Sweet – Fox on the Run.


Sweet’s “Fox on the Run.”

I don’t wanna know your name
‘Cause you don’t look the same
The way you did before

Okay, you think you got a pretty face
But the rest of you is out of place
You looked all right before

Fox on the run
You scream and everybody comes a running
Take a run and hide yourself away
Foxy on the run, f-foxy
Fox on the run and hide away

You, you talk about just every band
But the names you drop are second hand
I’ve heard it all before

I don’t wanna know your name
‘Cause you don’t look the same
The way you did before

Fox on the run
You scream and everybody comes a running
Take a run and hide yourself away
Foxy on the run, f-foxy
Fox on the run and hide away

F-foxy, fox on the run
You scream and everybody comes a running
Take a run and hide yourself away
Foxy on the run, f-foxy
Fox on the run and hide away

Fox on the run
Fox on the run
Fox on the run
Fox on the run


Hellgate Prison – Shattered Dimensions.

Hellgate Prison  (Adventure Quest)



HellGate’s Theme

Criminals rioting . Villains scheming. The era of peace is slowly ending , are you ready to face Humanity’s demons as they do their best to break free of their confines and once more plague the earth ?

The tower is crowded with the world’s dangerous criminals and is governed by a ever changing realm distortion machine which makes it much larger then what it seems from the outside and due to it there are more ”floors” then it can be assumed. How would one truly find all of the Criminals ? Who knows but allow these Criminals to welcome you to hell.

Fu:Prison Cell Block 1

– Fighting had gone on for quite awhile , the escaped criminals and those who wished to push them back into their cells. It would seem as if the Criminals held the upper hand and didn’t wield the strength necessary to do their jobs right . It seemed as if this attack was coordinated for quite some time, or possibly the effect of someone strong passing by but due to the fact there was a gaping hole which was not too big nor too little located on the side of the building revealed that it was most likely orchestrated by someone . The hole released large amounts of dark fog……. Who could it have been ? Some people would be able to guess at this point who it could’ve been when they gotten there , but moving on to another area ; a horizontally expansive corridor had shown various criminals and guards clashing with their wills and their anger towards one another ; throwing one another off the railings and plummeting to their doom. But from the highest peak of the chamber a man would plummet straight down and land swiftly on his feet, his aura and presence altogether was clouded in mystery ; as he himself would not show anything but the guise of a Businessman. Because in a sense…………. He was here for just that. Business. –


”This Period shall soon come to an end , Guards have grown pale in skill and too lax to even put up a decent fight. Why…. do they even try to struggle against impending defeat ? I wonder if there are any true lights in this dark sky who’ll try ? My oh my , maybe it is just a lie. Nonetheless it’s time to finish what I’ve started here..”

– He was wrecking the place , clearly to allow the criminals out but was that his true objective ? Who knew . But this person had to be stopped, otherwise he’ll cause more trouble . But who had the power to put him down ? That was a question that can be pondered for quite some time. But it didn’t stop the fact he could be considered the First Wave of Evil to descend upon this land. –


Prison Cell Block 2

– Located in a Sandy Region themed Cell block , a certain individual plowed through other people like him who were entrapped and others whose been utterly butchered . Their remains were nothing more then organic jello splattered across the ground –


Yama :” Looks like we’ve been freed Jule. Lets go see the WORLD ! ”

– With that they began to walk in this lengthy desert , hoping to find out where it was they should head next –


Cell Block 3

– Located in a Dark and Murky Dungeon themed setting , this block held the naturally disgusting humans of society who did nothing more then just murder people . As it has been assumed, these people are purely human but with the morals of a demon. Two red haired people were the most significant here , one of them walked out of the cell block and smiled all around ; noticing the small numbers of criminals as it’s shown that they’ve been eliminated for the most part. The male took a few steps to the center of the room only to find a long scimitar to be thrown at him from the sky ; a purple haired male who would soon dissappear just as fast.-


Garudo Lirui : ” Big Brother , when are you going to leave your Cell block ? ”

– The Cell block in which he spoken into had revealed nothing but utter silence , but there was a large amount of bloodpooling out of the darkened cell as beaming eyes could be seen shining out from it.

? ? ? Lirui : ” It’s just not as satisfying. Weak blood is not worth the trouble of spilling..”


Cell Block 4

– In another Cell block which was fashioned after a valley-like landscape , it seemed to have been littered with bodies as well ; something that could be inferred as the fact there had to be one Majorly power person dwelling here . Who could it have been ? –




Cell Block 5

– This room had seemed to have been a moderately normal area ; devoid of all life but one . But what was the cause ? It seemed to have been odd considering the area in which it was located, it appeared to be a school building meant for younger minds. Most likely people who were messed up in the head. But clearly there was one who was so ………. different. –


??? ” [ I AM STILL HERE ] ”

Overall Objective : Stop the Prisoners from Escaping even if it warrants possible death !

Hellgate Prison Bay

Hellgate Arrival Theme

– After a hour or two had passed , they had found themselves at the shore of Hellgate Island. So quiet , but yet anyone with insight could sense the looming evil that came within the prison. Something was going on , something major. Some of the travelers began to cower in hesitance as they begin to doubt their own bravery as well as their fighting power , their tails began to shrink in between their legs to display their sudden cowardice. Some people however did not think the same , they would immediately spring into action from the looks of it. One of the Travelers walked closer to the bridge before it began to lower before speaking in a echoed tone. It was the weird male in a white mechanical suit. –


? ? ? : ” What is everyone waiting for ? It’s time to show your valor. ”

– The male would leap off the side of the boat and descended before he pressed his feet against the side of the boat and pressed offwards , his body would be sent flying towards the prison entrance as he eventually landed upon the land and began to run towards the entrance. After that from the lower end of the deck another person ended up leaping into the water and being hidden from view, no one would be able to see this person swim . Who would be next to leave ? This Prison is the location in which all the worlds evil has been locked up . Who was truly ready to leap into hell and come out with battle-scars telling of their battle against the corrupted ? Shuzen would slowly lower the bridge with his crew before he himself turned over to give one last message to them before it was time to leave. He did get serious all of a sudden and within his left arm a trident appeared and within the other a orb of pure water appeared , swirling from the transition of gas into liquid . –


Shuzen :” You all better return alive to vote for me . Got it ? ”Seig:

Hellgate Prison
Red was shadow boxing this whole time, unaffected by the Kitsune that snapped at him and now a bit more cooled down due to his time training in a more secluded part of the ship carrying them…but soon enough the time came…he could feel that energy, that darkness coming from the place they were headed to. He could listen to them, cries of the dead that seemed to pierce his soul with grief…by this point the rabbit went back towards the rest of the group and could only place a hand upon his chest, looking down in respect for those who feel…for those whose voices he could clearly hear

Many have fallen there already…their voices are afraid…the monsters who hurt them are still there

Rabbots might have had steel at one time burned on their flesh, but their connection to the spirits, their sense of justice…no matter the generation, no matter their differences, all of them carried that within them, that spark of heroism. Red opened his eyes, glaring towards the distance as he could notice the fear of many still strong within their soul while he was pulling Bolt on it’s board form from his back. The time has came…and strangely enough despite the clear fear Red felt he also felt courage burning within his very soul. The Death deserved peace, the living hope of survival…and the evil in this prision to go back into the shadows where they came from. He turned to them, towards the weaker, the most scared, speaking out loud almost in a commanding tone

This battle might be hard…and many of us are afraid of what we will find, but make no mistake about something…they will be merciless, and what they did here they will attempt to do on the world, our world…so I say we stop them here, dead on their tracks…and if we lose…then…I say we drag them along with us!

The bunnie did not awaited nor for confirmation from them, he did not wanted to now if his little speech even worked…he knew that surely it did not had the desired effect, but it did not minded, he was going to fight anyways. So he just began running, using all the force contained on his legs to jump up in the air as he took the board that began shifting into a different form. He climbed into Bolt in mid air, turning it on, feeling the engine purring as the energy from the crystal inside caused it to shoot like a speeding bullet, leaving only a red and white blur behind. Jaune knew that leaping into the battle like this was being careless…but he also knew that they had no time to lose…they needed to pick targets, they needed to stop this, and he planned to clean the road the better he could for the others

Hopefully that idiots make it back alive…

The wall was getting close, Hellgate’s shadow was over Red right now as he silently felt the energies around. They were varied, from the lowest to the highest…in a way this made the bunnie relax as he felt like even the weakest of the reinforcements would be able to fight here. Still there was a few powers the frightened him…one in particular. He could hear the voices…again invading his head as they tried to guide him towards this person…towards the location of the massacre it caused

So Cell Block 4 uh?…well…might be worth checking out…

The bunnie decided for once in his life to follow the guidance of the spirits, given that they were so noisy maybe they could for a change be helpful and might be silent if he fulfilled their wishes. And even if they disaproved the use of Bolt with all their might, it was going to be the means he would use to infiltrate the prison…well that and his fist. All he expected now was that he was strong enough to face this upcoming threat…that he had the strength. It was funny that at a moment like this his father’s words, his years of training…all of that came to his mind as a bitter reminder of how he maybe would be not be capable. Yet he shook his head, no time for doubt now…this people needed him, if he could take down this threat himself and nobody got hurt, it all would be worth it

No doubts, no questions…go in, knock the door…and beat that bastard into submission!

He mentally cheered himself as he felt his aura slowly built up and grow as he began picking up the speed, no way in hell he was going to allow anyone to beat him to his destination, not that kitsune, not that armored weirdo…not anyone. He was gonna fight, he was gonna win, he was gonna get paid…and if he survived this he swore on his ancestors grave that he would drink vodka and invite that cute girl he saw on the boat for a date!…well…maybe not so sure about the last one but still…


Hellgate Prison

The ride from the boat had ended up being . . . rather eventful indeed. Even after having went off on the rabbit-idiot, Kasumi had been a furball of anger for a few minutes thanks to Grant, whom had really gotten on her nerves. Bringing back the allusion of the book, Of Mice and Men, into her head while considering her relationship with Grant as just like that of George and Lennie. She just hoped it didn’t end the same way as it had in the book, boy oh boy would she be both sad and pissed. Especially after everything that had happened. As Kasumi left the ship, she had a rather . . . flushed face, but it was clear that she was still lucid despite the slight buzz in her system. If people had thought that she was going to be going through that voyage without ever drinking they were crazy; except, she had taken a drink of the strongest damnable alcohol on the boat and was a lightweight. God at least she didn’t get hammered, a drunk Kitsune was everyone’s problem.

Kasumi had a serious look on her face finally, dealing with Grant had made her want to get drunk, but there was no telling how that might have turned out from that; after all, it’s not like she has the best cognitive thought to really do anything while drunk, even if all that would be burned out of her system soon enough. Kind of literally speaking at that. With a small look at the rabbit, who seemed that he wanted to play leader, she simply let out a sigh and focused on suppressing her true form and her power at the same time. Man did the buzz make it harder, but that was okay. She was currently too busy with that to notice the aura of her brother behind her, and not far away either, but she didn’t and it was a good thing too; she didn’t need the distractions. She noticed that the male with the watch looked ready as well, huh. At least a few of the people around here weren’t going to be scared the entire time.


The male with bright scarlet hair had a serious look on his face and within his eyes, for one of the few times that he would whenever you saw him. Typically he had a nice, kind look in his visage that set everyone at ease and helped him negotiate. Though that didn’t always work, but of course the male had always given himself a back-up plan in case of that situation; he’d be a fool not to in all honesty. The male was quiet for a reason, and that reason was the very fact that he was looked up at the prison with a analytic gaze so that he could understand the situation. Well, he would have been had he not seen some male begin to rush on ahead – which is when his form blinked just in front of the male and his bike after a small spark around his feet. Normally, people would have to be worried about something that fast moving towards them at such a high speed, but for this male . . . well it wasn’t much of a deal. His arm snapped out at the last second, grasping the nose of the vehicle when he did and stopping it in its tracks without warning, the force of his hand versus the bike was enough to make anyone’s jaw drop; but this male was dominantly speed and strength based in terms of fighting style. But the best part? His hand wasn’t the only thing at work here, at the moment he was holding it off with his hand yes, but there was a powerful electromagnetic current being emitted from the magic circle on his palm; a lightning based spell which was designed to emit an electromagnetic current that pushed metals away instead of simply attracting. Unlike a normal electromagnetic current however, this one didn’t affect magnetic metals only. The magic circle emitting this was a bright crimson, with a rose insignia in the middle of the circle. The male had his sword drawn, but it wasn’t meant as a threat, if anything it looked more like he was trying to get the male to stop a moment before charging in brashly.

“Now now, let’s not be hasty. You don’t know what’s in there, and neither do we; fate rewards the courageous and patient, not just the courageous. Introductions must be in order at this point though; my name is Mamoru Gremory, next head of the Gremory Clan and bearer of the Sacred Gear Ragnarok, at your service.”


Devon wasn’t far behind Kasumi actually, and Eru was right beside him. Devon was tapping his hand against his coat pocket at a rapid rate, causing the letter within to continuously rustle while also tapping his food in a fit of nervous energy stemming from his ADHD. God, when will we be able to get this damnable thing over with? He’d watched the events on the boat unfold from a corner himself, not wanting to involve himself in such things just because he was already uncomfortable enough with being in such a crowd in the first place. No, instead he simply stayed in a corner and relaxed with Eru not far off; in fact even when other women tried to approach him he hadn’t even looked up, he just . . . sat there and looked down with his eyes closed. Devon was a strange one, yes he was indeed, but that was fine also. It helped him stay objective in situations, but also got him into trouble. Honestly it was a surprise in itself.


Hellgate Prison
April 11, 2015 02:27PM
Hellgate Prison

Yes, there were many armed for battle…many that were afraid, some that were pissed off, and others who could have done without the type of antics that Grant displayed. But….did that stop our plucky comic con conventionalist from enjoying his beer?


Coming down the ship plank, Grant was now singing, yes…he was singing. More pickled than a barrel of gerkins, he was hiccuping and saluting the ships officers and crew as he swaggered along. That silly hat still firmly in place. Sure, he never got to use the M&M condoms, but he had a bloody good time. Even with the angry energizer bunny. Kasumi? Well, she was always acting like she was on her period anyways. So what was new with that? One man who for the life of Grant couldn’t understand yelled out

? ? ? : ” What is everyone waiting for ? It’s time to show your valor. ”

“Huz…hic..zah!” Grant waved his hand feebily, as the rest of the passengers all looked at him as though he was mad.

“Siiiiiit right back and you’ll hear a tale…a tale of a fateful ship, that started from a tropic port aboard a tiny ship…HIC!”He was singing along to the theme from Gilligan’s island as all around him many quaked in fear of the dark whispers and howls coming from the prison. If you were sober, you were scared….if you were drunk on the other hand like Grant, it was hard not to find the whole thing funny.


“This is sooooo like Mystery Island. Where’s Scooby and the Mystery gang? Hic?” He’d been watching way too much television on his Saturday mornings that was for sure.

When Shuzen got all serious and held out his blue shining orb of what was thought to be powers and said Shuzen :” You all better return alive to vote for me . Got it ? ” Grant snorted and pawed at the guy. “Neeverrrr got your campaign….but but button.”

As he toddled up the beach he was humming “Staying alive” and doing disco dance moves.

How on earth was Grant going to be able to sober up before he entered the prison? Would his mask help with that?

Either way, folks….it was going to be entertaining.

Location Guidance Post
Posting Order is not needed as in this scenario it is first come first serve to their respective destinations and works as a real scenario would and ultimately the posts won’t affect one another too much as it would change anything unless of course said character is with another then they both should at least stick together if it is planned to be so.

– Depending on whether or not the people have gotten to the main entrance , once inside they would come to find themselves in a long ominous hallway leading to a room with five different hallways , leading to other places. To their knowledge the high tech usage for this prison was groundbreaking , creating alternate blocks to house criminals with differing realities/realms to torture these people accordingly and such but knowing that there has been damage to this place ; who knew were the assailants were and how much chaos has been started ? It was easy to tell that this required various people to help hold back the situation unfolding. A few idiots however would spread themselves outwards and run in the various blocks and inevitably ….. their deaths . Right next to the Fifth path a pile of eroded bricks and metallic shards covered a un-noticeable hole in the wall. –

The First Path is filled with Countless Fighting

The Second reeks of sand

The Third has the bold stench of blood

The Fourth felt empty…..

The Fifth held a odd euphoria.

A Sixth Sensation could be felt. But it was the most Ominous of all. Something truly twisted laid there. But where?

Hellgate Prison
Grant was slow at first to remove the beer holder hat off his head. What was it about this long corridor that just felt…off. Swinging his backpack off around from his shoulder, he unzipped it and then placed his beer hat inside safely. Still drunk from the cruise, he then took out an 80’s walkman and snapped it to his belt. With an old mix tape inside that he had picked up at some flea market stall, he was ready for anything. It was not like he thought it was the right time to put on the mask, not yet. But music, man. That was what soothed the savage beast. Grant placed the headphones around his neck with the thin cord winding its way down to the walkman on his belt.

The others in the party may well think that not only was Grant mad, he was probably a liability on this quest. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. Kasumi had decided to stick with him regardless. Few others would know about what Grant had done before joining the cruise, or of his powers thanks to the Shattered item. With a lopsided smile, Grant looked back at his furry friend.

“It’s like a game show. Five different paths….five different doorways. So…gotta pick.”

He then held up his hand as the other one fitted the head set and he pressed play.

“Einnneeee meanieeee minieeee MO!”

Grant pointed to the first one, and then with a spring in his step, he started to skip down the first one. Danger awaited…and Grant was oblivious to it.


Picking up a rat off the ground, he broke its neck before using the dead creature as a microphone, dancing along as he sang with the track on his walkman.

And now for something a little different….

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Terakus – Destroyer’s Domain (2) : Shattered Dimensions.


For Gizora….the party is only just getting started….


Terakus – Destroyer’s Domain

~Man, I feel like a woman.~


Nothing quite like watching a woman enjoy a cigar. Some men would pay a great deal of money for such a pleasure in fact, it was seen by some as a kink. To Gizora however, a good cigar and brandy was the norm – well back when he was in his true form. This was just another thing to get used too. As Gizora clenched the cigar between his teeth, a servant was quick to light the end, with the Destroyer taking a few puffs to truly get the cigar alight. When he was happy, he dismissed the servant with a mere flick of his fingers, while another poured both of them a glass of brandy each. Setting back now, brandy in one hand – cupped in a fashion by holding the glass within the cusp of his hand, and with the cigar held lazily in the other, Gizora blew out a smoke ring, whilst listening to Onryo explain his feats within his own realm on Terakus as the Destroyer slept.

” I must confess I could never surpass any of your diabolical achievements, My lord Gizora..But I suppose I have made my domain a very..unique place. One that my inherent power created..”

“I do like the idea that you managed to fashion a realm with your own personal stamp upon it.” A crooked smirk appearing upon his face. “We all know what you’re good at.” The Destroyer did admire Onryo’s tenacity and ability to get things done, even after everything that had happened in the past. .

Onryo produced an orb within his hand as a way in which to give the Destroyer a chance to see just what Onryo was talking about. While it would have been better to see it first hand, this was the best next thing.


“It’s become quite a confusing place..of death, unreality and nightmare. Those that realize themselves will relive their deaths and fears over and over again until they wish to forget again.. That is simply the way it is.”

Draping his arm back across the lounge, the Destroyer watched the images that played out like a voiceless slide show of just what the Dark lord’s victims and followers suffered. A never ending spiral of death and nightmares that were infused together so well that they lost all sense of what was real and what was theatrical. It actually brought about a dark chuckle from the Destroyer, who was deeply impressed by this. Absolute fear. Harvesting such would be like drinking the most potent elixir imaginable. Savoring each and every occurrence. It would never get dull and boring. Taking a small sip from his glass of brandy, he offered a saucy wink at Onryx. So far his reports have been most favorable, and Gizora could see that it was going to be quite the party when all the dark lords were assembled. The Creator would rue the day that he thought he could pull shit against the Terakians. The Destroyer was already plotting a spectacular comeback, but of course in this game of chess, you needed all your pieces upon the board. And that…was coming.

Foot steps could be heard approaching, and it didn’t sound like Charlie. A voice that was distinctly feminine rang out, one that had been giving some poor servant girl grief. With the orb within Onyryo’s hand fading out as he lowered his hand back down, it was clear that the Dark lord of fear also knew who was coming. Placing his cigar in the nearest crystal ashtray, Gizora went to stand as it was customary when meeting with one of the four.

Course, Onryo couldn’t help but make a wise ass remark. Giz, expected no less.

Hnn..Quite late, aren’t we? You’ve never been one for direction I suppose, Vithyra eheh..”

Like a kitten that was about to taste the cream, Gizora set down the glass of brandy and waltzed up to where Vithyra had just entered. The Destroyer’s grin was growing larger as he admired the Dark Lord of Delicacy’s current attire. How the armor melded with her form in such a figure hugging fashion. Down right sexy. The Destroyer was still very much a male beneath the female form that he currently took and this might make things a bit tense, until Vithyra figured out that the woman in red was her Master.

“You are a sight for sore eyes, Vithyra.” An appreciative growl coming from his glazed red lips. The Destroyer was not ruled by one sin….but by many. It was hard to know just which one would come to the surface at any given time. “Good to see that Onryo has not forgotten you either.” A quick glance back at Onryo would have the Dark Lord of Fear see that the Destroyer was enjoying the banter….for now.





: Terakus – Destroyer’s Domain.



.Vithyra Aethylla Rosherren.

Finally arriving at the Lounge with help of the maid, who was pretty scared for her life at this point, but nothing major that would concern Vithyra’s sake. “You can go now. . .” Vithyra Aethylla spoke first softly, but the maid just stood there frozen on the spot as she sighs loudly and then spoke again “GO!”, this time with a far more demanding and slight anger in her voice as she never liked it to repeat herself, specially to someone like a maid. The maid jumped a bit at the demand and then run off, down the long hallway, disappearing at the end, as she turned the corner.

Entering the Lounge, she made her entrance as she made a deep bow, knowing from the whole mood in the room, that the presence of her Lord was there, keeping her eyes focused on the ground, not wanting to stare or whatever at her Master as it would be considered rude. As she made her deep bow, Vithyra then heard a voice that was quite familiar as she smirks from ear to ear. ‘Hnn..Quite late, aren’t we? You’ve never been one for direction I suppose, Vithyra eheh..’, those words could only belong to one man and one man only as she knew right away that it was Onryo, giving his presence away. Slowly her eyes went up as she straightens her back and scanned the room with her dark eyes. She spotted Onryo right away and just gave him a slight smile, but her eyes went then straight to the woman dressed in red. ‘Who’s she?’, that was her first thought, but the she heard the words..

‘You are a sight for sore eyes, Vithyra.’, and with that it got all clear to Vithyra as her eyes widen a bit as surprise, was this woman really the new appearance of her Master, the great Lord, Ruler of them all? Not wanting to ask him or rather her, she just kept quiet and then heard the latter ‘Good to see that Onryo has not forgotten you either.’, then she was certain that this was indeed the Destroyer and smiled a bit brighter, before speaking “Oh my, what a nice words. Such a lovely surprise, my Lord” Vithyra Aethylla spoke as she made an other quick bow and then moved a bit closer, closing in on the distance between the three of them. “And a surprise indeed to see you, Master, in an appearance like that, must be making every man wild yourself now and knowing you, you must be loving it to the fullest. . . Oh and I do apologize, I did get lost. . .” she spoke as her eyes went over to Onryo on the last part, making it clear that he was right, her direction was rather off lately, but nonetheless, she had made it over here. “But. . . I’m here now. . .” Vithyra spoke as her eyes went back to her Lord.


Terakus – Destroyer’s Domain.
– From another end of the building ; another adventure was unfolding. Not as epic as it may have seemed when one had found out what it was , Charlie for some reason begun to slowly become and act more like a kid then anything else and when he had reached the bathroom a couple minutes ago only his voice could’ve been heard from the bathroom door. Charlie however would run down the hallway and return to Gizora not too long after . What took him so long ? Well it’d be clear he would eventually talk about it at some point or another. Charlie noticed another dark lord entering and at that point he bowed his head to Vithyra and smiled. – ” Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Senora Dark Lord~ ” – Charlie began waving stupidly at her but he did so out of excitement and didn’t mean to give off any kind of disrespectful vibe, it was literally just how he was. Other then that it would be seen that Charlie had toilet paper stuck on his hands ; as if he was having difficulty in the bathroom in general . He went over to Gizora and bowed a giant set of times as if he did something awful , upon inspection his face and hair was slightly wet- ” So so so so so so so so sorry Master Gizora , I went to the toilet but I accidentally slipped into the bowl ; I shouldn’t run……….. Other then that I tried to use the toilet like a man but I have no aim still , I can’t play fireman right ! Although when I finished up to clean my hands and my elephant I forgot about throwing away the paper….. * removes it from hand * but then I panicked, the door was locked and I ended up breaking it down. I thought someone locked me in but then I remembered I locked it when I came in . I need to sign up for potty training lessons again ! ”

– He began taking big kid steps around until he finally settled on walking around behind Gizora in a directionless motion , clearly the other Dark Lords knew Charlie was special and was allowed to do as he pleased due to them being up and active since the Shroud Era . He wasn’t as young as he looked ; and his true identity they would know but couldn’t acknowledge unless Charlie himself realized it . . . –




 Terakus – Destroyer’s Domain.

Long ago, in the dark times the Destroyer took on a much more hideous form. A gigantic horned male, with crimson scale like skin, hooved feet and of course a pointed face that stretched out and down at the chin. His lips, eyes and eyebrows were black in colour and he was pretty much bald on the top of his head. He went about mostly in just the naked form, with the exception of a large belt that hung down enough to cover his over sized dong. So, you could imagine Vithyra’s surprise at seeing this shapely woman in place of the Master of all. Also, the Destroyer was known for keeping the robed and hooded scribes with him. Strange priest like beings that were no where near classed as being like Holy men, more like the anti league of priests, that often did strange ceremonies and sacrifices to appease the Destroyer. His former home was that of a hollowed out volcano that lay upon a sea of molten lava. The typical type of abode for one such as he. This time around, it was a completely different set up. Embracing the modern times, yet with some old traditions staying intact, like the awakening, the Destroyer’s form and current home matched that of the rest of the Dark Moon of Terakus. This all might take some time to get used too, but the Destroyer was taking it all in his stride.

Vithyra’s reaction brought about a pleased expression from the female Gizora. Watching the woman get over her initial shock, it would have been so easy to play a game on her, but with Onryo making light of the Dark Lord of Delicacy’s entrance it was simple to just go with the flow. Gizora had a way about him, that exuded the new confidence in this current form. Being a woman had it’s perks.

“And a surprise indeed to see you, Master, in an appearance like that, must be making every man wild yourself now and knowing you, you must be loving it to the fullest. . . Oh and I do apologize, I did get lost. . .”

“You’re surprised? How the hell do you think I felt and saw half my gathered priests beating their wicks at the sight of these beauties.” Giz gave her breasts a bit of a lift, which showed that they were ripe and quite plump beneath the soft fabric of her dress. “It’s one of the reasons I don’t have them here now. Seriously, the maids would spend half their waking hours cleaning cum stains off the floor.” With such a highly polished floor to, it seemed that the Destroyer was right in that assumption.

To be honest, Gizora didn’t need the priests….not when she had Charlie, who made a spectacular return from his trip to the bathroom. He announced himself with much bravado and noise. You’d think the Destroyer would be annoyed by such child like antics, but on the contrary, the Destroyer was getting a huge kick out of it. Watching him come back in, Gizora cocked her head slightly to the side when she noticed that Charlie’s hair was wet.

“Errr……” About to point out the obvious when Charlie filled them in….blow by shocking blow.

“Ohhhhhhhh.” A long drawn out ooo sound coming from playfully upturned lips. “Next time you might want to warn the cleaners, and I have to agree. Potty training seems like a really good idea.” Gizora nodded and then winked. So long as the wayward lad didn’t get a drop of potty water on him, he was fine with the antics.


“Right, now that the three of you are here, I want to discuss plans on which we can finally kick that Creationist son of a bitch in the ass. Status reports. I want to know who is working for us on that sad excuse of a planet, and just what I can expect to see happening within the next forty eight hours.”

The Master was back, and revenge was first and foremost on his mind.






.Vithyra Aethylla Rosherren.

Vithyra noticed Charlie walk in as she saw him nod towards her, as she nods back slightly, just being polite for once, specially with the Lord in the room, she better show her better side. ‘Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Senora Dark Lord~’ at those words, Vithyra blinked a couple of times as she was a bit surprised by the way Charlie was speaking towards the Lord, but she kept her mouth shut, simply knowing that the Lord was smart enough to know if Charlie was truly rude or just being him.. Following the small conversation, Vithyra slowly turns her head, not wanting to hear this types of stories, specially having this come out of the mouth of Charlie was only making it worse. ‘Oh please. . . Someone stab me. . .’ She thought to herself as she couldn’t believe that these words were spoken in the attention of their Lord, their Ruler.

Then hearing the words ‘Next time you might want to warn the cleaners, and I have to agree. Potty training seems like a really good idea’ and that coming from the lips of her master, wasn’t making any of this more pleasant at all. ‘Skip the stabbing, just kill me in the quickest way possible. . .’ She thought again as she rolled her eyes, not believing her eyes. ‘Please skip to the more important parts, like what we are going to do. . . Please. . .’ Vithyra thought again as she then heard her Master speak again, this time saying ‘Right, now that the three of you are here, I want to discuss plans on which we can finally kick that Creationist son of a bitch in the ass. Status reports. I want to know who is working for us on that sad excuse of a planet, and just what I can expect to see happening within the next forty eight hours.’ as Vithyra’s eyes went back, focusing on her Lord as she smirks, thinking ‘Thank the dark forces for this. . .’.

“Off course, Master. To be honest I thought we would never come to this part. . . With Charlie. . .” Vithyra spoke as her eyes went over to Charlie at the moment she spoke his name and then went back facing her Master as she continued “With Charlie, just being Charlie. . .”. She wanted to stay polite and friendly, just this once. She didn’t like Charlie and that was well known, why, that was a thing that still need to be discovered. “But let’s get to business. . .” Vithyra spoke..





  Terakus – Destroyer’s Domain.

Gizora’s head turned ever so slowly towards the dark lords that were in her presence. Something was off. Call it a sixth sense, or tapping into the mind thoughts of her most trusted, she sensed disquiet. Almost as though one did not wish to be there. Were they finding the meeting tedious thus far? Hell, the Destroyer had been out of the tomb for a matter of hours after centuries. So much had changed and there was a great deal that the Destroyer wanted to learn about what the Creationist was up to with his Celestial kings. Gizora went from being level headed and even…amusing, to looking as though the darkest of storms was approaching. There was like a growing tension so thick that you could carve it with a chainsaw. Huffing, she went to the nearest bar, and picked up a large universal remote, that gave her channel frequency on the planet of Alterus. Flicking through the channels much like a bored housewife in the mid morning, she finally stopped on a broadcast by a very well known face….it was one that had Gizora raise a brow and then her hand to the others present she placed a finger to her lips as she pressed the volume button.

Good afternoon my fellow citizens of Alteria, this is your queen Skylar speaking. I come to you with grave news, there has been an assault attack on the Hellgate prison. This is an emergency, a top security prison that holds the most dangerous criminals are all located there. This event if went unchecked will bring danger to Alteria and if they get free, Alteria will be in trouble of collapse. I come to you for help, I ask that you stand up for your home, our home and protect it with your life. This whole place is something that is precious to me, along with you all. I will even step down and fight along your side, if need be. Let us stand together and protect our home. If you’re for this, then you are to report to the Nautical District, you’ll board a ship and be brought to Hellgate. Your goals are simple, either get them back into their cells or simply put them down. I do not wish to see the day that this kingdom is in trouble, I thank you all for your cooperation for who will show their valor and protect Alteria.”

Listening with a sudden grin appearing, she then turned the off button and spun around to her audience, though one of them was not paying attention. Gizora’s eyes flickered between each of them, and then said.

“Now this….this is what the kind of thing I wanted to hear about. Mind you, coming from Skylar of all people…ugh that woman, someone should blow her up.” Tossing the remote onto the nearest couch, she walked up to Vithyra and stood right in her face. “Charlie is Charlie, but THIS…THIS is business.” She pointed to the now blackened screen and then her head snapped back around to the Dark Lord Vithyra. “No more lounging around on Terakus to let the spies do our dirty work. I think it’s time that we set up our own branch of operations on that shit hole of a planet. SO here is what I propose.” The Master was truly back, as you could see the determination and fire in those eyes of hers.

“That prison riot is a wonderful diversion from their forces seeing us make a fortress behind their backs. One hand can’t always see what the other is doing.” Surely Vithyra would know what that meant. “YOU….are my number one. Dark Lord Vithyra.” In behind them the Dark Lord of Fear stood. He had been waiting for his chance to make known of his current interests on Alterus, but the Destroyer was already well aware of his failings. Such as the one at the Abysmmal Pond. Walking over to Onyryo, who suddenly felt true fear for the very first time in his life, Gizora snarled, “You have failed me for the last time…Onyryo.” An arm rocketed out and seized him by the very throat, pinning him to a wall. “You pathetic worm. I should have you sent to the furnaces to work till you are nothing but bone…but I am merciful at the moment.”Was this to be the Destroyer showing a softer side? Hardly.

As the Destroyer’s fingers dug deep into the Dark Lord’s neck, she uttered a chant that had him shrink down till it turned into a bizarre looking toy. A furbee to be exact. Adjusting her grip, she then tossed the toy to Charlie, who she knew would enjoy it. The Dark Lord of Fear was now trapped in the vessel of a furry toy.


“Charlie, you can bring it with you on our trip.”

Spinning on her heel, she walked to a large window over looking the main thriving city of Terakus. “Time to say goodbye to all this…..and hello…to Alterus.” The menacing of her tone only grew as she held her hand out and a large swirling vortex appeared. One for the trio to pass through.

“This is cheaper than space travel. Follow me.”

The Destroyer then walked right through the portal of her own making, hopefully, Vithyra and Charlie would follow.





Terakus – Destroyer’s Domain.
https://i0.wp.com/i60.tinypic.com/noy4vs.gif” I’m on my wayyyy ; zoom zoom zooooooooooooooom ! ” – Charlie didn’t pay too much attention to the message Gizora was listening in on but he did get excited upon recieving a new item which of course he began to play with enthusiastically and smile like a idiot once more . But before She had conducted the portal he would quickly give to her a envelope containing the words : Open When Ready on them . And it held Gizora’s essence all over it. It was a letter from before she had fallen into slumber , a message from her previous self – ” I had to give this to you real quick M’Lord ! ” – When Gizora had recieved the item Charlie would begin to run towards it but eventually he looked back at the Only Dark Lord around before he made a ” Follow me” motion with his hands. –

” Lets go ! To The Land of Alterus ~ I want to see what’s over there ! Better be fun ! ”






.Vithyra Aethylla Rosherren.

Hearing the message that was going on on the television, was rather a nice turn of events and Vithyra was surely liking it. And the words after it of her Lord, were just as pleasant to the ears as well. ‘Oh my my. . . We are going to cause some real trouble, finally~’ She thought to herself as she heard Charlie shouting around again as she shakes her head in disbelief, but stopped once the Lord walks over to her and spoke ‘Charlie is Charlie, but THIS…THIS is business.’ as she simply replied with “Off course. . .” and then heard the latter of her Lord, which was ‘No more lounging around on Terakus to let the spies do our dirty work. I think it’s time that we set up our own branch of operations on that shit hole of a planet. SO here is what I propose.’, Vithyra know that her Master was truly back now and the party was about to start..

‘That prison riot is a wonderful diversion from their forces seeing us make a fortress behind their backs. One hand can’t always see what the other is doing.’ Those words on the other hand made Vithyra’s eyes slightly widen, but the line that followed made her smirk. It was odd to hear it coming out of the mouth from her Lord, she had defiantly heard that line before, that she was his number one, but with the new body her dark lord was in, made it rather strange, specially with the womanly voice. The smirk on her face, disappeared as the whole scene played out in front of her, between her Lord and Onryo, she knew Onryo was in trouble, but it wasn’t in her power to interfere. Slowly closing her eyes as she sighs softly, knowing it was his own damn fault.

After that the portal got opened and Vithyra follows right behind her Lord and Charlie, through it. This was defiantly a better way to travel around and it would defiantly be a lot faster as well. ‘I wonder what we will walk into this time. . . After all, it’s been a while. . .’

The Dark Wood : PD

The Dark Wood.


A place to hunt..
A place to roam..
A place that is far from home..
The Dark Wood
With Valmont and Nicholas safely aboard the black coach, the driver snapped hard at the reigns and the four onyx coloured horses took off down the driveway of the Embassy at speed. The race was now on, with Zachary having chosen to use his own method in hunting down the mother and unborn child. As for Madame Green it was unclear as to where she would go first, though as an oracle it was pretty clear that she would be using her divine powers in which to track her. The Ambassador can be regarded more as the type of demon that is a bit old school in his way of doing things. A coach ride through the dark wood might help them gain a quick way to locating Bandit. The roads of Hell all lead through it and it is possible that she left behind a trail. All he knew was instinct, nothing more.Easing back now in the plush leather interior of the carriage, Valmont calmed from the angered call to find the girl. Strange how it was when he was alone in Nicholas’s company. The two men shared a friendship that was unique in a way. It was more than just employer and employee. Nicholas was by far Valmont’s most trusted, and he often told the young blonde man things that he kept hidden from others. It was like Nicholas was the great keeper of secrets, but the best secret of all was the one that Valmont didn’t know.The coach raced down the winding roads through the fields as it came to the start of the dark wood. Very tall oaks that were at the fringes had deep green leaves, but as you looked into the hollow that was at the start, it was like they grew darker and more ominous as they ventured through. The thundering of hooves met with the sound of rocks flying up beneath the cabin floor. The driver like a madman, urging the team of horses onward as though he himself was possessed by the devil. The carriage shook and vibrated so hard that Valmont had to reach for the handle grip just above his window. Being jostled around so violently, he blinked at the ferocity of the ride so far.

Valmont raised his head and squinted, as though trying to understand why the driver was going so damn fast.

“Did you hire this clod?” Valmont muttered as he tipped back and forth like a puppet on a string.

Dark shadows loomed over the carriage as it spirited along at top speed. Darker and darker it became as this was now anything but a pleasant ride.


The carriage wheel on the right at the back hit a jagged rock and the horses stumbled as the carriage came to an abrupt stop. Valmont was thrown forward and landed right on top of Nicholas.


It was a peaceful night, at least it was for now. The journey would probably take some time but, it’d move quick if needed be. Nicholas himself would of traveled on foot, he was rather fast but, this works too. Of course knowing Valmont’s ways he’d want to do it like this, it was more like him then to be quick into action on this. He could tell that he had calmed and he was glad, it was something he noticed when he was around him. Thinking back on the relationship, it was a funny one and unique, he’d known stuff others hadn’t. Granted, some was guy stuff that he shouldn’t of heard, cause of what he was. At first it had bothered him but, he got use to it over time, he was part guy after all so, it was natural. Looking out the window he sigh a bit and watched how it had gotten darker over time and the ride now moving rather fast and violently, seeing as he held on to the rail now.
” No, he’s the usual person we use, I wonder what’s wron-“
Nicholas was cut off from the bang, him knowing it had to be one of the wheels.In the next moments, things would change for him, as he was now on his back semi and Valmont on top of him. You could say it looked like a awkward situation but, it wasn’t at the same time. Nicholas blinked a few times through his glasses he had put on recently, his hair had be sprawled out under him, even if it was in a bun. His grey eyes looked up to examine the face not so far from his, and he saw something truly lovely. Most the time it’d be the Succubus way and the charm of how he was received but, for some reason it didn’t look like that to Nicholas. Maybe it was the fact that he was half in half? It was silent outside, except a few minor sounds of things unknown, him simply focusing up staring with his light grey eyes at his face, then eyes. Realizing the position they were in, Nicholas face ended up turning red a bit on the cheeks. At this moment he did indeed truly look of a girl but, he didn’t put it to be that way.” U-U-Uh, ouch.. are you okay Valmont?” He said stuttering and realizing he was, what was with him? He hated moments like this, acting like a girl was beyond annoying at times.‘ Control yourself Nicholas! Get a hold and snap out of it. You can’t falter at this moment, it’ll all be ruined if so.. something you don’t want.’With that thought his face had gone back to normal, holding in the blushing and breathing out a bit. Control was something he tended to be good at, even if at times he slipped. Nicholas only lifted his head a bit, his chest rising up just some, so he didn’t collide with Valmont. At this moment he wondered what was going through his head and if he was okay.

The Dark Wood
Valmont landed awkwardly upon the smaller Nicholas. In fact he landed in such a way that he was practically on top of the young man. There was only a faint light offered in the coach from small red globes, and these flickered on and off as the carriage groaned, then settled. The driver had already gotten down, first to inspect the wheel, and then to tend to the horses which were now spooked by the intimidating sounds of the forest creatures at night.Within the carriage, Valmont’s face was just inches from Nicholas’s. It was strange because Val had never been this close to the male before, and to be honest to see him in this light with his hair sprawled out beneath him gave him an almost feminine quality. Something that Valmont had not seen before, or not bothered to realize. It was also strange because the way that he landed, his hips were right smack bang on top of Nicholas, and he could have sworn that he would feel..well, something. The fact of the matter was, he didn’t. For that moment there was confusion.” U-U-Uh, ouch.. are you okay Valmont?”The stuttering coupled with the rose in his cheeks only added to Valmont’s curiosity. You see, Valmont was incredibly attracted to women. They were in fact his downfall in many ways. Madame Green often used this lustful streak when she wanted the man for herself. Though those encounters were few and far between. It was probably why she treated him the way she did. Favored, but not claimed. It would take someone truly special to do that.

“I’m…fine, I think.” It was like he was having trouble responding, given the conflicting signals he was getting. Seeing Nicholas like this…feeling his body beneath him, should not arouse Valmont in the slightest, but….he was starting to feel it. Like Nicholas was giving off pheromones, but was that even possible?

Valmont went to try and prop himself up, but as he did his hips brushed against Nicholas’s a little firmer than before. A gasp escaped Valmont’s mouth, that he was almost shocked at himself for doing. His hardness was growing and now sure to be felt by his young assistant.

“Nicholas…..forgive me. I don’t know what has come over me.” As the assistant was trying to regain his composure, Valmont seemed to be losing his. He just found himself staring into Nicholas’s eyes……and then….

….he kissed him.


The staring continued as he realized their hips were together, something squeezed in his stomach. Oh god.. he probably figured it out. If Nicholas was indeed a guy, Valmont would feel something their but, he didn’t. Anxiety ran through his body as he was a bit surprised. He truly wondered what the man was thinking at this moment, would he be thinking horrid comments about him? He wasn’t but, Nicholas wasn’t sure, he didn’t even know if he realized what happened. Hearing his words, he pondered on it, he thinks? What should that mean? I can’t figure it out but, he could feel Valmont’s body reacting towards his own. Feeling him try to prop himself up, he’d only felt the hardness from him slip firmer against his hips. Now, this was something Nicholas didn’t expect, this was indeed arousing him down there as well, he could feel a bit of liquid and instantly he panicked a bit. ” Oh god.. no no, why is it doing this now?!” He thought and knew that his lower part was not cooperating with him at all now.

” It’s uh, okay Valmon-“ He had tried to finish but, something shocking happened. He was feelings the lips of the person above him on his own.

On instinct it would of been wise to back away or simply push him off but, he didn’t. For a moment he let it sink in, him not realizing that he was kissing him back now. The other surprise was that his own hips had moved on there own up against his own and his growth. This was entirely all new sensations to Nicholas, he’d never had sex with someone or done something like this. He’d reject all the girls away because, of what he was. After a couple of moments Nicholas came to his sense and pulled his lips from Val’s. His chest was breathing up and down hard, as he stared at him for a couple of seconds. Finally to get rid of the silence he started speaking.

” I guess you figured it out, huh. I’m not a guy.. well not completely at least. As you can feel, my other half is of a woman. A birth defect from my parents, it wasn’t known but, it was rare in cases. As much as I dislike it, this is something I didn’t want to tell you. For, I was afraid of what you’d think of me.” He said taking a breath to himself.

If Valmont hadn’t known what Nicholas had been hiding, he did now. He had let the cat out of the bag on this, something he didn’t tell many, or none at all. This was truly a embarrassing moment for him, as he couldn’t dare to look him in the eyes for what he would think. Nicholas had stayed where he was and turned his head, his cheek against the floor and his eyes staring at the wall, his hair falling over the side of his face.

The Dark Wood
~I kissed a boy and I liked it it it.~This was not meant to be happening. It went against everything that Valmont was about. He was not attracted to men, not in the slightest, and yet he here was, confused and kissing Nicholas passionately. The worst part, Nicholas kissed him back. It was for only the briefest of moments, but it was strangely erotic and satisfying. Even the lower part of Nicholas responded, and in a way that Valmont didn’t expect. Just how far would this go? The answer came when Nicholas pulled back and he was clearly struggling with it all. It appeared both of them were.” I guess you figured it out, huh. I’m not a guy“You don’t taste like one.” Valmont interjected, his brow furrowing as Nicholas started to explain. His lower half was that of a woman, the top a man. It was a birth defect, of all things. Valmont had heard of many strange things before, but this took the cake. He thought there was no secrets between them, but this one was the mother of them all.

As much as I dislike it, this is something I didn’t want to tell you. For, I was afraid of what you’d think of me.” There it was. Nicholas was afraid that Valmont would not be accepting. Perhaps Nicholas was too quick to judge him. While Nicholas got his breath, there was a knock at the carriage door.

“My Lord, Sir….the wheel’s broken. You’re going to have to take the horses if you want to go further. This carriage ain’t going nowhere.”

Talk about saved by the bell, or rather the crazy driver. Valmont got up off Nicholas, who was now looking away, his cheeks still aflame. Getting his composure, the ambassador then opened the door. He glanced back once at his assistant, and then stepped down out of the carriage. It was not that he didn’t want to say something poignant at that time, he just couldn’t. Closing the door, he went to inspect the wheel. Blasted thing, the rock really did a number on it. There was nothing left for them to do, but take two horses, and the driver would have to take one himself to go back to the Embassy. The Ambassador stood with his hands on his hips. They still had a quest to find Bandit, but now he was travelling with what he knew now was not a man. Not…a real man. Pausing a moment, he knew he could send Nicholas back, since the road ahead would be filled with all sorts of dangers. Did he really want to put Nicholas through all that? The driver waited for a word of acknowledgement. Finally, Valmont dragged his fingers back through his now disheveled locks, that came from being thrown about in the carriage.


“Take a horse, and ride back to the Embassy. Make sure you lock up the carriage first. I’ll go on with Nicholas.” The Ambassador spoke with a strangely deep tone. Maybe he was questioning his own sexuality. Trying to prove to himself that he was not having gay feelings for Nicholas.

The Driver bowed and then started to unhook the horses from the carriage, while Valmont walked back to the carriage. He paused at the door, taking a deep…long breath before opening it.

“Get your things, we are going on on horseback.’ Turning away, he went to the back to get his bag and get it ready for his mount.


Remorse was one of the many words Nicholas was feeling at this very moment. It was all so quick and confusing, why had it happened. Hearing the comment, he knew now that Valmont officially knew what Nicholas was and he wasn’t sure whether he was weird-ed out by it or other things. It was to quiet and he thought it was going to get really awkward, until the driver started speaking and Valmont had gotten off of him. A bit of relief ran through him once the door shut, he didn’t get up just at that moment yet. Listening to the conversation outside, Nicholas couldn’t tell what Valmont was thinking at this moment. Getting up he had stood and looked at the opposite side of the wall. Hearing Val speak of them going on horseback and shutting the door he bit his lip some.
” Shit, why now..?” Nicholas had said to himself inside the carriage, he knew that it was probably heard regardless of where he was.At that moment he took a few seconds to kick the wall of the carriage twice, to let out some rather built up anger now. Things were perfectly fine, now they weren’t. Straightening his tie and stuff, he’d run a hand through his hair and calmed himself. Opening the door he would step down and not bother to look over, getting his bag and strapping it onto his back. Nicholas couldn’t make himself look over to Valmont at the moment so he didn’t, as he walked to the horse. Adjusting the straddle on the girl, he’d put one foot into the hole of the foot holder and hoisted himself up onto it. Grabbing the ropes that hung to the horses restraint, he’d squeeze them just a bit. Hopefully Val would understand in his mind why Nicholas had kept this hidden, this society would not allow much of him, let alone he’s lost someone before because of it. This was the only thing, everything else was always said, he had nothing to hide beside it. ” Great.. way to go stupid forest and carriage.. this isn’t time to let go.” He had thought to himself. Shutting his eyes for a moment, he’d let out a long held in breath and a sad sigh.” I’m ready to go whenever you are.” Nicholas had said, back in his normal tone now.He was glad for his control, it helped him so much in the long run. Right now anything that had to do between them would be discussed later on probably, right now it was simply to focus on the mission at hand. Loosening the grip he’d look straight ahead down the dark road, not afraid of it at all.




The Dark Wood.

By the time that Nicholas had alighted from the carriage, Valmont was already walking towards one of the horses that had been readied for him by the driver. It was hard to tell how Valmont was feeling about the situation. All he knew was that he didn’t want to get into it in front of the driver, who was now set with the task of locking up the carriage, before setting off back for the Embassy with a spare horse in tow. The carriage would be taken back at a later date, but for now, the Ambassador and his assistant were to go on alone and under the circumstances that was probably the wisest idea. Each time Valmont raised his head to look across at Nicholas, it was clear that the assistant was trying to avoid his gaze. This put an air of discomfort between them, that never existed before. Valmont had always found Nicholas’s company to be good, never in his wildest dreams did he suspect what was really going on, right under his nose.

When Nicholas had his horse ready and he had gotten into the saddle. he said. ” I’m ready to go whenever you are.” His tone was back to the normal pitch, and by the looks of things, the lad had managed to get himself together. Pity Valmont was not as ready. Instead of replying, he offered a curt nod, though you could see that he was still troubled. Valmont hated having things left unsaid, especially with what happened. It wasn’t a case of if he was going to say something, but more like when.

The sound of the carriage being locked up was heard, as the driver gave the door one last bang with his hand, as though to reassure himself it was locked tight.

Taking the reigns of his lead horse, he tipped his hat at the pair – Valmont having mounted his horse in that time. “Hope you find what you are looking for, My Lord….Sir.” He addressed both of them, before leading the two horses away. This left Nicholas now alone with the Ambassador. Slowly, Valmont turned the horse he was on around in the opposite direction to that where the driver was heading.

“We need to get going. It’s about twenty miles to the next inn.” Giving his horse a good kick in the flanks, the Ambassador started off, riding off with his coat tails flapping behind him. Valmont was a natural on horseback, and it showed. Galloping away, Nicholas was going to have to get a move on to keep up. As before the dark shadows that had followed the carriage, appeared to now be following the pair as they sped along the dirt road. The trees blocked out much of the natural light, which made it easy for highway men and thieves to hide.

After riding hard for a good twenty minutes, Valmont finally pulled his horse up. The horse brayed and protested, as it pawed the ground in protest. Snorting angrily, much like its rider. As Nicholas approached he would see the look on Valmont’s face. He had managed to get far enough away so that no one would hear them. When Nicholas came close enough to stop, Valmont sung out to him.

“You should have told me, Nicholas.”

Was it the fact that he was angry for being kept in the dark, or was it because he actually enjoyed kissing his assistant, and he felt guilty as sin? Valmont dismounted his horse and then stood there, pointing for Nicholas to do the same.


“I am trying to understand these….feelings.” You could see he was agitated, and wanted answers.






Discomfort was now in the air between the two men, he could tell Valmont was looking over at him time to time. It made him angry that he couldn’t simply look back at him. Hearing the bang and the driver talking, he’d give a nod as he departed. Hearing the other horse move, Nicholas did the same. About 20 minutes and they’d be in an inn, would they be staying there? It kinda of made him wonder on it. Once galloping, he had done the same, keeping speed and slightly kicking the side. This in turns made the horse gallop quick stay at pace behind Valmont. The wind felt nice blowing through his hair and it everywhere, it made him more comfort of being in the dark and unseen. Hearing Val’s horse stop, I’d look up now seeing Valmont’s face because, he had stopped right in front of him. So many things crossed his mind, and Nicholas knew they were going to talk. Hearing his first statement, he sigh and sat there for a second, getting off now.

” I would of told you but, I had reasons for not doing so.” He responded and turned fully, both men weren’t that far from each other, his gaze at the ground.

It was silent for a good two minutes, Nicholas couldn’t look but, he had to. It was time he let everything he’d been holding in out and put it in the clear. Whether it’d be a good thing or not, he wasn’t sure but, he had to. Finally he removed his glasses and put them in his pocket, moving his head and staring up at Val’s face. His grey eyes looked into his own and many emotions were seen in them. Sadness, hurt, remorse, pain and.. love, along with confusion.

” There were rules set back in where I came from. One of them pertained to not doing something that combined the two genders. Granted, I didn’t know about it but, my parents decided to do it. This is how I ended up like I am. I did not choose to live this life but, I had to. I mean look at it this way Val, I am practically a girl, with out breasts. An abomination to my people and to hell, even though it was hidden.” He said and breathed in and out quietly, taking breaths.

He had said a lot in that and hopefully that had answered a couple of the questions. His hands went down to his side as slid them into his pocket for a moment. He was trying to gather the words to say what he was going to do next. Finally he parted his lips and started speaking again.

” I’ve lost someone close to me before, because they had found out. This had hurt very much, she was a good friend and I lost it all because, she’d seen me. This, this is why I’ve kept it hidden from you. I’m rather happy and content living where I have been for the past couple of years and working for you. I’ve never once lied or kept anything hidden from you Valmont, I’ve always been open and told you every single little detail but, this was just the one thing I couldn’t but, now you know of it.” A long pause was done after that.

Silence filled again for a minute as he didn’t know how well this would go. But, Nicholas walked just a couple of feet to stand in front of the tall Valmont and looked up at him. It was unsure of his attentions but, it was going to happen. Nicholas hadn’t realized what he was saying just now.

” I’ve lost many chances and experiences in life, because of all this. But, I know one thing for sure, what happened no more then 20 minutes ago, I enjoyed it, I don’t know why though. Be it sinning or guilty, I couldn’t help it, I did. Maybe it’s because I’m half girl but, I doubt it.” Nicholas said breathless and the look on his face held confusion and distress, this was one of the sides Valmont had yet to see of him. He himself was trying to calm himself down but, it wasn’t working completely as he just stared up at the man, hoping this cleared it all up.




The Dark Wood


” I would of told you but, I had reasons for not doing so.”

That was Nicholas’s first response to Valmont’s series of questions. There was this tension between them now, and it was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Valmont had always liked and appreciated Nicholas and put off the feelings he had as being more like, a close friendship, a kinship. They always had a good laugh about things privately, and publicly they were a solid force. But never had they been so close to each other that they were actually touching – body to body. It was when this happened that Valmont felt that connection and it made him aroused beyond belief. Only a woman could to that, but he always thought that Nicholas was a man.

“You had your reasons. Didn’t you think I could handle such knowledge? “ Valmont’s reaction was more defensive if anything. “I thought we had no secrets. Damn, I told you everything about me. Warts and all. You know perfectly well what I am, Nic.” There was a change. The fact that Val called him Nic and not Nicholas. Nic was more an affectionate term, though Valmont didn’t correct it.

Valmont towered over Nicholas, staring down at him. Waiting for him to get the courage to look up into his silver eyes. When he did there was so much conflict in his emotions. The poor guy. This was the one secret that Nicholas thought that Valmont wouldn’t be able to handle. It was just such a shock, the way he found out, and his reaction. As Nicholas started to explain, he told the history of his family and what his parents had done. Nicholas never chose this and had to live with the consequences. That was why he had kept the whole thing under wraps. As he put it, he was a girl – just without breasts. Valmont raised his head and stared straight ahead. So that was why he reacted the way he did. Valmont was attracted to this feminine side. That was a natural act, but it still didn’t make it right.

” I’ve lost someone close to me before, because they had found out. This had hurt very much, she was a good friend and I lost it all because, she’d seen me. This, this is why I’ve kept it hidden from you. I’m rather happy and content living where I have been for the past couple of years and working for you. I’ve never once lied or kept anything hidden from you Valmont, I’ve always been open and told you every single little detail but, this was just the one thing I couldn’t but, now you know of it.”

The words poured out like a torrent. The dam walls bursting as the years of pent up frustration and sadness, the loss and the knowledge it could cost Nicholas everything in this life at the Embassy was the reason for his silence as to what he was. Maybe he found a renewed confidence in speaking now, since the cat was out of the bag. But he moved closer to Valmont. The truth of what he felt when they had been in the carriage….the way he felt about the kiss. He enjoyed it. Nicholas waited breathlessly, staring up at Valmont – so confused and distressed. Valmont was also struggling with his mixed emotions. He brought his hand up, just holding it there. It was not like he was going to punch the guy…he’d never do that. But he couldn’t help this one feeling. As much as he hated to admit it. There was only one thing he could do.

Valmont brought his arms around Nicholas, and pulled him into a tight embrace. His chin resting on the top of Nicholas’s head, as he stroked his back. “I wished you’d told me sooner.” Valmont said softly. His adam’s apple sliding up and down as he frowned. “I was the one…that kissed you.” The ambassador didn’t want Nicholas to feel the guilt anymore. “I ….almost…” He was struggling to say what that kiss did for him. “Nicholas, forgive me.” He brushed Nicholas’s hair back so that the young man would look up at him.

“I wanted you….that way.”

He wasn’t rejecting him because of what he was, he just didn’t understand why he felt the way he did.