Gun control laws do work.

I don’t normally speak out about my views on gun control, but the most recent shooting in the US just has me wondering why the US government can’t enforce tougher gun laws.  Surely, the public has the right to be able to go and enjoy a simple outing like a trip to the movies without the threat of being shot and killed.  Gun control laws work.  They have worked here in Australia since the Port Arthur massacre; a tragedy that rocked the nation to its core, and led to the changing of laws in gun ownership and the gun buy back scheme.  In this video, by John Oliver, who investigates the reason for the lack of better governing of the laws in owning and storing of guns as well as why there aren’t enough stringent back ground checks on those that wish to purchase them.  It shows quite clearly just how crazy the situation is.  People should not have to arm themselves just to go out and spend the day with family and friends.    ~RB~

7 thoughts on “Gun control laws do work.

  1. Here in the United States, the NRA (National Rifle Association) is a very powerful group. The have many politicians in their back pockets. The NRA is by far the most powerful lobbying group in our country. Guns are out of control here, along with a lot of people’s common sense. Very scary indeed!

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  2. Thank you for posting this! CornfedContessa is spot on, the situation here in the USA is amazingly out of control, with the NRA essentially controlling all gun legislation. The lobbyists ARE the government, in many respects, which undermines the concept of “democracy”. It’s an uphill battle, but posts like this help get us back to a level playing field…

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