked his tongue out the side of his mouth as he took his shot.


“Guess I just lost ten pieces. Top shot, my Lord.” The wheel kept spinning, but the man was already dead. The dagger having pierced his forehead and sliced his brain in two.

“Load up another one! I like this game.”


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