Equality for all.

As the ruling in the US was handed down allowing for same sex marriages, here in Australia our opposition government has attempted to introduce a private member’s bill that will also allow for same sex marriages to occur here.  Simply changing the term that marriage is between a man and a woman, but to two people.  That alone would open the doorway for those that wish to marry to be able too.  The current Prime Minister however is doing his best to block such a move, saying that he would rather have his government work on introducing reforms to the small business sector.

Even with all the support that the Australian public has for equal rights for same sex couples, it appears that there needs to be a change in government, or at the very least; a total back flip from the PM.  Using his own views as a reason not to support the change shows that he is truly out of touch with the electorate.   The time for change…is now.



Guess who is coming to dinner – Part two – The Greed Kingdom : PD

Part two of Guess who is coming for dinner.  Now we find out just how powerful the mirror really is, as an old friend of Scar’s decides to pay a visit.
Kingdom of Greed – Castle
Scar still had his eyes covered, and Mariela just waited. She had a robe on, so she wasn’t worried about him seeing anything. He had a sheepish look when he moved his hand, seeming to blush and seemed to be… nervous? This caused Mariela to giggle, as she has never seen Scar act this way. The Demon of Nightmares? Nervous? But then, his expression grew serious, and Mariela tilted her head.

“That problem still hasn’t been solved?” she asked with an eyebrow raise. But then he turned the topic around, saying he thought he was done down there. Her face also grew serious, looking down at the floor as she moved a blond curl behind her ear. “Honestly, I thought you were, too.” she said, looking back up at him. “Scar, you don’t have to show or tell me how grateful you are.” she said, shaking her head.

At his next words, Mariela couldn’t help but smile, her smile softening as Scar closed the distance between them. His hand was on her cheek, and Mariela stared up at him. She reached her hand up to put it on top of Scar’s, continuing to look at him. “You don’t have to be, Scar. I was only doing what I’m best at…” she said, giving a soft smile before growing serious. “Saving the one’s I love.” she then said.


Re: [RP]Kingdom of Greed – Castle
Kingdom of Greed – Castle


Scar nodded half heartedly. There was no sign of the demon spider in the castle now, so it was safe to say that the drama was over for now at least. Suda, the blacksmith would keep the Alp in the loop as to what else if anything that they found, though it was clear she had moved on to another kingdom. Changes were now sweeping through Greed, and it truly was for the best. Scar found Marelia’s words to bring a great deal of comfort to him. Knowing how she felt about what had happened, how he had almost been lost to her due to the mirror. Now he firmly believed that the power that she had within her would not be used in the same sense that Lydia had used it. Still didn’t mean that the Alp would stop being protective of her. That was a natural compulsion from being in love with her.

Speaking of love, Scar smiled brightly when Mariela said with a smile, that she saved the ones that she loved. To him, that was all he ever wanted to hear. There was so much he wanted to say at that moment, and of course he wanted very much to kiss her, but he knew the time for that was not quite right. Not know. She had her family to focus on, and her friend, Tessa. Scar had not forgotten about them.

“You saved me in more ways than you could possibly know, My Lady.” he spoke with the utmost respect, and with drew his hand, letting it fall to his side.

“I shall leave you to get dressed, I imagine that your family will be waiting for you in the dining hall.” He knew he was keeping her, and the last thing he wanted to do was hold her up. He made a polite bow, and then spun on his heel to head back down to the dining hall, where a wonderful buffet awaited them.


Re: [RP]Kingdom of Greed – Castle
They stood there in silence for a few minutes, Mariela continuing to look at him. Seeing Scar smile made Mariela smile as well, looking down as she did so. She didn’t know what would happen now that she’s the new Princess of Greed, or how things were gonna go. All she knew was that she has a big responsibility, and she was glad Scar was here by her side the entire time. She would need it.

Mariela removed her hand from on top of his when he spoke, so he could move his. She gave him another smile, before nodding her head. “I’ll be down in a moment.” she said, giving a curtsy when he bowed before watching him walk away. She turned around to the mirror, removing her clip from her hair and then shaking her head to free it. She took a few moments to dry her hair, before turning and walking back into the room.

She placed the clip on the vanity, before grabbing the dress of her choice, and after removing the robe, she began to get ready. She didn’t know what to expect or what was to happen now, but she supposed it could be anything. She felt a new power now… probably from having Lydia’s powers within her. She knew one thing was for sure: Greed would not be run the same way as Lydia, or Mammon ran it. Things would be different. Greed would be better. Much better than it was before.

Re: [RP]Kingdom of Greed – Castle
Kingdom of Greed – Castle

Downstairs, a few garden staff happened to be hauling in the large magical mirror that had been at the center of the maze. There was a lot of grunting and struggling going on as the golden framed piece of furniture weighed a great deal. It was about seven feet tall, and the frame itself covered in various animals and creatures that were both magical and not. One of the staffers tripped on a rug, and he lost his grip on the edge of the mirror. The whole thing was about to fall forward, when thankfully he managed to catch it – but in doing so, pressed on a certain little creature. The mirror shook violently for a moment, but then settled. It was almost as though the man had activated it.

“Blimey, that was close.” The groundsman said, as they hung the mirror on a wall in the newly refurbished ballroom. You see, the works to get the ballroom back into tip top condition had been going on for some time and when the maze had been beautified by the Princess’s magic it was decided that the mirror was too nice to be left in the garden, but instead be used up in the ballroom for the remodeling. The staff had no idea that the mirror was actually enchanted. It was more than just a mirror…..it was THE looking glass.

Stepping away with the mirror firmly fixed to the wall, it certainly looked like it belonged in the ballroom. One of the staffers stood in front of it, and started doing funny poses, even poking out his tongue – much to the laughter of the others.

“Come on, Jonesy. We got other work ta do.” The other garden staff filed outside, and Jonesy winked at his own reflection, before he ran off to catch up with the others. The only thing was, his reflection just stood there watching him go, and then giggled, before he went off somewhere within the mirror. One thing was sure….the mirror was working again, but the question was what would be in store for the people of Greed.

As the Alp came down the stairs and was about to walk through the Ballroom on his way to the grand dining hall, he heard a soft voice.


Scar stopped for a moment, looking about the room as he couldn’t see another person there. “Who said that?” Turning around he glanced this way and that. There was no one there.

“I thought she killed you/”

“Who? What?” Flustered now, he reached up and kept his fingers firmly attached to his hat. His heart pounded rapidly as wondered if someone had come for him. It wasn’t until he saw that the mirror was in the ballroom.

“Who put that there?!” A shriek in his voice as he ran towards it only to see the start of a female’s skirt coming out of the mirror. One small dainty shoe placed down on the ballroom floor, followed by another until Scar stopped just shy of the girl who was now fully out of the mirror.


Scar stared at her incredulously, as she smiled up at him brightly.


“Hatter, it’s me. Alice. I missed you so.”



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Mariela finished up her hair, looking in the mirror as she finished up. She didn’t want to keep them waiting much longer, because Tessa and her brothers were already probably waiting in the dining hall with Scar. She didn’t want to keep them waiting. She smoothed out her gown, before turning around and leaving the room.

She walked down the stairs, looking around as she did so. She had been thinking all of this time about Tessa and her brothers. She decided that afterwards, she was going to send them home. They still had lives to live, and she wanted them to continue living it out. Her life was over it – there’s were not. She wasn’t going to keep them here when they still have lives to live on Earth.

She walked through the ballroom, and she saw that the mirror had been moved onto the wall. She also saw a girl step out, and as she walked closer to Scar, she heard their conversation. Who’s Alice? she thought, raising her eyebrow and giving a look. But she walked over anyways.

“Hello.” she asked wth a kind smile, walking ovr to stand next to Scar. “I don’t believe we met. You must be a friend of Scar’s.” she then said. “I’m Mariela, Princess of Greed and Scar’s….” she then paused, thinking on how to finish that sentence. She finally just shook her head, looking back over at the girl who came from the mirror. “You are?”

Re: [RP]Kingdom of Greed – Castle
Kingdom of Greed – Castle

Scar was just as shocked to see Alice as Mariela would be, who had come down finally from getting ready for the family luncheon. Thankfully, her family had not entered the room yet. The expression on Scar’s face was one of true surprise, and Alice…well she stood there beaming at seeing her old friend again. Course, when Mariela arrived and became formal in her greetings, Scar took a step back and placed his hands behind his back so no one could see that he was fidgeting.

“I’m Alice.” The girl said with a friendly tone as she clutched the edges of her skirt and then went into a small curtsy before the Princess. It was good manners and something that she had learnt to be proper in Wonderland. Mariela looked so pretty and it was almost hard to believe that she was a Princess of the Seven sins. She didn’t look to have an evil bone in her body, unlike the previous monarchs. “You call Hatter, Scar?” It was odd, since Alice only ever knew him as the Mad Hatter in that realm. She had met him at the tea party that was hosted by the Rabbit. What was odd about Scar’s appearance was that he was so much better looking here. He…looked sane.

In the world of Wonderland, Hatter was anything but sane. His outrageous and crazy antics were famous all over and to see him acting..normal was unsettling.

Scar was quick to interject, since this conversation was getting a little strained. Alice’s questions were sure to continue and they were expecting the brothers along with Tessa to come down at any moment.


“Alice, I am not quite the same creature here….as I was over there.” At this he pointed to the mirror which had gone back to being a simple looking glass. There was no sign of Wonderland. It was like the mirror was playing tricks of its own. “Err…I can see myself.” He was looking at a normal reflection of his image in Hell, and he was now growing concerned. Alice on the other hand was not fazed at all. She beamed at Scar, who was copying his actions in the mirror, as if waiting to see a more diabolical him on the other side.

Alice reached for Mariela’s hand.

“I’d love some tea.”


Re: [RP]Kingdom of Greed – Castle
“Nice to meet you, Alice.” Mariela said with a nod of her head and a smile. The girl instantly bowed, and this caused Mariela to grow curious, but she just gave anther smile. “Yes. Here, he is called Scar.” Mariela said with another nod. She wasn’t sure whether this girl was going to cause problems or not. She’d have to question Scar about it later. Right now, they had other important matters.

Scar quickly spoke up about not being the same person, after just standing there for several minutes. Mariela’s eyes went over to the mirror as he pointed, and seeing it was normal, she furrowed her eyebrows. Mariela knew the mirror was far from normal, and why they decided to bring it into the castle was beyond her. She might have to tell them to move it elswehere… at least to another room that wouldn’t be used by guests.

Alice mentioned about tea, causing Mariela to look back at her. Seeing her hold out her hand, Mariela raised an eyebrow. Instead, she just gave a smile and linked arms with the girl, before lookign at Scar. “Coming?” she asked, holding her hand out for Scar to grab. “My family’s waiting. Don’t want to keep them.”

Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen (1) : PD.

Raul’s true nature is finally revealed.



Re: [RP]Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen




‘Things are going from bad to worse then.’

Zachary’s head began to spin as he listened to the words of the male fallen, knowing that things were serious if Raul had been defeated only to bounce back this fast. Zachary was trying to figure out how Raul might have figured out in the first place, after all at this point only the Embassy should know aside from Raul himself. Which meant…… Madame Green!

“Tch… figured she’d be the one to start shit right off the damn bat!”

Zachary let out a deep growl, the growl of a demon, as his hand lashed out sideways, hitting the wall with a thud. Sure, the was angry, but this was no time to get worked up. With a deep breath, he reigned in that anger and focused back onto the two fallen. As a Nephalem, he was actually human despite being the offspring of an Angel and Demon. But no one knew that… yet; they were going to get a crash course soon if Raul got here any time soon. Zachary followed the male into the room, nodding at his words while closing his eyes and gripping his sword with both hands.

With a firm pull, Zachary freed the blade from its sheath, while at the same time unleashing both his Holy and Hell-fire at the same time, mixing the two together. Both flames erupted on his body and the blade, the tip of his tail burning while twin horns of blue flame formed on his forehead. The flames were both of the same mystical blue, unnaturally calming and disturbing at the same time thanks to the mixture of the two opposing Flames. The two fallen would have recognized the two flames for what they were entirely, Hell and Heaven mixed into one. Was that enough to give him away? Who knew.

“If we’re needing to prepare, then I’ll be sure to be ready for him. Valmont and Nicholas may be well on their way, but who knows if they’ll get here in time. Might I ask for your assistance sir?”

Zachary said as he began to walk outside, still slowly drawing the sword from its sheath. Once he had made it outside, he finished drawing the weapon and whipped it down, causing a small wall of flames to blaze between him and the home of the two fallen. It wouldn’t burn the fallen or Bandit, but if Raul got there and tried to get in… well he’d be in for a surprise considering that those flames were made to keep Raul out, and Bandit in. They didn’t burn, they simply repulsed. At least, for that intended purpose they did.




Re: [RP]Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen


“What’s in me?” The blonde looked at the woman, a terrible panic coursing through her body.. “Am I going to die?!” The thief’s voice rose in pitch with those words, breathing hard… Oh, but it was so much worse. A terrible cry came from Bandit’s lips, the child within Bandit feeling her distress as the aura of power from her abdomen only grew. “I’m.. Oh, god!” The blonde buried her face into the pillow that she held against her, the thoughts of panic racing through her head. How could this have happened? “With his.. Oh, oh.. I am already dead..” Bandit did not have it in her to kill the innocent child developing in her womb.. but the terrible truth was that she had Raul’s child. No matter how she tried to run now, the child would always tie her to him. Escape was not an option at this point. 


Nevermind, what would her son/daughter be like? What type of child could spawn from Raul? What type of child could spawn from her? A mix of that could not be good, surely.. Bandit looked up at the ceiling, lifting her head and breathing out slowly. So much stress… Her body couldn’t keep taking this. Birth was so far away, it felt, but would this child be different because of its race and all attached? Would pregnancy be quicker? How would it grow? How could she care for a child with powers when she had none… assuming the child did develop powers.. How weak would it be? How strong? So many questions.. Bandit wiped her tears off of her face, attempting to appear somewhat composed as she slowly fell apart within, power from the child steadily growing with each wave of distress its mother felt..








Re: [RP]Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen


Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen

Poor Bandit. She was now terrified beyond belief. Wondering what was inside her, when there was that moment that the unborn child made itself known. “Am I going to die?!” The girl was beside herself. Amala rushed to her and tried to pull her into an embrace. “No no…no you are not going to die, Bandit. We would never let that happen.” Amala’s words were meant to be reassuring, but there was no mistaking the panic in her eyes. The realization of the fact that Bandit was pregnant, sent the girl into a melt down. Amala released her as the girl sank onto the bed and buried her face into the pillow nearest her. Amala clasped her hands together, deeply troubled and trying to think of something that she could say, that could stop the girl losing it completely. All she cold do was nod, when Bandit started to blurt that the baby was Raul’s. No matter where she went, she would forever be tied to that man, so long as the child within her continued to live.

What choices did she have now? The child was the spawn of Raul the Black. That alone would send shivers through the strongest person, not to mention those with magic that could see and feel the power. Amala’s eyes cast down at Bandit’s stomach. A horrid thought going through her mind. There was one way to stop the madness and that was to cut the child out and destroy it. Would Amala even do such a thing? To put her own life ahead of that of this unborn and innocent child? She could not help but think that if this child was born, it could destroy them all, if it were to be taken by it’s father.

No doubt, the look on Amala’s face would be a giveaway for what she was thinking. Her heart was pounding hard as she weighed up the options. Habib was outside now with Zachary, who had already unsheathed his weapons, in preparation for what would be a great battle. Would the Ambassador and Nicholas arrive in time to help fend off the Warlock, who would now be enraged beyond belief, that not only was Bandit taken from him, but his future son or daughter? He knew….and there would be no stopping him now.

Heavy paws pounded into the earth, ragged breathing and saliva dripping from its maw, the Black wolf was now racing up the mountain. In it’s heart it could feel the connection, the bond growing and he knew it was definitely that of his child. Bandit was there…at the very top and that Fallen was going to regret taking her from him. Howling, he raced on tearing through the forest and then up the last part of the mountain path. Long shaggy black hair was flowing behind him as the eyes of evil were now glowering with an intensity that was filled with fury and hate. He could see himself, tearing out the jugular of Habib and drinking his blood like wine when he reached the top. At last the last rise and the wolf leaped up and over a large rock to land on top. Looking down now on Zach and Habib. The loud growl with menacing white fangs dripping were the first indications that Bandit had been found. The wolf was about three times the size of a normal one, and it pawed at the rock with large grey claws.



Out of the forest the two on horseback, Valmont and Nicholas came charging on their horses. The heavy sound of horse hooves meant the cavalry had arrived. They were coming now up the last track, right in behind Raul the Black.

Habib’s wings unfurled in full as he stood his ground in front of the entrance to the temple.

“She’s not yours, Raul. Leave this place.”

The wolf jumped down off the rock and then spun and turned back into the true form of the Warlock. A terrible look on his face as he stared down Habib, then saw Zachary.

“I AM NOT LEAVING WITHOUT MY WOMAN AND CHILD!” He threw up his right hand and a massive blast of energy spiraled out and hit Habib squarely in the chest, sending him back hurtling towards the ground. The fallen’s wings fell back as her cartwheeled back and hit one of the stone columns of the temple. There was a horrid cracking sound, like that of bone, as Habib lay motionless.

Pulling up his horse, Valmont dismounted and waited for Nicholas to join him. They could see the Warlock had already started the battle, taking out the Fallen with relative ease. It was clear that with the knowledge that Bandit carried his child, he was not simply going to walk away.

With Zachary guarding the entrance to the temple, and Valmont with Nicholas in behind the Warlock, they had him surrounded. Who would make the next move?







Re: [RP]Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen





It was silent as the wind blew around the two galloping around, though hearing the patters in the ground from a distance, he could tell Raul had already made it. That was the thing with Nicholas, his hearing was 100% on point with vibrations on the ground so, he was usually never wrong. Once they had entered the area, right behind Raul he’d stayed on his horse. Hearing a rather loud crack and a thump to the ground, Nicholas shivered some. This man could take down one in such a simple move, he’d sure be a tough opponent. Seeing Valmont get down, he’d follow in pursuit and dismount, standing next to him. 

” Right on time, huh.” The man said to Valmont, trying to be a bit humorous but, this wasn’t the time and he knew it. 

Something changed a bit about Nicholas, if you observed him closely. His skin was now molding layers upon layers, thickening and getting much harder. His Dermal armor coming into play, he was able to thicken his skin to withstand attacks, pain or harm but, it wasn’t invincible. Some things tended to get through or it would wear out after a while and fall off. Once it was done, he’d take position next to Valmont. He wouldn’t risk getting hit and ending up like the other person, the armor would help in the long run. Granted, his other was poison and he had to be careful where he released that, for not wanting to harm the others. His eyes scanned to see Zachary and then they went back towards Raul, him waiting on any order. 




Re: [RP]Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen

‘Boy do they have good timing… as if.’


Zachary’s thoughts were directed at Valmont, who arrived only moments after Raul. Greaaaaaaat timing guys. Well done indeed. Well, that was nothing compared to Zachary at this point. Once the male fallen was sent flying Zachary froze, his eyes becoming hidden from sight by his long black hair. Valmont and Nicholas were about to be in for a big surprise. Valmont knew, he knew very well just how much power that Zachary held inside of him. But the problem was… he’d never seen it before, before now anyway. Zachary’s clothing and hair, everything began rustling softly as though some wind was swirling wildly around him. Oh boy… he was pissed. Zachary’s mouth moved, after what seemed to be ages, saying two simple words moments before his body erupted in that tower of white flames and light.

“Seraphin… Praestantia!”

The blue flames now turned white, and the light, that swirled around Zachary’s body was blindingly bright. Seraphin Praestantia, Seraph Superiority. Zachary took his Holy Flames and his Light and infused his body with it, calling upon the power of his mother in full to take on the form of an Archangel temporarily, calling on the full power of such a creature that could match even a Prince of Hell. Raul will have realized a bit too late his mistake just before Zachary’s new form was revealed.


It seemed that Zachary was simply standing there with his face hidden, but to Valmont and Nicholas behind Raul, there was a change. Zachary’s new angelic form had appeared there behind Raul, his left hand already reaching to grasp the Warlock’s shoulder despite the fact that there was an afterimage in front of the male. Should Zachary have succeeded in grasping that Warlock’s shoulder, without a sound her would have thrown the male into the air, only to reappear next to him and slam a foot into his stomach, knocking the breath from him as he sent the male blasting back into the ground with the perfect amount of force that would have made the earth erupt into shards of shrapnel.

Zachary wasn’t toying around anymore. Raul had a choice, stand down and resolve things peacefully, or risk being obliterated by Zachary’s power as a Nephalem.






Re: [RP]Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen


Bandit’s eyes widened in fear at the woman’s gaze upon her – something about it gave her an eerie feel. A feeling that she was being threatened, more so than Raul ever had.. Somehow, with Raul, she did not feel true danger – not entirely. But now, that was a different story.. Now, she felt that this woman would go through with whatever thoughts possibly plagued her, where before Raul didn’t. At least, with Raul, Bandit knew she would not die. Here, however…A cry came from her lips as Habib was knocked back, then lay still on the ground. Oh, god! Was he dead? The stillness only seemed to confirm any suspicions she had, making this day as a whole all the more worse. But then Zachary attacked Raul in turn, knocking him down as the demon transformed before her eyes – surely Raul could not fight back? 


But something else was going on within the blonde thief. Her child was retaliating, in its first true act of power, despite being unborn and still relatively small within her. A dark purple color glowed in Bandit’s lower abdomen, a scream of panic coming from her lips – “What is happening to me?! Someone! Help!” Her skin was beginning to turn transparent, the wall behind her becoming visible as she disappeared before everyone’s eyes… Had they been looking. “Raul!” Yes. She called for the name of the one man who had put her in this position, the one who brought her so much pain.. But also, the man she realized loved.. 

“Please!” Her voice itself had begun to fade as she did with it.. And then she was gone, the pillow falling with nothing to hold it up, the thief disappeared from sight but not memory. All that remained of where Bandit once sat was a few sparks of purple, where the magic had left a trace. These sparks blinked and shimmered, showing how powerful the move had been, how the magic of the child was essentially oozing out.. Where could the child have possibly brought her? And.. she could not survive, not in her current state. Finding her was of the essence.. or she would be dead in days. She lacked blood and food, lacked sleep… Bandit was a mere human, and the nights could get quite cold without shelter.. Not to mention her legs were barely functioning, still getting used to being unparalyzed.. A whole universe to search in days.. Would they find Bandit, or her corpse? 





Re: [RP]Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen


Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen

If only the menfolk could see what was happening inside the temple. The female fallen Amala had almost no expression, as she started for the knife that was on the meal tray. Meant for the cutting up of bread and certainly not for anything that was meant to harm Bandit. She wrapped her fingers around the handle and then turned slowly towards the frightened young mother to be. “You are a danger to us all.” Amala whispered, as the knife blade gleamed in her hand. She could not see anyway that Raul would stop if the child was alive. One life…for millions. Amala was starting to see it as a sacrifice for the greater good, even though she had promised not to harm Bandit.

“I’m so sorry…” she whispered, as though this was for her own good. Turns out though the baby had other plans. But just when Amala was about to raise her hand with the knife to plunge into Bandit’s stomach, there was a terrible blast of green light from outside the temple, and the sound of Habib screaming. At that instant, Amala dropped the knife and hurried outside, only to see her beloved laying on the ground – out to the count.

“HABIB!” She screamed, running to his side and bringing his blooded head up to her lap, as she rocked back and forth, crying and wailing.

With Bandit now alone inside, would anyone see what was happening next?

Much to Raul’s shock, Zachary had taken the gloves off. The unwarranted attack on Habib mean that he had now lost all patience, and one way or another he was going to calm the Warlock if it was the last thing he did. Winds swirled up and around Zachary’s clothing and hair, as he charged up his powers for what would be a fantastic metamorphosis. Valmont saw and recognized the change immediately. Without thinking, he put his arm protectively around Nicholas, as though to shield him. Things had clearly changed between the Ambassador and his assistant. Raul was looking to the entrance of the Temple and screaming out to Bandit, for he could hear her cries coming from within the temple.

“I’m coming!” That is what he meant, but Zachary was not about to let him.

“Seraphin… Praestantia!” 

It was too late, Raul turned back to see a tower of white flames and light. Raul put his hand up to block his eyes from the blinding sight, but the power was only to grow stronger as Zachary changed his form. Raul yelled at him. “BANDIT NEEDS ME!!” He could feel the sense of danger coming from within the temple. Was it his unborn son? “You fool, let me save her!” He begged, only to find that an angelic version of Zachary was in behind him, and now grasping his shoulder forcibly. Zachary then hurled the Warlock up high off his feet, only to reappear next to him and slam a foot into his stomach. Raul was completely winded, his face turning a deep shade of red, before he was knocked officially into the dirt. A cloud of dust rising up from where he finally came to a screeching halt, his face having been the brake.


A hand clawed the earth, as Raul continued to scream Bandit’s name. Little did he know….she was gone.







Re: [RP]Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen





So much had happened in a small period of time, you could say it ended in disaster honestly. One person dead or almost at least, another gone. It had truly been a sight to see Zachary in his form, something he was glad to witness. He recalled on the conversation where they both shared the secrets. It was nice to have another person around, he would need to catch up with hi after this and tell him of what happened. A lot had happened, the light was blinding and Nicholas had lifted his arm a bit to block it. Shortly after he felt an arm around him, it was Val’s and that was surprising to him. You didn’t think he’d publicly do it but, he did and he enjoyed it. 

Something in the place didn’t seem right, it seemed almost creepy. Being as Nicholas had excellent super hearing cause of his serpent abilities he heard the conversation inside. It was horrid that the person was trying to kill her but, something else happened. Hearing the screams from Bandit he could hear vibrations inside, something different. Though one thing for sure was that he now sense that the girl completely vanished, whether anyone else noticed to on them. 





Re: [RP]Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen



Zachary was still pissed, but the fact that Raul had gone down so easily wasn’t what he’d expected. Zachary looked down at the male from where he stood, reigning in his power for a few minutes as he dragged it right back into him. Zachary didn’t see a point in staying in his Archangel form for very long if Raul was going down this fast without warning. But then it registered, the surge of energy caused his head to snap over to the temple just before Bandit’s energy signature entirely disappeared with the exception of a few sparks.

Zachary transformed back into his normal form, granting him access once more to his powers over darkness as he scowled and turned to sprint off towards the temple once more, his entire body slowly melting down as his voice could be heard calling back to Valmont with a loudly urgent tone.
”Valmont, Nicholas; you two handle the situation here! I’m going after Bandit before I lose her trail entirely!”

And with that… Zachary melted into darkness and disappeared, his flames disappearing with him. Leaving the screaming Raul and Valmont and Nicholas behind. Headed straight for Bandit in order to keep up.







Re: [RP]Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen


Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen

Amala was cradling Habib’s head. He had received a nasty gash to the back of his skull, and the blood was seeping through onto Amala’s dress. Her tears ran down her cheeks, as she was so worried about her love, she had forgotten about Bandit momentarily. Of course, what she didn’t realize was that the baby had sensed it’s mother’s danger and taken matters into its own hands. The blast of light that came from the temple that had followed the girl’s screams for Raul left Amala, and the two from the Embassy – Valmont and Nicholas stunned. The only one who had a handle on the situation was Zachary, who had changed back to his normal form, and ordered that Valmont and Nicholas control the situation at the summit, while he went off after Bandit’s trail.

At the very moment that Zachary disappeared from view, with his flamed vanishing with him, Raul took the chance to go into the temple himself, shooting Habib and Amala the most foul look imaginable. Inside the temple, the Warlock saw for himself the sparks of purple, that were the only trace left of his girl and child. With a nervous hand, he reached out and could feel the residue of the unborn’s magical aura. He knew that Bandit herself had no powers, so this was proof..proof that Bandit was indeed carrying his child. The look on his face now was one of grim resolve. He had to find her. He had to be reunited with her. There was no mistaking that she had called out to him. Raul heard her scream his name. Even after all he had done to her, there was no mistaking the bond that they had. It wasn’t till now, that he realized the errors of his ways, and that it was costing him the woman he loved.

Not to mention, that this unborn baby was also in danger. In danger from the likes of Madame Green and possibly others.


Walking slowly out of the Temple, he moved silently passed Amala, who was still holding her beloved Habib. The fallen spat at the ground where Raul stood, a cruel look on her face.

“You ….and that child should be damned!” Words were sharper than knives. Raul raised his hand, as a fireball appeared, glowering fiercely as he roared at her. “Don’t try to fool me, Amala. I know you. Had you had your way, you would have ripped her belly open and taken my child out to kill it!”

Amala laughed sadistically. “I almost did.” This stark admission showed the truth behind her pretty smile. Without warning, Raul sent the fireball of rage hurtling at the pair, incinerating them both instantly. Their horrid screams faded to nothing, as Valmont stood in shock with Nicholas. The viciousness of the attack had shocked the Ambassador to the core.

“You murderous bastard.” Valmont yelled, making a move to stand protectively in front of Nicholas. There was no way he was going to let the Warlock leave the mountain summit now. Raul on the other hand had ideas of his own, changing forms into that of a black raven and taking off into the clouds above.

“Son of a….” The Ambassador cursed, feeling defeated as the Warlock got away so easily. He was not one that would be easily caught, that was for sure. Valmont felt terrible, as he walked over to the burning corpses of Habib and Amala. Their lives sacrificed so needlessly. Now it was a race to find Bandit and her unborn child.

Turning back to Nicholas, you could see the pain in his eyes. The guilt. “I should have stopped him” But how could he, being where they were standing. Walking back to Nicholas, he pulled the young man into his arms. Nicholas would be able to feel the fast beating of his heart. How does one follow a raven? With Zachary already on the trail of Bandit, Valmont hoped that he reached her….before Raul did.

“Come on…we better get back to the Embassy.” There was no sense of them touring the country side, when they didn’t know the first place to even start looking.


(TC – Embassy.)




Krakus Mountain – Home of the Fallen





You could say everything happened rather quickly, Zachary was already gone on Bandits trail. He could tell he’d get there quicker then Raul. Hearing the conversation between Raul and Amala, he pondered if that as the right decision. Should the child of really been killed? There was always a way to change things, make them better. He had noticed with past events and how the person that is showing effection is changing. Being pulled into Valmont’s arms wasn’t as shocking as the first time, he enjoyed it now. Listening to his heartbeat he felt bad that he was like this, maybe he could help him later at the Embassy, though he didn’t know. 

” There was nothing you could do at the moment to stop him.” Nicholas said as he started walking away. 

Nicholas looked over at the bodies and walked into the temple, leaving Val for the moment. What was he looking for? Something for cover, reaching the bedroom he had saw the resadue of what happened. Interesting to see what had happened, the child must of had something to do with it. Picking up the sheet he’d walk back outside and placed it over the burnt bodies. At least they could have some cover for he didn’t want to dig graves. Once done Nicholas turned and went to catch up to Valmont quickly, following behind. 

(TC- Embassy)