RPC – Katrina “Kat” Silver : The Princess Diaries.

Cat like :


Human like :


Name: Katrina “Kat” Silver.

Age: 1450 years

Race: Witch / Cat.
A witch, also known as a sorcerer or warlock, is a person, whether male or female, who has the power to effect change by magical means (“witchcraft”).

Alliance: Surprisingly, Wrath

Status/Job: Rat catcher, comfort giver, all round prankster.

Personality: Cunning, cute, feisty, temperamental, inquisitive, naughty, cheeky, daring
A word or two about cats;
1. We will never understand them fully.
2. They are a rare source of unconditional love, something we all crave.
3. Our lives would be empty and boring without them.

Relationship Status: Unknown at this point.

Orientation: Anyone’s guess. Whoever strokes her.

Likes: Warm laps, soft laps, free food, lush surrounds, cushions, books, soft music, milk, games.

Dislikes: Dogs, being left outside in the rain.

Powers: Shape shifting, psychic, scrying, runes, spells, potions, creating her own incantations, the use of a crystal and wand
Spell book that can turn into a small pendent on her collar.
A Wand that is found in her right ear when in cat form.

Strengths: Has nine lives. Able to resist fire, ideal for a girl that is hanging around Wrath.

 Disbelief: The act of denying or disbelieving in ones magical potential could cause a witch to inadvertently suppress their paranormal power.
 Fear: A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the condition or feeling of being afraid could cause a witch to involuntarily block their own powers for a short time.
 Mortality: Based off the fact that witches are still human, they share many of the same weaknesses as non-supernatural beings (e.g. age, decapitation, disease, heart-failure, suffocation, etc.)
 Overexertion: The excessive use of magic could lead to disorientation, nose bleeds, unconsciousness, and if taken to the extreme, death.
 Witchcraft: All magic can be undone through the use of witchcraft and with enough magical power any spell can be broken.

Background: Appearing in the Kingdom of Wrath almost by magic, Katrina is on a quest of sorts. With no current Master or Mistress, she is looking for the one that she can fulfil her destiny with. In a way it is like dancing with the devil, but who wants to live out a dull and boring existence. A witch that spends far too much time as a cat and it shows. More of her story to come in play.


Power upgrade – 25/6/2015. New Princess of Wrath.

Black Earth Manipulation: Katrina can generate and manipulate Black Earth, a corrupted form of earth which can shatter bones and other things with ease, inducing intense pain on doing so. Being stronger than your standard earth, this is a powerful element which can overpower your normal Earth with ease and other normal elements can’t affect it.

Supernatural Condition: As an Archdemon, Katrina naturally had a large level of physical ability. She was naturally speed oriented, making her incredibly fast and dangerous with that. Her speed rivals that of Ikki naturally, making her able to have matched him if it came to a fight of swords alone if not surpass him. She also had a high level of strength, once challenging even the strongest of opponents. However, despite this she had her limitations evident by her lack of durability against Beelzebub’s crushing force. She had a high regenerative ability, letting her heal life threatening wounds in days, and more minor ones in hours. She is highly intelligent and had a large amount of stamina as well. Her entire fighting style is actually made for people who would’ve normally be able to counter a conservative fighter like her. Her huge levels of strength, combined with the Demonic Aura she could infuse into her body to unlock her fullest power, makes her a dangerous combatant if pushed to full strength. Which had never been done. When the demonic aura is infused into her body, she undergoes a small appearance change, increasing her ability to make many enemies worthless against her. After being brought back by Beelzebub, the new body is highly resistant to damage in it’s inability to actually feel pain or pleasure, reducing the harmful effects that the family curse had on the body.

Demonic Aura: Not for offensive purposes really, but truly the very reason for her massive strength and speed being higher than a normal Prince. Katrina trained for years just to infuse objects with her Demonic Aura to make them stronger with no real energy drain. This made her more dangerous physically, however not really with her abilities unless she unleashes her true full power and uses her flames as well.


Wrath Overdrive: This is the Overdrive of Katrina. In this form Katrina not only gains an increase in physical stats, but she also gains an ability thought to be destroyed. The Flame of Wrath. It is a flame able to burn through even Dark or White elements as well as being immune to many of the typical weaknesses that you would find from a flame. This flame is named as such as it can grow stronger from the anger of others, and through growing stronger it re-energizes a user as long as their target is angry; this fact also means that this flame chronolocks the user while being used, meaning they are immune to Space-time manipulation abilities. This flame is only stoppable by users of the Flame of Envy, and those with the Power of the Abyss backing them; however, there are a few other users of Flame who have not been revealed able to match this flame with ease and even surpass it. This flame is unable to be absorbed by anyone other than another user, thanks to the qualities of this flame, and if absorbed by anyone not of the Family of Sayaka, this flame will eat them from the inside out until they are dead. This flame causes appearance changes, as well as an increase of overall physiology while active and takes on the form of an eerily crimson flame. Unlike before however, this Flame is no longer limited by the Curse of Wrath, therefore use of it is only limited by the fact you are only able to use it in Overdrive form. This Flame is now soul-bound to Katrina as well, making it impossible for any other to use it since Sayaka cannot. When using this Flame, the Flame itself now absorbs the anger from things continuously, slowly releasing its limits over time. Once the first limiter is released( 4 posts ), the Flame awakens to its sentient form, making it able to track targets and bypass most typical energy assimilating or absorbing abilities. The second limiter( 4 posts after the first ), allows the user to actually begin creating fully sentient constructs from the flames themselves; including living creatures. The third limiter( 5 posts after the second ), finally unlocks the Flame’s Conceptual Form, now making it the conceptual entity that it was originally with the original Ruler of Wrath. The fourth limiter( 4 posts after the third ), causes the Flame’s full power to finally be unlocked, allowing it to burn through literally anything at all; without any hesitation nor break down at all, an Ultimate Burning Flame. When one leaves Wrath Overdrive form, this ability is completely reset to its original form, making the needed over time absorption to be redone upon entering Wrath Overdrive once again. Wrath Overdrive takes a small build up time to activate, rendering Katrina immobile.( 4 posts. )


[ 2nd Dungeon] : Abyssmal Core (1) – Shattered Dimensions.

The Quest of the Abyssmal Core continues for Grant and Kasumi – RP Questing.



Abyssmal Garden Path


– The path continued on in a boring silence for quite awhile , nothing seemed to have happened or at least it didn’t seem to . It didn’t seem to change from being a straight path for the time it had went on , until birds actually appeared in the flesh fleeing from the depths of the path ; something similar to a warning if they took into account of the senses of birds and their patterns . They were attempting to get away from something , something that laid within . Eyes began to appear on the walls following the birds , but their expansions stopped as soon as they noticed Grant and Kasumi , blinking rapidly . What were they doing ? What were their purpose ? A voice echoed through their head –

” Deeper deeper you traverse

Attempting to seek the power to save this universe

If you are to claim the power to deceive

Then you must leap into the mouth of the beast ”

Abyssmal Forest

– The eyes released a dark shroud of gases that somehow transported the two into a new area . The land was covered with trees , and it seemed somehow they were lost even moreso then before without any sense of direction . A large slithering sound was heard , what followed was something unnatural and disgusting.-


– The beast emerged , it’s mouth gaping wide as if ready to consume them both ; however upon closer inspection the inside of the beast’s mouth revealed a swirling portal ; what did that mean ? Does it lead elsewhere other then their imminent death and consumption ? Only the two would be able to decide what this had meant . This was their journey. –




– In the same path entrance that Grant and Kasumi took , the hooded person appeared once more standing at the entrance. It had seemed as if the person was assisting the male but then the person spoke to himself-

” My eyes are blind to the deceit

But soon enough our paths will meet

You may have progressed ahead

But we will meet once more. . . ”

– The person removed his hood ; revealing a head of black hair and a male physique with a empty expression on his face but definitely a sinister aura around him. A group of birds began to continuously flock around him –



” … In the end. ”



Abyssmal Garden Path

Grant had a good feeling. Call it fate…call it luck…call it karma. He could just feel that this was the right path to take. Only thing was it was the really boring one. Silence blanketed the path like a thick fog, it was almost deafening. Like nothing lived in this part of the maze. Luckily for Grant, he had Kasumi by his side, though she was not enjoying this at all.

What’s your plan then? Since you rushed in here like a madman.”

“Who said anything about me having a plan?” Grant cocked a brow as he walked along, the sound of dead leaves crushing under foot. “I rushed in cause I was excited. Not every day you get to live out an adventure, now is it?” Either he was a fool for being so chuff about this, or he had no sense whatsoever. To Grant, this was like the Mother of all questing games, and it was real. Real as they came. The fact he had a Kitsune along with him, only added to the fun. Not that Kasumi saw it as that. No, she could pick up on the dangers – even if he couldn’t.

“Besides. the Queen gave me real sword swords!” Yes, she did. Funny that. His synthetic ones would have been no match for whatever dangers were ahead. Grant wiggled his back to show off the fabulous sheathed weapons. So he wasn’t totally unarmed, but could he use them. One would suspect that the only time he had swords that he fought with was when he used a game stick, not the real thing. Grant went to give the Kitsune’s head a pat, when suddenly a whole lot of birds flew out from the maze, while goggly eyes were looking out at the pair from the maze walls. The eyes blinked and stared at Grant as he passed. It was kind of odd to see so many eyes. Eyes without a face. Grant even stopped and stared at the eyes, before darting his head back and forth, up and down to see if the eyes did indeed follow his movements.

“Scared birds…and a wall of eyes?” Something scared the birds…what could it be?

“Something….” His words trailed off as he heard a voice that spoke another riddle.

” Deeper deeper you traverse

Attempting to seek the power to save this universe

If you are to claim the power to deceive

Then you must leap into the mouth of the beast ”

“Hear that? We have to enter a mouth. I wonder if that means the mouth of a cave?’ At least Grant was trying to use that pink mushy thing between his ears. “Come on…” Grant urged, as he led his furry friend further into the maze. Then right on cue…a huge slug like ooga booga beast emerged with a gaping maw that was so large that they would be able to step into it.


“That’s one ugly ugly beast! We really have to go into it’s mouth?” Grant was already questioning the whole deal. The riddle said that to claim the power to deceive they had to leap into the mouth. The young man chewed his lip, then looked back at Kasumi. “There is something swirly in that mouth, and not the usual set of pink tonsils. Should we jump in?”He didn’t want to force the Kitsune further, but he really wanted to know if she thought it was the right thing to do.

“I never planned on this.” His voice carrying back to the entrance no doubt.





Kasumi had to say, Grant definitely wasn’t good at reading a situation; the Mist and eerie silence surrounding the duo should have clued him in. Instead he simply stayed excited like nothing could go wrong. And of course that bugged her a lot. The very fact he was happy over the swords as well made her get an even worse feeling about all of this; the feeling she’d have to save his ass. A lot. He didn’t have a plan. Of course he didn’t have a plan, why did she even think he would? This guy was on an adrenaline high, and it would probably get worse. Kasumi did have to admit one thing though, he had guts. Which of course, ended up bringing them to the next issue.

Kasumi was silent, but she snarled and gave a definitely inhuman growl at the beast the moment she saw it. Her grip on Hirai Hime tightened the moment she saw it, and her fur began to bristle within seconds. She didn’t drop this appearance either, till Grant decided to bring up the fact of the riddle; this caused her to drop it, but even so she held the katana tight and kept her stance ready for a fight if needed. Kasumi ran her head through the lines, analyzing and comparing everything as she weighed every possibility before growling to herself and answering; while she did, she extended her hand to Grant.

“Take my hand, and do NOT let go no matter what. Dammit this is insane, but it’s the only way we’ll escape this alive if that’s what I think it is inside of its mouth. So… HOLD ON!”

Once Grant had taken her hand, Kasumi would have taken off at full sprint, giving Grant a feeling of moving fast enough that once they stopped stopped he’d be utterly dizzy. But even so, Kasumi would have dragged the man along until she jumped up, landing square through the mouth of the beast, while preparing to incinerate the beast from the inside out at the first sign of being wrong.


Fu:  Thee Abyss

– Once they had leaped into the mouth it was clear that it was a mouth used for something other then eating , this pathway lead them elsewhere ; someplace completely different. They entered a complete and absolute darkness ; filled with nothing but black , how could one see ? It was similar to just having your eyes entirely shut and attempting to sleep. Moving without any source of direction and with this penalty to the senses how would one move on ? How could they see anything ? If only one of them had a source of light to see . To see where they were and how to progress , would they be able to retrieve what was held in the epicenter of this entire dungeon. Was there something or someone in this darkness ? –

” If you wish to succeed

Cast a Bright Light to see ”

– These two phrases would soon echo into Grant’s mind ; allowing him to hear this personally and it was up to him to decide how he would approach this situation. What would await them once the light was cast ? –



Thee Abyss

Wow that little Kitsune sure was a fiery gal. She was ever ready with the katana drawn in case of something attacking them. Her senses must be spot on and with what they were now facing, Kasumi was on the money. This big super slug from the pits of hell was simply the most gross looking beast imaginable. There was however the spinning vortex that was in its gaping maw that gave the impression that this was more than just a super slug. If you follow the riddle as it was said, then the only way forward was to enter the creature’s mouth. It would be a giant leap of faith in a place that was so sinister, you had to wonder if it was truly the right thing to do. Being a gentleman, and also wanting Kasumi’s opinion, he had put it to her that maybe it was the way to go. Course, she really didn’t want to, but she wasn’t stupid either.

“Take my hand, and do NOT let go no matter what. Dammit this is insane, but it’s the only way we’ll escape this alive if that’s what I think it is inside of its mouth. So… HOLD ON!”

This was so exciting. They were actually going to jump inside the big worm’s mouth. Taking hold of Kasumi’s hand, Grant wrapped his fingers around the Kitsunes and then yelled out.

“JEROMINOOOOOOOOOO!” Leaping with all he had and going deep into the mouth of the beast.

Once inside….it was lights out.


Total darkness. A world of nothing, and no way to see the direction forward or back. Grant still had a hold of Kasumi’s hand, but he couldn’t see her…at all.

“Well this was unexpected.” He thought there would be some illumination. But no, just the inky blackness. Grant thought for a moment, then snapped his fingers.


“I have a little key chain night light, for when I can’t find the lock in my front door. Just a sec, it’s in my back pack.”Reaching around, Grant unzipped the section where his wallet and keys were. He fiddled about in the dark till his fingers touched onto the key chain, which happened to be a rabbit’s foot, along with a lot of keys and the little flash light. It was so dinky, you couldn’t imagine it lighting up much, but bringing it out, Grant flicked it on.

……and then…there was light.