The Lumineers “Ho Hey” parody by Fitzy and Wippa “Push Breathe”

Been a while since I posted a Fitzy and Wippa parody.  But this one, stands alone as one of the best ones yet.  Farrrrr out.  ❤


I’ve been juggling a pregnant wife
She’s been leading a stressful life
Pledged to help her when we wed
It’s pretty hard from the spare bed
Sleeping with the dog again

Now we add to the family
I think of mates that I don’t see
All her questions are booby-trapped
Like ‘Do you think that I look fat?’

Morning sickness due, cramping in her knees and those stretch marks
“Don’t you touch the booze, no cold meats for me, rub my feet”

I’ve drained all our life savings
On a list of weird cravings
Banging my head on the wall
Stuck in a class of pre-natal
And now she’s emotional
Why the hell did we conceive?

Swollen ankles blue, sweating in the heat and a hairy guts
Go and get her food but don’t buy softer cheese, like what the faaaaar out

And aaaah she’s contracting now
Oh noooo her waters broke
Cos ooooh we’re speeding now to the RPA

“It hurts because of you, don’t you dare touch me, pass the gas mask”
Babe you’ve got to push, honey just breathe, here it comes




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